A walk in the park

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Another little story I wrote for my Master's birthday ^^

A soft 'click' roused Andy from his sleep, blinking slowly as his ears twitched to the source of the sound, locating it as a soft velvet collar that had been buckled around his neck. The snow leopard whose paws had secured it there moved to gently fondle his ears and headfur, a low purr resounding through the bedroom.

The young, blonde-furred feline nudged and nuzzled into Ash's paw unconsciously, answering with his own soft purr as he rolled out and stretched on the bed sheets. He yawned and smiled at his handsome Master above him, who smiled back and planted a kiss on his forehead.

"Rise and shine, kitten, we're going for a little walk this morning" he said, giving a playful scritch to the cat's bare fluffy chest.

Andy glanced to the window beside their bed- still dark outside, a while before dawn yet. Ash had brought him to bed uncharacteristically early the previous evening, and it was now clear why. The leopard had something interesting planned for these early hours.

Not one to pass up what possible plans Ash had in mind, Andy gave an eager nod and an obedient 'Yes Master!' as he rolled off the bed to use the washroom. As was common, his Master delivered a swift, playful swat to his pet's rump, making him jump and squeak delightedly.

Ash grinned as his pet exited, prowling off into another room while Andy showered, whereupon surreptitious rummaging sounds came from the place he went off to, having deliberately hidden his plans from his kitten until now.

Eager to begin whatever it was Ash had in mind, Andy showered quickly, hardly a few minutes spaced between the sound of the water starting to stopping. Washed, dried and ready for what was next, he stood to attention in the bedroom waiting for his Master to be ready. A twitch of the ear and a flick of the tail let his excitement show through, knowing better than to peek at what was being rummaged through and risk a riding crop smack to the rear. During this time he ran his fingers softly over the collar. It was one he had not seen before, a change from the usual fine leather collar Master had him wear. Andy had a feeling this one was made especially for long walks on a tight leash, without chafing or leaving marks.

"Come here, pet" came the call from the other room, which was quickly followed by Andy obediently following that order.

Ash was not wearing anything particularly extraordinary, just his usual t-shirt and shorts- it being summer, being cold was no problem. The leopard was also carrying his trademark duffel bag of mystery, no doubt to be employed later that morning- jingles and other small noises came from the bag as he moved, indicating something of intrigue inside.

The leopard grinned at his naked pet, showing ample restraint for not pouncing him then and there as his eyes wandered unabashedly over the nude fuzzy form. He stroked and gently tousled the young cat's hair, making him blush and purr softly.

"That's my good girl" he said, clipping on a leather leash to the collar and giving an experimental tug, drawing his kitten along the hall "Come along now..."

"W-wait, shouldn't I, um... put something on, first?" Andy stammered, blushing furiously at the prospect of going outside completely bare.

Ash pulled the leash to bring his pet in close, pressing their noses together as he grinned mischievously, shaking his head.

"Silly kitten, pets don't wear clothes! At least, not boring normal clothes..." he said, and without further protest strung his pet along outside of the front door.

Apprehensive, but trusting of his Master, Andy stood to the side as Ash locked the door, one paw holding his arm and his tail twitching with nervousness at being totally bare in public. He was thankful for the mercy that Master had decided to take this walk early in the morning, while fewer people were up and about.

Sensing this, the leopard swiftly brought an arm around his pet to reassure him, giving a soft affectionate nibble on his ear.

"Just walk with me some, I'll make sure nothing bad happens, I promise. If you really really do want to stop, just say, and I'll understand"

The feline looked up at his Master with big, trusting eyes and nodded slowly.

"Thank you Master" he said, almost whispering with ceremony.

The young cat giggled as Ash gave a playful squeeze at his exposed rear, blushing and tagging along as the leash grew taut. The snow leopard sauntered onward onto the more or less empty streets, bringing his unclothed submissive pet along with him.

They lived in the outskirts of the city, a place where most of the concrete tended to fall away in favour of the countryside style suburbs. Another blessing for them as the worst reaction they could expect in such an area was perhaps accusing whispers, sustained tutting or a lecture in decency from a more well to do citizen.

But even then the few people they saw were mostly joggers, or someone running a paper route. And their reaction was simply to look away and carry on about their business. It was almost disappointing.

A steady tension in the leash kept Andy right at his Master's heels, keeping him close and praising him with an occasional 'good kitten' or 'well done, petski' as they strolled. It seemed that Ash had carefully crafted the route for that morning, as it took them along the more pleasant streets. The destination, to Andy, however was a mystery for at least a quarter hour until he noticed they'd passed multiple road signs for the local park, deducting that this was the intended location. However, what would happen there was left to Andy's imagination, and his imagination was enough to make him blush and his sheath stiffen, much to his embarrassment.

Ash picked up on this and smirked, reeling his pet in again and catching his member in paw, giving it a controlling squeeze, making Andy eep in surprise and squirm out of excitement and bashfulness. The snow leopard gave a few slow, teasing strokes, forcing a few moans from his kitten that Andy could not suppress.

"So excited in public my dear? Tsk, tsk" said Ash, drawing a fingertip along the cat's shaft, making him quiver and mewl softly "Well, as long as you are, you may as well keep hard, I have some plans for this... as well as the rest of you" he said, grinning and planting a quick kiss on Andy's forehead before tugging him to follow again.

Putting aside the exhibition of it, Andy was enjoying the walk. A stiff morning breeze ruffling his fur as he walked, the hush of the suburbs before dawn and the feel of his footpads stepping on the pavement were a soothing feeling. Added to the reassuring guidance of the leash as his Master led him, he nearly forgot about being nude and fell away into the pet-mentality, enjoying the walk on its purest merits.

But before long they had reached the park, despite it being that Ash had taken a longer, round-a-bout route to get there- he'd subtly wanted more leash training with Andy, as this was not to be last excursion of this nature.

They slipped past a waist-high steel gate, made for controlling entrance to the car park, over a small hump bridge and a tall gazebo to enter the park. They'd been to it together a few times, jogging, cycling or just to talk and enjoy the sunset together, because it was a splendid place. Even in the city outskirts it was an oasis from concrete and brickwork, foliage shuddering and swaying in the breeze, the bird calls echoing from both the treetops and the large pond centrepiece. At the height of the summer, festivals or fetes would clutter it up with crowds and stands and other tat, but for now it was serene and enjoyeable.

Without warning, Andy suddenly found himself firmly pressed up against a tree trunk, his Master's paw on his chest as the snow leopard forcefully kissed him. The cat closed his eyes and splayed his ears, blushing and squirming as he was dominantly kissed by his owner, their tongues playing together in each other's maws. Andy dug his claws into the bark of the tree, quivering with excitement as they kissed.

As Ash let his kitten free from the deep kiss, he laid a finger on his nose as he took the duffel bag off his shoulders.

"Now, be a good boy and hold your paws out for Master" he said, unzipping the bag.

"Yes Master" said Andy obediently, raising his paws in front of him, slightly wiggling his fingers.

"Close your eyes, and no peeking until I say"

Again, Andy dutifully did so.

A few moments passed while the sounds of small squeaks and flopping could be heard, Andy perking his ears to the familiar sound, incredibly tempted to look. There was a second of silence of almost unbearable anticipation before the young cat felt something being slipped onto his arms. He knew the feeling immediately- smooth and tight latex. He blushed hotly at being indulged in one of his fetishes, thinking he was being placed into a pair of latex gauntlets or gloves, but as his Master smoothed and tugged the pleasurable material along and up his arm, his fingers found no gap to slip through, just tight confinement at the end of it, with barely enough give to wiggle his fingers about. It was a fist mitt! Andy shivered in arousal at the thought- another passion of his was bondage, and to him being rendered completely helpless in a pair of bondage mitts, robbing him of his dexterity, was heaven.

As Andy felt the other mitt being slipped on, he murred blissfully, flexing his paws inside the thick mitts and enjoying the feel of latex. He was about to open his eyes, but just as he was about to, a sharp slap hit his rear, making him yelp and close them tight again.

"I didn't say you could look yet, naughty kitten" said Ash sternly, taking a hold of his pet's wrists and pressing hem against the tree trunk, emphasizing to his pet his helplessness, and his Master's control. Andy meekly nodded and kept his eyes closed as he heard Ash fetch more from the duffel bag, testing moving his paws in the mitts to find them completely inescapable.

"Lift your right leg" Ash commanded.

Confused, Andy obliged, his ears perking as he felt more latex being pulled over his leg, finding it was similar to the mitts on his paws, his toes forced into thick rubber padding that prevented him using his claws to escape. Even though he didn't want to do so, it only added to the arousal that he was even further debilitated.

Another of latex sock-like things went onto his other footpaw, leaving him blushing hotly at the feel of latex and his trapped paws. Knowing better than to look this time, he waited again.

This time, Ash commanded for Andy to open his maw, upon which a metallic ring gag was stuffed inside and strapped on firmly, ensuring it couldn't be spat out. The cat's tongue lolled out through the gag slightly as he panted, blushing hotly, his stiffened member making his excitement overly obvious.

His kitten mewing softly and quivering at being treated to the bondage, Ash stroked his pet's cheek fondly, smiling as Andy leaned into his paw and purred softly.

One thing left to do, Ash fetched a pair of leather straps and took Andy's wrists in turn, strapping them up to his upper arms to keep them held up in a constant begging pose. The leopard giggled softly and stepped back to admire his work. Already a little drool dripped from his kitten's gag as he wriggled his trussed paws against the straps cutely.

"Ok petski, you can open them now" said Ash, grinning and swishing his tail.

As Andy did so, he mewed and wriggled all the more as he saw that the latex socks and mitts were a bright girlish pink, finding that they were decorated with white paw-prints on where his pawpads would be. He blushed hotly and gave another mewl through the gag, looking at his Master shyly and submissively in his shiny pink predicament.

Ash grinned widely, a bulge showing through his shorts as he tugged at the leash again.

"Come along now, my pretty little kitten" he said dotingly, putting a paw in his pet's head before making him strut along again. Andy murred softly and, getting his balance on his socked footpaws, he followed Master as they walked around the park a few times. It was starting to get brighter now, which made Andy shudder softly as his pink latex cladding shone in the pre-dawn light. More drool leaked from his more as the defenceless shiny kitty was pulled along, embarrassed and aroused beyond measure, Ash giggling as he kept Andy right at his heels.

After a little while of tormenting his pet in this fashion, Ash sauntered lazily to one of the park benches, taking a seat in it and ordering his pet onto his knees.

Andy looked up at his Master, his paws still pinned into a begging pose- and inviting target and Ash wasted no time in taking advantage of his pet's hapless situation.

Loudly undoing his fly, he beckoned his kitty in and tapped at the ring gag in his maw.

"I think you know what to do, kitten" he said quietly, Andy blushing and giving a nod in reply.

Freeing his sizeable member from his shorts, Ash tapped his already stiff shaft against Andy's nose, making the young cat quiver eagerly, squirming his arms inside the latex bondage mitts. He reached his muzzle out for his Master's cock, mewing frustratedly as it was pulled out of his reach a few times, his Master teasing around his gag with the tip before he finally relented, slipping his pre-dripping cock straight into the feline's maw.

Both let out pleasured moans as Ash's cock sunk into Andy's maw, pinned wide open by the ring gag. Ash took a hold of the back of his pet's neck and rolled his hips up into Andy's maw, easily muzzle fucking him. Dominated and fevered with lust, Andy suckled firmly at his Master's shaft as it plummeted into his mouth and down his throat, powerless to resist as Ash's member filled his maw, pre trickling quickly down his throat.

Growling with pleasure as he took his kitten's throat, Ash subtly slipped a footpaw down between Andy's latex-clad legs, pressing his toes against the feline's throbbing member and stroking quickly. At this, Andy mewled loudly around his Master's cock, squirming and gulping desperately at it as he felt the snow leopard's pads tease his cock, humping up against it eagerly.

Both paws on the back of his pet's head, Ash thrust himself from the bench, roughly pounding Andy's maw as the cat's tongue curled and lapped around it, the gulping from his maw jolting him with sensation as he drove into it. He pressed Andy's cock to his belly as he used the cat's maw, grinding it mercilessly with his footpaw in reward as his kitten expertly serviced his shaft.

Feeling climax closing on him quickly, Ash made heavy, deep thrusts reaching to the back of Andy's throat as his cock twitched. He let forth a deep satisfied groan as his body shuddered, cum splashing inside the cat's mouth, forcing Andy to gulp quickly at his Master's member to swallow his seed down. The cat panted loudly through his nose as he swallowed it, gasping for breath as his Master loosed his shaft to spray the last few ropes of cum across his lips and cheek, marking him as his own once again.

Not finished yet, Ash kept up his relentless pumping of Andy's cock, sending the kitten off balance and tumbling softly onto his back. Andy moaned out loudly and humped into his Master's wonderful, rough pads as Ash stepped and stroked along his shaft with his footpaws, all the while smiling contently above him. Finally it grew too much, and with a loud mewl of pleasure, Andy hit his orgasm. Bucking his hips he drove himself up between his Master's toes, coating them and his belly with thick kitty cum.

Grinning at his now panting and spent pet, Ash smeared the kitten's seed over the blonde fur with his footpaw, giggling softly.

"That's my good pet" he said.

The abandon of the sexual act gone, Ash noticed for the first time in many minutes that they were being watched, by 4 scattered people a little ways away, agape, blushing or furious, they stared at the two fiercely.

Ash thought for a second, then bent down to stroke his finger through the cum on his pet's chest. Collecting it up, he made a show of suckling the finger clean of the cum in his maw for them to see, shooting them a challenging look.

Seeing that, three of them scurried away, intimidated by such a brazen display or embarrassed by it. The forth, a slim, tall fox stayed a moment more before meekly and reluctantly walking away himself.

Their voyeurs gone, Ash bodily picked up his pet and set him across his lap, smiling, cuddling and petting his kitten affectionately as Andy wriggled and purred happily, nudging against his Master and looking up at him lovingly. Ash looked back, smiling and petting one of Andy's ears. They sat like this, happy in each other's company and enjoying the afterglow as the sun rose on them, bringing the fresh, brilliant light of dawn with it.

"I hope you enjoyed that, my pet" said Ash softly, receiving a hearty nod from Andy.

"Because you won't be getting it again until I think you've earned it"

Andy's eyes went wide and his ears up at that, squirming and whimpering as Ash brought out one final implement from his duffel bag. A small, uniquely shaped mesh of steel with a sturdy strap and padlock attached to it. A chastity cage!

At the sight of it, Andy wriggled and mewled desperately, but with his paws and muzzle completely useless, the snow leopard easily overpowered his pet, deftly slipping the cat's now flaccid member into the contraption and strapped it onto his lower quarters, locking it shut with a click of the padlock. Knowing his fate was now sealed, Andy flopped helplessly back onto Ash's lap, looking up at him with big kitten eyes. Ash giggled and stroked a finger over the newly in place cage, Andy shivering as his Master giggled.

"Petski is gonna be locked up for sooooo long..." he said, pocketing the key.