Not what He Expected

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Alright! I have never updated so close to my previous stories. I hope everyone Enjoys this one, a little less story and a little more smutt. Have fun reading! =D

High school was a time of self discovery, and for many people it could go in so many different directions. Andy Jacobson was one of those few high school students who felt that he had better things to do than think about his future. He was a sophomore in high school right now, and had the best life he could possible fathom. Those closest to him knew he was a decent kid, he didn't get into trouble, his grades were average, and he was respectful. However, even those closest to him didn't know about his... somewhat double life.

It was this double life that he was currently engaged in before gym class. His hands were expertly taking care of Issac Jeral, defensive lineman for the schools team. He knew just how the large cat liked to be taken care of and he made sure to do a damned good job with it as well. Right now he was stroking and caressing the medium sized cock of the cat, loving to hear the satisfied purrs coming from him as he made sure to touch every single one of his sweet spots. He hummed and then decided to surprise him with a little something he picked up a few months ago from one of his... other clients.

Issac was enjoying the sweet, smooth hands he had grown to look forward to when he felt something new. He looked down at the delicious sensation and was surprised to see his short, thick cock in the muzzle of the young corgi. He leaned his head back and groaned deeply as he bucked into the short muzzle. Biting his lip as he couldn't believe this was happening. It didn't take much after that to unload a pent up burst of his tiger cum into the canines short muzzle, and he glanced to see that he took every drop like a sweet elixir.

Andy came off the sweet tasting cock and closed his eyes, savoring the different textured seed within his lips and swallowing with a soft sigh. He had done this a few times to some of the gentler, more deserving players, but demanded they keep it a secret or never get it again. That was the reason Issac had been so surprised, he didn't even see it coming, but gods if he didn't love every moment of it. He sat up with a shudder, right as Andy was suckling his cock clean and before he could speak the corgi held up a finger. He swallowed the last bit of his prize then smiled and spoke softly.

"You seemed like you needed it, big boy, but don't go telling anyone else, or that is the last time you get that from me, ok?" All the tiger could do was nod as he got dressed. Andy stood and giggled as he got a kiss on the cheek from the cat, watching him go off before he went to change for class.

The small corgi changed for gym class just as the rest of the class showed up, as much of a little gay boi he was, he was not flamboyant about it unless he was in the act of pleasing one of his favorite males or doing his service. He was sitting in class, talking to one of his friends, when they both noticed the new face entering the large gym. Andy shuddered softly as his friend watched with him, he was a big, thick senior boy transferring to the school. He was a tall, wide, manly looking stud, and that wasn't just Andy drooling over him calling him that either. He was a speckled horse and had the most delicious looking mane that the small dog wondered what it would feel like running through his fingers or running across his cheeks as he was nuzzled by it. He held in a girlish giggle and tore his eyes away as he went back to talking with his friend about whatever it was they had been talking about.

Over the next few weeks Andy saw the large horse around the locker room more, apparently he had been moved here and was almost immediately put on the team after hearing about his reputation from his previous school. Coach Wilson loved the kid, he was a damned good player, but he could be a bit of an ass because of it. He learned quickly, however, that the coach could not be intimidated and learned respect like the rest of the team. Andy was coming into the locker room to see if anyone was in need of his service when he caught the large stallion mid change. He held back a whimper and gulped as he introduced himself.

"Hello, I'm Andy. A pleasure to finally meet you... um.." He blushed softly, he didn't exactly know his name, he was usually too pre-occupied with ogling to pay attention to that.

The horse snorted softly, but with a smirk spoke, his voice with a good depth to it. "Name's Gavino, but the boys call me Gav." He the corgi up and down, and shirtless, came over to him with a soft hum. "I heard from some of the boys... that you do a little service around here. Some of them think i could use it, so i can relax a bit." He smirked softly and stroked his shoulder and arm, the corgi putty in his hands at this point.

"S-Service? w-what?" Andy was confused, but it could have been the musk coming from this stud. "Huh... oh! Right... yeah, h-hehe.. i have a little service. Would you like a massage to start?" He wriggled, wringing his hands together as the horse shook his head.

"Straight to the point i think, i prefer not beating around the bush, eh?" With that he lead the small dog to the Coach's office to get this thing done. Dropping his pants and sitting on the small couch in the room, his lengthening horse cock coming into view.

Andy was quick to close the door and slide between the knee's of the larger male, licking his lips and starting to gently massage and stroke the legs and thighs of the horse before him. He would have to learn this boys sweet spots, but he was not against learning. He was nice and thick, and had some length to him, but was still a little short in comparison to a few others he handled. It wasn't long before his practiced hands had the horse softly panting from their expertise. He had just met the boy, but he was not about to let this opportunity go to waste, and because of that he started to slowly lick and suckle the meat before him.

He suckled around his base, inhaling deeply, then trailed his short tongue up along the underside, making sure to slurp and suckle audibly to get a reaction out of the horse. When he got to the tip he made sure to suckle gently and look up at the horse to see just how good he was doing, and he wasn't disappointed. Gavino was groaning gently, hand in that luxurious mane of his while the other went to the back of the small canines head. Helping him take more horse cock into his muzzle as he leaked almost constantly. His soft huffs getting louder as he started to pump his hips and Andy's head.

The room was nice and quite when they had entered, but now the slurping sounds of a muzzle job was reaching both of their ears, and it was sexy to say the least. Gavino was loving this, his last girlfriend was a prude when it came to sucking cock, but this little queer was doing it perfectly, it seemed he had a new set of holes to fuck at his new school already. He groaned deeply and started to help the younger male go deeper, almost popping into his throat, but getting tugged off at the last second. He smirked and gave a little push at the next pass and chuckled when Andy came off with a cough and a blush. Sputtering lightly and looking up at the horse with a wriggle of his hips.

"E-Easy there... G-Gav, t-that's a bit much for me." He got a less than sincere apology, but went back to enjoying that thick cock. Eyes closing as he took a bit more into his muzzle, but strayed away from taking him too deeply. Moaning into the horse meat with a blush and wriggle of his body as he wanted to taste this cum so bad, it made him leak heavily from his large length, but he was too occupied with his work to do anything about it. He wouldn't have to wait much longer either, the stud had stamina, but with his skills he whittled it down nice and fast.

Andy was surprised when he first heard the heavy groan of the horse, but he was not about to shy away. He slurped and suckled each new burst of horse cum that entered his muzzle and slid down his throat. Whimpering in pleasure as he enjoyed every gooey glob of the delicious, fresh tasting seed. Sighing and savoring every drop before closing his eyes, leaning back and taking a nice heavy swallow. He shuddered and wobbly got to his feet, giggling softly and turning around to walk over to the desk and rest on it a bit.

He was still getting the dizziness out of his head from all of that musk and seed so he didn't notice the horse coming up behind him. His still thick cock perching between his cheeks and a growl coming into his neck. "

"Fucking shit.... if that was not the finest muzzle job i have ever gotten from a little queer like you." He stroked his hips and suckled his neck and ear, growling as he ground against his ass.

"Tell me, how much do you like being a little tail raiser, eh? You just came over here and showed me that fine ass, i might have to take you up on it." With that he smirked and lowered the shorts of the younger male, getting as gasp and a bit of a wriggle from him.

"H-Hey! W-What are you doing?! No, i don't do that... n-not with the guys, m-my ass i-is off-"

He was interrupted by a nip to his neck and then a hiss. "Oh don't play that bullshit with me, I'm pretty sure you take cock any chance you can get. Just scared I'm going to stretch you out too much for the other guys, huh? Don't worry, I'll make sure to give you this cock anytime you want."

He chuckled softly and was lining up his cock to take the little dogs ass when the door opened and was slammed right back shut. Both teens looked as Coach Wilson came in, head in a clipboard as he was getting ready for class. He looked up and blinked at the events going on in his office. He saw his little corgi, struggling and squirming, and his newest player about to take his ass for a ride. He glared and growled deeply, clipboard slowly creaking in his hand from how tight he was gripping it.

"Romislov, off the sophomore!" The horse was quick to stumble back as the coach came closer to the two of them. Smirking to himself as he sat on the couch, he was a good player, he was not about to be punished, but he didn't mind watching others get it. He leaned back as he saw the coach come over to the dog and stroke his neck with a heated, angry growl.

"Care to explain whats going on here, Jacobson? Why you were in my office about to get a horse dick in your ass?" He gripped the corgi's neck firmly, letting him stand up but not leave.

"I-I... t-the others said that Gavin here n-needed to relax, s-so i was giving him my service." He rung his hands softly, he always did when he was nervous. "A-and i did... b-but he wanted more, b-but i didn't want to give it. I-I told him i don't do that to the players, b-but he insisted i was lying and w-was going to do it anyway."

The horse frowned, but was still feeling good about this. Who was the coach going to believe anyway? The Little shit of a queer in the room, or the rising star of his team. The coach looked at him with a growl and spoke. "This true, Romislov?"

He shook his head with a grin. "Of course not, coach, he was willing to give me his ass. Never had a dick this big i guess, wanted to be stretched, you know how those tail raisers are." He chuckled and was pleasantly surprised when the coach laughed back.

"Come here, Gav, i think there should be some reward for such information." He smirked and stood, he was going to get that ass after all, he could use a good fuck anyway. When he got to the coach he was surprised yet again as he was pushed ass up onto the desk by the large, burly bear.

"You little hot-headed prick! The boys should have told you that this corgi was mine!" He snarled into his neck, his grip was firm and unrelenting. "Or maybe they figured you'd try something stupid and get yourself into this mess anyway. We'll find out later, wont we?"

"Whats going on here! Let go of me coach, the little faggot was lying! I wasn't going to give him anything he didn't want!" He struggled wildly, but he wasn't going anywhere due to the bears strength.

"Is that so? Andy, let our horse friend here know who's cock you love the most?" He smirked softly, giving the small dog a wink and a nod.

Until this point, Andy had just been watching, and wringing his hands together. He sighed in relief as he was not in trouble, and was therefore more than happy to do just that. Dropping to his knee's in front of the bear and nuzzling his crotch and thighs softly.

"It's your cock, Coach Wilson... y-you have the b-biggest cock i have ever s-seen." With those words he fished out said cock and started to gently lick, suckle, and caress the slab of bear meat. The horse's musk had been strong, but it wasn't as pronounced as the bears, and definitely not as thick. It was for this reason that the little dog had such a wonderful time with the bear. Suckling and slurping, tugging and nuzzling, he was a regular cock slut for his beefy coach.

"Mmrrmmll... that'll be enough of that, pup, why don't you get this little shit ready to see what its like when a real cock is given to him, hmm?" He spread the cheeks of the horse, and made sure to hold him firmly as Andy blushed and went ot get the lube. "Not with that, pup, you know what i am talking about." This caused the young teen to blush deeper, but he nodded and spread the cheeks of the horse with a sigh.

He had done this once or twice to some of the guys, but he had picked it up from the coach loving to show the corgi new things. He licked his lips and then started to taste and suckle the tailhole of the horse spread before him. Taking in more of his scent as he closed his eyes and wriggled his short little tongue all around and inside of the secured horse. He started to really get into it as well, suckling and slurping, lightly nipping and even slipping a soft finger into him. While this was going on Gavino had mixed feelings. On one side, he was getting his tailhole eaten out by a faggot who not ten minutes ago had his cock deep in his muzzle. On the other side, despite the less than favorable position, he was feeling that familiar tingle of arousal in his loins. This did not go un-noticed either, and his ears flattened as he heard a soft chuckle.

"Oh, and what's this then? Big, bad, manly horse getting a stiffy from getting his tailhole licked by a tail raising faggot, huh?"

He whimpered and grumbled to himself, his cock arguing against his mind's screams to calm down as his tailhole was so wonderfully tickled. He even let out a few moans and pressed his ass back towards the probing tongue. He clenched and puckered, and it wasn't long before he was leaking heavily onto the desk and floor, letting out heavier moans as the eager young corgi had a wonderful taste of his ass. He was cut off from that pleasure when Andy was pulled away by the coach.

"Alright now, let's see how much he likes being fucked." Coach Wilson held his cheeks open and was about to show him what a real dick felt like when he felt the corgi's hand on his cock. "What is it, pup?" He asked genuinely curious at the sudden interruption.

"S-Sir... C-Coach, i-i was wondering i-if maybe i could fuck him instead?" The young corgi didn't even meet the gaze of the older bear, so bashful at being so blunt about what he wanted. He usually just used his body language, but he wanted to be sure he was understood.

"Did you hear that, Gavino? My little pup here wants to take your ass for his own, i think i might have to let him do just that." He laughed as the horse whimpered and struggled a bit more.

"N-No way! I'm not going to let some.. little dicked faggot fuck me! L-let me up coach!" He tried to get up but couldn't as the bear held him down, slipping a finger into him and making him squirm softly in pleasure and nervousness.

"You're in luck then, this here pup has the biggest dick i have seen on anyone but myself. Go for it, pup... fill him out." As he said this Andy was already getting his cock nice and slick with the lube the coach kept in the desk, not to mention his own pre.

Andy smiled and licked his lips as he put his tapered tip against the slick tailhole. Looking up at the coach and getting a nod before starting to press into the semi- unwilling ass of the horse on the desk. He hissed softly and squeezed his cheeks in his hands as he slowly slid into the hot, clenching ass. Moaning and letting out a gentle whimper as he had to go slow as to not just fill this ass with his load so quickly. It seemed like hours for the two of them, but soon enough he was balls deep in the tight horse ass. Panting lightly and grinding against his ass just to enjoy the feel of it and let himself adjust to the delicious sensation.

"O-oohh... C-Coach, i-it's so warm. A-and he is c-clenching me r-really tight." He whined softly, starting to slowly pull out, panting as he was still on the verge of climax, so he took it nice and slow.

"Is that so? Well, i guess we know just what kind of a guy Gavino here is." He leaned down and whispered into the horse's ear as he watched the corgi sink back in with a tortured pace. "He's a Little tail raiser, and a big, fat dog cock is just what he needs to get him going."

Gavino wanted to say something, but he was interrupted by a chuckle right after he let out a moan of pleasure. His hands no longer held behind his back as he was gripping the desk on his own power. Moaning like a mare as the corgi started to pick up the pace when the initial pressure wore off and he was able to compose himself. Andy made sure to go at a steady pace, he loved the feel and visual of his cock going in and out of this delicious ass. He didn't know when he would have this again, so he wanted to savor every second of it. His eyes closing in pleasure as he listened to the moans from his own lips, those of the horse, and the slurps and squelches rising in the room from their actions.

Coach Wilson watched as one of his larger players was getting a deep, long fucking from his personal little pup. Smirking as he wondered what the other players on the team would think of this. He stripped himself of his pants and started to enjoy the show as he pumped his shaft slowly to the rhythm of the corgi. Mesmerized by how quick he was starting to go, and the moans and groans coming from the two of them. He sighed and let go of his cock, then got a nice, juicy idea. Licking his lips and going to get the lube while his pup was occupied.

Andy loved this, and was unfortunately not able to stay at his slow, easy pace for too much longer. Starting to really ram into the horses ass to make it slightly jiggle while he pumped more of his cock into him. Gavino was panting and gripping the desk firmly, even bucking back and moaning while the whimpering, girlish corgi pumped his ass. He gasped in confusion as he heard the corgi let out his girliest moan yet, looking back to see the large bear behind the small dog. Smirking and looking at him as he looked over, kissing the corgi and growling lightly.

"I can't just watch... there is no fun in that. Your ass is too tempting to stay out of, pup." Andy whimpered as he heard this, in an outward thrust he had taken his coach's extra lubed cock into his ass. He had a dilemma now; either enjoy the full feeling of his coach's cock, or the enveloping warmth of Gavino's ass. He whimpered as he thought about it, but gasped as he was pushed back against by the horse so he was in balls deep, while his coach did the same with a forward thrust. His hands were held on the horses hips as the large bear started to essentially fuck the both of them with his heavy thrusts.

Between the horses moans, the corgi's girlish whimpers, and the slapping and slurping of flesh, the room was filled with such wonderful sounds. Coach Wilson groaned as he was wonderfully squeezed by his pup, who was more than happy to lean back against him and praise his coach. The bear looked down between the corgi and the horse and smirked through a groan, tugging back and letting the pup fuck himself on his cock, whispering.

"Oh... i see that, go on, do it. Tie the little tailraiser.. make him your own personal bitch." Andy had been too busy thinking about the cock in his ass and the clenching from Gavino to realize that his knot was aching to be shoved right in. He barely nodded before grasping the hips of the older male and starting to hammer with shorter, harder thrusts. Getting heavier moans and soft grunts as the tailhole of the horse was starting to spread open slowly.

"W-What is t-that... o-oh f-fuck, i-it's so big." Gavino whimpered and wanted to protest being spread so wide, but his words betrayed him. "G-Give it to me.. g-gods w-what ever it is i want it!" He groaned and pushed back only to let out a deep shuddering groan of pleasure as he felt it slowly pop into him.

The first one to go was Andy, the pressure around his knot, joined with the deep feeling of his coach;s cock was too much. He swelled inside of the horse and let out a deliciously sweet, and very girly moan of delight as he erupted into the tight ass of Gavino. Thick, hot ropes of his corgi cum filling his ass to the brim, but his knot stopped any chance of it escaping as he kept pumping it into him.

The warmth of being filled proved to much for the horse and he soon found himself milking the cock in his ass for every drop as he painted te desk and floor with his own teased out load. He had filled the corgi's belly with a load, but this one was so much more intense for some reason. He bucked back into the lap of the small dog and ground his rump into his lap like the eager little mare he was right now.

Coach Wilson was the last one to let go of his pent up load, hissing and bottoming out in his little pup before gnawing on his neck and filling him with his own gooey load. This load had somewhere to go, however, and it was down the ass and thighs of his perfect little pup. He turned his head for a kiss as he growled and ground through his orgasm. Huffing and puffing as this trio would be a sight to see should anyone have walked in.

The large bear pulled out of his little pup, smirking as he saw his seed ooze out while his corgi rested on the horses back to stop from collapsing. He came over to the horse's muzzle and looked at him as he brought his lips to his slick cock. Not surprised when he started to lick and suckle the large bear meat sloppily clean.

"I hope you learned your lesson, boy. This here pup's ass belongs to me. You can get his little service, but you better not ask for anything else, understand?" He nodded softly, then yelped when he got a spank on his ass joined by a giggle. "Well, unless you want another ass full of dog cock." He looked away with a blush and a grumble, but didn't deny he probably would. Coach Wilson laughed and then put his sweats back on, he had a class to run after all, he would let these two rest... damn he loved his job.