Dear my lover.

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Dear my lover, you must have been such a wonderful person to have laster this long. I really wish that I could take back everything that I've said and done to you. You were always there for me when i was down and I cant believe I never returned the favor to you. You were always ready to bring support to those who needed it the most, including me. Nevertheless, I however don't understand how you could put up with the world around you. I mean, look at yourself. you are so perfect, even after all the troubles and negativity brought on to you by society. I can only imagine the stress that you carryl along with you in life. However, put that all aside, I love you. no matter what happens now, i see that there is a truth to you that i couldn't see in anyone else.

Dear my lover. whoever you may be. i wish you were mine

Dear lover, wherever you may be, you're still with me.

Dear_______. Please let me fill in the blank...