The Omega: Beneath the Surface

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1 of The Omega

A lone black dog sniffed through the alleys, it was rather large and looked to be at least part wolf. Its nose crinkled up at the smell of oil and rot. It moved on, unable to find anything to eat, for anything that would have been edible was soiled by the toxic environment. The wolf-dog stopped to paw at the door of a local restaurant only to be kicked and shooed away. He had a limp in his gait, allowing him to only get so far from the little store. He rested on his haunches, panting heavily. His fur was matted and in the light of the nearby street light it shone with a slight rainbow hue from the motor oil that permeated it. How long had it been since he had last eaten? Even he couldn't remember back that far. His stomach no longer ached; either that or he had grown so accustomed to it, that he no longer felt it. A new, acrid smell caught his nose and he turned. Nearby there was another dog, this one of pure white. It was larger than him and well fed. The white canine's pelt was almost untouched by the foul conditions of the street; even his paws were still snowy white. Save for his mouth, which was stained with fresh blood. The white one's icy blue eyes caught the dark wolf's own yellow gaze and sent an icy chill down his spine that had nothing to do with the cold breeze that whipped through the empty streets. A growl was shared by both before they leapt at each other's throats. Fur flew, and in the flurry of gnashing teeth and of white and black fur, blood was drawn. A great pool of blood that spread until the whole street was painted red.

Allison rolled over, unable to sleep after the frightening dream she had. She had awoken to find that she was soaked in a cold sweat. It was early, but she knew she could not get anything done until she had a shower to wash away the feeling of that dream. She sat up in bed, flicking off her alarm. By the time she had finished her shower, and was ready to leave it was only 5:00 in the morning. I'll go and get some breakfast, and I'll walk to work today, she thought, trying to figure out how to spend the time left before she had to go to her job at the police station. She opened the door finding it a little colder than she expected. It was winter, and the sun had yet to rise to give a little warmth and light to this side of the earth. She switched coats, opting for her warmest one before trudging out into the thin layer of snow that had fallen over night. Already patches of it were grey and slushy from cars moving through it. She started off on the well-known path to her favorite diner, a tiny hole-in-the-wall called The Coffee Grind. She was still quite a bit away when a noise caught her ears. A scream. She ran toward the sound, wishing she was authorized to carry a gun. The police station was a little short-handed at the moment, and instead of the field training she needed, they had her working the desk. She ran hard, almost slipping in the slush several times. Finally she rounded the corner, arriving in a small, dirty alley. The first thing Allison saw was those eyes. Savage blue eyes that froze her to the core. They were the same as the ones in her dream. Then she noticed the blood and the human body beneath the animal. The large dog that possessed those eyes crouched over it, mouth working, staring at her. She didn't want to think about what the dog was eating.. But her eyes went to the young man's face. Even with the rows of teeth marks, and the distant glazed look in his eyes, Allison recognized the corpse before her: Chris, a delivery boy from The Coffee Grind. Allison could hear sirens in the distance, rushing to the scene. The neighbors had probably called when they had heard the scream. But they were distant, and now the great beast was looking at her with those same hungry eyes. It growled low at her, and she took several steps back. Unlike a normal dog who would have probably let her be if she left, it advanced on her. To Allison the beast looked like it wanted her dead, not wanted her to leave it alone. Its eyes and face were alert, almost intelligent looking. It ran at her, opening its jaws and leaping at her throat.

From the shadows a large black dog lunged out, taking the gnashing teeth with his thick, furry shoulder. They left behind streaks of red in the dark fur, but the white dog hadn't expected to be biting into something so resilient, and had not done much damage. The two canines made advances at each other, neither one scoring a fatal blow. The dark one was at a disadvantage, his movements were slower, and he favored his front left foot. The sirens were pretty loud now, and the white dog paused in his attacks, as if hearing them for the first time. He took off running. It seemed strange to Allison, almost like he wasn't running from the sound, but from the police. She shook off such silly ideas, approaching to check the condition of the boy. His throat was so torn up it would have been impossible for her to get a pulse, and impossible for him to be alive. The black dog stood where he was, bleeding slowly from the holes torn in his side. None of the cuts looked serious enough to kill him. He flopped over on his side, his body moving with his breaths.

The rest of her time there was a blur after that. She gave her testimony and they told her she could leave whenever. They marked the area as a crime scene, and took Chris in a body bag. They performed a few tests such as temperament on the black dog as well as checking to see if the blood on it was human and eventually discharged it. Allison scooped the tired dog up from the snow. She realized now that she was close to it how big it really was. It had to be easily as big as a fully grown Great Dane. And yet it was surprisingly light based on how big it was. It was still work for her to carry. She sat it the back seat of the squad car that gave her a ride home. The driver, Officer Hank who was her superior gave her the day off.

"I'm surprised you want such a dirty animal in your house." He told her, glancing back at the dog. The animal had his eyes shut, but it opened one eye and met the Hank's eyes as he looked back at it, as if saying "What did you just call me?"

Allison snorted, offended that he had called the dog dirty. But looking down at her hands she noticed he was right. The dogs fur left grey trails of grease on her skin along with a few streaks of his blood. "He saved my life... The least I can do is feed him and give him a bath."

"Whatever you say. I just know that if it was my house I wouldn't want the filthy beast anywhere near my white carpets. I doubt it's even house broken. Well, I guess it is your house." Hank said, pulling into her driveway.

"Thanks Hank. I'm surprised you let him in your squad car." Allison said, stepping out and opening the back door to retrieve her newly acquired dog.

"Only for you," He said with a grin.

The two said their goodbyes and Allison was left alone with her arms full of large fluffy dog. He weakly struggled a bit to be put down, but she wouldn't let him go because she at least wanted him clean, fed, and well rested. She awkwardly opened her door, and brought the weak dog to her bathroom. Her bathroom was tiled, and would be easy to clean in case he wasn't house trained.. which Hank was probably right. She set him up a bed of towels. He promptly went to them and settled down. She set up a bowl of water, and some put out a small can of chicken for him. Allison made a note to buy some dog food later. She left him for a couple of hours, doing house work to keep her busy. At last she went back into the room. She was encouraged by the fact that he had eaten. He was awake and sat on his towels, watching her as she bustled around grabbing a clean towel and some dish soap. "Now we need to get your fur clean," the young woman said aloud. She went over the the dog, slowly extending a hand to see what he would do. He looked up at her and feebly wagged his tail. When he didn't seem vicious, she cautiously pat his head. His mouth parted in a doggy grin, tongue lolling and tail beating against her legs. "Well at least you're friendly!" She moved over to the shower, opening the door. "Come're boy! Come!" She called out, and soon the dog was at the shower door. Based on his response, he had probably had an owner before. Maybe he wouldn't be too unmanageable. Allison didn't have a bathtub, so in order to get him clean she would have to go in the shower herself. She was still a bit dirty from touching the dog's pelt, and from cleaning the house anyway, so she decided to take another shower as well. She quickly started stripping off her clothes so she could get clean as well. The dog stared at the floor, looking almost ashamed. Allison got inside the shower, bringing the dish soap in and sitting it on a shelf. "Come here." she told the dog, almost laughing when he crept in, eyes still on the floor. He turned around and faced the wall, almost as if to give her some privacy. "You're a silly boy." She told the dog, patting him on the head. After the water was adjusted she got to work scrubbing the oil and street gunk out of his coarse fur. She could feel every bone through the dogs hair. She soaped him up completely, rubbing him down from head to toe. She was careful around his left foot, as she had seen him limping. Allison discovered that the dog was actually missing most of one of its digits. It was a somewhat recent injury, boasting some angry-looking, pink, furless skin. He would probably be able to walk normally again once it was finished healing and he got used to it being gone. She washed all the soap away, she could tell from the trail of grey that ran down her drain that she hadn't gotten it all. Once all the soap was gone she lathered him up again, and again after that. This time when the soap washed away, she could see that he was actually a dark, mottled grey color.

Allison went to rinse his lower belly again and noticed two things: he probably wasn't fixed based on the large, twin orbs that hung between his legs, and a tiny bit of pink could be seen hanging out of his sheath. Still he refused to look at her, even after she had pulled his body to face her so she could reach him better. "Poor guy." She said, kneeling in front of him, and pulling his head over to look into his eyes. She could have sworn he was looking at her groin, and his shaft came out of his sheath a little more. After all he had done for her.. maybe she could help him out a little. She reached down, taking hold of his sheath. He whined a little, startling at the touch. When he made no move to run away, or to bite her she continued. She had to be rather close to reach him, her chest rested against his, and her face was right above his shoulder. The warm water cascaded over them, washing away the musky scent he was now putting out. Allison worked his sheath down, exposing his member. Slowly it expanded until it was fully erect. She moved into a sitting position, beckoning him forward with her hand. To her surprise he complied. Curious, she spread her legs. He shuffled closer, checking periodically if this was what he was supposed to do. He seemed so un-dog-like looking at her face as if he could read it. He was so close his member poked her in the belly. Again he stopped, looking at her as if waiting for instruction. "Put it in." She whispered, not really expecting anything. What was she, crazy? Talking to a dog as if it could understand her.

He placed his forepaws on her hips, and lining up his tip before plunging himself in a couple of inches. Allison gasped, surprised not only at the fact he'd done what she had asked, but that she now had a dog inside of her. He pulled almost out, before pushing in again, further than before. He made progress getting more and more of himself in. With his next push she whimpered in pain. He'd broken her hymen. He whined along with her in sympathy, not knowing he'd been her first. He stopped, as if waiting for the pain to subside before he continued. When she pulled him closer he started again, slowly at first but with building speed. She could feel his pulse through their joined flesh, light and excited. Soon his knot was pushing against her entrance. He stopped, obviously unable to reach his release without a little more, but his face looked worried. "Do it." She told the dog, laying her head on the large animal's shoulder.

"If you're sure." He said, plunging his whole knot inside of her, earning another gasp that quickly turned into a moan of pleasure as his hips went into hyper drive, pushing that knot against a sensitive spot inside her over and over.

"Y- You can speak?" She said, her voice breaking in the middle of the sentence with how distracted she was by the pleasure.

He was too busy at first to answer, his hips still lightly humping her as he drew closer to going over the edge. She make quiet moans of pleasure as he moved his knot inside of her, rocking against her body. Her insides started squeezing him, massaging his length for all it had. Soon he was painting her insides white with spurt after spurt of heated dog seed. They sat there for a while, enjoying their afterglows. "I can. Sorry for not telling you sooner.. I hope you don't regret.." He looked down at their union, pointing his nose at it.

"I-I liked it." Suddenly she was embarrassed, because she realized she was naked in front of the sentient creature. Her cheeks flushed red, and she fidgeted a little.

"You're beautiful," He said, now no longer ashamed at looking at her body, since she knew his secret. He'd felt guilty, like he was taking advantage of her ignorance. Now he met her green eyes with his warm golden gaze. "I'm sorry if I'm not what you wanted for your first time."

She placed a hand on his head. She thought about her answer for a while. To be honest she probably wouldn't have ever done this with someone she knew was sentient.. it was hard for her to get this close to a guy because of her shyness. But she had felt no shyness with him, and now that she was with someone this intimately... He'd called her beautiful, and she no longer felt so reserved around him. She traced a finger through his thick chest fur. "I don't think I would have had a first time.. had you not come along... unless it was forced upon me." She quickly changed the subject, trying to bring their conversation to something other than her social life. "So.. can I ask, What are you? I mean, how is it that you can speak?"

"I'm a werewolf.. as was that other, white wolf." He said, hoping the questions she had wouldn't be the ridiculous kind... Like if silver hurt him. He started to return to human form, his bones started changing first, his chest becoming less barrel like and more broad like a human's. His fur thinned to a short layer; his muzzle shortened. Soon he was half wolf, half man. Then he finished off the rest of his change quickly, no longer trying to morph slow enough so she could see the individual steps. Soon he was completely human; Naked and still inside of her. The feeling of his member within her changing from tapered to humanoid within her was strange.. and kind of arousing. Now that he had no knot, nothing was keeping him inside, and his penis popped out with a slight slurp, leaving her dripping and empty. The fluids ran down the drain, swept away by the flowing water. Allison hopped up, quickly soaping her arms and rinsing them off before turning off the water. "I forgot that it was running!" She said, trying not to stare at the man that had materialized in front of her. "I'll get us some towels.. And try to find some clothes that will fit you." She said, wrapping herself in one of the towels she had taken from a door above the toilet.

"I can turn back into a wolf while I'm here, so it's ok if you don't have anything. And that way you don't have to explain me to anyone. I can be out of your hair by tomorrow." He said, taking the towel that he was offered, and drying himself before wrapping it around his hips. There were several wounds still closing after the fight that happened earlier. They seemed a lot further along in the healing process than they should have been. Many old scars could be seen all over his chest. Some of his characteristics were still somewhat wolfish. She wouldn't have noticed had she not known.. but his ears were slightly pointier, his canine teeth more prominent. His eyes, now brown still had a trace of yellow in them. She also noticed he had a slight accent.. not anything specific, but it wasn't there when he was in wolf form, as if he didn't spend much time as a human. His hair was black with traces of grey at the tips, though he looked way too young to have any grey. He was probably late 20's, the same as her. He had some stubble as well, and more chest hair than average.

"You can stay as long as you need to." She said, pausing before hastily adding, "I'd really like it if you would stay."

He nodded, thankful to be out of the weather. "I might catch another nap if you don't mind," he said, heading toward his mound of towels. Allison quickly stepped in his way, picking the towels up and throwing them in the laundry basket. "Please, use my bed.. It's ok, really." She led him to her bedroom, quickly straightening the sheets. She remembered her rough night of sleep, and realized the sheets probably weren't clean enough for a guest. But before she could make a move to change them, or say anything about it, he was curled up under the covers. He made a few snuffling noises, and smiled. "I hope you don't take this the wrong way.. but your sheets smell lovely, like you."

"Uh.. Thanks?" She sat on the other side, joining him on the queen bed. "Care if I use the other half?" she asked. She wasn't really tired.. but she could sleep. The real reason behind the request was that she wanted to spend the time he was there, close to him. She'd never really had a real boy friend before.. well none that went past first base. Not that he was really her boy friend, but they had gone a lot further than any of her other boy friends ever had. She got a looser pair of her pajama shorts out, that looked almost like boxers and set them out for him. They would probably fit since they were stretchy... and they didn't look especially girly, since they were in a nice shade of darker blue.

"My name is Dante. And you're Allison, right?" He asked. Allison nodded, slipping under the sheet. After about ten minutes she started to shiver. Usually she wore warm pajamas, and all she had on now was the sheet that was on top of her. Just when she got up the courage to duck out from under what little warmth she had to get a blanket, her entire back was suddenly warm. Dante, about half transformed was against her bare back; his arm found its way around her waist and his fingers played with the close trimmed hair she had on her groin. "You looked cold," He whispered through his still forming muzzle. His warm tongue covered her neck and ears with licks. She shuddered. "Still cold?" he asked innocently.

There was something hot and distinctly wet against her butt cheeks. She rolled over to face him, and found herself in a close embrace. His fur tickled along her stomach and chest, making her shudder again. "We'll have to do something about that."

Dante nudged her shoulder, signaling her to turn her back towards him again. He sunk lower, his erection nudging several places before it found its target. He parted her lips with the tip of his wolfhood. The wolf stopped, frozen in place. "Sorry.. I forget how reserved humans are about sex.. I should really ask first."

"Please.." She pushed down against him, taking a little bit more of him inside her. For the second time that day he claimed her, sinking in to her still wet space. She could feel the smooth hot flesh gliding inside of her, and she moaned every time he moved. Occasionally she muttered his name, or something about how he should go faster. Soon they were locked together in that perfect embrace, a part of him sealed inside. Both of their breathing slowed and finally they fell asleep.