A giant vixen gets brought down to size

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A vixen somehow becomes gigantic, and a wandering elven sorceress shows her why she should be a bit more respectful of nature.

Elysia was walking idly through the forest, a relaxed smile on the auburn haired elf girl's face. She naturally enjoyed being in nature, and it was a beautiful day - the sun's rays piercing through the canopy above were a wondrous sight.

Lying in the path of one of those beams was a sight that caught her attention. A paw print, and one far too big to be normal. Looking up, she saw that a few of the trees had had their branches snapped off and broken, three metres above the ground.

Elysia kept walking, not having to continue for long before finding another print, this one bigger than the last. In the middle of this one was what looked like a dead anthropomorphic fox, crushed to death by some not so mysterious force. Elysia looked up at the trees again, an annoyed expression flashing across her face as she saw that the damage to the foliage went six metres into the air this time.

Elysia narrowed her eyes before starting to follow the footprints, her expression darkening as she saw them get larger and larger, and the damage to the trees get worse and worse. She was soon walking through a deforested path, the giant footprints filled with compressed wood and the occasional dead creature. After five minutes of walking she found herself on the edge of a large(and thankfully natural) clearing, where she finally got to see the creature that was obviously responsible for all the mess.

Lying idly by in the middle of the clearing, footpaws resting in a formerly pure spring, was the source of all the destruction. A gigantic anthropomorphic vixen, completely naked, and currently cleaning her teeth with a broken off tree branch as a group of non-giant foxes were massaging her feet and breasts. Obviously aroused, the giant vixen didn't even notice Elysia as she walked into the clearing.

Elysia, a very angry expression on her face, closed her eyes and slowed her breathing, concentrating as two glowing symbols appeared in front of her. Opening her eyes once more, she reached out and crushed one of them in her hand, coating her hand in a shower of sparks. Bringing said hand to her mouth, she started to speak - her voice resounding clearly across the clearing as the magic amplified it.

"You there! Giant vixen! I don't know what you're doing, but shrink back down right now. The forest isn't here for you to come and destroy it."

Upon hearing Elysia's voice, the vixen turned to face the little elf. Throwing away her toothpick, the vixen snickered at the sight of a fragile-looking little girl, no bigger than one of her fingers, thinking that she could tell her what to do.

"My name is Elara, and I do whatever I want. If I want to kick over a few trees, then I will. And I'm certainly not going to stop because a tiny little thing like you tells me too. Now, go away, before I get really angry and stomp you to dust."

"Oh, so you're going to be like that then? Well, I did give you the option to stop on your own first. I guess you're as stupid as you are ugly."

Upon hearing what Elysia said next, the giant vixen narrowed her eyes and got up suddenly, the sudden motion sending the foxes on her breasts tumbling to the ground, which they landed on with a quick splat. Stepping out of the spring, she looked down upon the tiny girl in between her legs.

"Blah blah blah. Maybe if you learned to respect your betters, you would have amounted to more than a stain on my paw."

Elysia, for her part, reached out and crushed the other magical symbol, which quickly coated her hand in some shiny substance. Raising it above her head, she held her palm flat, closing her eyes as she waited for the Vixen to try and step on her.

She didn't have to wait long - the vixen reared her leg up and brought it crashing down upon the Elf, only for it to be stopped by some strange pressure. No matter how much force she put into her foot, the tiny elf refused to be squished. Furious at the tiny elf's resistance to her foot, she didn't even notice that she'd begun to shrink. At first it was only a few inches, but the pace increased the more she pushed down on the little elf.

Elysia was grinning widely, feeling the energy flowing through her palm start to make her body grow. Taking a moment to unfasten her robe with her free hand, she felt her face go red - it seemed like the spell was draining away the Vixen's arousal along with her size. Elysia would have cursed her mistake, but she was too distracted to care. The sensation of her feet covering more and more of the grass underneath them was intoxicating, and she let out a melodic yet mocking laugh.

"What's the matter? I thought you were going to crush me! If this is your best you couldn't even crush a fly!"

The vixen didn't respond with words, growling angrily and redoubling her efforts to squash the annoying little bug under her paw. She was so angry that she barely even noticed that she was shrinking, until it was far too late.

Now about a quarter of the vixen's size, Elysia reached up and grabbed one of the vixen's toes, squeezing it between her hands and rapidly increasing the rate at which she was stealing the vixen's size. She let out a laugh as she watched her body get bigger and bigger, her hand having to grab onto another toe just to have a firm grip.

The vixen, finally realising what was going on, looked around in horror as everything seemed to get bigger and bigger, the ground approaching her quicker and quicker. She tried to pull her foot away, but it felt like it was stuck to something, and no matter how hard she tried all she managed to do was increase the rate of her shrinking even more.

It wasn't long before Elysia lowered her hand, easily overpowering the vixen as the formerly huge fox shrunk and shrunk. Her grip on the vixen's foot painfully tight, Elysia smiled widely as she watched her sight rise up and up the vixen's body, running past her stomach, her breasts and eventually her face. She could feel herself getting wet as she watched the vixen's terrified face shrink past her eyes, then her own breasts, then her own stomach and then her own soaking wet crotch.

Elysia lifted the once mighty vixen into the air by its foot, holding it upside down and poking its stomach with her own now massive finger.

"Now, I'm sure you've learnt your lesson by now. If I let you go, you probably wouldn't touch another tree ever again, would you?"

The vixen furiously nodded her head, cringing in fear at the sound of Elysia's voice.

"No, no I wouldn't, please be gentle!"

Elysia laughed, before balling her hand into a fist around the vixen's torso.

"I said 'if'. Why would I want to let someone like you go?"

The vixen simply started screaming in response to that. Elysia didn't really notice, dropping her hands to her side(making sure to give the vixen a nice, close view of her sopping wet crotch) before lying down and relaxing in the clearing herself, in much the same way the vixen did before. Leaning back against a conveniently placed rocky outcrop, Elysia brought the vixen up to her face, running a finger over the vixen's body, stopping and teasing when she came across the furry little breasts and furry little crotch, before flipping the vixen over and roughly squeezing the little creature's butt. The little vixen had an appealing figure at least, even if Elysia couldn't be bothered learning the thing's name.

Grinning widely, Elysia opened her mouth right in front of her little captive, the sight of her teeth and the smell of her breath causing the vixen to scream in fright. Elysia giggled a little at the sound, before licking the vixen in her hands, running her tongue up and down the tiny little creature's body. She could barely resist taking a finger down to her crotch, shivering at the touch. Dumping the vixen on one breast, she brought that finger back up and ran it down the vixen's back, her arousal sticking the vixen's fur to its' back.

Elysia emptied the vixen out on one of her breasts, before roughly rubbing the thing into her breast and moaning, every desperate movement of the little creature sending twinges of pleasure through her body. Grasping her other breast in one hand, she bucked a little with pleasure, sending the vixen tumbling down her body to just above her crotch.

Elysia looked down at the sight, her reddened face and panting making her intentions immediately obvious.

"I did say 'if' before. I'm sure you can think of some way to convince me."

The vixen didn't need any further prompting, quickly scampering over to Elysia's crotch and licking intently at the giant elf girl's clit. The resultant, violent reaction from Elysia made the vixen immediately grab onto her skin, as she was flipped face-first into Elysia's pussy. Elysia let out another moan of pleasure, playing with her breasts with both hands as she felt her arousal peaking. The vixen did little other than stay hanging there, but her kicks registered as little more than pleasurable stimulation when they hit the giant labia before her.

Elysia couldn't wait anymore, reaching a hand down and pushing the little vixen deep inside of her, the copious amounts of lubrication making the little creature easily slide in. The vixen choked and coughed, every part of her body completely soaked in arousal, barely even able to breathe or open her eyes, let alone smell anything other than Elysia's slime. Her desperate and futile attempts to get out were what brought Elysia to orgasm, the gigantic organ clamping down on and crushing the tiny vixen, severely bruising her body and breaking one or two of her bones. The pressure relieved after a second, only to come back again and again as Elysia felt herself cumming again and again.

A wide, stupid grin on her face, Elysia reached down and fished out the vixen's body, dropping it on her palm. Bringing the creature up to her face, she stared down at the sodden, almost broken little fox, which was doing nothing more than whimpering as it lay on her hand.

"That was alright, but I had to do way too much work. I don't know if you really earned the right to live after that little effort."

Her words took a moment to sink in to the vixen, but when they did the vixen let out a terrified scream, before prostrating herself and bowing to the giant elf, kissing the giant palm underneath her as she did.

"Please give me a second chance goddess, please, please, please. I'm so sorry!"

Elysia laughed at the sight, before quickly snapping her fist shut.

"That's fine. It was just your first time, after all. Now, let's see if you can do a bit better next time..."