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Gift fiction for a friend who likes nagas,dragons and DnD Just a short sex fic to rock your socks off to Enjoy!


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In a forest no different from any other un-magical forest across the land, where the birds chirped, the grass grew and fancy fauna was abundant, a dragon born knelt at the bank of a river. He dunked a flash through the stream to fill it up and reached for another to do it again. After they were filled, he cradled some clear clean water in his paws and drunk from it, taking another handful to splash his face clean. He stared down into the water; at his own rippling flowing reflection looking right back at him dumbly.

The dragon born had clear blue smooth scales along his body and features with dark blue azurite eyes. From neck down to body he was built up into a decent lean figure. Years of swinging a sword, agility training and pulling a bowstring had allowed his body to grow in all of the appropriate areas as his scales covered a healthy sufficient layer of muscle that every traveller needed. His tail and wings jutted out from his back area, each proportional to the medium heighted dragon born. His tail had ice spikes running along the top, and his wing tips had the same effect. He did not like having to go into the story of how some magic effect made them never melt or seem cold.

He looked up and wiped his forehead of the water as he sun's rays signalled a change from midday to late afternoon. Just enough light to get some work done, but threatening to set. The only thing the dragon had on however was a pair of baggy comfortable cotton pants that hung on his bottoms. He stood and grabbed the water flasks, walking his way back to the small resting spot he had made with his travelling partner.

A naga rested against a tree trunk, his back firmly pressed against it as he fiddled with a piece of cloth in his clawed hands.

"I'm back Dimi"

Dimitrieve the naga looked up and gave an acknowledging nod. He was a handsome youthful male more or less just slightly older than the human years. His scales were a pitch black across his entire body from head down to the thick tail end that replaced his legs. The back end was currently wrapped around the tree for balance. The fact that he was a naga wasn't the first thing you noticed about him though. It was the towering muscles he had built into his body. His arms were heavily layered with them, the thick biceps looking strong enough to punch walls down. These muscles all lead up to his sharp face and neck features. His eyes were a dark glinting yellow and somehow were neutral enough to contain any emotion at any time, be it concern or intimidation, and his lips always had his fangs visible despite how comfortingly he could smile. The only other colour on the snake's body was the red scale markings along his cobra like hood. In the front there were only a few scattered red dots to give off the idea of blood. The back had an intricate but scarily painted red face, teeth and all.

He did not wear much most days, being a naga, except for the straps around his chest and waist that held his weapons, which rested at his side. A spiral pronged mace made of mythril gifted by the people of his tribe as position of office and a small greyed disk of metal he bought with his mercenary money. It was actually a shield, and expanded outward into a larger circle through ancient dwarven technology. Both weapons helped to make the naga even more physically threatening that he already looked most times, but the naga was not all that dangerous until provoked. That was the way of a guardsman after all.

The dragon born set the flasks down near their supplies and sat down at a nearby tree, relaxing against it and grateful for a rest. He had grabbed his bow from his satchel and started adjusting the bow string while curiously peeking at the naga's work "What you doing?"

"-Making a band of Solitude. It lets other nagas know I am not seeking companionship for one reason or another." He said. It was odd how his voice would rumble so gruffly and ring with charismatic charm at the same time.

"Oh..." The dragon born paused in though, wondering what he could say next. His social skills were not as great as his counterpart's. They had been travelling mercenary partners for a long time now, a good few months, but he was still shy to just start conversation "'s like a wedding band?"

Dimitrieve shook his head and held up the thick white band of leather about the size of his arm "That is a different band. That band is blue, worn around the neck and has as set of netting to indicate connection to another naga. I still have to attach barbs onto this to make it complete. It is more just a way of saying 'I am not interested, so do not bother'."

There was another comfortable pause as both males worked on their little busywork. The dragon piped up again after he had done retying a new stronger string in "Why make it now then?"

Dimitrieve took his focus off the cloth and shot the dragon a knowing grin "Very interested in my state of availability today, Kev?"

Kevlamin, the dragon born hunter, focused closer on his bow to avoid eye contact "Just curious about naga stuff, is all." It was a very obvious lie.

The smirk on the naga's lips stayed put "I've been meaning to make it from some time after I left my home tribe to wander. Now just seemed to be the most appropriate to make it."

Kevlamin nodded silently, not lifting his head. He heard a silky chuckle but kept his head bowed down. Readjusting and restringing a bow string was not a difficult task so the dragon spend a few moments pulling and plucking the string in boredom, hoping it was enough time for the naga to forget the conversation.

"Your hopes aren't crushed are they?"

Kevlamin jumped a bit as he found the snake's face near his cheeks. He hadn't even heard the big fellow move to close the gap between them. Not even single rustle from the grass, and he had exceptional hearing. Snakes were dangerous like that... "What?"

"Your chances of trying your luck at me Kev. They aren't drowned yet are they?" The snake grinned, his fangs maliciously poking out in teasing.

Kevlamin scoffed loudly and looked away, the pink rising to his cheeks turning his blue scales a weird purple tint "Don't kid yourself."

"I hear denial Kev" Dimitrieve leaned his head closer, a soft hissing from his lips as he moved the rest of his body closer as well, his large form shifting and closing the gap cleanly "Nothing but disappointed embarrassed denial."

"Shut up"

"Oh don't be like that. You're too fun to tease when you are being coy." The snake hissed out alluringly, his lips pressed against the side of the dragon's head, his tongue making soft sweeping licks on the cheeks "Just give in to your emotions..."

"Your hormones, not my emotions." Kevlamin squirmed at the attention "Isn't this how naga's close in on their prey before they kill it?"

Another silky sweet hissing of a laugh "The females maybe. The males just want release." A big black digit rose up and traced along Kevlamin's bare chest while the other slipped around the back and grabbed a shoulder reassuringly "I can feel you shivering Kev"

"In fear"

"In desire." the arousing hiss cooed to his partner "You need to learn to stop being afraid to give in. We go through this every time, and the result will never change."

Kevlamin held still as the finger turned to a whole hand. It slid along his chest freely, rubbing his flanks and caressed each curve it could find along his smooth scaled skin. The dragon couldn't help a low murr from getting out. "Why...does it have to feel so nice..."

"The females secrete pheromones to help. Males have nothing but raw skill and passion to coax their partners." the whispering hiss rung in the dragon's ears. Everything about it was sexy. "For you to respond so well, you must be as willing as I am. Don't fight it anymore Kev." the big paw gripped around to hold onto Kevlamin's side.

Kevlamin tuned to face the snake. His eyes were a brightly lit golden yellow that drew him in closer "Wouldn't be fun if I didn't..."

"Liar." Dimitrieve murmured out. His hands made a path up the blue scales and gripped everywhere he wished, feeling the scales and muscles shiver under his fingertips. He ran them down the dragon's lean arms and pinned his paws back into the tree with his own powerful ones. "This fun is in the deed, not its past"

Kevlamin didn't know that to say. What could he say? He was far past intoxicated by the other male. "Ngh..."

Dimitrieve answered the non-existent question quickly before a retort could come. His lips crushed against the dragon's passionately. They sucked and toyed with the other pair in delight, nibbling the smooth lips and flicking his tongue out against them. He didn't push any further in than that, letting his pray toy back at him. He felt the lips unlock, parting progressively for attention as he turned his head to kiss deeper in a more engaging tongue wrestle.

Kevlamin's eyes were closed shut, but he could still feel those golden yellow eyes piercing all hesitancy he had inside him. He was willingly trapped, so wonderfully pleasantly trapped in the naga's web of lust. He kissed back to the best of his known ability, suckling and slurping against the muscle while his senses relaxing and melting to take the intimidating naga inside them. He wished he wasn't always so shy. The naga was right. He should have no shame in it. He shouldn't be fighting it each time.

His lips separated from the naga in an instant and the dragon born whimpered in disappointment. Strong black hands rose up from trapping his paws right up to his cheeks. He held them firmly; his thumbs caressing them tenderly as his gaze never faltered "Promise me Kev."


"Promise me you won't resist anymore. I feel somewhat sinful to have to coax you into it. I want to hear you wanting me." The snake said. It was very romantic in a weird way.

Kevlamin though over the words for the grand total of no seconds whatsoever "I promise that I will try."

"How hard will you try?"

"Harder than you make me at night."

Dimitrieve grinned with childish perversion "That's the spirit." His thick rippled chest pressed itself against the dragon's, bare scale to scale. They kissed again with renewed vigour as Kevlamin's arms hugged his lover closer around the waist. Heat built up between and inside them both as neither dared to let go, drowning deeper in their sudden primal craving for one another. Kev's hands were the first to wander. They traced the muscle just as his partner had, along the naga's firm aching back, and pulling playfully on the weapon straps. They slid down to the snake's sides again and heard a distinctive hiss of pleasure as they found his lover's crotch.

The reptilian cock slit was already swollen up in anticipation. Heat resonated from it and warmed his paw as he played with it. He felt Dimitrieve suck harder on his own tongue, coiling around it as the fingers slipped inside and stroked around the edges. It was not too long of the naga moaning did the breeders come out to hunt. Two thickly barbs slithered out from the slit in rapid pace, encouraged out even faster as the dragon's fingers stroked each tip.

The kiss broke with a wet slurp and Dimitrieve leaned his head back, hissing and moaning in a low rumble as both cocks reached their full size. Both were a dark shade of purple and boasted a thickness just slightly under proportionate to the rest of the naga's impressive body, which was still rather big. They pulsed hot and ready in the dragon's grip, already slickened up from the naga's fluids.

"Now then..." Dimitrieve leaned his head closer to the others, breath hot on the other's scaled face "How shall I play with you today?" he cooed in a sweet tone. His claws were already fishing down to the dragonborn's baggy pants. He groped around the crotch in a fun little hunt for his prize, listening to the other murr when his claws hooked into the waistband to pull the pants clean off. He licked his lips as he found the semi hard member underneath "Hmm...I don't, that' something new to try together."

Kevlamin blinked and gave a curious murr in response, his pants held on only by his ankles. With his bits exposed he spread his legs out to show them off. His was darker shade of blue that his scales, and adequately sized for someone of his build. Fun ridges were carved in for a little dragon kick, with a healthy set of balls hanging below them.

Dimitrieve grabbed his lover's waist and pulled them closer to his as he closed in some more, pinning the dragon against the tree once more. Kevlamin's member found itself snugly squeezed between the naga's two. The snake jerked his hips into motion, grinding the cocks together in a tight meaty sandwich of pleasure.

"Mmm that's good." Kevlamin moaned out, helpless in the snake's clawed grip. He pushed back at the other, making as much froting friction he could as his member hardened with excitement. They were both hard as rocks in no time, but the act did not stop. The naga watched the other male squirm between him and the tree as their members rubbed. His hope broke out into a steady hump against them and he moaned with his partner as he clung onto him. The dragon's cock throbbed and started preeing a slow trickle from the tip as he kept his eyes shut, embracing the sweet pleasure as it shot out to all his nerves at once. Dimi's piercing eyes continued to watch as the cock drooled from tip to base and along the dragon's loins, his own starting to help the sex flow along.

" tail hole, please." Kevlamin shivered a bit as he pleaded.

Dimitrieve just grinned teasingly and gave a few rough humps at the other, high on the sight of the other submissive male "Gonna have to beg louder for me babe..."

"Dammit Dimi" Kevlamin sat up slightly, humping right back up in turn in effort "Just stuff me already!"

"Music..." Dimitrieve hissed out in that sweet voice and pulled himself off the other with a grunt. He sprawled himself back onto the soft grass below him and kept his upper body upright with his arms. He gave a fanged taunting grin and beckoned the dragon born over with a finger.

Kevlamin wasn't wasting time. He crawled over to the naga on his knees, his baggy pants falling all the way off and abandoned, and along the naga's tail right up to the strong abs, the naga's members poking at his behind. He eyed them both uncertainly as he lifted his rump up above them shyly, murmuring out "I'll get them both in one day..."

Dimitrieve gave a chuckle "I have no complaints now nor will I then, Kev." His thick tail swayed in the grass, patiently waiting.

Kevlamin smiled and put his paws on the naga's broad chest to balance while giving it a few gropes for a feel up. He took a breath and lowered his rump on one of the eager wet cocks, letting its tip prod and tease his tail hole a bit before grunting loud and pushing it inside. They moaned together as the cock tip sunk inside, the dragon's love hole clenching it in false protest as the ring was stretched out in force. Dimitrieve moaned in pleasure as his meaty barb sunk deeper in his lover's hugging rump and relished as it pushed out against the tightness. He felt the dragon's rump sit against his crotch, his tip rubbing and grinding against the dragon's prostate. His other cock rested down flat against his belly, pressed down by the weight and nesting just under the dragon's sack.

Kevlamin huffed out, hugging the cock buried in his rump as tight as he could for a few pleasurable moments. Hands came up and grabbed his sides powerfully. He felt the naga larger tail coil up and around his own quickly in a long spiral. Just like that he was latched to the bigger male again with no escape. It was a very loving feeling Kevlamin like very much. It was like their lives were suddenly entwined.

The hands lifted at his sides, pulling him off the fat cock inch by inch and pulling it right back down. The dragon groaned and grunted in short-lived pain and overflowing pleasure "Bounce Kev." The naga commanded at him as he heave the other over his cock again and again, stretching out the hot tail hole out wide as the dragon got the pounded he needed.

Kevlamin arched his back into it, getting a proper footing on the earthy ground under them. He waited for the big snake to find a rhythm in the thrusts as he felt each hump inside him and started to press down with it. His cock bobbed and bounced in the air as he hopped over the member, grinding it at his inner walls energetically as his sack rubbed down against the second throbbing member under him.

Dimitrieve's grip around the other tightened as he pulls at the hips with greater force, his preing cock plunging deep and hard in the dragon's eager ass. His crotch set into a fast locomotion, diving and hiding inside the spread out hole just to spread it out as far as it could. Each thrust jolted ecstasy through the naga's body as he felt the dragon clench right as he hilted inside. He leaned up to watch his prey again, the open mouthed pleasured face as the strong body bounced on his arousal.

Kevlamin lolled his tongue out, panting as his legs worked by themselves to push the meat inside him faster and harder. He heard his rump cheeks slap against the naga's body in the natural moment, their bodies turning to primal rut as they rocked against one another. He curled his toes and stroked the naga's pecs, his thumbs over the nipples, as they anchored him to the beast moaning and hissing loudly below him. The grip around his tail loosened and the dragon took it as a hint to rock faster, slamming his rump down as hard as he could as his member dribbled a steadier flow of his white pre in a warm river along the snake's belly.

"Ugh...Yesss" Dimitrieve called out, his head falling to the ground as he no long felt the need to support himself. He stuffed his cock base deep inside the dragon, making sure each push knocked heavily against the dragon's sweet spots and prostate to make sure the moaning and cute begging only got louder. Both his members were aching to fill the dragon up with seed but the naga held the desire back, bathing in the pleasure as he panted. His bulbous members twitched as they w ere pleasured, the bottom one more, his own juices slicking up the dragon's insides even more. The thrusts got rougher by the second as the naga put more power in his loins and gave no mercy, only more.

"Fuck..." The dragon gritted through his teeth, feeling the same urges to release burning inside him. He leaned more back on his cock seat and grabbing both his own and his lover's second member in a tight grip, his other to tweak a nipple of his own. He pumped them together as best as his foggy lust filled brain could keep up with as each push as his love hole was abused and fucked, each thrust derailing his brain from coherent thoughts and into primal needs.

Dimitrieve hissed, moaned and groaned in effort as his body glistened with beads of sweat. The coil around the dragon's tail had tightened up again as he hammered up into the rump, determined to breed it fully. The grip around his second dick short circuited some of his restraint as double pleasures rushed in his body like sparking electricity and he struggled to hold back any longer. His humping cock turned into a rough powerful hammering that made the dragon yelp and jump with renewed virility. He came with a loud low echoing hiss of a sigh, his thick worked up cum bursting from both tips in a sticky musky torrent. All his senses came alive as he shuddered, each one taking in what felt good about the moment, his hips pressing up as far as they could to bury his breeder deep inside.

Kevlamin moaned as he felt the hot white spunk seep and fill his rump up to the brim. He rocked gently on it, letting the ropes of seed take their course at marking him. He let go of his own cock in the grip and stroked it fiercely to milk it of all that was stored, the cumming naga spewing over his paw and along his chest, painting the black scales white. He tugged his own member in his other paw and reached his orgasm quickly after, which was during the naga's still, his own sex juices covering his cock, balls and some of his belly. It dripped down his skin as the cum in his rump threatened to leak out from the cock plug.

They panted, their afterglow strong and tiring as Kevlamin lowed his body and flopped on top of the other, the naga's seed smearing onto his chest as well.

The sun had gone to golden rays by the time either of them decided to speak again. "...Thanks"

Dimitrieve grinned and reached up to rub the dragon's cheek affectionately "Only a pleasure my prey."

Kevlamin blushed again, but didn't turn his head away. He knew he was trapped, it was pointless to try. His tail was still locked tight with the nagas in spiral and Dimitrieve was not budging. The dragon born never knew what to say after they finished romping like wild animals in the bush...which more or less accurately described the situation.

A hand came up to pet the area between Kevlamin's wings soothingly. Dimitrieve narrowed his eyes in mild exhaustion, but the loving glint was always in them. The dragon returned the smile. He wanted to express his comfort with the naga somehow, but he knew Dimitrieve didn't need words to tell him that. Instead, he nuzzled into the snake's pitch chest and licked fondly at it, murring as he got a few stands of seed for his efforts.

Dimitrieve murred back in appreciation, his clawed paw scratched along the dragon born' back in a constant comforting motion. He was at peace, something he now cherished after years of uncertainty.

Life was good and certain for that moment...Just like two threads woven together made it undoubtedly stronger than before...And as a second though, the naga reached up, slipping the white band secure around his arm with a warm smile. It had a purpose to prove and its own story to tell now.