Blood, Sex & Metal - Episode 3

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WARNING! This third installment of Blood, Sex & Metal contains GRATUITOUS SCENES OF LESBIAN SEX! If you have something against lesbians, you can completely skip this episode... if you really want to.

Chishi strode down the dark alley way, watching the cool night-time breeze blow random litter across the pavement. She could smell strangers in the air, and could see dark figures blocking out the sight of the moon and stars above her! It had to be... ninjas!

She turned and met three of them as they landed in karate stances, blocking one way out of the alley. She turned again and ran the other direction, but two more dropped down and took martial arts stances of attack. She sniffed and ran her thumb across her nose. "Alright! You wanna fight? Let's fight!"

Their eyes glowed white from behind their black ninja outfits, and in true ninja fashion they attacked her one at a time! One of the two jump-kicked at her, but she blocked with her arms, and skidded back along the pavement. She reached into her jacket for her hunting knife, but suddenly realized she wasn't wearing her jacket! The ninja took up the crane stance and snap-kicked at her, but she side-stepped and clocked the ninja across the face, knocking him to the ground.

She turned to face the others, but found herself stopped in place! The world around her melted away like wax from a candle, and the sky became purple.

Suddenly, she found herself back in high school. Chishi, at the youthful age of 15 wore band shirts almost every day to school. Alice Cooper was one of her favorite singers to promote, and she had a black backpack with Metallica printed on it in white. She was the only reptile in school, so she rarely got accepted for the clubs. Her style was rebellious, so she was never viewed well by the teachers. The only people she really got along with were those she called friends.

Emmii was a wolf, and always one of her friends. Chishi saw her there, getting harassed by the boys again. It must be because of her family, or her chest she always thought. Emmii was a little more girly than Chishi in school, wearing skirts and more revealing tops.

One of the boys had her up by her locker, leaning in and grinning. "Come on, babe. You can't hold on to that alpha shit forever."

Chishi showed up beside him before he noticed her. She had him held by the shoulder as she spoke into his ear. "Didn't she already say no to you?" She gripped his shoulder tightly with a growl. "'Sides, you smell like that shit, and I ain't gonna have a part of it."

The male turned to her and looked down. "Sorry. I forgot about your sensitive sense of smell." Wait a second... his voice didn't quite sound right. He kept speaking. "I thought I got it washed out of this coat, but I guess it still lingers."

Chishi opened her eyes slowly and raised one of her hands to block out the fluorescent light above. "What... where am I?" She slowly sat up, realizing she was on a black futon, and both her jacket and boots were removed.

"You crashed onto the fire escape outside of my apartment here." Chishi's eyes adjusted a bit more until she was able to see who was talking to her. She was a dark grey wolf with dark hair and black stripes along her tail. She was wearing a grey sweatshirt and pants, with paint splatter on them in different places. "Be glad you're you, I would've thrown anyone else over the rail." She chuckled with a smile.

"Holy shit!" Chishi pounced from the futon and threw her arms around the wolf, embracing her tightly. "Emmii!" After a tight hug she pulled back a little to look into her old friend's blue and purple eyes. She noted some new colorful studs along her nose which trailed to her cheek. "Where have you been all these years?"

Emmii smiled, but slowly pushed out of the embrace. "I should ask you that. After you got pulled out of school we lost contact with you. Me and your brutal sisters fell apart, and me..." she paused and turned away, staring at her art. "I think I fell pretty far."

"Hey," Chishi started talking as she put her hands on Emmii's shoulders. "I don't care where you fell, Em'. Friends for life ain't just a slogan for me."

Emmii turned again and looked her friend in the eyes. Her past and present came crashing together and she suddenly threw herself at Chishi, holding her tightly. "Chishi... so much has changed. Life has changed. So many bad things, so much shit has happened!"

Chishi rubbed her back and squeezed her close. "So much shit for both of us, Em'. I tried hard to find contact with you, I missed you a lot. The whole thing blindsided us, y'know?"

Emmii nodded and smiled. "I missed you too. It was hard without you. Had to try and stand up for myself." She broke the embrace and took Chishi's hand. "Come on, sit with me." She said, leading her over towards the futon.

Chishi raised a brow as she followed. "Your piercings... I could've sworn they were purple just a moment ago."

Emmii ran a finger over her deep blue piercings with a smirk. "Oh yeah, they do that. It's a new kind of stone for the piercing. Kind of like a mood stone." After sitting down, she took Chishi's hand and ran her fingers back along the stones.

Chishi watched as the stones slowly began to change color towards a more yellowish appearance. She brought her face close as she questioned the change. "So, what kind of emotion are you feeling now?"

"Excited? A little bit nervous?" Emmii admitted, putting one of her arms around Chishi's waist. "You haven't changed much, except maybe a bit taller, and a bit stronger."

Chishi grinned as she rubbed her hand around on Emmii's back. "I may not have changed much... but you sure didn't stop growing." She bobbed her head and shifted her eyes to Emmii's chest, bringing her attention to the implication.

Emmii looked away a little at the implication as her stones turned a little green. "Yeah, blame my mother for that one."

"Blame?" Chishi chuckled. "Just 'cause I ain't got that kind of equipment doesn't mean I can't appreciate what it's done for my brutal sister's figure." Her hand ran down Emmii's back to where she scratched gently at her lower back. "So, what mood does green show up for?"

Emmii blushed and turned back. She paused with a gaze into Chishi's golden eyes before suddenly grabbing her by the shirt. "That I want to better re-acquaint myself with my brutal sister!" Without any more hesitation, she pressed herself against Chishi and locked their lips together.

Chishi was surprised at first, but warmed up quickly with a moan, putting her hand to Emmii's cheek. She pressed her chest up against Emmii's breasts, and for a short moment she broke the kiss. Staring into Emmii's eyes and seeing that lust, she went right back into the kiss. Groaning as she parted her lips and slipped her long serpentine tongue in, gliding it tenderly along Emmi's, who slid her arms around Chishi's back, gripping at her shirt as she let her press against her.

As their lips parted, Chishi took a deep breath for air and hissed sensually. She paused to gaze upon Emmii for a few seconds before her hands grabbed at the hem of Emmii's sweat shirt. "Alright, this is going!" She left Emmii with no choice as she lifted herself on the futon and pulled the shirt off.

Emmii's large breasts fell out of the sweat shirt easily. She didn't have a bra on, not expecting company, and painting in her sweats made it more comfortable to go without. Her first reaction was to cover them, which earned a slightly confused look from Chishi. Then she snickered and lowered her arms. "That was silly of me."

"Damn you've filled out a lot." Chishi sat down and groped the newly exposed breasts. She cupped them in her scaled hands and squeezed them, rolling them as she went. Emmii let out a delighted moan as she arched her back and let Chishi massage her chest.

Chishi got a wild look in her eyes suddenly, and pushed Emmii against the arm of the futon, forcing her to arch her back with a surprised squeal. Chishi's mouth took hold of one of Emmii's breasts, and she put a hand around her back. With one of her knees parting Emmii's legs, she put a hand down into those grey sweat pants, causing Emmii to jump a bit in shock as she felt Chishi's fingers pressing against her mound.

She didn't protest as she leaned her head back and moaned, wrapping her arms around Chishi and pulling up her shirt.

Chishi sucked roughly on Emmii's nipple, getting it nice and hard before flicking it rapidly with her forked tongue. Meanwhile, she expertly rolled the tip of her index finger on Emmii's clit, driving her to louder moans as she pressed her pelvis up against Chishi's hand. "Oh shit, yes!"

Chishi popped off from that nipple and moved over to the other, gliding her tongue across Emmii's base chest as she went. She suckled gently on that nipple now, as her hand rubbed against Emmii's slit, slipping through her lips to moisten her finger as she rubbed.

Emmii rocked her hips back against Chishi's hand, as she huffed and bit her bottom lip. She dropped her hands from around Chishi's back and pushed her sweatpants down her thighs.

Chishi slid back and grabbed the edges of Emmii's sweatpants to pull them the rest of the way off. Emmii lifted her legs to support the action, and as soon as they were off she threw herself on Chishi. She pinned her against the other arm of the futon with a growl, grabbing at her shirt and almost ripping it as she pulled it off over Chishi's head. She pressed herself up against Chishi's bare scaly chest as she bit her long muscular neck.

Chishi moaned deeply and pressed her hips up against Emmii. She swatted Emmii on the rump with both hands, one after the other, and then gave her a good squeeze.

Emmii growled sensually and kissed Chishi's neck. "Oh how I've missed you." She took Chishi's hands from her rear and backed up. Gazing into Chishi's eyes with a grin, she un-did Chishi's jeans with care. As soon as she had the zipper down, she stood from the futon and tore them away.

Chishi laughed playfully and curled her legs back as the pants were removed from them. She swiftly pulled her panties off and tossed them off to the side of the futon. Then she spread her legs and ran her fingers up along her exposed flesh, gently parting her moist slit. Teasingly, she rubbed her clit with her middle finger and blew a kiss to Emmii.

Emmii threw the jeans back over her shoulder and went down on her knees before Chishi. Her hands grabbed at Chishi's outer thighs, squeezing gently as she had her first taste.

Chishi groaned as she felt Emmii's lupine tongue flick and roll against her flesh. She dangled her legs over Emmii's shoulders as her juices mingled with saliva. She quivered as she felt Emmii take her clit with her lips and suck deeply on it. One of her hands ran through Emmii's hair, gripping tightly at it as she rolled her hips against the invading tongue and moaned. "There we go, right there!"

Emmii snuck one of her hands away to play with her own wet slit, rolling her fingers over her burning mound. She groaned against Chishi as she pressed her muzzle rougher against that scaly crotch as she continued to violate Chishi's tight opening, withdrawing her tongue only to swallow their vulgar mixture of fluids before pressing on.

Chishi curled her toes and took a tighter grip on Emmii's head, hissing harshly with pleasure. Her tail lashed around on the floor behind the futon, and the buildup was getting tough on her, but she couldn't go out yet. Suddenly, she snapped and her tail slapped against the floor. She curled forward and her hands grabbed Emmii by under her arms, lifting her enough to meet her mouth to mouth.

Emmii was pressed back until she met the floor. Chishi's long tail was coiled around both of them, and both of them were embracing tightly with a deep kiss. Chishi's forked tongue glided along Emmii's flat wet tongue, tasting their mixed fluids.

During their embrace, Chishi entwined her legs around Emmii's, and when she broke from the kiss, she sat up and grabbed Emmii's leg, pulling and locking their hips together. Emmii squealed in a moan and happy surprise as Chishi pressed their hungry flesh together.

Chishi and Emmii took one another's hand, entwining their fingers as they rolled and ground their hips. Emmii, who was feeling her friend's wet folds and surrounding scales grinding against her, and Chishi, who was rubbing against her friend with pleasurable force.

As their moans reverberated through the room, Chishi coiled her tail around and used her prehensile flexibility to grab one of Emmii's large breasts. Her tail coiled around it like a snake, squeezing forcefully, and at the end of its coil she lashed the tip of her tail against Emmii's other breast.

Emmii was feeling hoarse from moaning, but she was getting so close. She gripped Chishi's hand tighter as her groans became more primal, and for a few moments she locked eyes with her, sending silent signals of enjoyment.

Chishi pulled and rolled herself rougher against Emmii as the pressure lit her body on fire. She growled and tightened her grip on Emmii's hand and leg. "Yes! Fuck!" She pressed up against Emmii as she lost grip of her leg, grabbing at the wooden floor as her hips hung stiffly pressed to Emmii's. Both of them experienced the same feeling. Their insides tightened up, and a wave of sensation poured through their systems that drove their senses wild.

Both of them reacted in time as they pulled up to each other and locked into a kiss, moaning and groaning against each other as their hips kept gyrating. The electrifying feeling they shared made their bodies spasm against one another for what felt like a long, wonderful time.

Finally, the feeling died down, they fell apart exhausted and breathing heavily. Chishi sprawled out and hissed with a deep breath. "You always did make me feel welcome."

Emmii laughed lightly, and worked on deeper breaths for a bit. Finally, she got up and wandered back to the futon, flopping down on it. "Well, it's late, and you made me tired." She smiled with a wink.

Chishi grinned and got up, trudging over to the futon and joining her friend on it. After pulling her wig off and dropping it on the floor she nosed Emmi gently. "Sleep well."

Chishi slowly opened her eyes as the sun lit up the room. As she lifted her head to look at the clock, her shifting around disturbed Emmii, who had settled into a spooning position with her at some point.

It was seven in the morning, which meant that if she hurried fifteen minutes ago, she could've made it to work on time... but after last night, she didn't figure there was a guarantee she still had her job waiting for her.

She sat up a little more, but stopped as Emmii groaned a little and shifted onto her back, but otherwise didn't wake up. Chishi smiled and rested one of her hands on Emmii's belly, as she gazed upon her sleeping friend. Her eyes slowly drifted around the room, which was sparsely invaded by warm sunlight that illuminated specks of dust which floated through the rays of light. She must've been lost in her half-awake state for at least fifteen minutes as she stared at the room, gently stroking Emmii's belly now and then.

She hated to do it, but she slowly got up from the futon. As she did, Emmii opened one of her eyes and mumbled. "Chi'? Wh... what time is it?"

Chishi stood up and stretched with a groan. "Ohh, almost seven thirty." Emmii growled in response and grabbed the pillow, holding it over her face. Chishi snickered and tapped her on the shoulder. "Hey, lemme use your phone and I'll be right back next to you in a minute."

Emmii turned and blinked a few times, then nodded. "Yeah, go ahead." She held up one of her hands to point the way to the phone.

Chishi wandered over, stumbling a little on her wig, she kicked it towards the bathroom door. She sat down and dialed up her workplace. After four rings, she heard her boss pick up. "Ah, yes, hello. It's me."

She rolled her eyes with a groan. "Yeah, I know, but I got chased down by guys with guns. I had to hole up somewhere other than home. Come on, you can't fault me for that."

She sighed heavily. "Yes, I know what you said."

With a thoughtful look, she scratched the back of her head. "Well uh, how about I make it up by doing night shift? Looked like they needed some help with those crates."

"What do you mean only cats? Come on, it's your business."

"Well, is there something I can do to make this up? I can't afford to be out of a job!"

She smiled lightly and nodded. "Well yeah, best way to keep quiet is to be one of the profitable. Alright, I'll be there at 7 PM tomorrow. Work on a Saturday's gonna be strange." She shook her head. "No, don't worry. See you then." After a pause she hung up the phone and wandered back to the futon.

As she snuggled back into position, Emmii grumbled. "Did I make you late?"

Chishi shook her head and hugged Emmii. "No. Some underworld guy's got his eye on me, so I couldn't go in. I'm sure those goons from last night would be waiting for me."

Emmii smiled and nuzzled Chishi's chest as she soon fell back asleep, and Chishi soon joined her.

It was warm and cozy there with Emmii to cuddle up against. Chishi required a lot of warmth when she slept, so if there wasn't a body, she'd need a few blankets to keep her temperature up. Without the proper warmth she could quickly turn into the most sluggish and cranky reptile a fur would know. Chishi's brow furrowed as her hand pat down the futon. She wasn't feeling as warm or comfortable as when she went to sleep.

One of her eyes opened, since the other one was pressed against the futon mattress. She was alone on the futon. This didn't do well for her, so she sat up and stretched, groaning. Her tongue flicked and she smelled... lavender. As her sense of hearing woke up with her, she could hear running water coming from the bathroom. She could see the steam exuding from beneath the bathroom door.

With a lazy grin she slunk over the arm of the futon and crawled her way across the floor. The bathroom door easily pushed open, as it wasn't fully latched. Chishi stood slowly as she entered the steam-filled bathroom. Inhaling deeply, her throat expanded with a gentle hiss as she eyed the shower curtain. Behind it was the busty silhouette of Emmii, either unsuspecting, or deftly playing along.

As Chishi slowly opened the curtain from behind Emmii, she noticed those lupine ears perk up. Emmii smirked and went back to rubbing shampoo into her hair.

Chishi slowly slipped her arms around Emmii's waist from behind, gently pulling her close with her hand resting above her abdomen. She nuzzled her nose against Emmii's neck and hissed in a gentle and sensual manner. "Mmm, lavender."

Emmii smiled as she put her hands on top of Chishi's and leaned her cheek against her friend's muzzle. "I was hoping you'd like it. I didn't wake you, did I?"

Chishi laughed lightly and hugged Emmii up against her body. "It's cold without you. You keep me nice and hot."

Emmii leaned back gently against Chishi. Her hand rose and stroked Chishi's cheek as she closed her eyes. "Well, you sure set me on fire last night."

Chishi chuckled gently and eyed her friend, lifting her head slightly. "You haven't even seen the most of it, yet." Her tongue flicked over Emmii's neck with a gentle hiss.

Emmii groaned lightly and stroked Chishi's cheek as she curled her tail around her thighs. "Is that so?"

"Right, time to return the favor." There was another short hiss, then Chishi bit Emmii's neck. She was much more careful with her friend, grazing her with razor sharp teeth before gripping and pinching her neck with her gums. Emmii groaned and craned her neck, so Chishi let her hands roam. Groping at both voluptuous mounds, Chishi squeezed as she ground her hips up against Emmii's rear. Another moan was heard before Chishi released Emmii from her jaws, then trailed smaller nibbles down Emmii's shoulder before swiveling her neck and moving her nose to the other shoulder. She nuzzled against Emmii, getting under her hair and delivering kisses to her neck. Chishi's hands continued to massage Emmii's breasts, flicking and rolling her nipples with playful care.

Emmii had to crane her neck in the other direction with a moan, trying not to take too much of the shower water into her mouth. The mixed sensation of the hot water and Chishi's scaled hands on her sensitive breasts collided with the shiver that went down her spine from the attention to her neck.

Chishi ran her nose up along Emmii's neck, and the back of her head, then stopped at her ear. Chishi clamped her lips around Emmii's ear, and she grinned from the corners of her mouth as she heard a moan and felt Emmii's legs quiver. She slid her long tail up and slid it between Emmii's legs, rubbing the tip against her clit, slit, and up her rear.

Emmii jumped a little and whirled on her friend, pushing Chishi back against the wall with a growl. They paused for a moment and stared at one another before taking each other by the cheeks and pressing their lips together with a symphonious groaning sound.

With their bodies pressed against one another, Chishi grabbed Emmii's rear, squeezing tightly as she turned and put her friend's back against the wider wall. She broke the kiss with a hiss and a grin as she lifted Emmii's thighs and made her sit on the white plastic ledge of the tub.

Emmii gasped as her hands instinctually looked to the side and grabbed the metal handle which jutted out of the wall right next to her shampoo. As she steadied herself, she turned back to Chishi, seeing her crouch down quickly.

Chishi grabbed Emmii by the thighs and kept them lifted apart as she pressed her muzzle to Emmii's crotch, rubbing her scaled snout against Emmii's warm mound as her long slender tongue penetrated those slick and hungry folds.

Emmii moaned and rocked back against wall, using her free hand to grip Chishi's shoulder tightly as she rolled her hips and tried to shift her position and give her friend better access.

Chishi settled one of Emmii's legs on her shoulder and moved her hand around to gently press on Emmii's abdomen. While doing that, she slid her tongue deeper and wiggled it about a bit, making Emmii moan with the sensation. Then, she curled her tongue up and began pressing against Emmii's g-spot, thrusting her tongue against it over and over in practiced reflex.

The sensation didn't take long to kick in, as Emmii's grip strengthened. "Oh shit!" The wild feeling ripped through her body and made her shudder all over. Her claws dug into Chishi's shoulder, which only egged her friend on. The invading tongue flexed and pressed, flickering around inside of her with each thrust as it got washed in the fluids of her pleasure.

Chishi moved her muzzle a little out of the way as her thumb took place on Emmii's clit, rubbing it back and forth as her tongue continued its work on the inside.

Emmii moaned loudly as her hips shivered with the movements. With each exhale, she started repeating "Fuck!" as her lubricating juices poured over Chishi's tongue. Her body had spasms as she got louder and shook against Chishi's face, who only got faster and more forceful the louder she got. Soon, the feeling was more than she thought she could handle and both of her hands went to Chishi's shoulders as she started crying out for her to stop.

Chishi resisted Emmii easily as she flicked her thumb and tongue quicker, pushing herself longer to extend Emmii's pleasure in her more sensitive time. So as Emmii tried to order her to stop, all she did was keep going, feeling her body twitch and writhe in her grasp. Then, as her thumb and her tongue began to get to that tired point she slowly came to a rest. Leaving her hand where it was she slipped her tongue back into her mouth.

Emmii breathed deeply and coarsely, worn out from the orgasm and her screaming. After a few hard breaths she closed her eyes and rested her head back against the wall with a dull thud. "Why'd you stop?"

Later on after Chishi got up and got washed off, she bid her friend a good day and promised to return before heading out. She was direction capable enough to know her way back home from the apartment Emmii had, and she was sure she'd remember how to get to Emmii's from home when the time came.

As she rounded the corner of her apartment complex, she noticed a black car out in front of her unit. After a moment of recollection, she recognized it as the one that had followed her the night before, and she ducked into the shrubbery near the corner of the building. She waited for ten minutes without moving a muscle before seeing the one thug and the two suits exit her apartment and get in the car. After it was around the corner she ran out of the bushes and dashed to her front door, hanging on the door frame as she called in. "Simon?!"

Simon looked up from the couch with a look of shock. "Chishi! What's going on? First you're missing, and now the mob's looking for you."

She was just relieved he was okay, and the place seemed like it was in fine shape. She closed the door and wandered in to flop on the couch. "It's a long story. Lots of thugs and some kinda illegal weapons deal, I think."

Simon nodded lightly. "Well, it's best you tell me as little as possible. I think they went easy on me because I'm a cat, but you need to lay low."