Teacher's Fantasy

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Teacher/student fantasy. All characters are, actually, adult.

Ardmore Kaeromerov stood and walked in front of his desk. The classroom was empty, except for one student, a human whom had just transferred in that day and seemed determined to challenge the rules.

"Please approach, Gina."

She did as she was told, on bare feet since her sandals were sitting on the corner of the desk behind her teacher. He could smell fear on her, and something else as her neck tilted higher and higher as her four foot tall frame approached the towering six and a half foot tall ebony German Sheppard.

"I'm not sure where to start, Gina. Do you remember the list of wrongs?"

The girl nodded her head "Yes, Mr. Keer...Mr. Kaerm..."

The Sheppard chuckled "Thank you for trying, my dear, but I've been used to Mr. Kraemer for years. It seems unfair to expect more from still mostly untrained mouths. Now, just tell me again why we're here."

The girl nodded and Ari knew he smelled more than just nervous fear "Yes, Mr. Kraemer. Umm...the first thing I did was take my shoes off. I don't understand why that's so bad!" She cleared her throat nervously at his frown "Anyway, umm...and I was drawing a picture instead of paying attention."

He looked down at her with a neutral expression "Taking your shoes off is bad because somebody decided we all need to wear them in school. Why, I don't even know, they're bloody uncomfortable and don't serve a wolf, 'coon, cat or dog any purpose. However, my job is to enforce the rules, not question them.

"Now, I find it interesting that your parents chose to not meet with me, but only sent a response to my invitation saying that I should use my best discretion in dealing with you, keeping in mind that you have a high pain tolerance, so any physical punishments should be appropriately severe."

She simply averted her eyes and shrugged

"Nothing? Very well, then, stand over there and grab on to the far side of that desk."

For a moment, Ari thought he had misjudged her height, but standing on tiptoes, her waist bent perfectly over the edge and her fingers were able to wrap around the far edge of the small desk in the corner of the room.

Ari opened the cabinet over it and pulled out a short, thin cane and a strap "For not paying attention, I am authorized by your parents' note to raise your skirt and give you as many as ten smacks with the strap. Lack of proper attire can bring a maximum of five strokes with the cane for each missing or inappropriate article. No shoes, no socks, that would be a total of ten."

He pulled her short skirt up over her back, giving him an unobstructed view from the small of her back to her toes "Make that fifteen."

She gasped and moaned as he grabbed and squeezed each buttock, pulling it aside to expose her most secret regions "Spread you feet, about a foot apart. Hold that pose until I get back."

Ari had never seen a human 'in the flesh' before, and it was by design. While he was interning for his Elementary Education degree, he began noticing an 'interest' in humans, especially girls, that most would consider unhealthy. It was how he ended up here, in a very remote school that contained almost exclusively Native Furs, with just a few domestics. Even the Native Tribal humans seemed to prefer their own schools to this district, so Ari found the isolation he needed from the objects of his desire.

He had wondered why the girl came to the school, but now he knew. He was certain that a preteen human shouldn't have natural moisture, but she was so wet, he was sure it was running down her legs and/or dripping on the floor by now. She wasn't a girl, she was a officer sent because he had looked at the wrong site on the internet. He was busted.

A nervous look around the artificially barren landscape showed no hoard of law enforcement or torch-and-pitchfork mob, so he made the decision. If they wanted to prosecute an active sadist instead of a closet pedo, he'd give them something for the evening news. Child or not, he now knew she had been playing a game to offer herself to him and he would take advantage.

Returning to the room, he smiled at the sight of the small female stretched over the desk, her skirt fallen back into place "Why is your skirt back down? You've moved from the proper position haven't you? Stand up!"

He grinned at her fearful expression "Don't worry, I'm not mad at your disobedience, because now I can command you to strip. Do it. Slowly."

He enjoyed the show, short as it was, as she slowly pulled her blouse over her head, then wiggled out of her skirt

"Get back in position, now!"

She wasted no time standing on her toes and bending over to grab the far edge of the desk. He was glad to see her legs held tightly together "Feet, spread, now!"

She hurriedly spread them wide, whimpering and shivering."

"So, let's recap, shall we? Not paying attention, disobedience, which carries a paddling, no shoes, no socks, no panties, and no bra..."

"...But Mr. Kraemer, why do I need a bra?"

She immediately looked abashed at her outcry, but the damage had been done.

"Stand up!"

She did, and Ari collected her wrists behind her back and started gently massaging the tiny bumps on her chest "Well, perhaps you're right. There isn't much here. Besides, you already have enough coming to you that you won't want to sit for at least a week, so I suppose I can let it ride. Resume the position."

Gina did as she was told, and Ari picked up the strap, massaging the small bottom proffered to him with his other hand.

He could spend the whole evening just enjoying the feel of it and be happy. He loved the smooth flesh, the layer of pliable fat underneath creating those wonderful globes that would soon be failing to protect the firm muscle underneath. From the videos he'd seen of larger females getting severe beatings, he knew he would enjoy what he was about to see immensely. He noticed that his fingers were quite wet from snaking around to the front of the thin body, and her posture, smell and sounds convinced him that it was time to move on. He was supposed to be giving her bruises and blisters, not orgasms.

The strap landed with a sharp snap and Ari was treated to the sight of a body in ecstasy suddenly registering a terrible pain. He landed a second and was able to enjoy the sight of the impact rippling through the soft flesh before small hands shot back to protect it.

He caught the offending hands, holding them in the small of her back and delivered five more in quick succession before Gina broke into tears, pleading for mercy.

"Do you see the importance of paying attention now?"

"Yes, YES!" Came the desperate reply as another hard stroke fell

"Am I going to find you doodling instead of taking notes again?"

"No, please, I'll pay attention!"

He landed two more hard strokes "Now grab onto the desk, and set your feet back on the floor!"

He circled the desk, enjoying the tableau from every angle. Gina was literally scared stiff, standing on her toes and gripping the edge of the desk as tightly as she could. Except for the shaking, she was perfectly motionless as her crying subsided.

Ari was back to massaging her now hot posterior "Are you alright?"

Gina took a few seconds to think about her answer "Yes, Mr. Kraemer."

Ari smiled "Good. Stand up and put your hands on your head."

She did so slowly, whimpering at the ache

"Now, you've got a pretty god caning coming, and I'd hate to have to make you clean up an 'accident.' Let's march to the restroom, shall we?"

He could tell she was already feeling significantly more exposed even by him opening the door, so he decided he would actually let her use the facilities in the building. He walked behind her, more than slightly amused that each step away from the classroom seemed to bring her that much more humiliation. He guided her into the Male's Room and grinned down at her as she squatted over the porcelain topped hole in the floor, the design of it requiring her to keep her legs spread wide, giving him a full view of her activities. She finally broke down and cried in her humiliation as her made her stand and bend over to give him the honors of cleaning her posterior. The tears continued as he washed his hands and made her march back to the classroom.

"Lay on your back on my desk. Knees to your chest, wrap your arms around your legs, good girl." He approached, swishing the cane "What are we discussing now?"

She was still crying, now as much from fear as humiliation "How you don't like to see me barefoot, or without panties, Mr. Kraemer."

The Sheppard rewarded her with a truly predatory grin "Oh, I never said I didn't like it. As a matter of fact, I quite like that we're able to spend this quality time together! It's simply against the rules. Now, if you would scream for me, please?"

He had grabbed her arms and brought the cane down sharply where buttock met thigh. As this was the area that had gotten the most attention from the strap, her scream was more than satisfactory. "Good girl, only fourteen to go. So, you like being barefoot, yes?"

Gina shook her head vigorously "No Mr. Kraemer, no Sir, I..."

The cane came down again, harder than the first one and just a half and inch down the thighs, followed closely by a third the same distance up her buttocks. The fourth and fifth made a neat 'X' across them all.

"Now, let's try this again. So, you like going barefoot, yes?"

Gina tried to twist and squirm out of the iron grip of the black paw, but she may as well have been paralyzed for all the progress she was making "Yes, yes, I like going barefoot!"

"I don't blame you, so do I. May I say, also, that you have the cutest feet?" He licked each one, eliciting a confused squeal from the girl. He didn't know just how experienced she was, but she didn't seem to have much with combining pleasure and pain. He took several more licks before letting her go

"Roll over, on your knees, chest to the desk and feet over the edge."

Once again seeing her bottom, bruised and welted, sticking up in the air was too much. If he was right, he was busted anyway, might as well make the best of it. He shed his pants as he walked around in front of her, putting his fully erect shaft right in her face

"Do you know what a blow job is?"

She nodded her head, her eyes never leaving the red, eight inch shaft.

"Then show me."

Her mouth was stretched fully wide as she pulled what she could inside it. She suckled and tonged the hot flesh as Ari moaned and leaked so much pre that she was sure he'd peed in her mouth.

"Go ahead and use your hands to stroke it and massage my knot. And be ready, I won't last long!"

He was true to his word and withing seconds of her soft hand wrapping around him, he exploded. there was no way she could even try to swallow any of the torrent, so it ended up soaking her face.

Ari found himself sitting in his chair, every nerve in his body still tingling. The first thing he saw when he opened his eyes was a stunned girl bathed in his seed. He found that he now had true affection for her. Whether she was an officer or an incredibly developed girl, she was making so many of his fantasies come true. He gave her soaked head a scratch before picking up the cane and walking around behind.

He gave her feet several more licks, enjoying the smell and taste, before bringing the cane hard across the sole of the left one. Gina screamed, but stayed still as the next landed across the right. Ari grinned as a quick two more across each brought dark lines to the hard to bruise flesh. Although Gina screamed and her feet twisted, she held her position, so Ari rewarded her with lighter strokes for the last two each.

She was still crying as he stood her up and immediately laid her across his lap

"I don't think we'll need a paddle for this"

Her screams verified his suspicions as he slapped her bottom bare handed. It was an amazing experience for him to feel the hot, welted flesh bounce at every impact. At first she screamed her pain at every impact, but it didn't take long for her to settle into a crying howl as the slaps continued to land on her bruised sitting area.

Ari continued until her legs stopped kicking and her hands quit trying to twist out of his. Gina was limp as he picked her up and laid her back on his desk. She howled anew as each movement made her posterior flair in pain. He knew he should quit, but he was once again fully erect and he knew what he wanted to do with it.

She was limp as he picked her legs up and held them against his chest. The area between her legs was already soaked by her own excretions, and his own still drooling member made it wonderfully slick. He humped hard, not caring how much it was hurting her to have him pounding against her bruised bottom. Curiosity got the better of him and he pushed against both holes firmly. Neither was giving freely, so he continued to enjoy the feeling of her crotch.

It didn't take long before Gina's painful wails turned into gasps and moans. She looked up at the Sheppard with lust and desire and he returned a lustful glance of his own "Good girl, good, good girl!"

Gina's head flew back and her mouth opened in a scream just before Ari felt a warm, wet blast against his shaft. He returned her scream and she was once again showered with his seed.

Ari woke to find Gina snuggled tight against him. A glance at the window told him they'd been there long enough for it to get dark. He was glad that the teachers at the school had to clean their own rooms, but it did occur to him to wonder if the facility maintenance workers had heard anything. Not that it mattered, he'd crossed so many lines that if she was an officer, he would be put away for life. He gently nudged her awake

"C'mon, we need to get you cleaned up."

He once again watched her make her way painfully down the corridor to the male showers. He finished stripping, finally freeing his digitigrade feet from those awful shoes and guided her under the spray. He enjoyed cleaning every part of her body, pulling her out of the water long enough to get her off with his tongue, an act that seemed to cause her as much pain as pleasure, so hard was her last orgasm, then cleaned her off again.

He carried his own clothes to the classroom and they got dressed together. He drove her home, his sadism prompting him to take the bumpiest possible roads, and marveled at her tearful smile as she waved goodbye at her door. He drove away feeling good. He would either be in jail in the morning or starting the next day of what could be a very enjoyable year.