Lycaon meets Trick

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A dragon meets a fox on his way through the city and discovers that said fox comes back to life after being stepped on.

Lycaon stretched as he grew, praising the morning sun as his pale golden scales absorbed the light and fuelled his growth, metre upon metre, muscle upon muscle being added to his frame as his entire body grew bigger and bigger. It was only a few seconds before his clothes ripped apart, at first from the growth of his wings and tail, and then from the sheer bulk of his expanding body. Lycaon went through a lot of clothes like this, but the feeling of his body overcoming anything that tried to restrain or cover it up was well worth the price to him. His growth slowly came to a halt when he had reached 124 feet tall, at which point Lycaon let out a sigh of pleasure. Growing was always the best part of his morning routine, and growing inside the city usually meant they didn't do silly things like take shelter or run away when they saw him coming. All he had to do now was find some new toys, and his day could really begin.

It wasn't long before Lycaon's keen eyes spotted someone. Being a hundred and twenty feet tall tended to give you a very good view of your surroundings, and an empty street didn't offer many opportunities to hide. He'd seen a tiny, red-furred fox-morph walking down the street, and given that he was walking instead of desperately running, it didn't seem like he'd realised that he was being looked at.

Lycaon's eyes instantly lit up, a predatory gaze forming upon his face as he started to plan his attack. Lycaon didn't need to do much planning though - the length of his stride meant that he was upon the fox in two short steps, looking down upon the now stunned little creature with an evil smile on his face. He planned on savouring the first crush of the day, and he was going to take his time with this one.

Lycaon poked the tiny fox with one toe, watching intently as he knocked the tiny fox onto its' back. It didn't take long for his giant legs to bring his foot over the fox, completely casting the little creature in its shadow. The fox, for his part, simply looked up in awe at the giant sole above him, too shocked by its' sudden appearance to even try to run away.

Then the massive paw started to descend. After a few short moments it was completely pinning the fox to the ground, Lycaon's ridiculous weight rendering any movement more complicated than useless squirming impossible. When the fox felt his bones start to creak, he was roughly dragged across the ground by the giant paw, the weight and pressure increasing slowly but steadily as it did.

It wasn't long before the weight was too much for the little fox's body to bear, his bones breaking and flesh tearing as the giant sole squashed him firmly into the ground, cracking apart the asphalt underneath his body as he was driven into the ground. It wasn't long before he was nothing more than a stain on the bottom of the giant sole, almost unrecognisable as the red foxmorph from before.

Lycaon felt himself start to get aroused as he felt the sensations of the tiny fox being reduced to a smear on his foot, but he had a busy day ahead of him - and lots more tiny creatures to step on. He started to walk again, his heavy steps taking him in the direction of a better populated part of the city, when he felt something odd. He'd crushed something under his foot again, but he hadn't seen anyone on the street ahead of him. He chalked it up to a lucky coincidence and started to walk again, but the same thing happened.

Curious, Lycaon quickly lifted his paw up and had a look at its' underside. The smear left behind by the tiny fox was still there, but after a moment the Fox's body started to come back to life, slowly reforming from the featureless gunk it had been reduced to as Lycaon watched in mute amazement. Before he was done coming back together, Lycaon held his foot just above the ground and shook it a bit, dislodging the tiny fox from his sole.

It wasn't long before the little fox got up, staring at the giant that just stepped on him and waving up at him. Lycaon looked askance at the little fox for a moment, before quickly stepping on him again, his foot cracking the paved street with a booming sound as he rammed it into the earth. Lifting his foot up after a second, Lycaon watched as the little fox brought himself back to life, his body reforming rather quickly this time.

Lycaon instantly reached down and picked the fox up, the movements of his massive body knocking the fox onto his back once again. After grabbing the fox in one hand he sat down, leaning back against a nearby building and relaxing, his feet leaving giant marks in the buildings on the other side of the street as he stretched. Quickly bringing his hand up to his face, he let the fox stand up on his palm, staring intently at the little creature.

The fox, for his part, smiled and waved at the gigantic maw in front of him. "Oh, hello. Name's Trick. Lovely morning, no?". Lycaon, for his part, looked on dumbfounded. He'd just crushed this Fox into paste...multiple times, at this point, and here he was calmly introducing himself?

"I did just step on you, you know. Multiple times."

"Oh, I don't mind. Not much of an inconvenience, after all."

"Wait, you don't mind being stepped on and crushed?"

"I happen to think its' rather fun, myself."

Lycaon's mind didn't know how to react to what the tiny Fox was telling him. He always thought that being stepped on would have been a thoroughly unpleasant experience, and here there was someone telling him that they enjoyed it? He couldn't understand, but he didn't need to understand why in order to think up all sorts of fun uses for a tiny, undestroyable foxtoy.

Lycaon's body, on the other hand, knew exactly how to react to the tiny fox in his hand. Lycaon had already started to get aroused after crushing Trick underfoot for the first time, and after hearing what he had just said there was no hiding his arousal. The thick smell was filling the air, and his cock was standing proudly at attention, a bit of pre starting to form at the top already. Lycaon

Lycaon curled his hand into a fist, the muscles in his arm and hands encountering almost no resistance as they reduced the interesting new toy he'd found to a mash of gore once again. He took a moment to clench his fist as tightly as he could, still curious as to just how much punishment this little fox could take. He opened his palm after a minute, and watched in mute fascination as the unrecognisable stain on his palm slowly brought itself together and reformed into a now very scared looking fox. Lycaon still had trouble believing his good fortune - the only thing he didn't like about playing roughly with tinies was that he tended to go through them rather fast, and now he had himself a toy that would last forever. His mind was racing with possibilities, and he could barely stop himself from poking and prodding and toying with the little creature in his hand.

Trick, of course, couldn't stop him at all - even just one of Lycaon's fingers could overpower every muscle in his body, let alone two of them. He didn't even try to resist, moving and squirming underneath the giant digits as they toyed with him, even if they were a bit violent at times. He gave a start when he felt the giant fingers pick him and start carrying him somewhere, but as he opened his mouth to say something he felt it get flooded with a thick, pungent liquid.

Lycaon, unable to bother waiting any longer, had brought the tiny fox to the tip of his cock, shoving his face in the precum that had built up while the two had been playing. Lycaon roughly dragged and rubbed the little fox over the tip of his cock, covering him in the pre that was still oozing out the tip even as the little fox was gagging on the cum that had just been forced down his throat.

Lycaon was starting to get overwhelmed by his building arousal, and he quickly started jerking himself off, rubbing Trick up and down his length as he did so. The sensations of the fox's squirming sent little shocks of pleasure up the giant dragon's spine - the knowledge that a living being was struggling to be little more than a toy for his pleasure brought Lycaon to the edge incredibly quickly.

When Lycaon felt the beginnings of his orgasm, he quickly brought the tiny fox to the head of his cock and shoved Trick's face against his slit, with the fox immediately obliging and opening his jaws wide, just in time for them to be completely filled with a flood of hot, sticky, white seed. The flow of cum almost completely filled Trick's mouth and throat, before quickly overflowing and covering his body,

Lycaon rubbed the rest of the cum off his cock with the little fox's body, making sure to give himself a thorough cleaning. The fox's fur was soaked through with his seed, every single part of the tiny fox covered in and reeking of Lycaon's cum when he was unceremoniously dropped in a giant pool of it on the ground, every part of his body quickly becoming completely saturated with the stuff. Lycaon took the time to rub the little fox around in the stuff with his foot, making sure the fox knew exactly what his position was.

After picking Trick up and rubbing him against a nearby building, Lycaon stuffed the little foxmorph in between his now limp cock and balls, wedging him firmly in there for safe-keeping. Standing up to his full height once more, Lycaon set off walking again. He was still hungry, and there was no way he was going to eat this new toy.