Fun with Bolt and Penny 16: Having Relations

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16 of Fun with Bolt and Penny Bolt and Penny find their private time impeded by visiting family. Have fun!

Fun with Bolt & Penny 16: Having Relations By Tempo

~ ~ ~

Morning sun spread through the room like a cheery laser scanner. Through bleary eyes, Bolt awoke to see his person's sleeping face. Her arms around him, her leg over his hips, she slept with such peace that his tail gave a groggy wag. He nuzzled her collarbone, then tilted his muzzle down to give languid licks to her breasts. The redhead moaned, pulling him closer. Her hips pressed to his, soft folds kissing his sheath. Together, they rocked in sleepy unison, his tip emerging to part her wetting warmth. Arousal built between them as he tongued her nipples, her hands stroking his back as her legs parted wider. His paws wrapped under her arms, he pressed inside her with dreamy slowness.

From under a tousle of copper hair, her eyes blinked open. She smiled. The softest kiss graced his lips. He smiled back. And then she looked over his shoulder at the clock and rolled her eyes.

"Sorry, buddy." Slender fingers scritched his scruff. "I've gotta get ready for class."

In acknowledgement, he ran a long, slow lick under her chin.

Giggling, she hugged him, then rolled over. His person rose from bed like the sun, stretched her sculpted body in the morning light, and shuffled into her morning routine. Her scent lingered on the covers, as well as a hint of their exertions the previous night. Her fit, freckle-dusted body shone against the dark of the loft, looking as he knew she felt, as good as she made him feel.

The white dog watched his person dress, feeling his erection rise along the fur of his belly. With a smirk of a plan, he began giving it long, slow licks. His tongue collected the traces of her flavor, leaving tingling pleasuring in its place. The tactic succeeded more often than he'd have thought--sometimes Penny had to get dressed two or three times per morning.

Her eyes met his. A shiver traveled through her as her gaze ran down his emerging member. She gave a shy chuckle. "You make a tempting offer, buddy, but I should really get to school." The human bit her lip, trying to look away. "It's almost finals and I can't be late..."

The canine smiled, nuzzling his growing erection.

Nervous hands smoothed shirt fabric along the curve of her waist. Those coffee brown eyes stayed locked on his cock. "...again..."

With sensual slowness, his tongue curled around the shaft.

Her hands gripped air, fighting the gravitational attraction of his "...this week." With a breath of resolve, she turned to leave.

Time for the secret weapon. He gave the tiniest of whimpers.

His person froze above the ladder. "You've got to be kidding me." With a suspecting smile, she dared a backward glance.

Bolt made sure she got the full force of the dog face, peeking over his throbbing red penis.

A sigh of surrender. She unbuttoned her shorts, letting them fall to the floor as she hurried over. "I spoil you, you know that?"

Wagging in victory, he watched her hop out of delicate panties as he rolled to his back. I know.

She crawled up over him, loose t-shirt brushing his cock as it passed. "You'd better make this worth the tardy point on my record, buster..."

Bolt whimpered with joy as her lips brushed over his balls and sheath, flesh caressing intimate flesh. His person lay down atop him, whispering her love, kissing, licking the naked insides of his ears as gentle fingers aligned him with her opening. The dribbling tip of his length met her folds, spreading them with that wonderful ease, hinting at the tightness to come. He angled his hips up, sinking just a little deeper, his paws settling on her forearms. He shuddered as she sank further, further...

"Penny dear!" The voice echoed from outside the barn, shattering the moment.

A groan of teenaged despair. "Yes, Mom?"

"Are you up? I need your help."

Penny bit her lip again, letting herself slip down a few scant millimeters as she called back. "Can-can it wait? I'm kinda busy."

The white canine whimpered as her hot folds sank over his dribbling tip.

"Your cousins are arriving this afternoon." Mom's voice got closer. "I need your help folding out the sofa."

Bolt locked eyes with his person with a disappointed shrug. We probably can't risk that ladder holding her weight.

The young woman sighed, surrendering. "Okaaaaaay, Mom." She climbed off him, her pale, freckled rump hypnotic as she tracked down her panties. "Let me finish getting dressed..."

~ ~ ~

Bolt never knew what to do with small persons. These ones weren't small enough that they tried to yank on his ears or anything and they both smelled sort of like his person, but he tried not to play too rough with them. People were breakable, after all.

Penny had given them clearance to the house and him, but had charged him with keeping them away from her computer terminal and their mission files. Of course, they'd zeroed in on those as soon as she left for school the next morning.

Good thing Mittens taught me the rules of fetch. I don't know how I'd distract them otherwise.

Needless to say, the all-day mission had tired Bolt out by the time his person's car rolled into the driveway.

The younger humans hurried over, excited.

She gave them both hugs, but saved the biggest one for Bolt.

He wagged at the joy of being in her arms, wrapped in her warm scent.

When she stood, the older of the two, a boy, piped up. "Sooooo, you're a movie star."

Walking back to the house, she nodded. "I used to be, yes."

"Then why do you have an old car instead of a helicopter or something?"

His person cocked an eyebrow, her smile stirring wonder in his soul. "Because all those times I flew one in the show weren't real."

The younger girl elbowed her brother. "Told you."

"You guys are here for a whole week? I hope you don't get bored--" Penny shrugged. "--we're kind of out in the middle of nowhere."

"Don't worry!" The boy ruffled the white canine's ears harder than was necessary. "We'll never get tired of Bolt."

"Or you!" The young girl assured her with a freckled grin.

~ ~ ~

Hours later, Bolt lay in bed. Even with Penny's training regiment, the day's activities had left him sore and tired. The small humans had left to brush their teeth, but had somehow negotiated sleeping in the loft again.

Penny flopped down into bed beside him. Her hand landing on his thigh, traveling with practiced ease to his sheath and balls. He squirmed against her, spreading his legs as he buried his nose against her breasts. Her thumb traced the opening of his sheath and sent little tingles of anticipation up to his brain.

Just then, his ears lifted to the trudging of small shoes across the barn floor below, followed at every step by excited chatter.

As his ears brushed her face his person froze. A sigh warmed his erect ear. "They really need to leave."

The shepherd rolled to his side, letting her wrap the sheets over him for cover. They really do.

~ ~ ~

The week rolled on. Every day Penny left for school, leaving him with her relatives. Every night, they insisted on spending time with her, even when she insisted she had to study. "Studying" might have been a code word for letting him put his tongue tasty places, but the former superdog never got to find out for sure.

Mittens had been AWOL for days, an emptying food bowl the only sign of her presence. Rhino, by contrast, only seemed to mind them when they changed the channel on the TV. Well, that and the time they played catch with his ball--with him still inside.

When at last the relations had packed and hugged and their transport rumbled away, Bolt curled up at his person's feet.

~ ~ ~

The house seemed sat silent, sunset light fading through the window. Penny sat at the kitchen table, trying to get facts to sink in. As the hours wore on, her focus became as fuzzy as the dog laying against her bare ankles.

She groaned, exasperated. How am I going to pass this final? The only chapter I can even focus on is the one on reproduction.

As if sensing her frustration, Bolt sat up, resting his head on her lap.

She stroked his silky ears. Her gaze fell on his, lifting her spirits just a little. The gentle swishing of his tail against the tile floor accompanied her back to her studies. For a few minutes, she jotted down notes, making mnemonic schemes to try to embed in her memory kingdoms and kingfishers, phyla and phytoplankton, classes and cladocerans. As the last shades of sun faded from the horizon, she felt herself wilting again.

A warm muzzle slipped between her knees, hot breath rolling between her thighs. The redhead squirmed in anticipation, even as she knew she should be studying. Bolt paused, giving a little whine as he awaited authorization. Her breath quickening, she spread her legs; as if she were going to do anything else with him panting on her panties. His cool nose slid between her thighs. One hand gripped the table, the other trying to hide her growing smile. Her slim hips rocked back in the chair as the canine nuzzled deeper under her skirt. His tongue rolled over her panties with slick heat. Ticklish whiskers accented the eagerness of his efforts.

Penny pressed her lips together, trying not to make a sound. She saw no obvious signs of her mother, but that probably just meant she had slipped into that non-dimensional mom zone and would pop out at any moment. Still, the young woman couldn't stop her eyes from closing as she sank against the juicy lapping against her crotch. Bolt and Penny The lights flicked on. "Are you okay, dear?"

"Huh?" The younger woman sat bolt upright, Bolt's tongue still up inside her. Her heart skipped a few beats as she realized how hot her face was. Cold trickled down her veins, cooling the heat Bolt had licked into her crotch. "I'm fine."

Mom patted her shoulder. "Maybe you're just having hot flashes 30 years early."

"What? No!"

"Because I could tell you a thing or two about menopause--"


"Don't stay up too late, sweetie." She kissed her daughter on the forehead. "I'm going to bed."

The younger redhead turned the page of her bio textbook. "Night, Mom." Penny waited until her mother disappeared into her bedroom before sorting out her panties. She patted Bolt's head. "Sorry, buddy."

Studying, and even staying conscious, became a losing battle. After waking up several times to her head landing on the books, the redhead admitted defeat and retreated to the loft. Her dog trotted after her, then sat at patient attention as she got ready for bed, her knight in shining white fur. She stripped down to her panties and collapsed into bed. Bolt, ever vigilant, tugged the blankets up over her before nosing under them to curl up next to her. Her fingers buried in his warm fur.

As sleep overtook her, Penny's last conscious thoughts drifted to how nice Bolt's cock felt pressed against her belly. She pressed her lips to his ample ear. "We'll do it tomorrow, I promise."

~ ~ ~

Penny dropped her car into gear, spraying gravel as she tore out of the parking lot. Onlookers watched in amusement as she pulled onto pavement, roaring out of town with all the horsepower a Pontiac Firefly could provide. Her finals had taken even longer than expected, what with every third thought being a memo from her crotch. She left her exams in a cloud of dust, hurtling down country roads and catching air over any bumps in the road. Summer sun seared the black interior of the car, but she knew no air conditioner could cool the heat she felt.

Knowing Mom wouldn't be home to see, she entered the driveway at full speed and pulled a handbrake turn to wind up backwards. As she skidded into her parking spot, she saw Bolt vanish from the front window, rounding the back of the house in a streak of superdog. She swung the door open, the canine springing up to prop his feet in her lap. Licks swept her face as she laughed, though soon her tongue got involved as well. Dust caught up with her, settling around them as they got reacquainted. They devolved into makeouts, her hands gripping those powerful shoulders. Lost in the moment, she let her tongue dance with his, only realizing the potential for exposure when another car drove by.

Sheepish, she hurried out of the car. He dashed around her as they crossed the yard, his cock a lance of red against her white knight's belly. Distracted by its bouncing, she tripped into a laughing heap. Bolt woofed, eyes glinting with rare mischief as he dove under her skirt and played tug of war with her panties. The panties lost.

Squealing with glee, she stood and half-tripped again. The shepherd continued his barrage of licks along her thighs, her cheeks, her slit. Making the mistake of bending to retrieve the lost panties, the redhead exposed herself to even more laps of that velvety tongue. Blushing, she dashed for the barn, hoping to get some cover. She dodged around boxes never unpacked, workout equipment that no longer worked, and antiques that weren't getting any younger. The bounding dog kept up, barking with excitement as he chased her.

She got one leg on the first rung of the ladder, before his tongue found her slit again.

Under her skirt, just below her butt, his licking stalled her higher brain functions. She shivered, freezing in the heat of the barn. She spread her legs, just a little. He licked again. Panties still clutched in one hand, she allowed that valiant tongue to rescue her. The cool of sweat along her hairline counterpointed the evaporating saliva on her slit. Legs spreading wider, she stood in the dusty heat of the barn.

His quest completed, Bolt slowed down, savoring victory. No longer the frantic wresting of the yard; every lick became a journey toward their mutual pleasure. His tail swished, stirring sparkling motes of dust in the still summer air.

She bit her lip, gripping the ladder for support. She stood, shuddering on his muzzle. Her hands gripped the unvarnished beams of the ladder with a gymnast's ease, but it was his tongue doing the gymnastics here: up toward her clit, down against her cheeks, deep inside her passage. That satiny tongue coursed over her folds with liquid smoothness, her fluids dribbling down his chin.

The white shepherd licked with greedy abandon, his every effort to lap up her juices only drawing forth more.

A few steps forward, arching his neck higher and higher as she spread her legs, eager for every millimeter of her hot flesh. After an especially passionate moan, he hopped his front legs onto the bottom ladder rung.

The young woman bit her lip. "Mmmm. Who's my smart boy? Yeah, you are..." Her legs trembled, unused to this position, but pleasure demanded she hold out. "Oh Bolty..." Bolt and Penny A glance back showed his erect ears bobbing behind her butt. Resting her head against the ladder, she gave a near-canine whimper of delight. The heat of the barn ran in trickles of sweat down her bare legs. Sweat, and other fluids. Hot saliva basted her slit, slick juices seeping out with every clench of her muscles.

With a groan of surrender, Penny felt the loft rise further and further beyond her reach.

Knees weakening, breaths deepening, she glanced around the barn, its dusty boxes lit in strips by sunlight though the old boards.

Her gaze fell on a nearby box, large and just the right height to sit on.

Or do other things on...

No, that would be too risky. But as Bolt buried his nose just under her slit, tongue sweeping deep, her resolve crumbled. It would be a lot easier for him to lick me from there. That's not any riskier than what we're already doing.

The weight of those thoughts over-balanced her. In a half-controlled fall, she toppled into the boxes, which had surprising give. A wash of dust rolled up through the shafts of sun. She sneezed.

Bolt looked to her with concern. The girl smiled back, sprawled, as if in a low armchair. Her shirt lay up above her waist, exposing her bare crotch. A beam of light collected on her copper public hair, on her spit-slick lips as if some kind of divine gift. Judging by his expression, her dog sure seemed to agree.

Adjusting her position on the boxes, Penny spent a quick glance on the door, which had eased shut on rusted springs. When her gaze fell back upon the shepherd, it beamed her excitement straight into his tail, his panting smile, he bobbing erection. Her legs spread, pelvis rolling to present herself to her dear canine.

Without the need for commands or pleading, Bolt trotted up, placing one paw, then the other at her waist. He closed his mouth for a moment, focused on lining up. And then she felt the hot kiss of his tip at her entrance.

Penny gasped, amazed at how hot he felt, even in the sauna of a summer afternoon.

His eyes met hers, head cocked just a bit, a doggy grin on his black velvet lips. Rays of light cast his coat shining, pure white against the drab world. Her heartbeat fluttered, hands tracing the paws of the radiant canine hero between her thighs.

She couldn't remember being this wet. Even just his tip entering her sent a fresh trickle of juices down the curve of her butt. As he stepped forward, sinking in, the human's swollen labia tingled with pleasure at the hot canine flesh entering her.

Penny's body rocked against the boxes, the muscular dog thrusting between her legs. Steady movements pushed her shirt up, white fur brushing her bare stomach. Her hands grasped at the dusty cardboard, fingertips trailing sweat. With each pleasured gasp she urged him deeper; with every heartbeat, she shuddered in his embrace.

His length spread her lips, delving into her passage with slick insistence. His sheath collected against her folds with every penetration. In his eyes shone tender devotion, a smile on those delicate lips. Her passage clutched on him, wringing that lovely doggy cock.

Sneakers scraped along the old concrete, finding purchase enough to hump up at him. There, on dusty boxes in a disused barn, she felt like a princess, her white, furry knight questing for their mutual pleasure with every gallant thrust. She kissed his cheek, stroking his ears, knowing his heart as his balls slapped against her.

Her spirit open to every thrust of grace and passion, she rode out wave upon wave of wonder on his throbbing cock.

The boxes crushed under the weight of their need, Penny found herself bucking up at him, passage clenching down around him, a rush of orgasm crashing through her. Not the massive, stun-you-beyond-breathing kind, but the deep, toe-curling kind that propelled her squeal of ecstasy into his fur with giddy devotion.

Bolt slowed his efforts and licked her cheek as she trembled on his shaft.

As her climax ebbed, she relaxed her hug. Heat and endorphins sapped her strength, lulling her into letting her beautiful boy make love to her. His girth spread her passage, casting her mind adrift on a sea of joy. She bit her lower lip. How do other girls get by?

He humped into her, the swell of his knot pulling in and out of her. His breath came heavy against her neck, his weight pressing her breasts. That tail, once raised like a banner, flagged down between her knees. Every thrust got more erratic than the last.

He was close.

The human moaned, sweat a sheen on her freckled arms. Thin squirts of hot precum teased her passage as he bucked with greater and greater insistence. Powerful haunches flexed, churning her passion. She buried her face in his fur, savoring the feel of her hero around her, inside her. His brown eyes squeezed shut. She smiled, knowing what came next.

With her fingers lost in his pelt, he pushed hard against her, slipping that knot in one last time. Rich juices trickled down her rump, forced out by that canine bulge. She gasped, each heartbeat swelling the tie larger within her until the stretching stirred her from her revelry.

Bolt came, yowling in euphoria.

Rich canine cream painted her walls in spurt upon heavy spurt. Vaginal muscles grasping, welcoming that knot, she panted his name to the sweltering barn, defying the day to burn hotter than their passion. Heart pounding in her chest, the girl closed her eyes, writhing on every pulse of his cock, basking in his every panted breath. His orgasm faded to shudders.

As together they melted into afterglow, she stroked his white coat. Her champion, surer than any fairytale: they'd saved each other in more senses than one and loved each other in every sense possible. They lay like that, watching dust motes dance like stars before their eyes. Nostrils filled with must and musk, she felt his penis squish around inside her with every movement.

Her dog lay, half awake, with the tip of his tongue sticking out from his muzzle.

"Not sure how we're supposed to climb a ladder in this state. And I don't think your ramp will hold us both." She nuzzled his cheek. "We'd better not make a habit of this or I'm going to need to build an elevator."

Bolt gave an amiable woof against her shoulder.

Minutes passed. She lay, feeling his knot throb smaller, trying not to tense on him. Her palms smoothed his flanks. "Think you can pull out, buddy?"

He eased off her with dogged determination, the knot pulling against her lips. Unable to help herself, her hands found their way to her vagina, rubbing the swollen slit against the incredible firmness of that bulge. One found her lips and rubbing the taut flesh against the back of his knot, while the other rolled over the hood of her clit with tensing need. Bolt grunted, pulling his knot free with a slurp. An instant later, Penny's body jolted under her fingers and around his cock, orgasm rolling through her like a peal of thunder. Pleasure struck with lightning speed down her nerves, leaving the slender young woman squirming and whimpering under her shivering canine.

Thick fluids dripping from her passage around his shaft, she recovered to see a dog smiling from between her breasts. The cardboard box, now damp with her sweat, crumbled a little more as Bolt hopped off her. She sat up. "Hope nothing important was in there."

The dog sniffed the box, then looked up at her with adoration. That heavy red dick swung between his legs. After a week of waiting, he'd probably be up for another mission. Maybe even two.

She hurried to the ladder, naked and dripping. Her hands, slick with sweat and juices, slid over the rough wood. She started up the ladder, flashing him her most sultry look. "You waiting for something?"

~ ~ ~

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