Beachside Birthday - Orca TF for Toumal

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Today happens to be Toumal's birthday, so what better way to celebrate than with a TF? :D Janmar (C) Myself Toumal (C) Himself

**Toumal smiled to himself as he walked along the beach on the edge of the city he lived by. It was a perfect day for it too - with everyone back at school and college, the beach was virtually empty, the only sounds filling the air was the sounds of waves crashing against the sands and the seagulls flying around, looking for food. Days like this didn't come too often, and he was especially happy that this happened on his birthday.

As he kept walking his phone chimed, alerting him that he had received a message. Pulling it out of his pocket, he noticed that a friend of his had texted him. "Heya Tou. Just thought I'd let you know that a group of my friends are heading to the cinema later. Was wondering if you'd want to join us for that. If you do, I can promise you that it will be a very eventful evening.

Let me know if you can come!"

"Sounds like a plan to me. Just text me the time of the movie and I'll make sure I get what I need!" He responded back.

As he awaited a response back from his friend, he heard wet footsteps around him, gently splashing the water. "Huh, guess I'm not as alone as I thought I would be today." He said as he turned around to see who was there with him. His eyes nearly bulged out of his head when he saw what looked like a giant, humanoid Orca whale approaching him, overshadowing the human by a good four or five feet.

"What... the... hell..." He gasped, looking at the anthro killer whale in a mix of awe and fascination. "That can't be real... that's got to be a fursuit or something." He blinked, approaching the guy.

"If this was a suit..." The Orca smirked. "Would this feel different?" He grabbed one of Toumal's hands, placing it on his chest. He gulped when he ran his hand over the rubbery flesh, the muscles feeling as hard as rock. "Ok, that's not a suit at all... so that would make you..."

"An anthromorphic Orca? Yup!" He grinned. "The name's Janmar, it's nice to meet you." He extended a large hand.

"Likewise..." He raised his hand, grasping it in Janmar's. "The name's Toumal."

"Toumal, eh? Doesn't sound like a name that would fit a human." Janmar smirked.

"Technically it isn't, I do have a name, but everyone just refers to me as Toumal. Doesn't bother me at all."

"Cute." Janmar looked over him. "So what brings you to the beach today? Nothing better to do?"

"Right in one." Toumal nodded. "It's my birthday today, and since I had nothing better to do, I thought I'd pop down to my favourite place."

"Your favourite place is the beach?" Janmar blinked. "I thought you'd like hanging out with friends, going to the arcade, all that stuff."

"I do that stuff too, but this place beats them all hands down."

"Fair enough..." Janmar murred. "And you said today is your birthday... have you received anything nice?"

"I got a couple of games and some movies, but aside from that nothing huge. A few gift arts from friends too."

"That's good, but you deserve something special for your birthday..." He got a little closer to him. "How would you like to become something similar to what I am?"

"Something similar to... you mean to be an Orca?"

"Bingo." He murred. "I'd be able to make you just like me. Big and buff, tall and powerful... ultra sexy." He winked.

Toumal blushed a little bit. "Well... that's tempting... are there any downsides if I was to go through with this?"

"None at all... well I guess the only one is that you wouldn't be able to take on human form again, but as you said, your favourite place is the beach. No-one would really notice. Besides, it might get your friends more interested in you, and you'd be able to turn them too. Doesn't that sound fun?!"

"That...actually does." He smirked, remembering that he was gonna meet up with people later. His phone beeped as his friend responded, telling him the cinema time was at five. "How long will it take? I've got to meet my friends in around two hours."

"At the most, it will take around ten to fifteen minutes. You'll be changed ready to meet your friends."

"Go for it then. What do I need to do?"

" start, you just need to suck..." Janmar moaned, the slit on his groin parting as a long, slender Orca cock emerged from it, pushing out to a giant two foot long.

"Suck...on that?" He gasped, going bright red.

"Yeah. You'll only need to take a few drops of pre, and once the changes have progressed far enough, I'll be able to help finish them off properly. So are you still game?"

"I did say I'd do it... I'm just glad no-one else is here." He leaned forwards, wrapping his hands around Janmar's shaft as he rubbed it, the Orca kneeling down so his cock was level with the human, guiding the tapered tip into his mouth.

"Mmmffh...mmme..." He groaned, running his tongue slowly along it, lapping up the sweet pre that dripped down it. Each drop he lapped up sent a shiver down his spine, his muscles beginning to pulse and swell.

"You know, you're not going to need these soon... allow me to dispose of them." Janmar cooed, grabbing his shirt and jeans as he pulled them tight, tearing them clean off his body. Toumal shuddered as he felt the cold sea air brush over his body. The feel of the cold, salt-infused air felt nice against his bare skin, causing him to moan louder as it began to slowly darken around his back, the front getting paler. His eyes widened a little bit as his skin turned a mix of bright white and midnight black, the skin feeling like rubber as he brushed his hands over it.

"This is really ha...ooohrrhhh..." He shuddered, his muscles burning and swelling as they began to grow more toned and defined. His abs and pectorals swelled, strengthening and toning as if he had spent several months working out at the gym. The hair around his body fell away as his new skin finished growing over him.

"That feels good, doesn't it my friend?" Janmar grabbed one of his arms, his biceps growing larger, his arms gaining a bit of thickness as his hands grew larger, the nails falling away. "Keep it up, and you'll make a fine Orca!"

"A fine Orca...muhrahah..." He licked at Janmar's cock faster now, trying to fit as much of it into his mouth as he found himself growing taller, slowly reaching Janmar's size. The muscles in his legs swelled, thighs growing heavily muscled as his feet stretched in size, the toes growing larger as they too lost their nails.

"Speaking of a fine Orca..." He pulled away, pulling his cock from Toumal's mouth as he looked at him. "Get onto all fours for me, I need to get a good look at this change."

"Mmfhh...well, ok." He said, getting onto hands and knees as he wagged his rear at Janmar. The Orca grinned as it began to swell and tone, growing wider and more muscled as his rump got plumper and thicker, his anus shifting and stretching as it moved to sit under the base of his spine, his balls and cock moving down a little lower as the latter swelled with blood, becoming painfully erect. His spine extended out of his body, a thick tail growing outwards as it wagged behind him, the tip splitting into a fluke.

"Look at that, you're built like a tank..." Janmar whistled. "Just like me... but we still need to finish you off... so..." He grinned, placing his hands on his broad, muscled shoulders as he drove his Orca cock deep into Toumal's ass, a low bellow coming from his friend as Janmar forced every last inch in there.

"GUHGH...GRAAHHH..." He gasped and moaned, backing onto it as his cock and balls bounced about. A warmth filled his groin as his balls began to swell to the size of coconuts, the foreskin around his cock pulling back and forming into a slit as his cock grew bigger and broader, keeping its human appearance whilst gaining in girth.

"Oohurah... that feels good, doesn't it?" Janmar smiled, thrusting harder into Toumal, feeling him arch his back as a large dorsal fin grew down the middle of his back.

"Guhahu....yyyupppp..." He moaned, his head beginning to slowly reshape. His ears shrank away into the sides of his head, leaving small holes as his head grew broader, his nose sinking into his head as it moved to sit atop it, forming a blowhole. He let out a few groans and clicks as his head finished reforming into an Orca melon, his jaws protruding into a rounded muzzle as his teeth grew into tiny fangs, his tongue growing larger and thicker to fit his new maw. To end the changes his eyes moved to the sides of his head, turning a deep blue as patches of white formed above his eyes.

"Mmm...muhraaaaahhhhh!" He and Janmar let out a melodic cry as they came in unison, the new anthro Orca's cum spilling into the sands as Janmar filled him up to the brim. They both bathed in the afterglow the dual orgasm brought as Janmar dismounted Toumal.

"There we go.... your friends are SO going to love the new you!" Janmar grinned, checking Toumal's new appearance, matching sizes with him.

"I hope so, this is going to be a lot to explain without you being there!" He smirked.

"Well why don't I tag along for the trip?" Janmar suggested. "That way if you do decide to spread the love, I can help it spread quicker." He winked.

"Mmm... I like the way you think." He laughed. "Consider it a deal!"

"Perfect! I do love meeting new people after all!" He smiled.

"But before we go get ready for them... why don't we go for round two? This time I get to ride you." Toumal said with a sly grin.

"I guess it's fair, you're the birthday boy after all." Janmar said, lying on his back with a grin as Toumal got atop him, spending a bit more time screwing around before finally meeting his friends.**