Elysia casts a spell

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A young sorceress casts a spell that she found on a shady internet website, which ends up turning her into a gigantic porn star.

Elysia groggily opened her eyes, rubbing them as she sat up. She was outside for some reason, and naked. The place she was in was pretty unfamiliar, and there was something annoying under her butt. She shifted it around a bit, feeling something pop as she did. That helped, but it didn't remove the itch completely. Without thinking she reached down and scratched it, feeling something burst as she did so. She let out a sigh of relief as she felt the itch stop, before bringing her finger up to her face. There was a red splotch on her finger, which she wiped off on the ground. As she did, she noticed something odd. There was a bit of grass next to her, but it felt weird, somehow different from normal - it was a lot finer for one. Still, she couldn't quite put her finger on it.

James and Jake were both scared. The attractive girl they'd come across, who was doing something strange with a bunch of sparklers in the park, had just started to grow and grow before their eyes, and by the time she was done they were stuck under her gigantic butt. It was pretty clean, but it was still a butt, and it was completely surrounding them, with the only light coming from the crack ahead of them. Her cheeks were tight and fairly close together, and moving while being held back by the giant cheeks was really hard. It didn't take long before they heard a loud rumbling noise, and the girl they were trapped under sat up. Jake was caught under one of her round cheeks as she did, trapped between her flesh and the ground. Before he could even call out for help, the giant butt shifted and moved, crushing him into paste against the ground. James started to yell, when a gigantic hand entered his field of view, finger extended and headed straight for him. It pushed him into the giant butt, the pressure increasing rapidly. Before too long he was reduced to a red splotch as well, his passing completely unnoticed by the giant girl.

Elysia looked around herself a bit more, before finally realising what had happened. She was following the instructions for a magic spell she'd found online, when two boys had come out and tried to insult her. They'd shown up just as she had finished casting the spell. The moment she'd uttered the final verse she felt something well up inside of her and she started to grow, her body filling with pleasurable sensations as her frame shot up and up and up. It felt so good she passed out for a second at the end. She was only expecting to gain a few inches in height, but this massive growth it felt so good she didn't care. There was a haze of constant, low arousal in her mind, which she assumed was a side effect of the spell. For a moment she idly pondered what would happen if she repeated the spell, but she couldn't muster up nearly enough focus. She had a city to step on and crush, after all. She got up on her feet, crushing a few trees under her hands and feet as she did so. She was still in the park, and when she looked around she could see the road and some houses nearby, and started to walk. She'd always liked stepping on things, and now she could do all the stepping she wanted.

It only took her a few seconds to reach the road. When she brought her foot down upon the asphalt, she felt something metal underneath it bend and break, glass shattering. Lifting her foot up, she saw that she'd flattened a car underneath it, and let out a giggle. The road around her footprints was cracked as well, which only added to her enjoyment. With an impish smile on her face she kept walking, ending up at a formerly large house, bigger than both of her feet put together. She decided to have fun with this one, and jumped into the air, before coming down on it with a gigantic boom. She felt the house, and a few people inside get instantly crushed under her feet, and felt herself start to heat up. This was really fun, and she raised her feet and started stomping the house repeatedly, moving around it to make sure she got every single bit of it.

She decided she'd be a bit more curious for the next house, so she squatted down over the remains of the house she was standing on, looking over the house next door. She reached out and grabbed the roof, and with a tiny amount of effort lifted it off the building. She wasn't too interested in the roof, so she simply threw it into the park, where it landed and shattered with a crash. There were a bunch of tiny people inside the house, all of whom were screaming and running around in a panic. With a smile still on her face, she reached down and picked a few of them up in her hands. She poked and prodded them, turning them all around, before ripping the clothes off of one girl and throwing the tiny person into her mouth. She played around with the girl with her tongue, pushing her up against her teeth and the roof of her mouth, coating her in saliva, before swallowing her with a loud gulp. The struggles she felt going down her throat and into her stomach were delightful, and she quickly threw the rest of them into her mouth as well. The feeling of four people struggling to stay alive in her stomach was titillating, and she decided to finish the job she'd started on their house.

Balling her hands into fists, she smashed the walls of the house to bits - they weren't capable of putting up more resistance than a biscuit to her ridiculous strength, so it didn't take long. Once she was done, she decided she'd try smashing things in a different way. Getting on her hands and knees, she started crawling through the block, crushing things and people under her hands, knees and legs. It was pretty fun, and before long there were only two buildings left standing in the block - a tall apartment building and a small house in front of it.

By now she'd recovered from her previous bit of play, and she could feel herself dripping with arousal again, leaving a trail of sweet smelling slime throughout the block. Sitting down on the house in front of the apartment building, she started to play with herself, teasing her clit and fingering herself. As she did she could feel a surge of energy run through her, and she started to grow once again, increasing the pleasurable feelings she was getting. The front half of the house she was sitting on quickly flooded, the doors bursting open and letting her cum flow out, carrying with it the few survivors of the house, who were left spluttering and coughing on the ground. Their reprieve didn't last long, and the growing pussy had finally destroyed the rest of their house. Elysia didn't move forward on her own, but as she grew her vagina slowly got closer and closer to them. After another minute of frantic masturbation, as the giant girl grew bigger and bigger, the last of the survivors were finally crushed under her giant labia, their deaths meaning nothing more than an additional shock of pleasure to Elysia.

Having gotten big enough to carry out her plan for the apartment building, Elysia slowly started to get up on her knees. Even then, she towered over the five story building, before shuffling forward a bit to get it in the right position. She slowly lowered her gigantic pussy onto the building, shivering and moaning as she felt it go inside her. It was still a bit big for her, and she could feel herself stretching as it went further and further inside her. The added pleasure was more than enough to keep her growing though, and before too long the entire apartment building was comfortably inside her. She started to move herself up and down, the building filling her up less and less each time. Before it became too insignificant, she came, moaning as she felt her pussy grip and crush the building, her next upwards movement breaking it off the ground, and her next contraction turning it to so much rubble. She could feel herself grow and grow as her orgasm hit her, the twin sensations sending her over the edge. She didn't pass out this time though, and she watched in ecstasy as her body grew larger and larger.

When she was finished she was still panting and sweating, but slowly came to her feet. She was a lot taller than she was before - she could crush the whole block she was just crawling around in three stomps. The next block over was at the bottom of a small depression, which suited her just fine - she had another need to take care of. Stepping forward with a tremendous boom, she squatted down over the city block and spread her nether lips apart before letting loose a golden stream of urine, all over the city block. It didn't take long for the block to be completely flooded with her pee, completely drowning everyone inside. Standing up to her full height once more, she turned and started to head towards the city proper, a big grin on her face.

Elysia was never what you'd call modest, and at her new size she didn't have to worry about anyone telling her what to do. Still, that didn't mean she'd lost her desire to show off, and now she had a bigger audience than ever. Taking a moment to look around, she quickly spotted a building that came up just above her waist, the perfect height for what she had in mind. She happily walked over to it, crushing several stores under her feet in the process. Resting her hands on the roof, she squatted down in front of the building, staring through the windows at all the office workers inside and smiling. A lot of them were pressed up against the window facing her, staring out at her smiling face. With a mischievous grin on her face, she leaned forward, touching the building with her nose.

Then she licked, running her tongue over the face of the building. Most of the people inside were knocked on their back in shock, which made her giggle a little. Then she licked with a bit more force, the exterior of the building breaking apart like candy under the force of her tongue. Most of the rubble fell down, but she thought she counted six or seven people stuck to her tongue. Quickly drawing it back into her mouth, she relished the feeling of tiny feet running around her mouth, futilely struggling to escape as she slowly tilted her head up and sent them all down her throat. She let out a satisfied moan, before standing up on her feet once more, eyeing the people inside the building on the way up.

Quickly turning around, she bent over and pressed her rear end against the building, slowly rubbing it up and down along the edge before pushing it further in, her gigantic butt shattering the windows and breaking through the exterior of the building. Her butt was unsurprisingly rather tight, and the sensations of it breaking through the glass facade and the offices immediately behind it was titillating, tiny fragments of furniture and a few people bouncing off of her cheeks before falling out of the whole she'd put in the building with her

Elysia was really enjoying her size. She'd never been this big before, but she was enjoying it. Even the feeling of the ground underneath her feet was exhilarating, the asphalt cracking and breaking as her gigantic weight pressed into the ground. Along with the occasional car or street light bending and breaking as her sole compacted them into the ground, she stepped on the occasional car and person, both of which gave off a very satisfying crunch as she stepped on them.

The people underneath never really had much of a chance. Elysia was big enough that she could walk right through entire city blocks, so there wasn't really any part of the city that was safe. Some people came out into the streets after seeing what she was doing to the buildings, but they were hardly safer there. If her random meandering bought her over them, they had precious little time to appreciate the sight of the gigantic foot, along with all of the wreckage and carnage stuck to the bottom of it.

It was to one of those buildings that Elysia was turning her attention to now. The giant tower had a sheer mirrored wall, and she had a great view of her own beautiful(and not just in her opinion) reflection - feminine curves in all the right places and a lithe, somewhat athletic build - she was proud of her body, and had no problems at all showing it off. She was also a rampaging narcissist, and upon seeing herself she couldn't resist giving her reflection a hug, running up and embracing the building, which came up a little above her head. Her arms went straight through the walls of the building, her giant hands battering and dragging people, furniture and even entire rooms along for the ride.

Although Elysia's breasts were a little small for her age, her nipples alone were more than big enough to squash several people. When she embraced the building, her breasts broke straight through the windows, the soft flesh being so massive and having so much force behind it that it easily overpowered the glass and steel construction of the building. Her nipples, while large, weren't big enough to smash through entire floors, and ended up caught in some smaller rooms, pressing a bunch of tiny survivors against the wall. While they were desperately trying to free themselves from being trapped by the giant nipples, their frantic attempts to get out did nothing more than excite Elysia, sending more and more blood flowing into her nipples, which slowly began to harden. This proved fatal for most of the people stuck under them, and even the sensations of their last moments just added more and more to her enjoyment.

It felt good. Elysia pressed her crotch into the building, thrusting against it as hard as she could. While the building was durable enough to remain standing, it wasn't left unharmed. Most of the facade had shattered, and Elysia's frantic humping had worn a lot of the superstructure away as well. After a minute of heavy thrusting, Elysia let out a moan as deep as she could. There was a delightful sensation on her little clit, which had just broken the wall of a room full of survivors. Their panicked attempts to escape and prevent themselves from being crushed were incredible, and it wasn't long before Elysia found herself on the edge of orgasm. She stopped thrusting, her toes curling as pleasure washed through her body.

Then she felt a different kind of energy inside of her. Once again she started to grow, her entire body getting bigger and bigger. A blissful smile floated across her face, before she felt herself rocking in the throes of another orgasm. As she grew, she could feel the people trapped by her clit get more and more frantic as it slowly crushed them against the walls of the building, before their struggles stopped with a satisfying(to her) pop. The second orgasm their last moments gave Elysia fueled yet another wave of growth, but she was in too much ecstasy to notice.

Although Elysia was in no state to realise just how much she was growing, the building she was now resting on had no such luck. It started to creak and bend as she grew, until it could take no more. The building collapsed, completely unable to bear Elysia's immense weight, before being crushed into the ground by her falling body. Most of the people in the building didn't realise what happened - her body was so big and heavy that it smashed through their building like paper. It was the ones that didn't die instantly that were the most unfortunate - caught in between her giant, hot, unyielding flesh and the wreckage of what used to be a solid building.

Elysia fell down with a start, landing on her face with a surprised yelp. Still in too much of a pleasurable haze to get up, she turned her head and looked to the side. It still surprised her when she realised how tiny everything else was - and how big she was. Her head was longer than the four-lane street, and individual people were practically nothing compared to her. There were a few two-storey buildings next to her head, and the knowledge that none of them even reached higher than her head when she was lying down filled her with glee.