The Lugia Trainer: Introduction

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The start of a story about a pokemon trainer and his starting pokemon. Not your average pokemon to start with as well as the island populations belief system about said pokemon.

The Lugia Trainer: Introduction - Written by Tlan Atolm

"Jacob get up out of bed..." came the familiar voice of his mother, as he automatically covered his head with his pillow. "NOW... everyone will be here soon, you don't want to be late for your own birthday party do you?" Jacob snapped his eyes open looking at his clock seeing it already, half hour past 10. He pushed himself up,seeing his mother standing in the doorway smiling at him, and soon turned to let him dress in peace.

Jacob was a 17 year old teen, living near the Orange Islands in a small island community called Ronto. His room was covered wall to wall in posters of Pokemon tournaments he had ordered off the Internet. One for every one that had passed from his 12th birthday, the day he was supposed to start off into the world as a Pokemon trainer. Instead the local government for the area raised the age limit to be 18 years of age instead of 12. Never in his life had he been more furious, all tho now that he looked back at it, it was simply a childish tantrum and he agreed with the change now, he would have missed a lot at home if he had been allowed to go that day.

As he finished dressing he looked around his room at all the posters thinking to himself, "I'm going to every single one of those tournaments when i get my Pokemon." He didn't really care what he got as a starter Pokemon, most of his friends who got theirs last year kept theirs a secret so if he met them on his journey they could all battle fairly, without plotting against there weaknesses. His gaze soon traveled over his favorite poster, a photograph of Lugia the legendary Guardian said to live in these parts soaring over the shadowed form of the Three Elemental Islands.

His attention was interrupted by the sound of the doorbell. As he turned away from the poster, he swore he saw the shadow of Lugia dive into the water, but when he looked back it was in the same spot as before he dismissed it as a trick of the light in his room, and left his room and went downstairs to meet his relatives. As he reached the bottom of the stairs at the door his aunt and uncle where there to greet him. "There he is!" is aunt exclaimed and moved to give him a hug and kiss as he returned them. "Happy Birthday Jacob!" said his uncle giving him a crushing hug and handing him a descent sized box with a ribbon tied around it. "You can open it later, okay." Jacob smiled back at them both, knowing it had to be a poke-ball with his first Pokemon. His aunt and uncle where the owners of the islands Pokemon daycare and shelter for the areas wild Pokemon. They where the people to go to on the island for starting trainers, but he was patient and set the box down under the coffee table by the sofa as everyone sat down. "Your dad should be home soon from his early morning shift..." said his mother "...then we can all celebrate your birthday together." she smiled and went into the kitchen as the oven alarm was blaring.

"So who is running the daycare if your here?" Jacob asked making small talk. "Oh, Dan and Joe are they have been there as long as you have been volunteering to help." replied his uncle, as he smiled. Jacob was about to reply as his dad walked through the door with another large box, wrapped and everything. He stepped into the living room and shouted "There's the birthday boy." Setting the slightly larger box down beside his other gift and moved to hug his son. "Didn't get to see ya this morning." he said ruffling his hair. "Happy Birthday to you..." His mom had made a huge cake and lit the candles, as she moved it into the room singing. Jacob thought to himself, "This will be an awesome birthday."

Later that night after the party and everyone left he laid in his room pondering the events that happened. Soon after he opened his present from his aunt and uncle, finding the poke-ball they gave him he was so hyped, but when a Pokemon egg sat on the table he was overwhelmed for two reasons. One was he finally had a Pokemon, the other was he didn't know what he got. They wouldn't even tell him all tho they claimed they didn't know what it would be either. He sighed and moved to his open window to watch the sun set, a beaming smile on his face.

He watched as the sun set and moved back to look at the egg. For as long as he volunteered at the daycare he had never seen an egg like this. It was almost white but had a silver shimmer to it as it sat in the twilight from the window. He moved to the box the poke-ball was in and noticed a small piece of paper picking it up and reading it silently "congratulations Jacob on your first Pokemon, all tho she is still an egg I hope you take great care of her like shes your own child... as she is mine." the note ended there with no signature. He set it down beside the egg paying no mind it as he moved back to the window looking out to sea, just as something caught his eye jumping out of the water floating in the air for a moment and soon vanishing beneath the waves. Jacob gasped recognizing the shape. "Lugia..." he whispered trailing off and thinking about the note "...No way!" He turned to look at the note again but it was gone, he searched the box again but nothing was there. He soon moved back to the window smiling with a deep feeling in his gut at the thought. "I'll take great care of her Lugia" he whispered, holding the egg close to him now. Glancing at the poster on his wall and thinking it over, he reached for the poke-ball and returned the egg to it, slipping it into his pocket as he put his coat on and crawled through the window and walked down to the beach.

He soon reached the beach and sat down in the cool sand looking out to sea, hopping he could have his questions answered. He sat there for half an hour the warmth of the ocean carried on the winds as he waited. He soon heard a loud splash near him but in the dark couldn't make out many waves a few feet out to sea then a slight change in the direction of the wind as he turned around, the large form of Lugia looming behind him, his breath seemingly whisked away as he gasped looking into Lugia's sharp blue eyes. Soon he heard a voice in his head. "Breath Jacob." He soon realized he was holding his breath gasping and catching his breath, but then asked. "Was that..." he pointed at Lugia as it laid down and curled around him slightly, "yes that was me..." as Lugia chuckled in his mind the feeling of it sending shivers along his body, "Now you have questions, do you not?" Jacob nodded and Lugia replied "I can not stay too long before i am seen. Speak with your mind and I will answer." Jacob understood and almost at once as he thought about each question he got an answer "yes the egg you have is my one and only daughter i gave her to a human i trust and he sent it to your aunt and uncle with instructions for it to reach you."

Jacob was still in a bit of a daze even after 15 minutes of questions, as he looked over Lugia as he thought "Why?" Lugia moving his head to Jacobs. "Why not?" was his reply. Jacobs mind quieted a bit as he thought it through. "You are a perfect match for her. She needs love and that's something you have shown well as I watched you from my slumber." Jacob gave a small gasp "You have been watching me?" Lugia chuckled in his mind, another shiver running through his body. "I watch all of the seas and islands, and you... out of everyone I have seen, you are fit for my only child." Lugia then got up as a car approached along the beach side road. "I must go now Jacob... I have answered what i can for now, the rest you must learn on your own." Before Jacob could reply he found himself back in his room suddenly still in his coat.

Jacob had changed cloths and crawled into bed. He knew a bit about hatching Pokemon from eggs as he got a second blanket and wrapped it around the egg smiling, and running a hand over it. "A Lugia..." he thought. "What to name her tho?" He laid down holding the egg close for warmth racking his mind until he fell asleep.

In the middle of the night Jacob woke with a start, looking at the egg his eyes a bit groggy and adjusting to the moonlight as he thought he saw it shake a bit. He blinked wondering if he actually saw it move and placed a hand on it for a moment before a loud crack seemed to freeze time and echo across space. Jacobs hand was pushed back by a large white three toed foot as it shot out from the shell, then another. Jacob sat back ever so slightly in his covers as he watched a long white wing breach the walls of the egg and a head break the rest of it freeing the newborn. Jacob watched as it wobbled on its back before rolling over looking around and blinking as it spotted Jacob, freezing and staring at him. Jacob wondered if he should move, watching the newborn Pokemon carefully not knowing how a Lugia would react. He risked it as he lifted a hand ever so slightly watching as the Lugia's eyes followed it. "its okay little one..." his hand was shaking betraying his nervousness. The Lugia looked to Jacobs hand and to Jacob before moving to the hand and giving a small chirp, moving its head to his hand purring lightly as his hand rubbed over her body.

Jacob sighed lightly and petted his Pokemon more looking it over with a smile. He did notice that this Lugia was different, as it was red where all the blue was supposed to be. Its V shaped making over its chest and belly as well as her pointed mask and fins along her back, as well as her tail spikes. "My your a beautiful creature." It looked up as he spoke its eyes glowing with a psychic blue light as he felt his mind being breached and... something being taken... no copied... then a voice that flooded his mind much like Lugia's had, but this was more feminine. "Thank you Jacob I'm honored that you see me as such." Jacob gasped and looked at her. "did you just?" The Lugia nodded replying in his mind "Copy your language? Yes i did. It will take me time to try speaking it but for now..." she bowed her head and moved close to his chest. "I want to cuddle." Jacob hadn't realized how large she was until she stretched out a bit, her head at his chin and her tail reaching his lower belly as he wrapped his arms around her. "If... that's what you want. Um... what do you want to be called?" he asked as he lifted his blanket up and she crawled under and snuggled close. "Hmm... that's a good question." She looked around the room as her tail swished about lightly shifting the sliver egg shells about on the covers, catching her attention. "How about... Silver?" Jacob thought for a moment before replying. "I like it. It fits you." He said quietly laying his head down on the pillow as Silver laid hers next to his. "Shall we rest the rest of the night silver? I still need my sleep for tomorrow." She nodded her head. "Yes we can talk more in the morning." She chirped and nuzzled Jacobs cheek and smiled. "Good night Jacob." "Good night Silver." Replied Jacob as he slowly closed his eyes.

Jacob woke up to the sun in his eyes shinning through his window as he sat up looking around, noticing the egg shells and blinking as it clicked in his head. "Silver?" he called out. "Where are you?" He heard a giggle in his mind and a shuffling under his bed. He leaned over and saw a backpack shoved out on the floor and silver slide out after it. "Morning sleepy head." she said chirping lightly and hopping up on his lap and nuzzling along his body, her finger like wings wrapping around him in a hug as he returned the hug noting her warmth. "So what where you doing under my bed?" Sliver looked up at him and smiled along her seamless beak. "I was just exploring and found your backpack." She giggled in his mind bringing a large smile to his face. "Oh i see." he replied. He shifted a bit as Silver hoped off his lap and he got up. "Now... my main concern is how to tell mom and dad that your a Lugia..." Silver blinked a bit confused. "Whats wrong with telling them?" she asked. Jacob looked at her now confused. "Well Silver you know what you are right?" She tackled him playfully, giggling in his mind "Of course I do! I'm a Lugia silly." She put that point down by nuzzling her head along his slowly. "Well you do know that you as a Lugia are... Extremely rare." She sat down on his chest looking him in the eyes, "So I'm rare... I don't quite see whats wrong?" Jacob sighed "Mom and Dad and pretty much anyone on this island see you more so as a god, mainly because of your father who has helped these islands and the world for hundreds of years." Silver blinked for a moment before shifting off Jacobs chest and snuggling up. "Dad mentioned something like this when I was still in my egg, but you don't worship me do you?" Jacob smiled and poked her lightly in the side "Only if you want me to." he giggled a bit seeing silver smile and hug him. "Please don't then Jacob." he nodded and held her in the hug. "Now how to deal with Mom and Dad." Sliver smiled and looked at him. "I have an idea." she said as she looked at his backpack.

Jacob opened his door nervously with his backpack on, he walked down the hall and down the stairs finding his mother in the kitchen cooking breakfast. "Morning Jacob!" his dad said, still at the table with the towns newspaper as he set it down. "Morning Dad!" he said sitting at the table taking his backpack off and setting it down. "All ready putting that pack to use I see." his father said chuckling. "ya..." he paused finding it a bit difficult to get his words out. "...I'm going to the daycare after breakfast." he finally managed to get out. "What for Jacob?" he smiled lightly "To thank auntie Barb and uncle Jazz for the best Pokemon in the world." His dad looked up at him from the paper a bit stunned. "It hatched? All ready?" Jacob nodded lightly putting the backpack in his lap. "You didn't put it in there did you?" Jacob simply responded "Well she doesn't like her poke-ball" he said unzipping the backpack as Silver poked her head out and climbed onto the table chirping a bit. "Jacob? Is that... a Lugia?" Silver looked at Jacobs father chirping in response to his question moving close to him as he and Jacobs mother looked on stunned. "H-how?" Silver moved and looked at a napkin on the table and snatched one up in her mouth and waved it around acting very much like a child would making Jacob smile at the act she was putting on. "I don't know Mom. That's why I was going to go out today and ask auntie Barb and uncle Jazz about it..." he paused a moment and then continued "...then tomorrow im going to begin my training with Silver." his mom looked at Silver still. "You sure its good for it at 2 days old?" Silver dropped the napkin and looked at her before she began emitting a psychic blue glow, as the eggs in the frying pan flipped by them self sizzling loudly as Silvers glow vanished. "Oh shes ready." Jacob replied with a smile as she walked across the table and snuggled up too him as he hugged her back gently. "Jacob... Lugias are..." Jacob cut his father off. "One Lugia is who we owe our thanks too... not this one" Silver nodded lightly to Jacobs dad as his mother got the now ready eggs putting them on a plate with toast. Jacob quickly grabbed it. "Now I'm off to the daycare for answers, if i can get any." He stood up taking a bite of the sandwich he made as Silver perched herself on his shoulder. As he left the house his parents where extremely quiet as he closed the door. "Well handled Jacob." he heard Silver say in his mind as he reached up to stroke her head and neck. "That was a very cute show you put on with the napkin." She giggled in his mind as Jacob started walking.

Jacob had decided to walk along the seaside road, he was pretty much at the day care, when an Island officer pulled up. "Hold it there young sir." Jacob stopped and waited for the officer he looked to silver on his shoulder not seeing her, she had vanished but he could still feel her weight. He turned back to the officer, "Is there a problem officer?" He was always taught to respect the law and that's what he did. "Jacob I thought I saw a Pokemon on your shoulder..." she hesitated for a moment "...It looked like a Lugia..." Jacobs expression was a slightly stunned one. "Uh I don't know what your talking about officer." the officer rubbed her eyes. "It must of been a trick of the light then." She put her glasses back on just as the radio on her scooter blared "Attention all units! Code-Ocean Guest is in effect! Target is a young male by the name of Jacob. I repeat Ocean Guest is a targeted event!" Jacob remained frozen on the spot as the officers mood changed and she glared at him. "I DID see one!" She lunged at him but he dodged her just as silver pulled on him and she yelled in his mind "RUN!!!"

He didn't need telling twice as he felt silver dive into his backpack and he ran to the barrier on the road, jumping over it and sliding down the slope a ways before hitting the soft sand of the beach and began running along it. The officer watched Jacob as she reported through her radio. Jacob was running as fast as he could along the beach, heading towards the daycare. He dared a glance behind him seeing the officer following on foot. He was reaching the rougher part of the beach as rock began replacing sand. Silver poked her head out and leaned to the right toward a cave. "In there Jacob!" he turned and ran into it reaching the wall. "What now?" he asked as Silver jumped out of the backpack. "Curl up Jacob. Try and hide as best as possible." Jacob couldn't believe what she was saying, but did it anyways as she wrapped her wings around him and remained perfectly still as he looked at her panting and speaking in his mind. "Silver... what are we doing?" Her only response was a small thought of "I'm busy don't do anything!" Jacob watched as the officer reached the cave entrance looking around for a moment and then right at him and away. She kept running along the beach leaving both of them alone. He tried to move but silver held him still.

He didn't really like not knowing what she was doing, but he didn't dare say anything in his mind to her until she let him go. "I'm sorry Jacob i had to make sure she was gone." He smiled as he heard her voice in his mind once again "Its okay Silver. What where you doing exactly?" She snuggled up to him. "I was bending the light around us. So we where hidden." Jacob thought for a moment about that and rubbed her head gently. "Thank you for saving me silver..." he waited for a moment before continuing, "...I honestly didn't know the police had a code for if your kind showed up." Silvers reply was short and rhetorical "I don't expect you to know everything." she giggled in his mind as well as gave a small chirp pressing her head to his chest. "Your heart is so nice to listen to Jacob." he simply smiled and held Silver close. "Thank you Silver. You are simply wondrous to look at." Silver lifted her head and gave a lick to his cheek. "So what now Jacob?" he thought for a moment before answering. "Well I know we are close to the daycare since the beach in now rock. I think we can wait till later tonight and then..."

Night had fallen. Jacob and Silver slowly left the cave and continued along the beach until they could see the daycare lights. Jacob crept up to the building carefully, stopping as a police cruiser moved up the drive way stopping at the building. He watched as two officers got out and entered. "Darn! We have to wait for them to leave." Just as he said that a Growlith was let out the back door. It was his aunt and uncles "watchdog". It crept across the field meeting Jacob and Silver. It whispered in the Pokemon language as Silver translated, "he says that your Aunt and Uncle had expected you to come but when they heard about us from your parents, they stashed everything you need for our journey at the far end of the playpens near the beach." Jacob nodded and rubbed the Growlith's head. "Thanks Pup." The Growlith got up and walked carefully to guide them to it in the dark. As Jacob followed he would continue to glance at the daycare, but nothing was going on. They soon reached the farthest pen and the Growlith moved to the nearby woods and pulled a bush aside with its mouth, revealing the sleeping bag and pillow as well as all the camping cooking equipment and canned foods he needed all neatly tucked into a travel backpack with room to spare for silver. "Pup go give Auntie the message that I got all this once the police leave okay?" The Growlith nodded and dashed back to the house. "How will he let them know?" Silver asked. "oh... when i was young pup was the one who Uncle Jazz sent to get me for lunch or supper and he would reach me then go back and lick 3 times on there hands. They will understand." He slipped his other backpack into the new one so silver could still be comfy. "Well off to the docks I guess?" Silver nodded in agreement as Jacob slipped back onto the beach, moving back the way he had come.

Jacob had moved along the beach speedily, to the dock to find that it was shut down. "No... they shut it down... because of us." He fell to his knees unable to believe he missed that possibility just as silver jumped off his shoulder and stood in front of him. "Jacob? Don't give up. There is ways around this." She moved close to him her wings wrapping around his neck resting on his shoulders in a hug. He hugged her back tears welling up in his eyes. "Silver i just want you to be safe and happy, this is just making it so difficult." Silver simply gave a small chirp and hugged him more before replying "Jacob life does this to test you don't worry about it." She let her hug go and sat in front of him cutely bringing a smile to his face. "Silver... I" she put a finger from her wing on his lips and said "Don't worry about it." She looked up past him with a smile on her face as he got up hitting his head on something soft. "Someone need a ride?" a familiar voice filled his head "L...Lugia?" he whispered "How did you?"the response he got wasn't what he expected. "That doesn't matter little ones. Right now you must leave this island before they get you. Both of you climb upon my back." Lugia laid himself on the sand as Silver jumped into Jacobs backpack. Jacob slowly got on Lugias back holding on where he could as Lugia quickly jumped into the air silently, and turned into the darkness of the ocean horizon.