Shiron Beatdown

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A Shiron Beatdown. One of my firsts.ATTENTION This deviation contain brutality expressed as fight between characters.

It wasn't a good day for Shiron but he didn't imagine that it could worsen so much. He was walking in the centre of the city, thinking at the daily events, when a threatening XVMon approached to him. Was an instant, XVMon grabs him for a shoulder. "Wh..." He hadn't the time to finish his sentence that Xv plant one of his strong fists in his stomach. Shiron was unprepared, his abs was fully relaxed then the fist went deep in his gut. A spit of saliva went out from his mouth and flew all around. "W...Why you d...did this?" asked Shiron while he was trying to contract his abs to counterattack the fist that in the meantime was going even more deep in his gut, pushing all up to his chest. "You don't remember me..." said Xv increasing the strength of his fist, "You beated me few years ago at the final of the National Tournament of Boxing. Now I find you and I want my revenge". Shiron knew that he was in trouble, he didn't practice boxing for a long time. He can't win. Xv withdraws his fist from Shiron's belly, which collapsed to his knee, holding his stomach, trying to relieve the pain. This is what happened in the last five minutes. Shiron is breathing heavily; Xv is looking at that pathetic figure that stands at his feet. "You must suffer..." says Xv, then he send direct kick to Shiron's chin, sending him to the near wall. "When I have finished with you I don't know if you can walk again." Shiron is still with his back against the wall. Xv send a rapid battery of punch to the Shiron's stomach, which could only gasps between the punches. The last one was so strong to make a crater in the wall with Shiron's back. Shiron hadn't any more breath in his body and he can't breathe cause the fist that block his diaphragm. His mouth and eyes are fully wide with saliva that falling out from his mouth. "You are so weak..." says Xv withdrawing his fist. Shiron stood against the wall, hands to his gut and trying to recover his breath. Xv decide that he doesn't want to leave Shiron time to recover then he grab him around the neck and throw him in air. When he falls down, Xv plant a fist with all his power in Shiron's stomach, the force of gravity doubled the strength of the punch that go deep until his spine. Arms and legs of Shiron hang down, useless. He's fully doubled to the blue arm. His eyes are fully opened and a puddle of his saliva is forming at Xv's feet. His abs can't do anymore for contrast the intruding fist. Xv hold his fist there for a full ten seconds, increasing the Shiron's pain. Then he withdraws his fist, dropping the Windragon on the floor. Shiron can't move for the pain, he wish that all this end soon. He wish to fall in a state of unconsciousness to don't feel more pain, but his desire wasn't heard. Xv thrown a kick to him to turn him belly up. His stomach is defenseless. "You're through" says the blue dragon. He sends a full stomp to his victim gut. A loud gasp come out from Shiron's mouth together a big amount of spit that flew all around. He does a perfect sit up to the blue leg. When his arts fall down, his opponent begin to push even strong his foot to Shiron's belly, sending it even further into his gut causing an enormous pain. He uselessly tries to remove the blue foot that is compressing his abdomen with his arms. "You haven't escape" says the digimon dragon. Shiron's diaphragm is blocked, his lungs don't work. The pain will increase ever more. He's going to fall. Finally Xv withdraws his foot. Shiron's lungs begin to work only after few seconds. He's lying on the ground, his gut completely pulverized, breathing heavily. He's completely defenseless. Xv decides to end the fight. He lifts up his feet once again and aiming at the chest of the white dragon, helpless on the ground. Once again the foot dropped on Shiron, this time on his chest. The stomp was devastating. Shiron feels that something inside him broke and a big spit of blood come out of his mouth, staining the ground. When Xv withdraw his feet Shiron turn him into the fetal position, holding his chest and trying to breathe useless and spitting continuously blood. He can't move without causing a lot of pain, maybe caused by some broken ribs. "Now you can't annoy me. I get my revenge." Says Xv, leaving the suffering Shiron on the ground.