The dangers of online dating

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Elon the mouseboy goes on a date with somebody he met on the internet - only to discover that people online are really creepy and try to slip shrinking potions into your drink.

Elon cautiously reached up and knocked on the door. This was definitely the right place, but the short little mouse-boy was still a little bit nervous about spending the evening with someone he'd met online. There were all sorts of weirdos out there, after all. The door opened quickly, and Elon found himself staring a large set of breasts right in the face. The two breasts were barely held in check by a rather elegant looking red-dress. After taking a moment to stare, he looked up into the face of their owner - a tall, imperious and yet fairly attractive blonde woman, who was smiling down at him.

"You must be Elon."

"And that makes you Vanessa?"

"It does. Now, come in, come in. I'm glad you found the place alright."

"Oh, it wasn't that tough. I do live pretty close by after all."

"Tch, silly me. I'd completely forgotten. Now, hold on a second while I get us something to drink."

Vanessa took Elon by the hand and lead him inside her apartment, barely giving him time to appreciate all the gothic art and decorations before planting him firmly on a large, black couch. Vanessa made a great show of pouring out two glasses of wine, which instantly made Elon suspicious. Watching carefully, he noticed that she put some sort of pill in the glass intended for him. Barely visible, it dissolved into the dark red wine in seconds.

When she brought the tray of wine over, Elon quickly pointed behind her, at one of the many paintings she had on the wall. Standard gothic fare, it wasn't very interesting looking, but that wasn't why Elon was asking.

"Who's that one by? It looks good."

As Vanessa turned around to figure out which one he was pointing out, he quickly and surreptitiously leant forward and switched their drinks. Vanessa didn't notice, staring at the painting as she explained where she got it in an incredibly boring way.

"But enough about that! Let's have a drink!"

Elon smiled and brought his glass to hers, before drinking with a smile on his face. It was rather nice wine, but he was more interested in seeing what was about to happen to Vanessa. He didn't have to wait long, because the moment he'd taken the first sip of his wine she stood up and told him.

"Hahahaha! You've just swallowed a shrinking pill. You're going to shrink down and down until you're nothing more than a toy for me. I'll carry you around in my shoes, use you however I want! Before too long, you'll want to be my slave. You'll beg me to let you kiss my toes!"

Elon sniggered as he watched Vanessa gesticulate and laugh, not even realising that her clothes were getting looser and looser. The realisation that she was shrinking hit her a few moments after it hit Elon, the arrogant expression dissolving off her face in seconds.

"Wait, what did you do? This isn't what's meant to be happening! You're meant to be shrinking, not me!"

Elon shrugged with a smile on his face before standing up and slowly starting to walk over to Vanessa.

"You've got to be a bit more careful when you try to drug someone. Not everyone's as dumb as they look, you know?"

Vanessa desperately started to look around, now barely coming up to Elon's crotch. When he was close she tried to run, but she tripped over her clothes and fell over. Elon reached down and picked her up in both hands, holding her in front of his body as she continued to shrink. She was struggling desperately in an attempt to escape, but she didn't have the strength to overpower Elon when they were both the same size, let alone when she was a quarter of his height. She only stopped struggling after shrinking down small enough that Elon could hold her in one hand - and the fall from that hand to the floor was starting to look a lot more dangerous. Her shrinking finally stopped when she was about four inches tall, leaving her staring up in fear at her giant captor.

"I'm a really nice guy though, so I'll forgive you for trying to shrink me. I think we'll even go through with our original plans for tonight, too."

Vanessa started to scream when she heard that, which prompted Elon to unceremoniously dump her into his underpants.

"But your place is kind of creepy. We're going back to mine."

Elon quickly walked out of the gloomy apartment, taking care to lock the door behind him as he did. It was only a short walk from there to his apartment, but he took his time. He was teaching Vanessa lesson for trying to shrink him, and he didn't want her journey to be over too soon. After a short walk under the night stars, Elon found himself back at his apartment.

Elon could still feel Vanessa struggling in his underpants. They weren't particularly roomy to begin with, and he took up most of the space in there. Vanessa had managed to free herself from under his sack, but the sensations of her crawling around in there had gotten him hard enough to leave her trapped between his cock and the fabric. After taking off his pants, Elon could still see her outline in the fabric as she tried to either get out or get comfortable. Elon was still pretty annoyed with the stunt she'd just pulled though, and decided that now would be the perfect time to catch up on some exercise.

Still wearing nothing but his underpants, Elon hopped on his treadmill and started to run. He put in a lot of effort, and it wasn't long before he was completely coated in sweat. What was a pleasant run for him, with the occasional bit of pleasurable stimulation from the girl trapped against his cock, was torture for his tiny little passenger. Vanessa was getting thrown around like crazy as Elon ran, alternately getting struck by his balls and cock. The heat and smell were immense, and whenever she was near his cock for too long he started to get hard, pinning her between the massive organ and his sweat-soaked clothes.

After half an hour of running, Elon was thoroughly exhausted. Vanessa, on the other hand, was in much worse shape. Elon quickly stood out of his underpants, Vanessa squeaking as she clung to his cock in order to avoid falling off. Elon couldn't help but laugh at the site of the woman who was trying so desperately to get one over him clinging to his cock like a frightened animal. It was enough to start to get him hard, something Vanessa noticed before he did. As she was scrambling to stay upright on the growing organ, Elon reached down and picked her up, bringing her to his face.

"You can't treat me like this! I've got rights, I'll get the pol-"

Elon opened his mouth and licked the tiny girl from head to toe, his tongue covering her entire naked body. She wasn't particularly tasty, but her breasts still felt nice on his tongue, and he thought he detected a hint of arousal as he did. Vanessa stopped struggling when the giant tongue ran up her body, shivering as she felt it caress her. She tried to fight down the twinges of pleasure that it sent running through her body, but she could feel her arousal building despite herself.

"No, you don't. You tried to shrink me, and now you're a toy."

Elon started to play with her tiny body, rubbing her breasts with his fingers, even running one against her crotch. It was too big to go inside her at all, but he made an honest effort which left Vanessa terrified and panting, unable to fight off the giant mouseboy's advances at all. And through it all she could feel her arousal building, her body begging her to submit. Speaking timidly, she finally gave in.

"Yes. You're right. I'm a toy. You can...please do whatever you want to me. With me."

Elon smiled wickedly at the girl in his hand when he heard that, holding his palm level so she could stand up on it.

"Oh, really? You're not just trying to escape?"

Vanessa shook her head frantically, before bowing down and kissing Elon's palm. The sight filled Elon with sadistic delight, and he quickly walked over to his desk and dropped Vanessa gently on top of it. When Vanessa stood up, she quickly realised why Elon had put her on this particular desk - straight in front of her face was the head of Elon's cock, the giant meaty organ a bit bigger than she was. She only had a second or so to stare at it before Elon roughly poked her in the face with it. She realised pretty quickly what he wanted after that.

Vanessa timidly leant forward, quickly planting a kiss on the giant cock. It had a bigger head than she did, and the smell was overpowering - although she'd gotten used to it after spending so long in Elon's underpants. She smiled back up at Elon, only for him to thrust forward and knock her onto her butt. She looked up in confusion, but Elon had already started to speak.

"Come on, you can do better than that. Put more effort in!"

Vanessa got back up and wrapped her arms around as much of Elon's dick as she could, rubbing her breast against it before opening her mouth and licking all over the head. Redoubling her efforts when she heard Elon moan, it wasn't long before she was running her tongue all over Elon's cockslit, lapping up the slowly gathering pre like a cat drinking a bowl of milk. When her tongue slipped inside Elon's cock, she heard him moan again before thrusting forward, forcing her to the ground. Getting into it as much as Elon was, she kept up her tender ministrations and it wasn't long before Elon came, the flood of white seed filling up her mouth and stomach in seconds, flowing out of her nose before covering and soaking the rest of her body.

When the flow of cum had slowed to a steady drain, Elon took his cock and dragged it all over Vanessa's body, covering her head to toe with his jism. The tiny girl was still twitching in the throes of her orgasm, having obviously enjoyed the fun she'd just had with Elon. After using Vanessa and a towel to clean up, Elon dropped the tiny girl onto his cock once more and headed to bed.

"That was fun. But after all that I'm starting to get tired. I'll see you in the morning. Goodnight."

Elon slept particularly well, as did Vanessa. The effects of the sleeping pill wore off as the night went on, and by the time the duo woke up Vanessa was back to her normal size - almost. It seemed like that shrinking pill had taken a little bit of her height away forever. She was now the same height as Elon, who was still rubbing his head as he woke up. Vanessa wasted no time in hugging him and planting a kiss on his cheek, rubbing her body up against his.

"So, when are we going out again?"