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"Stewie, it's time to go."


Brian sighed, pushing open the door to Stewie's room, and quickly skimming the interior for any sign of danger. Truth be told, he wouldn't be surprised if Stewie was sitting in a chair, facing the door, with a flamethrower prepped and ready to release a stream of searing flames. Brian had dealt with that once, he didn't want to do it again. Quite the contrary, he found Stewie sitting in the corner of his room, his teddy bear held tight against his chest, thumb inside his mouth. His eyes were wide, and shifted from side to side, just in case any danger spring forth from a wall, or the closet, or the nailed shut window.

"Stewie, Lois is in the car waiting."

"No! I'm not going. She can't make me!"

Brian rested his head in his paw and sighed. "For the last time, it's just a booster shot. All babies get them. It keeps you healthy."

"It's sadism, that's what it is! Sticking people full of holes like that, what sort of monsters are they!"

"Come on, it's just a little pin prick and then it's over."

"It's going to hurt as much as getting a pin prick?! Blast!"

"And then you get a lollipop. You want a lollipop? A nice green one? Come on, we can get a lollipop." Brian squatted slightly and offered his paw.

Stewie reached forward with a shaking hand, closing his little fingers around the white, fuzzy paw. Brian hoisted him to feet and began to walk with him to the door, only for Stewie to sucker punch Brian in the kidneys, making the dog bark. Gripping the paw with both hands, Stewie twisted, and with all his might, managed to throw Brian into a large chamber with all his might. Somehow, Brian had failed to notice the chamber occupying a good portion of the room, perhaps he had simply passed it off as another Time Machine. A Plexiglas door sealed the chamber, and after Brian recovered from the sucker punch and throw, he realized he was trapped inside. Furious, Brian began pounding and barking at Stewie, who only smiled as he approached the clear glass, feeling quite proud of himself. "Oh relax, Brian. It's not going to hurt you. Well, much." Stewie turned, and began to type at a computer that was located between the two black chambers. "If this 'booster shot' is nothing to worry about, then you won't mind taking my place, will you? This will be the first run of my latest invention: the Wholesale Human Organic Rearranging Engine. It will swap our organic mass and matter, while leaving our thoughts intact. So while I'm safe, sleeping on Lois and the Fatman's bed, licking my balls and urinating in public, you'll be getting your arm poked full of holes. How do you like that?!"

"Stewie, this is crazy. Let me out of here!"

"No can do, Brian." Stewie slammed his hand onto the green button at the center of the computer, and rushed into the second chamber before the door automatically closed. Brian snarled, and began to pound on the Plexiglas barrier, harder and harder, and when his fists didn't suffice, he attempted to ram against it with his shoulder. He began to cough as a copious amount of smoke began to fill the chamber, and again he rammed against the wall, but he began to feel quite ill. He coughed, trying to cover his mouth, but soon the entire chamber was filled with obscuring blue gas.

At last, the chamber opened, the blue smoke spilling out and filling the room. It soon found its way to the open window, and dissipated harmlessly into the air, leaving not a trace of what had happened. Brian, groaning, stumbled out of the chamber, but tripped on his own feet and hit the ground hard. He pushed himself up on his pudgy little hands, and at last noticed that his body was no longer covered in white fur, instead replaced with pinkish, pudgy skin. He was nude, having gone into the chamber with nothing but his dog collar, which was now around his much thinner neck, and felt oddly ashamed now that his penis was no longer hidden from the world within a sheath. He saw Stewie, looking just like him, stumble out of the other chamber. The tattered remains of his clothing, what he had torn out of as he grew, fell as his feet.

"Change us back!" Brian shouted, trying to hold Stewie up by the collar, but he found himself with frustratingly tiny baby arms. Stewie, on the other hand, had the strong build of a dog, as well as nearly four inches in height and around fifty pounds. With one finger, he flicked the baby across the brow, knocking him onto his rump.

Brian felt his eyes start to water from the pain in his rump from falling, as well as the freshly forming bruise on his forehead. Both insignificant injuries were causing a swelling of tears like he had never known. He bit back his cry and instead got to his feet, glaring at the white dog, who smiled. "Even if I wanted to, which I don't, I can't. The machine needs 72 hours to cool down and the batteries to recharge. Oh well, guess you're stuck like that."

Grabbing or punching at Stewie wouldn't work, considering Brian was now limited to the body of a baby. But on the receiving end of Stewie's abuse on more than one occasion, he did have one thought of what to do. Brian squatted, and balanced on two feet and a hand, before charging forward, the crown of his football shaped head out in front of him. Stewie realized what was happening a moment before the crown rammed full force into his chest, winding him. Brian continued to charge, the force knocking Stewie into a nearby wall, making a small dent. Brian pulled back, and then rammed his head forward once more, causing Stewie to gasp and groan and feel bile climb up his throat. He was spared another strike when Lois, who had finally come into the room, gathered who she assumed was her baby into her arms.

"Jeez Brian, what's taking you so long?" she muttered, turning and heading out of the room, leaving Stewie-in-Brian's body on his knees, holding his chest. A moment later, a stream of bile had shot out of his mouth, spraying over the ground.

Lois casually buckled her baby into his car seat, behind the driver's seat. She slipped another diaper onto his lower body, and then a shirt over his oddly shaped head.

"Lois, listen to me. Stewie switched bodies! I'm Brian! I'm Brian!"

"Oh Stewie, you talk so silly with your baby talk," Lois said, stroking under the baby's chin. "Someday you'll be able to say real words even."

"Lou-" A pacifier was stuffed into his mouth suddenly, and although he lifted a hand to pull it away, he suddenly felt very, very tired. He yawned gently, eyes feeling heavy, and was vaguely aware that the door beside him had been shut. His head slunk, and he felt the car start to drive, but was no longer interested. He suckled on the pacifier, it easing the pain in his forehead and rump, and at the moment, that was all that really mattered.


The first thing Brian-in-Stewie's body did that night was find Stewie-in-Brian's body. He found him in his, well, Stewie's room, in the corner, just as he had this morning, only this time the situation was much different. Stewie-in-Brian's body had a leg lifted towards the sky and held back with a careful hand. His neck was forward, his snout pressed gingerly into his testicles. Every few moments, the pink tongue slipped out, and ran over the cute, pink tapered erection that was pushing out of the fleshy lips of the sheath. "Oh jeez..." Brian said, looking away.

"Heh, what? 'I'm cleaning myself.' Isn't that the excuse you always give?"

"You know, you just ru-ined it for... Ru-ined... What is left of Pompeii is the ruins. You just ru-ined it... Dah!"

"Is that my voice? I'm amazed Lois hasn't smothered me in my crib yet. God, I sound like such an enormous douche."

"Why don't we sound like we should? Shouldn't I still sound like me, you still sound like you?"

"Our bodies have changed, Brian. Genetically, you're still Brian the dog, but you've got my body, my vocal cords. You twit..."

Brian sighed. "What's up with the body swapper? I mean, you were just screwing with me when you said we would have to wait 72-hours, right? I got your booster shot. There's no need for us to still be in this body."

"Afraid I was being honest."

Several moments of silence passed, before Brian lowered his head and charged forward. But prepared this time, Stewie stepped to his side, and Brian ended up tripping, tumbling over the Rupert teddy bear and landing on the floor. The rug burned his elbow and his knee, and once more he felt tears welling in his eyes. This time he whimpered, and rolling onto his rump, began to sob gently. The sobbing grew in intensity, steadily, as he felt a warmth trickle out from between his legs, making him shiver. He looked down to his pants, sickened and horrified by what was happening, and yet unable to make his body stopped. He quickly undid his overalls and worked them to his ankles, and then lifted his shirt to better examine the diaper. He shivered, urine still pouring out of his penis, and soon joined by a weight in the back of his diaper that made his rump feel sickly warm.

Try as he might, he could not stop crying. He was wailing now, so loud that Lois at last heard and came in. Without worry, she gathered the sobbing baby into her arms, and began to gently rock him, easing the whimpers and screams. "Little Stewie had an accident?" she whispered. "It's alright. That's why we have the Huggies Pull-Ups. Absorbent and comfortable, but you can think yourself a big boy when you wear them, till you have an accident. Oh, what's this? Did you scrape your knee? Awe, mommy will take care of that, my little wonder."

Brian found the urge to cry easing to an eventual stop, and leaning back in the warm arms of the woman carrying him, he closed his eyes and rested. Lois always smelled nice, and even though he only had a baby's nose now, he could appreciate the warmth of her perfume, and beneath that, the natural richness of her skin. She used a ginger scented shampoo. He caught whiff of it when her hair happened to brush over his face. But beneath all that, he smelled something warm and milky, and realized the scent was from his proximity to her perky breasts. His wailing and crying had had an effect on her, she had not yet noticed though with all her attention on the youth in her arms, but the nipples of her shirt were starting to grow darker as milk leaked out of the two tits. It was wrong to stare, he knew, but with the boobs right in his face, her cleavage nestled gently between the folds of the teal shirt she always wore, and the milky scent that was impacting his new, baby instincts, he couldn't help it.

Lois set Brian-in-Stewie's body down on the changing table, and carefully undid the laces of his little shoes. She pulled them, and his socks, away and threw them aside, as they were no longer needed. His shirt followed, which was only done after some difficulty, as no shirt's collar was made with the unique shape of his head in mind. Last were his pants, and no longer obstructed, Lois carefully undid the straps that held his full diaper in place.

Brian sniffled slightly as the front of the diaper opened. His penis, no longer smothered by the tightness of the diaper, rose forward, hard and erect. Brian blushed, and tried to move his clumsy baby hands to hide his erection, but Lois pinned his hands down, seemingly ignorant of the penis, assuming it was only filled with pee. Why was this happening? Why, of all the parts of him that had to remain, was it his penis? Why not his voice or his instincts? Did his attraction to the red haired goddess before him transcend scientific limitations?

Lois gripped his ankles and lifted him up, sliding the diaper out from under him. "Phew, how did you turn breast milk and mashed up carrots into that? Smells like when Brian goes on the rug." She sealed the diaper into a plastic bag, and then dropped the contents into the garbage.

Lois brushing his buttocks and genitals with a moist towel was, to put simply, absolutely heavenly. She was leaning over him as she did so, the sweet mounds of her breasts hanging in front of his face. She squeezed his penis and pulled the foreskin down, working to clean every nook and cranny of the aching shaft. And with the swaying breasts, and their warm, milky scent right in his face, Brian had never even dreamed of an experience like this.

And yet, Brian found he could not reach the true state of bliss he so desired. His brain may have been filled with lustful desires and naughty thoughts, but his testicles were absolutely empty, so even when the swollen, milk filled boobs bounced into his face and knocked him back, perhaps the most fantastic action he had ever dared hope for, he found his erection remained as painfully stiff as ever.

"Mmm, these little scrapes are nothing bad," Lois said, inspecting his knee and elbow. "But I probably should get you washed up." She smiled warmly. "Do you want to take a bath with mommy? Yeah, you do, don't you. Then Peter won't come stomping in and want to share the water, not if you're in here, my little wonder."

Lois buckled Brian onto the changing table, as she drew herself a bath. She turned her back to Brian, and faced the mirror as she undid her shirt, one button at a time. If Brian leaned to his side, as far as the restraining belt would allow, he could just catch the reflection of Lois in the mirror. She had been trying to wean Stewie from the breast again, but given up after he refused to drink from his Sippy Cup for a few days. Her breasts had not yet reached a normal size, though. They were still engorged from the excess milk that was stored inside them, increasing the girth of her usually perky breasts into a pair of absolutely stunning D's. They smelled heavenly. Of course, Lois' natural scent always left Brian's heart fluttering, but without a shirt or bra to keep the scent of her boobs concealed, the scent of her warm skin and milk left him drooling for reasons aside from sexual desire. Lois kicked off her shoes, and then unbuttoned her pants. Bending over, showing her shapely hips to the baby, she pulled her pants to her ankles and stepped out of them. Her panties followed, and now bear, her absolutely stunning rump was the focus on Brian's desires.

His erection seemed to reach a new level of hard. If he were in his normal body, by now he could father a dozen broods. But his new testicles weren't functioning yet, and so no matter how painfully aroused he grew, there was no way to relieve the tension that was tight in his groin. He bit his lip, whining and sobbing, and trying to rub himself to relieve the aching in his groin, but that only made himself more aroused and made the lack of climax all the worse.

Seeing the baby's face contorted into a pained expression, Lois giggled, assuming he had a bad case of gas. Completely bare, she walked over, and gathered him into her arms. She laughed as he immediately got to work, pawing at her plump breast, suckling at it, but his silly baby lips could not seem to find her nipple. "There, there," she said, and she pushed him back slightly. She walked to the bath, opening the curtains and climbing into the full tub. She shut the water off with her foot, and scooted back until she was sitting with her back against the wall. Setting the baby in her lap, she griped one of her boobs carefully. Squeezing the nipple just a few times, she worked a steady dribble of white cream out of the tit. Then, lifting Brian's head, she carefully guided him to the dribbling nipple and allowed him to get to work.

Brian could not believe what he was doing. His eager lips fixed over the erect tit, forming a seal, as he began to suckle and slurp hungrily. His tiny hands lifted and embraced the massive breast, giving it gentle squeezes as if he needed confirmation that it was real. This close, he could see how stretched the apple white skin was, how full of milk the two breasts were. Blue veins weaved an intricate spider web over the gorgeous, perfect, clean smelling skin. Emerging from the ring of her tit were a couple black strings of hair.

"Oh ho ho," Lois laughed. "You're a hungry little boy, aren't you? That's alright. You haven't been eating lately, I was starting to worry."

As her baby, or at least who she assumed was her baby, was preoccupied with the meal before him, Lois carefully lathered up a washcloth. She brought it down slowly, and gently washed it over the little baby's buttocks and his tiny, chubby legs. She moved it up his back, and then carefully washed over his oddly shaped skull and behind his ears.

All the while, Brian suckled like mad, trying to sate a thirst that seemed to have no limits. The more warm cream washed through his mouth, embracing every taste bud, the deeper his thirst struck him and the more he craved. He squeezed the massive breast with both hands now, hoping to coax more and more of the sweet cream out of it, all the while encouraged by Lois that he was "a growing boy."

When her first breast began to run dry, he simply turned his attention to her second, and found it plumped up nice and full, ready to release a stream of milk into his awaiting mouth. Just as he had before, he gripped it with both his feeble little hands, and gave it a tentative squeeze with his pudgy fingers. The breast yielded under his fingers, and he could feel both the pounding of her heart as well as the milk that was so deliciously housed within, just past the outer rim of her skin...

"Ouch... hey, no biting, Stewie. Mommy doesn't like that."

Brian looked up at Lois, and then resumed suckling and licking, but not biting, though how tempting it was. He was sure if he bit, extra milk came with the suckles. He was positive in fact, but another bite earned a warning that she would stop feeding him, so he stopped.

All the while, his aching erection remained rock solid between his chubby thighs. Sometimes when he moved, his erection happened to brush against Lois' tight abdomen. The sensitive nerve endings of his penis' head against the warm, wet skin of the woman he loved... he wanted so bad to make a mess of her chest, but his body simply was not capable of such things.

At the last, he finally felt one of his hungers sated. His belly was now filled to the limit with warm milk and slightly more bloated than it had before. He rubbed it gently, feeling a sense of content, but also a deep longing in his testicles. With his belly full, the emptiness in his scrotum seemed all the more intense. He barely moved as Lois washed over him, using the washcloth and then her hands to get into his every inch of him clean. He submitted to her whims and her desires, moving however she liked, frequently enjoying the angle that he found himself in. He always had a sight line with her breasts, which had to be her best feature, and despite how sickly full he felt, he wanted nothing more than to fix his lips around the nipples and suckle just a few more drops.

Perhaps the best of times came when she carefully sat him down on the bathtub floor, allowing him to splash about in the ankle high water. She stood then, and began to wash herself, and he was treated to a truly spectacular sight. Her great and powerful legs corralled him as she stood, and he followed them along their path and to the supple groin of her vagina. Her lips bore the same ginger hair as what crowned his head, somehow that intrigued him even more than the obviously sexual sight. More than a few times her fingers brushed over her nether lips teasingly, but always remembering that she had her baby before her, she didn't dare pleasure herself.

At last, the bath came to an end. Lois scooped her baby up and carried him out of the shower, once more buckling him onto the table. She dried herself with a warm towel, and did the same to Brian, but before getting him dressed she decided to blow-dry her hair, giving Brian ample time to examine his new body in the bathroom mirror.

He had never thought of Stewie as even remotely attractive, but now he wasn't looking at Stewie, was he? He was looking at himself, sort of... Still Stewie's body, but through a new set of eyes, and he had to admit, he liked what he saw. He liked his little pudgy body, his cute rump cheeks, and especially his still engorged erection, hanging like a third leg. It was a torturous feeling that was inside him: dancing on the brim of release but never achieving it, but he began to enjoy the near crippling pain in his loins. He turned around, showing his back and his buttocks to the mirror, and spanked himself cutely on one of his cheeks, watching the pocket of fat giggle merrily.

He was scooped up by Lois suddenly, and placed on the changing table. She slipped a diaper onto his kicking legs and then slipped a shirt over his chest. The diaper felt wonderful on him, the silky embrace massaging his aching penis gently, pleasantly, not to mention the talcum powder that was on his rump made him feel smoother than he ever had before. A hand reached into his diaper and felt around, and finding his penis and his minuscule testicles, he gave them both a little squeeze. He was rewarded with a pleasantly warm feeling washing over him. All that milk he had gulped down had to go somewhere, after all, and although before this act had disgusted him, he now found it rather pleasant. There was the enjoyable relief of the weight in his balls, not the sexual tension that still burdened him, but a more natural release that made him smile dumbly. And there was how the warmth washed over his legs, and how the diaper felt now that it was full of that same warmth, how it squished between his legs and over his cheeks and against his testicles.

"Oh, Stewie," Lois said, lifting him off the table and examining the yellow stain over the new diapers. "Well, I better-"

Peter burst into the bathroom, bloodied, beaten, left arm hanging limp out of the shoulder socket. Shards of glass peppered him, most still drawing fresh blood. The lens on the right of his glasses had been shattered, the shards now embedded deep in his eye socket. A vicious looking pit bull had sunk its jaws into his left leg, and was presently snarling and biting furiously, trying to work the limb off the rest of the body and claim it for his own. Most disturbingly, however, a long shaft that supported a Stop sign was now embedded in his chest, crimson spilling out of the open wound and staining the white shirt Peter always wore. Lois sighed. "Ernie again?"

"Uh hu," Peter said with a whimper.

"I'll call Dr. Hartman. Oh, Brian, I'm glad you're here, come and change Stewie. I need to drive Peter to the Emergency Room."

Stewie-in-Brian's body attempted to protest, but was suddenly yanked by the redhead, and thrown into the bathroom, before Brian-in-Stewie's body, who spread his legs wide, showing the deep yellow stain that now soiled the diaper. "Yes Brian, come and change Stewie."

Brian gave a wide smile, almost ear to ear, and decided that three days of this probably wouldn't be too bad after all.