Lycaon gets a job as a medical test subject

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A relatively young dragon gets a job as a medical test subject. It works way too well, and he ends up going on a sex-crazed rampage.

Ana had been working tirelessly for months. A voluptuous, precocious scientist, she was a prodigy. Finishing her PHD at age 18, the dark haired woman had made astounding progress in the scientific world since leaving university. She was on the verge of something amazing, something that could change the world forever. A cure for obesity, a magical liquid that would cause the body to consume its' own fat reserves, and replace them with muscle almost overnight. The substance had worked fine in the lab, and even on animals - but it was yet to work on an intelligent subject. Searching through genetic databases, she had finally found someone with the right mixture of alleles, a blonde 18 year old anthropomorphic dragon. Ana didn't care much to know his life story - all she knew was that he had the right gene sequence on his second chromosome, the exact same gene sequence that she'd been looking for all this time. Ana had substantial financial backing, and the facilities she had access to were top of the line. Located deep underground, her lab was a veritable maze of tunnels and test chambers, cold metal walls dotted with the occasional light. Ana wasn't the only scientist working there - but her backers were rather mysterious and elusive. She only knew as much about the other projects in the facility as she could overhear in the dining rooms, but she was far too focused on her own work to care.

Waiting inside one of the many holding chambers was her subject - a lithe, youthful looking dragon, his pale golden scales shone faintly in the light of the test-chamber, his purple markings easily visible through the skimpy clothes he was given for the testing procedure. The young dragon was stretching while he waited - he knew absolutely nothing about what he was about to be experimented on for(the money was too good for him to care). His stretching was interrupted when Ana opened the big steel door for the holding chamber. "It's just about time for the tests, are you ready?". Her voice had a hard edge to it, and Lycaon thought she was actually a little bit scary, despite being a head shorter than he was. Wearing a labcoat and khaki pants, Lycaon just managed to catch a glimpse of her name on her id card.

Lycaon tried to put his best foot forward, however. Smiling down at her, he tried to start up a friendly conversation.

"I'm ready. I still don't know what these tests involve though."

Ana was busy scribbling something down on a tablet computer, not even looking at the dragon as he stood there in the waiting room.

"I wouldn't worry too much about it, now follow me please."

Lycaon nodded, quickly falling into line behind Ana and following her. Ana walked down a long narrow hallway, which was completely abandoned save for the two of them. At the end of the hall they found themselves in a large open room, the walls covered with expensive looking machinery and computer displays with a large operating table in the centre. Motioning to the table, Ana quickly moved over to one of the displays, quickly giving orders to the assistant researchers before turning back to Lycaon.

"Can you lay down for me?"

Lycaon gingerly hopped up onto the operating table, his previous good mood quickly vanishing at the sight of all the expensive(and painful looking) machinery.

"This isn't going to hurt, is it?"

A smile flitted across Ana's face for the first time since Lycaon had seen her.

"No need to worry, this is a painless procedure."

Ana quickly stepped back and started to push buttons on the machinery, helped along by some of the other researchers. As she worked, a large glass dome slowly descended from the ceiling, quickly encasing Lycaon and the table he was on, the glass dome reaching about fourty feet up to the ceiling. There was a great humming sound, and then a strange, purple mist floated down out of the ceiling, running along the glass of the dome and quickly obscuring the view of both Lycaon and the scientists. It wasn't long before it started to run up the operating table, the clammy purple mist causing Lycaon to shiver as he felt it move along his scales. Held down by the table, he tried to hold his breath but wasn't capable of holding it long enough. Lycaon shivered at the touch of the cold mist, the pace of his breathing starting to quicken when he felt it slip inside his mouth.

It wasn't long before Lycaon couldn't see anything but purple, the gas soaking into his skin and filling his lungs. His muscles started to cramp up, and he could feel his temperature rising as whatever was in that mist started to work on his body. Those cramps soon passed however, and Lycaon could feel his body start to change. His muscles became slightly more pronounced, but more importantly, he was starting to get bigger. The leather straps holding his arms and legs down quickly got tighter and tighter, constricting his limbs painfully before snapping apart. Lycaon's clothes didn't last very long either, the cheaply made hospital gown splitting apart when he reached ten feet tall. Lycaon didn't care much for modesty - the feeling of growing was filling his body and mind with ecstasy, and he didn't care who was watching.

Ana had started to panic. Something had obviously gone wrong - the amount of gas in the chamber should have been lethal, and it was so thick that she couldn't even see anything. "Shut off the gas! I cant see anything in there!"

Barking orders at the assistants, they furiously started to get to work, and eventually did manage to shut off the gas - far too late.

Lycaon had been enjoying the sensations of his body growing too much to care about what was happening on the outside world, until he felt his head bumping against the top of the dome. Quickly sitting down with his legs crossed, Lycaon reached out a fist and knocked on the glass. "You might want to stop the gas now."

Ana finally managed to shut off the gas just before Lycaon knocked, staring at the young dragon in horror as the purple mist started to dissipate, Lycaon eagerly inhaling as much of it as he could. Ana was stunned into silence at the sight of the giant teen, blushing when she saw his massive, naked form. It was obvious that he'd enjoyed the experiment a lot, and it took all she had not to stare at him. Attempting to regain a bit of her detached, scientific demeanour, she walked up to a platform on the side of the dome, staring Lycaon in the face. "I'm glad to see it worked, although this is a bit much." Turning back to the assistants with a worried look on her face, Ana quietly whispered to them. "What are we going to do with him now??"

Lycaon frowned when he heard that, his new size making his ears a lot more sensitive than they were before. "What do you mean, 'what are we going to do with him now'?" Lycaon quickly started to get annoyed, his brow furrowing as he stared down at the little scientist. Something was making him angry, and while he suspected it was the gas, he didn't actually care.

Ana gave a nervous look back at the giant teen, quickly speaking into her tablet pc. "Test subject appears to have higher levels of aggres" She was cut off by the sound of cracking glass, knocked off her feet by the impact of Lycaon's hands pushing against the glass dome. Lycaon had pressed his hands against the glass of the dome, the glass quickly cracking in a spiderweb pattern around his massive hands. "That stuff's addictive too, by the way. I can feel myself wanting more and more of it already." Lycaon's voice had gotten much louder since he grew, and a little bit deeper as well.

Ana quickly walked back up to the dome, a plaintive expression on her face. "Please don't do that! It's very expensive." Upon hearing that Lycaon was starting to get addicted to the gas, she gave a nervous look at the other side of the room. The chemical was stored in a large tank, and from the many pipes heading out of it, and the purple colour of the liquid inside, it was extremely obvious what the source of the gas was. Silently praying that Lycaon didn't notice it, Ana quickly turned her gaze back to Lycaon, but it was too late.

The giant dragon withdrew his hand for a second, before poking a finger straight through the glass and knocking Ana to the ground.

"I'm going to have to break my way out of this thing anyway, unless you've got a way to lift it back up." Covering her ears at the sound of the giant voice so close to her ears, Ana noticed with horror that Lycaon had seen the tank. Lycaon's gaze quickly turned towards the giant tank on the other side of the room, a hungry look in his eyes

Ana let out a pained sound and landed hard on her butt.

"No! You can't do that!" Turning her head, she quickly called back to the other scientists "Get the restraints!"

Lycaon poked the rest of his hand through the dome as well, grasping Ana's entire body in his hand before bringing her back into the dome with him. Lycaon's gigantic body was giving off a lot of heat, and combined with all the sweat he'd worked up while growing the dome smelt overpoweringly of young, male dragon.

"I don't think you even have restraints that could hold me now."

Ana screamed as the giant hand grabbed her and pulled her in, the broken glass drawing a little bit of blood from her skin. She wriggled in Lycaon's grasp, but she was no match for the giant teen's immense strength. He was right, too - the only restraints they had were much too weak and small to contain the giant teenager. Terrified at what the giant teen could do, it took all of Ana's composure to try and give Lycaon another order.

"Put me down, now!"

Lycaon laughed when he heard the scientist try and order him around, holding her in front of his face as he did.

"Put you down? Are you sure?" Lycaon snickered as he spoke - he was starting to get hard as his mind raced with all the possibilities he had with his new size, the tip of his cock slowly rising up and pointing straight at the scientist in his grasp. His growth was arousing enough, and his hormones were running wild when he saw the attractive woman in his grasp.

Ana knew a possible side effect of the treatment was a massively increased sex drive, and she let out another scream as she looked down - Lycaon's erection was thicker than her entire body, and when she realised what he was implying she started to shudder, barely able to stop herself from putting a hand between her legs in imagined pain as she realised what Lycaon was planning on doing. She didn't respond to Lycaon, calling out desperately to the other scientists.

"Somebody help me!!"

Lycaon quickly ripped Ana's clothes off as she spoke, staring down hungrily at her body. Ana had a beautiful figure, and Lycaon's mind was too hazed with arousal to realise just how impossible it would be for him to fuck her. An angry tone in his voice, Lycaon quickly responded to Ana's plea for help.

"No, somebody help me. Unless you all want to watch a new experiment, where I see what it feels like to have sex at this size."

Ana's plea was in vain - the other scientists had no idea what to do, and most had already left, quickly abandoning the testing chamber while they had the chance. With all the stress caused by Lycaon's movements, and the final, residual bit of growth left in his body, the dome started to crack and break around the pair. Lycaon quickly stood up, the dome shattering around him. Finally stretching out to his grand new height, Lycaon felt his head bump against the cold metal roof of the test chamber. Ana's body firmly in hand, he quickly started walking over to the tank filled with purple gas. "Anything else I should know about this stuff?"

" Umm... p-please just leave it alone! It....its' dangerous if you have an overdose! You could die!"

Lycaon instantly saw through Ana's attempt to dissuade him, the growth making him feel a fair bit smarter than he was before as well. Lycaon took the time to drop Ana's naked body on his cock, pre starting to flow when he felt her body land atop it.

"Well, bottoms up then." Lycaon then quickly twisted the top off the tank, the metal buckling like aluminium foil under his titanic strength. Ana quickly found herself covered in the sticky slime dribbling out the tip of Lycaon's cock, his masculine odour overwhelming her senses and coating her body. She could feel herself start to get aroused in spite of herself, but quickly came back to her senses. Sliding down Lycaon's cock to where it met his crotch, she quickly hopped off it and slid down one massive scaled leg. Unable to tear her eyes away from Lycaon's towering form, she quickly ran to a wall and pulled a switch, activating an emergency alarm. Red lights started to flash and a warning klaxon could be heard, but Lycaon wasn't paying attention.

Quickly grabbing the tank and bringing it to his mouth, Lycaon greedily started drinking the entire thing, easily finishing it in one gigantic gulp before letting out a loud burp. Lycaon shook his head and rubbed his stomach for a moment, eagerly anticipating the moment when the liquid started to work. It wasn't long before he felt the magic purple liquid start to take effect, his vision quickly approaching the ceiling as he grew even bigger, his muscles filled with that familiar warmness once again.

Ana heard the sounds of crashing machinery and sparks as she rushed out of the facility, escaping through an emergency elevator and stumbling out onto a grassy field.

"This is bad. Really bad."

Lycaon held his hands up against the roof as he grew, easily powering through the metal of the facility and breaking it apart as his body approaches the surface. Two giant hands broke out of the ground alarmingly close to Ana's body, each of the fingers now much, much bigger than her entire body. Lycaon quickly dragged himself out of the ruins, Ana staring up in awe as the massive dragon's body stretched up and up into the sky. She wasn't even as tall as one of his toes, and she shivered at the thought of what the giant dragon could do.

Lycaon quickly stood up to his full height, one massive foot lying next to Ana, the immense heat radiating from it causing her to start sweating. Looking down at the city before him, Lycaon felt a grin come to his face. He'd always wanted to be a god...and now he had the chance.

Ana couldn't help but admire her creation, a being as close to a god as anything in history. Towering over everyone, his basic bodily processes capable of ending lives on a massive scale... There was no hiding her arousal now, and she quickly dragged a finger through the precum that was staining her body, wetness running down her thighs as she gave it a taste.

The occupants of the city had started to panic. Lycaon was taller than every skyscraper in the city, and it was impossible to miss his gigantic form, or the shadow it cast. The ones who could see him instantly stopped what they were doing, their jaws dropping as they looked up at the utterly gigantic dragon.

Lycaon started to calmly stroll into town, the earth shaking and cracking every time he put his foot down. Cracks ran through the asphalt whenever he stepped down, and it wasn't long before he was stepping on cars and buildings, eagerly trying to see how the different structures and objects felt as they got crushed under his feet. There was no structure or object made of man or nature that could put up even a second of resistance to his massive weight, cars being instantly reduced to smears of metal under his paws. Panicked citizens instantly started to run away when they saw how little concern the giant had for those smaller than him, a sight which quickly stirred the massive dragon's interest.

Lycaon crouched down and used his hand to make a wall in front of the fleeing citizens, an evil grin on his face as he spoke down to them.

"Where do you think you're going? I'm going to need some servants and worshippers, you know."

The fleeing civilians quickly bumped into his fingers and fell back, fear filling their minds as they realised that they had nowhere to run.

Lycaon roughly grabbed the group of civilians in his hand, barely even noticing as he inadvertently squished a few of them into paste in the process. Bringing them up towards his face, Lycaon spoke down at them, his deafening voice knocking them off their feet as he did. "I'm hungry for two things. Food and worship. If you don't give them to me, then I'll just take them. And you don't want me to do that."

Luckily for the people trapped in his hand, Lycaon had entered the city in the market district. There were plenty of food stores and supermarkets close by, which were instantly filled by a frenzied mob of people rushing in to grab as much food possible for the colossal teen, too scared to worry about paying. As they ran in, Lycaon sneered down at the people who weren't running into the stores, roughly picking them up between his fingers and squeezing them to death. His fingers coated in gore, Lycaon sucked their remains off his finger, savouring the knowledge that he'd just eaten living people more than the taste.

After he thought enough food had been collected, Lycaon sat down with his legs crossed, crushing two buildings under his gigantic butt as he did. Reaching out and grabbing a few members of the crowd that were bringing him food, Lycaon dropped them over his crotch, shivering as he felt them tumble along his shaft. Nowhere near satisfied but still hungry, Lycaon quickly reached out and grabs the piled up food, shoving it and the occasional civilian that got too close into his mouth. A smile on his face, Lycaon roared a few more orders down. "That's better. Now, I want to feel you all worshipping me. If I don't..." Lycaon's sentence trailed off ominously, the giant picking up one civilian and squishing them against the tip of his cock, mixing their gory remains in with his pre to send a message to the rest of them.

While several of the people got stuck to his cock, some of them glued to the surface of his glans by the freely flowing pre, a bunch of them survived the fall and ended up in between his legs. They tried to run away, but to little avail - Lycaon eagerly reached down and caught the ones that tried to escape, alternating between crushing them to death against his cock and dropping them in his mouth

Lycaon's immense cock had become lightly stained with his tiny victims, but those that were alive weren't faring much better. The stench of Lycaon's arousal was overwhelming, and the heat and humiliation of being forced to worship a colossal erection was overwhelming. The tiny citizens had no choice but to believe anything Lycaon said - he'd made it perfectly clear what would happen to those that disobeyed him. Some of them, however, agreed with the dragon - his massive form was very attractive, and the power he wielded was greater than anything they'd ever imagined. They quickly got to work worshipping his dick, shucking off their clothes and rubbing their naked bodies against the colossal organ as they licked and writhed against it.

Lycaon started to moan, not even touching himself as he came, the spray of sticky, smelly goop flying up into the air before crashing down on a nearby building, the thick globs easily breaking through the roof and crushing a few people underneath them. The next few spurts rained down on the worshippers in between his legs, the ones that weren't crushed by the weight of his massive ejaculate quickly drowning in the thick, viscous liquid. Most of the people in the area slipped and fell into the flood of pearly white cum as it flooded the street, quickly trapping all the cars that had tried to escape.

Lycaon finally finished cumming, his cock softening and landing with a crash on the ground, easily crushing a few cars underneath it as it flopped to the ground, still leaking cum. "That was ....even better than I thought. I wonder if they called in the military yet."

Lycaon received his answer when he heard the sound of military fighter planes roaring through the air, and the rhythmic tread of a column of infantry approaching from behind him. He'd closed off the road in front of him with his orgasm, forcing the military's ground forces to approach him from behind. Lycaon stood up to his full height when he heard the jets, before looking around for the infantry. His massive height allowing him to spot them with ease, Lycaon started to walk over to them, his feet plowing through buildings and anything else that got in his way without even slowing his pace.

The soldiers started to fire at his feet as he approached, and the armoured tanks quickly started to swing their barrels toward the massive legs that were approaching them. Lycaon laughed when he felt the tiny pinpricks against his feet, the bullets instantly bouncing off his scales and barely scratching them. He wasted no time in bringing his foot up into the air and then back down upon the infantrymen with great force, crushing them all to gore in an instant. His feet stained red with blood, Lycaon quickly walked over to the tanks, before crouching down and picking one up in his hands

The tank that he picked up quickly fired, but as the tank's barrel was currently pointed at the ground, it didn't even phase Lycaon. The soldiers inside were roughly rattled around as Lycaon picked the tank up and brought it to his face. Ripping the turret off the tank, Lycan opened his maw wide and shook the infantrymen out, letting them fall into his wide open mouth before swallowing them whole and sending them straight to die in his stomach. Rubbing his stomach after his little meal, Lycaon quickly resumed stepping on the tanks.

His playtime was interrupted when the military's fighter jets finally started to attack him, their heat-seeking missiles easily locking onto and slamming into the dragon's chest. Lycaon's scales were tough, but even he felt pain when he was struck by a pair of sidewinder missiles. Growling in annoyance, Lycaon quickly reached out and crushed any jet that got close to him in his hands, instantly reducing them to bits of scrap metal. The jets quickly flew away after that, the pilots caring more about self-preservation than saving the citizens of what they considered a doomed city. After finishing off the rest of the tanks under his feet, Lycaon looked around for a building with plenty of survivors holed up inside. Dropping the remains of a tank outside each exit, he quickly crouched down and lifted off the roof, throwing it away as he stared down at the people inside.

The people cowering inside looked up, a once quiet day at work quickly becoming a living nightmare. They can see that the giant is young, but they've been watching him through the windows and on the TV, and they know exactly what he is capable of at that size. Lycaon snickers before pointing his cock down at the building and letting loose a stream of urine, instantly knocking a few of the people to the ground and drowning them in it, the flood of pee quickly filling up and overflowing the building. The people on the top floor are pushed against the windows, the glass barely holding all the yellow liquid in. It starts to flow through the stairs and elevator shaft, quickly washing through the whole building. Hundreds of people are drenched in the acrid, eye-burning liquid, the stench knocking some of them out and sending them to a watery, humiliating grave.

Lycaon shook the last few drops out of his cock before laughing at the sight, hundreds of people drowning and soaked in his piss because he wanted to show off his new size. The knowledge that even just urinating could cause the death of hundreds of people filled the colossal dragon with dark pleasure. His pee started to flow onto the street and drip down into the sewers, the buildings clearly doing a bad job at holding the massive amount of liquid.

Lycaon grinned at the sight, his cock already starting to get hard again. A voice inside his head reminded him that his arousal was a side-effect of the drug, but Lycaon was in no mood to care about that. He didn't care where his arousal was coming from, only that he managed to satisfy it. Stepping over the piss-soaked ruin that he left behind, Lycaon set his gaze upon a large skyscraper, his azure eyes easily seeing through the glass façade to the grimly fascinated citizens within.

The city was filled with fleeing people, but the frenzied, chaotic nature of their escape meant that only the luckiest of them managed to get past the crowds. Huge mobs of panicking people were blocking all the exits, trapping a massive number of people inside. The skyscraper was used as a temporary emergency shelter, a decision which was quickly being regretted by the horde of people trapped inside as the thundering booms of Lycaon footsteps echoed through the building.

Lycaon didn't take long at all to reach the skyscraper. He noted with some satisfaction that it only came up to his navel, drips of pre dropping from the tip of his cock and splashing down on the frantic crowds below as his arousal started to grow again. The titanic dragon placed his hands on the roof of the skyscraper and thrust himself into it, his cock shattering the facade of the building and ramming inside, breaking walls, furniture and people before finally coming to rest. The building shifted as Lycaon continued to fuck it, his powerful hips helping to crash into the building with immense force. His pulsing cock obliterated everything in its path, wiping out entire floors of the building and mashing their occupants into gory red stains as it did.

The ones that were killed like that could be considered lucky - the survivors were stuck to the pre-coated flesh of the massive dick, the heat and odour overwhelming as they were roughly beaten against the superstructure of the building. Lycaon kept thrusting and thrusting, moving around slightly to destroy more of the building with his cock, the stimulation of smashing through the floors of the building quickly bringing him to orgasm. It didn't take long before he was cumming again, several spurts flying straight through the skyscraper and landing on a nearby bridge, the thick goo quickly rendering the bridge completely unusable. Some more fell into the water on either side, leaving a massive slick of semen floating atop the water, with the rest draining out into the office building and drowning anyone unfortunate enough to be caught up in it. Dozens of people were knocked off their feet by the heavy downfall of cum, the lower levels of the office building filling up with the giant teens cum, most of the people inside completely unable to escape.

Lycaon let his cock finish draining into the building before pulling out, giving his softening cock a shake and letting the last few drops crash down upon the last few survivors in between his feet. "Ahhhhhhh.....whatever that stuff was, it sure has made me horny too. " Taking care not to destroy the building that was filled up with his cum, Lycaon stepped around it and headed further into the city, in search of new playthings and servants. Lots of people had already evacuated, but there was an entire street full of cars trying to exit the city but stuck in traffic, the bridge out of town blocked by Lycaon's seed.

Lycaon grinned with delight upon seeing the cars, stepping on a few of them at first. The cars are crushed instantly, the sound of a horrifying mix of crunching metal and squashed bodies emanating from Lycaon's godlike footpaws as he effortlessly smashed them. Lycaon jumped to the end of the road, just before the bridge, before letting his giant body fall to the ground, crushing both a huge number of cars and several buildings along the side of the road underneath his body as his weight hit the ground with a tremendous boom. The road was completely destroyed, stranding the rest of the cars in the city. Lycaon rolled around on the ground for a bit, further compacting the cars and any survivors into the ground. His face alone tall enough to loom over the rest of the cars ahead of him, Lycaon lazily reached his hands over and started to peel the roofs off of the cars, hungrily emptying their contents into his mouth and swallowing. Everything around him was reduced to ruins, his colossal form simply too much for the desperate city to handle.

Lycaon laid there in the wreckage for a while, appreciating his handiwork before he got up and started to look for another part of the city, one with a few more survivors lying around. He quickly changed his mind however, noticing with glee that the military had set up another encampment in the suburbs just outside. Stepping over the river with ease, Lycaon started to run to the suburbs, the ground quaking and shaking under his massive stride as he did. The military knew that he was coming, but Lycaon considered that a bonus rather than a negative - he was eager to see what they'd try next, given how utterly ineffective their previous efforts had been.

Lots of barriers had been set up, and most of the civilians were cleared out. The military was using the suburbs as a temporary base of operations, and there were many tanks and military vehicles lying idle nearby. Lycaon was too fast for them, and most of the soldiers hadn't even made it to their vehicles before Lycaon pounced on them. The giant dragon took his time crushing the little vehicles to bits, still wiping them out before much of an effective resistance could be put up. Hands on his hips, Lycaon looked down mockingly at the suburbs. "I'm giving you two chances to surrender. Put down your weapons, and assemble in the main street."

A lot of the soldiers were knocked off their feet, and the ones that had made it to their tanks started to fire at the towering dragon. Lycaon couldn't tell if they were brave or stupid, but they didn't seem to be listening at all. Lycaon quickly stomped the remaining tanks into scrap metal, leaving his foot resting on the top of the last one and filling it up with his sweat, the odorous liquid quickly soaking and drowning the occupants of the tank. "That's one chance. If you surrender, I guarantee that most of you will live. If you don't, I guarantee that all of you will die. Which option do you want to pick?"

After hearing Lycaon's ultimatum, the soldiers smartened up and threw down their weapons, moving out into the street as fast as they could, fearing a sweaty death if they didn't comply with the titan's demands. Lycaon smiled at the sight, before sitting down with his legs crossed around the remaining soldiers, his cock flopping onto the ground in front of them with a crash and crushing part of a house underneath it as it does. "Now I want you to prove your surrender. Worship my cock. I want to see you clambering all over it, naked, your hands and mouths all over it. Anybody who doesn't is going to get squashed."

The soldiers, male and female, all looked at each other and started to remove their uniforms reluctantly, clambering onto Lycaon's gigantic malehood. Lycaon laughed as he saw them struggling to even get on top of it. Even soft the giant organ is thicker by far than most of the soldiers are tall, and at the touch of the soldiers Lycaon starts to get hard, his cock growing bigger and bigger as they clambered over it, struggling to reach the tip. When Lycaon is fully erect it is a sight to behold, utterly shaming and dwarfing the infantrymen worshipping it. It isn't long before the tip starts to leak pre, coating several of the soldiers in the sticky goo, as well as a substantial portion of the ground below. The cannons of the remaining tanks looked incredibly weak compared to Lycaon's own 'cannon'. The giant cock casting most of the military's former base in it's' shadow.

The soldiers clung to it as it grew and rose into the air, some of the ones who got covered in pre ending up falling down and landing on Lycaon's huge sack. Lycaon 's balls are as gigantic as every other part of him is, each bigger than most of the infantrymen combined. The stench of Lycaon's masculine odour is overwhelming for the ones stuck in there, especially after they were coated in pre. Several of them pass out, unable to breathe through the incredible strength of Lycaon's musk.

Lycaon giggled with delight at the sight, before pushing a few of the infantrymen at the head of his cock inside his piss-slit, trapping them in the rapidly increasing flow of pre. The massive cock dribbled more and more pre down onto the street as Lycaon's arousal built, carrying a few of the soldiers with it as it flowed down the road. The soldiers on his cock started to lose their inhibitions, the sexuality of the giant dragon overwhelming their senses and causing them to redouble their efforts.

Lycaon moaned as he felt the soldiers continue to work his cock, before roughly brushing the ones atop it off and onto the ground. Shuffling backwards a bit, Lycaon leaves the barrel of his monstrous cock pointed squarely at the remaining infantrymen before cumming, the first sticky strand pulverising a few soldiers into gore as it hits them and flooding over the rest, leaving most of them to drown in the rapidly overflowing crater created by his jism. The rest of the soldiers are wiped out by Lycaon's cum wave, his ejaculate managing to kill almost all of the remaining troops. Lycaon let his cock finish draining out into the basin he created, before panicking as he felt himself shrinking down rather rapidly to a shade above seven foot, noticeably taller than he was before the entire affair started. Lycaon looked around, noticing with a sigh of relief that none of the surviving members of the military were in any state to try and capture him. Remembering how the entire affair started, Lycaon hopped onto his feet and started to run back towards the laboratory, eagerly hoping that he could find more of the purple gas...or the scientist who came up with it.

Ana was still in the same spot she was when Lycaon first burst out of the facility. She'd been watching the entire time as her creation had his way with the tiny city, barely able to stop playing with herself at the sight. The sun was finally starting to set, the city still in panic with thousands dead and missing. Lycaon's journey back through the city was relatively uneventful - he'd left a very obvious trail to follow, and there was nobody left alive for blocks around it.

It was night by the time Lycaon made it back to the facility, but his keen eyes lit up when he saw Ana's form standing over the wreckage. Sneaking up behind her, Lycaon planted his hands firmly on her shoulders before whispering in her ear. "I want more. I want to get even bigger, and I want you to help me do it."

Ana turned her head around, pushing her body up against Lycaon's as she did.

"You?.. I was expecting you to return sometime.."

Lycaon grinned and ran his hands down Ana's body, still a fair bit taller than she was. "Of course. And you want to help me, don't you?"

"Hehehe. You're taller than I remember. Have some fun back there?"

Lycaon pulled her in close to his body, smiling down at the attractive scientist. "That's putting it mildly. You had fun watching me too, didn't you? I can smell it."

"It was interesting to say the least. It's going to be a long time before this city is restored back to normal.. months to remove all of your waste. Not to mention all the property damage."

Lycaon reached down and gave her butt a grope, before lifting Ana up into the air a bit so her face was level with his. "And you want to see me do it again, don't you. Getting bigger and bigger and bigger...I'll do to the country, no, the entire world what I did to this city."

Ana gasped as she was picked up so easily.

"You're so strong now. But you surely can't do everything you said on your own. What do you think about me joining you?"

Lycaon brought his mouth directly in front of Ana's before responding.

"I think that's a good idea. But I've got something else in mind before we get started.."

Ana put her hands on the dragon's shoulders "Whats that?"

Lycaon gave her a kiss, a grin on his face. "You're the scientist. You tell me."

Ana blushed before starting to stammer a response "I have to develop more formula, it may take some time due to the lab being destroyed"

Lycaon grinned. "I think we can spare half an hour." Lycaon forced his tongue into Ana's mouth when he finished talking, pulling her in tighter against his body as he did, rubbing her chest against his smooth scale. Ana blushed and moaned a little at the sensation, finally feeling the touch of the dragon she'd been watching for so long against her skin. Lycaon lifted her up a bit more, positioning the head of his cock just outside her crotch as he continued to make out with her.

" Mmph! Wait, what are you doing?"

Lycaon lowered her down a centimetre, the tip of his cock starting to stretch out the entrance to Ana's slit before pulling his tongue out and smiling. "If you're going to be my partner, we better get started consummating it."