Aneka has a bad day

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A nerdy young mousegirl has her day completely ruined by an obnoxious electricity themed villain, who makes her grow and grow.

Aneka let out a long sigh. The short, anxious mouse-girl had been waiting in the bank line for about half an hour. The cheque she'd just received for being a subject of some medical experiments was pretty substantial, even if she was still sore after whatever they injected her with didn't work. It was the best job she could get at the moment, anyway - nobody wanted to hire a short, shy girl for anything but medical experiments.

Her boredom was broken quite spectacularly, however. Bursting through the front doors, an incredibly badly dressed wolf-morph had kicked down the doors of the bank, brandishing what looked like a giant metal rod.

"Ha HA! I am Ohminous, the electric mastermind! Everyone on the ground, wallets out and ready! Tellers, prepare several large bags with dollar symbols on them, filled with unmarked bills! If my demands aren't meant within a minute, you can all prepare to feel the electric wrath of OHMINOUS!"

Aneka squeaked, completely taken off guard by the sudden appearance and frantic yelling of the ludicrously dressed wolf. Holding her hands in front of her pace and shaking, she was the only person still standing after a few seconds. Her panicked reaction was completely misunderstood by Ohminous, who quickly strode over to her while brandishing his giant metal rod.

"So, you think you'll put Ohminous to the test, do you? NOBODY RESISTS ME! AHAHAHAHAHA"

Aneka had no idea what was going on, before all the fur on her body started to stand up straight. She heard a crackling noise, unable to react before an arc of blue lightning shot out of Ohminous' rod, and flew straight into her arm, causing her to absolutely nothing. The electricity seemed to flow into her body completely harmlessly, doing absolutely nothing. Aneka started to lower her arms when she felt nothing happening, only to faint for a second when she saw the giant stream of lightning flowing into her body. Ohminous was almost as confused as she was, staring dumbfounded as his much vaunted tesla coil failed to even lightly singe the mouse in front of him.

Then she started to grow. Almost unnoticeably at first, she seemed to get a little bit taller, her clothes a little bit tighter. Aneka normally wore loose clothing, so the effect wasn't very noticeable at first - but only at first. Her shirt covered up less and less of her body, drawn tight over her formerly modest chest and exposing her midriff. Her jorts started to look more and more like a pair of denim panties than actual clothing, and her head shot further and further into the air.

Her clothes were starting to rip apart by the time her bust had reached Ohminous' eye level, and the wolf couldn't help but stare as more and more of Aneka's breasts were exposed by her steadily tearing shirt. While an electric supervillain was completely out of Aneka's experience, a man staring at her breasts was something she knew exactly how to react to. Screaming out, she reached out and pushed the peeping wolf over - and at twelve feet tall, her push had a lot of force behind it. Ohminous was knocked flat on his back, his expensive electrical machine exploding as he hit the floor and knocking him out.

Despite the non-climactic defeat of Ohminous, Aneka was still growing. She was sixteen feet tall now, and her head was starting to bump against the roof of the bank. Thinking quickly, she grabbed Ohminous' smoking body with one hand and ran out of the bank, forced to get on her hands and knees to make it out of the door. By the time she got back on her feet, she was twenty feet tall - and still growing. The police, who'd been waiting out the front for Ohminous to make his escape, were completely shocked, jaws hanging open. Aneka stood up proudly, before leaning down and forcing the still-smoking super-villain into the back of one of the police cars.

Aneka proudly stood up, hands on her hips.

"There you go officers! One super-villain, completely incapacitated!"

Aneka's voice, now significantly louder up to her full height of twenty four feet, Aneka heard a loud snapping noise. Her clothes had finally given up, the fabric ripping apart and fluttering to the ground, leaving her completely exposed. Nothing happened for about ten seconds - Aneka was taken completely by surprise, and most of the police officers were too busy leering. It was only when one of them wolf-whistled that she realised what happened. Screaming in embarrassment, she quickly ran forward, caving in the roof of a police car under one paw. She didn't run very far though - directly in front of the bank was a hanging power cable, which hit her in the head and knocked her over.

Her body landed on the asphalt with a crash, the sound she made cracking the road completely masking the snapping sound of the electrical cable, and its' consequent fall onto her body. Once again she started to grow, her feet alone growing taller than the police officers against them. There was a loud grinding noise as her feet started to bulldoze one of the police cars, pushing it along the road before crunching it up against the building on the other side of the street. It wasn't long before Aneka was sitting back against the bank, her rear completely blocking the entrance to the bank, and her legs enclosing most of the police officers between them.

The people in the bank didn't have such a good view of what was going on. Aneka's tail was still stuck in the bank, the giant pink appendage knocking over potted plants and the occasional person as it swished around. The entire entrance to the bank was taken up by Aneka's butt, and although it was a rather cute butt, it was still stopping everyone inside from getting out. A bunch of the braver customers had run up to it and started to try and push it out of the way, but Aneka was simply too big and heavy for them to move a single centimetre. They watched their hands simply sink into Aneka's cheeks, their efforts doing nothing but sending a few pleasing sensations to Aneka's brain.

With the beautiful (if imposing) sight of Aneka's crotch in plain view of all the police officers, it wasn't just one of them who wolf-whistled this time. The sounds and flashes of a few mobile phone cameras taking pictures, combined with the pressure on her backside was enough to wake the mouse-girl up again, shaking her head as she returned to consciousness. When she saw that she'd gotten even bigger she squeaked again, before trying to cover herself up with her hands. She had never been so thankful for her small chest before in her life, and she quickly stood up, looking around for somewhere she could hide. She didn't find anywhere to hide, but she did see somewhere she could avoid doing any more damage.

Aneka gingerly started making her way to the city park - at least there she wasn't going to run into any more power lines, or any cars for that matter. She'd given up on trying to cover herself up - her hands were too busy maintaining her balance. Aneka had no plans to step on anyone or anything, so her progress through the city was rather slow. She'd attracted a rather large crowd of followers, some of them eagerly snapping pictures, but most of them were simply looking to watch a giant, naked mouse-girl walking through the city.

Aneka, fortunately, didn't have to worry too much about stepping on anyone. At a hundred and twenty feet tall, her steps were shaking the ground, the road cracking with a tremendous noise every time she brought her foot down upon it. Most people realised what would happen if they got caught underneath one of those tremendous paws - they doubted Aneka would even notice if she stepped on someone. That impression only became stronger when they saw her foot come down on a push-bike along the side of the road, the metal frame instantly crumpling under the weight of her gigantic body. Aneka didn't even react, but the implication was obvious to every one of her pursuers who saw the blob of metal where a bike used to be.

One person wasn't so smart. A relatively tall wolf, he had steadfastly refused to change his walking route, despite the giantess walking down the street. Aneka, however, had a very different reaction upon seeing him. From her perspective, this wolf looked exactly the same as the same stupid, electricity obsessed moron that had left her in this mess. An angry expression on her face, Aneka quickly stomped over to the wolf, her angry steps knocking the people around off their feet and driving deep into the earth. Hands on her hips, she looked down through her cleavage at the wolf on the ground, her feet on either side of him.

"You! You're the reason I'm like this! And the police just let you go? I'm not going to accept that. You need to go back to jail, but before that, you need to be punished by me."

The wolf yelled back up at her, but she was too high up to even hear his protestations of innocence and mistaken identity. Lifting one footpaw high above the wolf, she slowly brought it down, keeping it over the top of the wolf no matter which way he ran. It wasn't long before he was forced to the ground, head poking out between two of her toes. The feeling of his struggles against the bottom of her feet were surprisingly exciting to Aneka, and when he frantically started to kiss in between her toes she felt herself give an involuntary shudder. Her breathing starting to speed up, she slowly increased the pressure on the panicking little wolf. By the time she lifted her foot up she was incredibly aroused, a droplet of her juices falling down and hitting the wolf squarely in the face.

Reaching down, she picked the wolf up and dragged him up her body, giving him a face full of her feet, her legs, her crotch, her stomach and her breasts, before staring at him, eyes narrowed. It was only then that she realised her mistake - this wolf looked nothing like Ohminous, and the realisation of what she had just done - in public, no doubt while being filmed, was enough to bring tears to her eyes.


Dropping the wolf on the top of a nearby building, she started to run. The park was only a block away at this point, and she quickly jumped over the trees bordering it, crushing an empty gazebo to bits when she landed. She quickly sat down, hands over her face as her mind constantly replayed exactly what she had just done.

"I'm never going to be able to live this down, am I? Aneka, the perverted giantess who steps on innocent people for fun. What on earth am I going to do? Oh god. What are my parents going to think!"