The Grease Trap - Part II "Butterfingered"

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Newest installment of my on-going extreme weight gain series, The Grease Trap. This one get's a bit more in depth, hope I can keep up this pace, cuz I think I really outdid myself here! Heh. Also, introduces some new characters to the story. -First is the rat, Bartleby Jenkem (an original character of my own) -Second is as himself, owner of a local bar -and of course as Sedit's cute otter pal, and drinking buddy. And so I humbly submit to you all, episode two..."Butterfingered"

THE GREASE TRAP Episode II - "Butterfingered"

Peeling into the dusty parking lot just across town, in his rusty truck, Sedit was feeling quite anxious. Afraid that being tardy for this interview would skewer his chances at employment, dooming him to an indeterminately long period of borrowed rent, and even worse...starvation! Unacceptable, simply unacceptable. And so with a tenacity, and strength of will that only a wolf could muster (at least when it comes to attaining food), he peeled right into the nearest parking space, collected his thoughts, wiped his sweating brow, and marched into the small office building, in search of his "prey". The hunt was on for room 206! Striding through the corridors with feigned confidence and a stern demeanor, the somewhat-more-than chubby wolf spied his prey! A brown door, with the sign on the front announcing that indeed, this was the home HQ of "Scum-B-Gone Cleaners"!

"Alrighty than, fatboy...let's nail this shit." Sedit muttered to himself, making sure all his shirts buttons we're properly aligned, and woefully noting they weren't straining like they we're just a couple shorts months ago. His belly grumbled in what seemed to be an agreement to his unspoken dismay. Soon my pet, we will feast again, he thought to himself, and his jiggling pot-belly.

Once inside the door, he noted the office was in total disarray, with clutters of paper work, and dust, and empty chinese take-out containers strewn about everywhere. The odd smell of moth-balls, rotting chow mein, and a rather pungeant musk hovered in the air, giving his canine nose as much sensory clutter as his eye's we're assaulted with. Was that a bowling trophy in the corner, with a stained pair of panties hung on it?

The 'office' being no more than a mid sized room, with a small closet-for-a-bathroom off to one side, and a swarthy looking middle aged rat anthro sitting at a desk in the apporoximate center of the room, wearing an ill-fitting Hawaiian print design and some baggy denim shorts. "Umm, Bartleby Jenkem, I presume?" said the wolf, hoping none of his confusion and nerves we're present in his greeting.

"Mr. Tardy-Fat-Ass-Late-For-His fuckin' interview, I presume?" responded the course rodent, with more than a little irritation in his voice. Great, don't even have the job yet, and already the boss is an asshole, Sedit mused to himself, realizing that some things just don't ever change.

"Uh yes...Sedit, Sedit Wintersteele...I called earlier about the position listed on Crocslist." the wolf stated, offering his right paw in greeting, only to be met with a cold glare as the rat looked up from his 'paperwork'. An old issue of "Swines In Heat" he noted. "Sorry I'm a bit late...had a spot of indigestion earlier, and I apologoze for the inconvenience." he said, realizing how lame the excuse sounded as he spoke...stupid wolf, shoulda' kept my mouth shut, he chided to himself.

"So...know how ta' use a power washer, do ya'?" Mr. Jenkem gruffly inquired. "Sure do!" "You don't always have da' shits everyday?" "Not typically, no." "Good! Rather not have my employee's wearin' Depend's on da' job."

Sedit's ears perked a bit at that last sentence. "Umm...does that mean I have the job....uhhh, um...sir?"

"Y'have diarrhea AND mental retardation, kid? Y'see a line here for this fuckin' job? No. Ya' bet yer fat ass ya' don't! It's a messy, stinky, thankless job, and yer d'only patsy who even bothered ta' call. So I suppose, yes...ya got the job. Err, f'now anyway." As the rat spoke he was gathering together a few coffee stained papers, and an old 'Employee's Handbook' with a worn spine, and what appeared to be semen and jelly stains upon the front cover. Curious, that. "Okay, hereya' go kid. Fill out these here form's, read through this book, sign this shit, and bring it back in'ere tomorrow mornin' at eight. Got it?"

Taking hold of the paperwork, relief washing over him, the chubby wolf was noticably less tense. "Thank you sir! I'll see ya' than!"

"Yeah yeah yeah...just go home and take some goddamn Squirts-Away, okay?"

"Ummm..yeah, alrighty than!" and out the door towards his truck, the somewhat jubilant wolf went. Once again, visions of un-bounced checks, and copious amounts of tasty take-out danced in his head. His belly once again vocalizing it's own excitement at that last bit. And as he hit the road back towards his dingy little apartment, his cell phone rang. Looking at the display, he saw it was his buddy, Brent...a rather cute male otter, with a very impressive belly of which he envied...and would love to get greedy his paws allover, for that matter. Flipping the phone open he quickly responded by the third ring, "Hey dude, wassup?"

"Nothin' much. Just thought I'd see what you we're upto today." "Well, actually I'm on my way back home right now...dude, I fucking got a new job! Finally!" "Oh, really?! Cool! doing what?" "Nothing major...just cleaning up messes and shit. Kinda' grodey, but the pay is actually fairly decent. And I'm starving here, so I can't complain."

The otter chuckled at that last bit, "You? Starving?! You couldn't LIVE long enough to starve off all that blubber on you, even if you we're a Highlander or something!"

Sedit, picturing his friends large belly, responded with a hint of flirtation. "Oh yeah? This, coming from one who is so...shall we say...vastly proportioned as well?"

"Ah, touche, my chubby friend! Well, what say you meet me at The Filthy Pan Flute this evening at six, and we can celebrate with some cold brew?" the otter said, also with a hint of flirtation in his tone as well.

"Sounds like a stone-solid plan! I'll see you there soon!" And with that he hung up, sped home for a quick shower, grabbed his last couple of twenty dollar bills from an old coffee cup, and changed his clothes out to his more typical attire...a black t-shirt with the phrase "Fat boys do it in the kitchen!", a pair of urban camo mil-spec pants, sandles, his typical leather wrist bracers, and a leather corded necklace bearing a silver wolf-skull, and some Native American looking beads.

Realizing he had a little time to kill before meeting Brent, he sat down with his bong and a bag of Cheesy Crisps, took a few tokes, took more than a few bites, and than took a little nap. Once again dreams of rich foods and chubby fur's took hold of his imagination, leaving Sedit waking to yet another boner, urgently wanting attention. And just as he was about to oblige himself, he once again caught sight of the clock...his nemesis!...and realized he had maybe five minutes to get to the bar before he was late...again! But it's a known fact that gluttony and sloth go paw in paw, and Sedit was no excpetion to this phenomena. "Oh, I'm hungry, AND horny...and I have no time...heh. I gotta stop doing this to myself..."

Once again in his truck and speeding across town, the late, lazy, lupine quickly found his way to one of his and his friends favorite dives...The Filthy Pan Flute! Noting the time on his cell, five after six, he felt he made decent time, and could hardly be considered late. Walking in the front door, the smell of many beers, fine and some not-so-much, fresh and stale, and the aroma of so many inviting spirits took hold of his canine nose...lovely. The warm sound of Pink Floyd's 'Comfortably Numb' playing on the juke box, and the soft lighting making him feel instantly at home. He scanned the small establishment until his eyes, the left one emerald green, and the right one violet, found his friend. Taking a moment to nod a greeting towards the bar's owner/bartender, Marconn, a tall lithe satyr in a neat white button down and a black bow-tie, with a propensity towards pun's and remarks, he strolled forward.

Brent's back towards the door, he didn't notice the large wolf coming up behind him, until he felt the large ham of a forearm make it's way around his neck in a rough, but friendly hug, the wolf's other paw mussing the fat otters sandy-colored hair. "Hey dude! Starting without me I see?"

"Fuck you wolf, your late!" Brent responded back, playfully. "And for that, there must be punishment. Five shots of Tail-Twisters, lined up here for you to hammer!"

"Better be careful Brent...while most guys take pride in their six-packs, he's a proud 'walking keg'!" Chimed in Marconn, grinning, knowing full well it wouldn't be long before he got to watch these two fat fur's waddling and stumbling allover eachother. He made sure to mix their drinks a little stronger than usual, as a 'thank you' of sorts.

Failing to see how this was a 'punishment', but certainly not questioning it, Sedit tilted each shot of cold, tingly fluid down his gullet, feeling the warmth of the strong intoxicants spread through his belly and chest, more and more with each little glass. Ah, so good!

And so small talk was made, more drinks we're consumed, and many glances we're made at one anothers belly's. Sedit really enjoyed watching the otter's gut jiggle and sway as he drank, and laughed. Something made all the more easier by the fact that Brent often eschewed shirts, wearing only a pair of swimming trunks, and a seashell necklace adorned with a small cross. The cute otter was younger than Sedit by a few years, but a bit fatter by a few inches or so in the waist and butt. His piercing blue eyes we're also a spectacle to behold. Soon he found his thoughts moving towards more carnal desires, and in his drunken haze he leaned forward to give the sexy chub a smooch on the cheek, only to stumble forward and plop on the ground!

"Oh, I think this fella' has had enough, perhaps? Please don't make me have to break out the mop and bucket. canine-puke is a real bitch to clean up. And I swear, that guy must eat like a garbage disposal!" Marconn said. Patting the slightly less inebriated otter on the shoulder, "Maybe it's time you lug this tub on home, hmm? Besides, I haven't gotten around to reinforcing the floors here, and I fear the two of you together are stress-testing the planks."

"Hey...Woooooo! How'd the ceiling get so high!?" Sedit said with a laugh, only half aware of how drunk he was. His mind still swimming from all the shots and pint's he had swallowed down in the last couple hours. Brent was soon placing his paws under his arm's, trying to lift him off the floor, but not succeeding. The wolfs 350lb frame being a tad too much for the chubby otter to handle. Sedit started to lift himself, but decided to feign a small struggle. For the sole purpose of feeling Brent's paws groping at his torso, and squeezing a roll or two. And being eye level with the otters crotch he couldn't help but think he saw a slight bulge there that was a bit more pronounced than he recalled when he stole a glance or two earlier. Furthermore he couldn't tell if it was his altered state of mind, wishful thinking, or actual fact, but he could swear brent's paws lingered just a little too long on his moobs than to just merely be 'helping' him up. Hmmm. Surely I'm imagining this, Sedit thought to himself. Surely this cute, young otter had better prospects than the older, scruffy wolf he was. Slowly, awkwardly getting back upto his feet, he was blushing a bit and quite tipsy. "Heeeeey, mebbe you coul' bringmeback to myyyyyy place, yesno? *hiccup*"

"Sure thing buddy, come on, I'll help you out to my car." The otter placed a few bills on the bar, winked at Marconn, and started to stumbled off, his left paw in Sedits right paw, guiding his drunken friend out the door.

"Thank you sir's. And Brent...I sure hope you brought a flashlight, and some spelunking gear with you tonight. That's one deep cavern you got leaving with you." Chuckled the satyr, watching the two big fur's waddle out the door.

"Hey...whudhe' say? Sumthin' bowd *BURRRRRRP!* shhhhpelunking gear? Wuzzat mean?" Sedit stammered groggily.

"Oh nothing. Nothing at all, man. Just a bad joke...that's all." "Oh...ookay...yah...he alwaaaayz has somethin' to say, eh? Heh...heheh." "Yup, you know that satyr...I swear the dude doesn't know whether to mix drinks or do stand up! But he's cool." "Aye... *hic!* Agreed! And heeey, izzit jus' me, or like...we're th'drinks a bid strong tonight?" "No...I think it's just because you haven't been gorging as much as you we're before you lost your job. Just less of you to 'soak into', is all."

Pondering on that for a moment, Sedit's tummy grumbled again, quite audibly, "Yeeeeeeeee-ah, I could use a bite to eat...yesh!"

Brent grinning, "That's cool. When we get back to your place, I'll order us some pizza. My treat...'kay?"

"That soundzzwonder....ful!" And the ride home was a dreamy blur of lights and traffic sounds, the canine leaning against the cool glass of the passenger window. Nodding off...thinking of the impending pizza, and smiling.

Within the next hour or so, both chubby fur's we're back at Sedit's pad. The wolf laying on his food stained couch, lightly napping, while Brent placed a suspiciously large order for pizza. He laid there and cuddled the wolf a bit. And the big wolf responded in kind, groggily placing a meaty club of an arm arm around his friend and pulling him closer. Just as they we're getting really cozy, the pizza had arrived. About 6 large pies now sat, stacked majestically on Sedit's living room table, the delicious aroma rousing him from his nap, he felt a bit more sobered up than he was just a little while ago, but still pleasantly buzzed, and enjoying the company of his young friend. "Ohhhh, hey buddy...what have we here?" he said whilst yawning.

"Just a little snack for the two of us...but mostly for you, big guy. I know how you love to eat." Brent said, with a slight hint of mischief entering his tone. And with that, he was leaning forward onto the big wolf, pressing his belly against Sedit's own gut, also topless now...hey was he undressing me in my sleep? He wondered to himself, but definitely not complaining.

Brent brought a slice of pizza to Sedit's maw, which he happily gobble down as the otter laid upon him. Another slice begat another, than another and another, and soon two whole pie's had made there way into the wolf's belly, filling it out an extra couple inche's or so. All the while he swore he felt what he knew had to be a hard otter dick, pressing against his fat thigh. No. He KNEW that's what it was! And his shaft was also feeling quite firm. This impromptu stuffing session getting him pretty worked up.

"Hey...getting a little warm in here, but the AC is ummm...mind if I take these off?" Sedit said while tugging at the belt loop of his pants. "There getting a bit tight anyway, y'know." Smiling to himself knowing damn well the AC worked beautifully!

"Only if I can't join you, teehee!" Brent responded. "Oh, certainly...I would never be so rude, after all. Here, lemme help you with that." He stumbled a bit on the couch pulling at the otters swimsuit, finally tugging them off, and being pleasantly surprised at the fact that his chubby friend was free-balling it the whole time! But hey, who wore underpants under a swimsuit anyway?

And he had a very handsome cock too... about 6 and half inches, pleasingly thick, and a nice pink color, but most of all...hard and ready! Quickly kicking off the remains of his own pants and undergarments, the wolf then laid back, taking in the full view of the fat, sexy otter before him. "So..have I ever told you about the Three F's?"

Brent, a bit perplexed, "No...ummm...what's that?"

"Simple. It means 'Feed me, Fondle me, Fuck me'. Easy 'care instructions' for your big fat wolfy friend. Wouldn't you say?"

"I can't argue with that!" he said, blushing quite brightly now, and the wolf noticed his cock twitch a little.

"So...?" Sedit said, leaning back showing his big pot belly, and opening his mouth wide.

"So this is how this works than, eh?" Brent said, laying himself upon the fat wolf, kissing him deeply, than shoving another 6 slices down his throat. Sedit's belly becoming noticably taught with the stuffing the cute chubby otter was giving him. And his dick begging for attention. The fat otter started rubbing his gut, and massaging his moobs, giving a playful lick and a nibble here and there, and the big wolf under him returning the favor's. Soon 'feeding' gave way to 'fondling' which became a hot and heavy make out session. With the emphasis on 'heavy' of course!

"Well, looks like we got the feeding and the fondling squared away...guess that leaves only one part left, hmm?" Sedit said lustfully, bending himself over the couch, his belly hanging between his fat thighs, his man tit's resting upon the seat cushions, and his wide rump wiggling slightly in invitation, as he raised his tail.

"Yes...I suppose it does! Ummm, you have any lube?" inquired the otter while eagerly taking his place behind the big wolfs fat cheeks.

" see that little cup of garlic-butter dipping sauce they gave us with the pizza, right? Well, use your imagination, blondie...heheh!"

Brent than dipped his fingers into the plastic cup, smothering the first two digits in the oily, yellow fluid. Without any further need for explanation, he than slathered a gob of the buttery stuff on the corpulant wolfs tail hole. Sedit let out a slight gasp as the semi-cold fluid smeared across his pink pucker, the sensation feeling quite sublime. The otter worked first one, than two fingers into the wolf. Slowly sinking in knuckle by knuckle, the buttery sauce making a fine lube indeed...and it didn't smell too bad either! He decided to have a taste. Licking the wolfs hole, teasing him, and enjoying the smell of his musk combined with the delicious sauce. Getting the big guy ready for more...and he knew he was ready! As soon as the gray furred wolf started humping his rump back towards his tongue, picking up a steady rhythm, practically forcing Brent to tongue fuck his asshole, and letting out the a series of soft moans.

"Oh, I think you buttered me up enough, why don't you go ahead and give me some of that nice pepperoni you got hanging between your legs." said the wolf spread his cheeks open with his paws. And Brent eagerly applied some of the buttery lube to his own cock, getting it nice and slippery. Than he placed the head at the wolf's slicked pucker, and slowly pushed in. Some resistence at first, but after a moment it started to glide past the ring, and sink in further. Sedit was letting out a low moan as he felt himself be stuffed from behind, relishing that feeling of initial penetration. And soon, he felt his balls being tickled by the otter's own balls, letting him know his friend has sunken in to the hilt. He flexed his anal muscles a bit, using them to squeeze his buddies cock, letting him know he was ready to be thoroughly fucked.

"Wow...your pretty tight, actually..ohhh...oh.." exclaimed the chubby otter, as Sedit started gliding his ass up and down his pole, sending waves pleasure through himself, and his portly companion.

"'s...ugghhh...been awhile-oooohhhh!" Responded the gray furred wolf between thrusts. Him and Brent finding a good rhythm, the slapping sound of fatty flesh could be heard quite aubibly. Each thrust creating actual, visible waves in each partners body....Sedit, his thick rear and thighs, Brent, through his belly. Momentum was soon gained, the two fat, rutting bodies starting to sweat, moans of pleasures could be heard well outside of the apartment now...somewhere, a curious, and confused neighbor was pleasing himself to the sounds of these two large male fur's getting down to business, and feeling both excitement and shame over his own actions. "Whoa,....dude...ugh, wait..." Sedit said, momentarily pulling himself off his friend, feeling hollow almost instantly, and craving to be filled back in again. He got up on the couch, then bent over again, with all fours on the cushions this time. "Sorry. My knee's we're getting a bit raw on the carpet...besides....ummm, here we go!" he applied a bit more the buttery-garlic lube to his slightly gaping hole. "Alright, get up here, and get back to it, dude!"

And so they did. Sedit's body shivered at the pleasure of his friend filling his rear entry again. Brent's cock sliding right over his special spot, the pressure pushed a good sized stream of sticky cum from his own cock. "Oh, fuck!!! Yes! That's the spot, man! Ohhhh....don't....fucking....stop.....p-p-p-p-please!!!!" the fat wolf stammered, his soft body jiggling in time to Brent's newly invigorated thrusts. The fresh application of lube making for an easy screw. Both we're dripping sweat now, moaning louder than before. Sedit could've sworn he heard his next door neighbor loudly cry out for a second or two...what'd he do? Sound's like he stubbed his toe real good or something. But his thoughts we're quickly turned back to the fun at hand as the pressure on his prostate increased. His cock now draining a steady stream of cum as the otter's thick cock danced a lovely, firm rhythm over it...oh dear god's, did he ever need this! "Dude...please....harder...HARDER!!!" he cried out, his portly pal obliging him.

SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! Is all that could be heard amidst the two male fur's moans, as jiggling flesh met jiggling flesh in opposing tidal waves of pleasure! "FUCK! Ughhh...Oh, fuck! Fuck me!!! I'm fucking cumming!"

And come the big wolf did! Came like a bomb! His untouched cock twitching like mad as he unloaded a rather large stream of cum allover himself and his couch. The first burst shooting forward, leaving a dripping gob on his swaying tit's. The rest just kind of flowing out, as is typical of a good p-spot milking. His body feeling waves of immense warmth and pleasure, from that deep spot in his lower abdomen, his belly full of pizza and butterfly's.

And of course, that mealstrom of muscular motion did not go unnoticed by his companion, and just seconds later the otter found himself unloading a large dump of cum into his friends ass. His body quivering, his breath short, and his balls thoroughly drained, he leaned forward, and kissed the wolf on the back of his neck. He relaxed, and soon his softening cock slipped out of it's recent occupency, with a good dribble of otter-cum following behind it. Sedit feeling a dirty thrill as the warm fluid trickled out onto his own sack. Oh, he needed this, so badly!

The pair cuddled some more, watched a bit of Conan O'Br'er on the red rabbit's late night show. And soon drifted off to slumber. In the morning the two sat down at a local greasy spoon for some breakfast and chit-chat. Soon needing to part ways as Sedit was returned to his truck in the parking lot of The Filthy Pan Flute. He quickly returned home to shower...already missing the delectable scent of his friend upon his fur, as well as the combined aroma of his cum and the butter-garlic sauce...and a change of clothes. Soon he made his way back to the small office depot HQ of Scum-B-Gone, and wondering what would await him on this new venture. But feeling newly invigorated, and a bit more optimistic after last nights event's, surely he could handle anything this new day would throw at him.

Oh shit! He realized he never once glanced at his handbook last night! be continued!