As I Lay Drowning (Abridged)

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{{ This is just a silly, small and quick drabble about my OC Agoraphobia. This takes place in the beach and he is trying to save his sister Claustro by conquering his hydrophobia and agoraphobia. Setting: 8pm, Ruthless Beach. Action will begin write away,(aren't I punny?) I write full stories but I just want a small drabble. Quick info: Claustro has been adopted by an abusive owner and was kept in a small cage for years. After consistantly howling and whining the owner got fed up and released her into the water, yelling "HERE'S YOUR FREEDOM NOW!" The dogs are quadrupeds. }} {{ Footnote: Agora and Claustro are named because of their appropiate phobias and their father (unnamed) abandoned them. Agora was never adopted but Claustro was and the father was mentally abusive to his son. Like I said, this was a quick drabble to give you an idea about what I usually write }}

"CLAUSTRO!" shouted the flustered brother, jumping around side by side by the beach's shore with his claws being filled with sand and other minerals. The panicked wolfdog flicked his ears back, dipping his paw in the water. "I-I can't!!!" He jumped back with a helpless yelp.

"Agora! Brother! Brotheeerrrrr..." She howled, words being drowned out by the rushing waves. Agora knew what he had to do, it is now or never. With the shores being abandoned and the lunar eclipse is taking place, the tidal waves are fierce and the visibility is declining. A brave inhale and a few steps back, Agora darts across the shore and jumps straight into the water and starts to paddle while using his tail for support. The siblings are now both clashing against the unforgiving tidal waves, but the frightful wolfdog manipulated his fear into adrenaline and continued to swim without thinking about drowning.

The other hybrid wanted to encourage and cheer on her brother but before she could give one word of encouragement, she starts to drown. Tears streaming down and reflected in the ocean... "It's now or never!"

SPLASH! Agora submerged and grabbed his sister by the scruff of her neck. The lunar eclipse was almost complete and the tides crash into the siblings harder, forcing them to submerge deeper. Claustro, dazed but not unconcious, watched helplessly as her only family left is pushing her to safety. "Brother....." Her eyes whimphered, but Claustro's muzzle could not follow. The adrenaline rush of Agora allowed him to fight against the strong currents, even if he is almost out of breath.

Alas, he cannot hold his breath anymore. "No! I can't.... it cannot end here..." The wolfdog murmured to himself. With one last effort, he torqued his muzzle back and tosses his sister into safety. "Mmmrrrgghhhh.....!!! Agora! AGORA!!!" Distressed, Claustro was just about to leap for her brother until it was too late. The howling tides were too strong and swept him away with one big wave.

Yellow eyes flashing underwater, Agora had one eye open. "Papa.... P-Papa.... I did it. I saved Sissy, I'm not worthless and I overcame my phobia. Are you finally proud of me?" After those thoughts finished, the brother drifted away into the ocean without proving to his father that he can and did overcame his lifelong disability. All to save the only family he had left.