Anastacia takes dodgy medicine

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A young-looking squirrel girl despairs over her immature appearance, and turns to dodgy internet medicines to fix it. There are unintended side-effects.

Anastacia was excited. The youthful looking squirrel was practically hopping as she opened the package on her desk. She'd been teased for her young appearance and five-foot height for her entire life, and she was about to open what she thought was the cure. She'd saved up for two weeks and spent it all on this ...surprisingly big pill. The only clue she had as to what to do with it was a small label that was lying at the bottom of the box.

"MaxGain Suppository"

...suppository. Anastacia groaned when she saw the word suppository, but her annoyance at having to take a pill through her butt wasn't nearly enough to stop her from giving it a try. Anastacia quickly stripped out of her clothes and stood in front of her bedroom mirror, taking a deep breath before gingerly sliding the pill up her tailhole. She'd heard that the effects were fast, and she couldn't wait to see what it did to her.

She didn't have to wait long, either. Right before her eyes, Anastacia saw herself start to inch taller and taller, the line she'd marked to show her height on the mirror getting closer and closer to her eyes. Her breasts didn't seem to be that much bigger, relatively speaking, but she figured that would come next. She jumped up into the air in joy, amazed at how quickly the pill was working. That joy quickly turned to shock though - Anastacia didn't stop growing after she hit five foot four. She didn't stop growing after she hit six foot four either. A panicked expression came into her eyes when she felt her head bumping against the ceiling, quickly sitting down so she didn't bust through the roof. She could feel her butt sliding across the ground as she did, and it wasn't long before she bumped into her bed. Quickly crawling out of her room, Anastacia managed to tear part of the wall away as she made it to the living room of her apartment.

Even on her hands and knees, Anastacia could feel her back bumping up against the roof of her apartment, shattering her light. It didn't take long before she felt her back breaking through the roof of her apartment, which got the squirrely girl to sit up, her face poking through a gigantic hole in the floor of the apartment above her and terrifying the wolf living there. The wolf, for his part, was incredibly surprised(and scared) by the gigantic squirrel head that just burst through his floor, and although he wasn't in immediate danger from her body, her continued growth was enough to make him run for the exit. Anastacia, for her part, was more angry than scared - she'd taken that pill to improve her physique, not turn into Godzilla. Her anger quickly subsided however - growing felt good, like a wave of electric pleasure spreading through her body every time she inched higher and higher.

Anastacia didn't stop growing then, either. She could feel her legs break through the front window of her apartment, shattering the glass and sticking out halfway up the apartment building, no doubt a comical sight for anyone outside. It didn't take long for her arms to burst out the side of the building either, and her head burst through the next five floors in quick succession. Her head actually broke through the roof of the building before the floor underneath her gave way, sending her and the rest of the building crashing to the ground.

By the time she stopped growing, Anastacia was sitting in the ruins of her former apartment building, bits of dust and furniture falling off her body as her growth slowly came to a stop. Her anger had faded away in the wake of her growth, as well. It might not have been exactly what she wanted, but she doubted people would be making fun of her anymore. It didn't hurt that the entire growth process had left her filled with a warm afterglow, her mind filled with pleasurable feelings. Shaking off the remains of her apartment building and standing up, Anastacia almost got vertigo when she looked down at the world from her new height - she guessed she was about a hundred and twenty feet tall, which was a big change from before.

Taking her first step out of the apartment building, Anastacia heard a terrible sound of screaming metal and shattering glass - her giant, furry paw had just reduced a car to a blob of shiny scrap, her foot compacting the automobile the second she stood on it.


Anastacia quickly lifted her foot up and had a look at the underside of her foot - she'd gotten the car stuck in her pawpad, and she quickly peeled it off and had a look at it. She could barely make out the colour of the former car, let alone the make. Shrugging, she placed the blob gently on top of a nearby apartment building before continuing on down the street. Two blocks away there was a large skyscraper with a mirrored façade, and she wanted to give herself a closer look. She had a sneaking suspicion that her breasts had gotten a bit larger, and she wanted to confirm it.

At her size, going for a walk was a big event. The ground shook whenever she planted her feet down, the asphalt of the road cracking and cratering under her enormous weight. She didn't step on any more cars(a hundred and twenty foot tall squirrel generally clears the roads very quickly), but she did cause her first casualty. A police officer ran out from his parked car with a megaphone, telling her to stop where she was - but by the time she heard him, her foot was already about to come down on his head. The tiny mouse-cop didn't even cry out when Anastacia stepped on him, her tremendous weight instantly reducing him to a stain on the ground.

Anastacia wasn't normally a very mean person, but after twenty years of bullying she'd built up a lot of anger towards the outside world, and now that nobody could stop her she finally let that sadistic side out. She had a sneaking suspicion that the drug had done something to her mind as well, but she considered it a perfectly worthwhile tradeoff. She only paused to scrape her foot along the ground, wiping off the bits of fur and gore that used to be a person on the sidewalk.

That was the only person she crushed before making it to the skyscraper. Standing in front of it, Anastacia struck a pose and looked at herself in the mirrored façade, enjoying what she saw. Her body was indeed a little bit curvier, her breasts a little bit bigger. Not by much, but she was still pretty satisfied. Leaning in close, she looked through the window at the occupants of the office, who had all flooded to the windows in order to have a look at the giant squirrel girl. Anastacia leaned in close and gave them a wink, the sudden motion scaring a lot of the office-workers onto their butts.

Anastacia started to turn around, hoping to get a good look at all the improvements that had been made to her butt, when disaster struck. Miscalculating her balance, Anastacia fell backwards hard, the earth shaking and the asphalt cracking as her gigantic body crashed into the ground. She'd attracted a rather sizable crowd of observers as well, and her gigantic butt-cheeks came down hard on a lot of them, her ridiculous weight instantly reducing most of them to a mess of gore. Some of them were even more unlucky - those that landed in between her butt-cheeks were spared an instant death, but when they ended up sliding inside Anastacia's ass, they quickly regretted not dying instantly - her butt was clean(not all of her bodily substances grew with her), but it was still a dangerous place.

Anastacia gasped when she felt the horde of people crushed underneath her butt, the sensation filling her with dark pleasure. Something even curiouser happened to those who went inside her, however - she could feel them getting absorbed into her body, and even more interestingly, she could feel herself growing as they did. Entranced by the sensations of her body draining away the vitality of the tiny furs stuck inside her, she didn't even watch her feet slide and expand across the ground, but she knew what was happening as her vision slid further up and up. Anastacia was not a very good girl, and the knowledge that she could devour people to fuel her growth was intoxicating - her mind filled with fantasies of herself devouring everything in sight, growing and growing until she could consume the entire world.

Her deep, sonorous, ecstatic moans left no doubt in the minds of the tinies around her what her intentions were, and her building arousal was instantly obvious to the tiny furs that managed to survive her initial fall. Almost without thinking, she brought a finger down and gently probed her sex, shivering as she felt her touch on such a sensitive area. She started to pump her finger in and out of herself when a realisation struck - she didn't have to do this herself. Looking down at her crotch, she picked up several of the tiny furs that were trapped in between her legs and sprinkled them over her crotch, before starting to crush them one by one. They quickly realised what she wanted them to do and got to work, massaging and licking and rubbing their bodies against labia that were bigger than they were.

Anastacia knew that that wouldn't be enough stimulation to get her off, though. As pleasant as it was, those people were so small. She knew exactly what she was going to do. Quickly standing up, she reached out to a nearby building and ripped the roof off, grinning down evilly at the furs trapped inside. Her hand cast them all in its' shadow as she reached down to pick them up, before taking her time to gently tuck each one inside her butt. She felt her new body get to work instantly, devouring the tiny people trapped inside and making her grow bigger and bigger. Anastacia was blushing and panting heavily as she travelled along the block and repeated the process, shoving more and more innocent people into her body and growing larger and larger.

By the time she reached the end of the block she was a hundred and seventy feet tall, her shadow stretching along the ground. Directly in front of her was a train station, and lucky for her, there was still a train stopped there. Her arousal had been building the entire time, and she could feel herself aching to be filled. Tearing the roof off the station, she reached down and picked the train up, tearing it off the tracks with a squeal of grinding metal before lifting it up to her eyes. She could see the terrified driver inside, staring out at her gigantic features. Taking her time, she dragged the tip of the train down her body, rubbing it over her breasts and battering the front carriage with her nipple, the giant fleshy nub easily breaking through the glass window and crushing the driver inside.

Resuming its' journey down her body, the train passed over her gigantic stomach and quickly arrived at its' final destination - Anastacia's sopping wet vagina. Anastacia wasted no time in shoving it deep inside her, letting out an earth-shaking moan as she felt it fill her up. Her juices quickly flooded the carriages, drowning most of the occupants in her arousal. It didn't take much before she came, the muscles in her pussy clamping down on and crushing the train to an almost unrecognisable bit of garbage. Brought to her knees by the force of her orgasm, Anastacia let out a glass-shattering scream, deafening anyone who didn't have the good sense...or willpower to run away.

Anastacia stayed there for a good few minutes, panting in pleasure in the afterglow of her orgasm. Pulling the wrecked train out of her body, she gave it a look and laughed. It was almost unrecognisable as a train now. Still, she thought it deserved to make one final stop. Stretching open her butt, she forced the train inside, pushing more and more of it inside her as she felt her body absorb it. The amount of mass and energy in the train was far more than in the bodies of the furs she was devouring before, and her body started to grow at a riotous pace. Even sitting down, she watched her gaze soar up and up into the air. Almost passing out at the glorious feeling of her growth, Anastacia had the presence of mind to force the entire thing inside of her.

When she was done growing, Anastacia stood up and looked around. Her feet reduced the train tracks and any nearby buildings to rubble without even touching them, the force of her weight shaking them apart. Comparing herself to a nearby building, she saw that she'd managed to break two hundred and fifty feet tall. A far cry from the five-foot figure she had at the beginning of the day. Smiling down upon the city before her, Anastacia's mind filled with possibilities. It was the dawn of a bright new day for her - and the start of a terrifying time for the rest of the population.