The Meek Shall Inherit, Chapter 2

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2 of The Meek Shall Inherit

Here is chapter two, i am not sure i am going to make a chapter 3, but it's a possiblity. I hope everyone enjoys, there is a bit of a spelling issue, i will probablly correct it another time. Now! Onto the Smut!

Tommy Robbins woke up with a gentle yawn, he had recently taken to using his free periods for naps the past few weeks. He got plenty of sleep at home, but sometimes you just needed those forty winks. In Tommy's case, it was the fact that for the past few weeks he had been regularly getting tail from one of the hottest vixens in school. He thought that after that first time it was going to go back to normal, but she could barely keep her hands off him. There were times he had to tell her straight out no, and she got the cutest puppy dog eyes on her face, but he had to be firm.

He was walking past one of the lab classrooms when he saw his reflection in that large class-length window. He had to take two looks because he was sure his eyes were playing tricks on him. As he looked the second time he was not reassured about his eyes. Around his reflection, slight as it was, he saw a strange aura about him. He closed his eyes, clenched them tightly, and opened them again... and the aura was gone. He chalked it up to still being a bit tired and went to the bathroom.

The mouse finished his business and when he was washing his hands he saw that aura again, this time in the mirror. It was a feint, smoky black, and where it connected to his body it was a deep red. He shook his head and looked again, but this time it didn't leave. When a random freshman walked in to do their business he saw an aura around them as well, this one was orange though, and not as pronounced. He rubbed his eyes, but the aura remained, freaking him out a bit as he left to get his things.

As he entered the student filled hall he noticed that everyone had some kind of aura around them, in so many different colors. Ranging from his principal, Mrs. Walozki, with a bright purple one, to his friend Janie Karins with an almost brilliant white one. He excused himself from his friends and went straight home, seeing aura around everyone he looked at. some feint some several times the size of their owners.

He parked in the garage and went inside, his mother the first to greet him, and he saw she had a pleasant yellow aura about her, and it made him feel.. oddly clam now that he realized it.

"Hello my darling young man! How was school today?" She smiled gently, it seemed that she was always in a good mood, he always loved that about his mother.

"It was.. school, you know." He shrugged softly. "How was your day?" He smiled at her and she went on for a few minutes before excusing herself to make dinner.

Tommy walked down the hall and threw a greeting to his father in his office as usual... at least normally it would be. He stopped himself and looked at his father, and if he wasn't so mesmerized by what he saw, he would have been deeply terrified. Sitting in his large armchair was not his father, but some kind of... creature. Sure, he had the ears and glasses of his father, but the red and black pulsing aura, with the wings and horns were definitely new. When he saw he was being stared at the mouse spoke up, and from his lips came a deep voice that could only be described as otherworldly.

"Welcome home son, need to talk to me about something?" He smiled at his son, showing him huge fangs that were until now previously tucked away.

"I-I'm good.. pops, uh.. t-thanks!" With those words he smiled sheepishly and bolted upstairs. His father frowned softly, but shook it off as teenager business, he wasn't one ot judge, he had been a teenager before.

The young mouse slammed his door, then put his D&D chest in front of it. Looking around and placing a few of his heavier text books on it after. He looked around for something more to weigh down the trunk, but spotted the computer instead. He bolted for it and turned to the Internet to see just what was going on. Tommy spent the next few hours, homework ignored, searching for things on the Internet as to what the hell was going on with him. He jumped in surprise when he got a knock on his door, his mothers voice following shortly after.

"Sweetheart, dinner is ready. Everything alright in there?"

He coughed as he nodded, then shook his head, she couldn't see him. "yeah mom! I'll be right down." He cleared his throat and when she moved away from the door he shut down his computer and after moving the chest made his way to dinner. The dining room was filled with the aura of his father, but when his mother came in to serve, it was shrunk to just barely taking up his chair, hers diluting his, and his visage was turned to that of the father he knew. He smiled softly and they had a nice dinner, with a nice family conversation that he fained interest in as well.

"Thank you for dinner, mom, but i am going to head to bed. I'm not feeling well... must have been something i ate earlier." He kissed her on the cheek and went upstairs, his father giving him an odd look before he was almost sprinting to his room. He sighed softly and let out a breath he didn't know he was holding, stripping to his bare skin and slipping into bed. He chalked it up to being over tired, or over stressed cause of school. Yeah, that was it, he just needed a good nights sleep and he'd be fine.

Tommy woke up to the smell of breakfast and the call of his annoying alarm clock. He had a dreamless sleep, and when he was brushing his teeth he saw that the aura around him had not only not disappeared, but it had gotten more prominent. He was sure he saw two little horns starting to creep out from under his hair. He tentatively touched it, and when he felt that it wasn't him hallucinating he held back a scream of fright. He whimpered and showered, thinking about whether or not others could see him like this. He took a deep breath and when he was making his way down for breakfast he tried his best not to look into any reflective surfaces.

Sitting at the kitchen table when he arrived was his mother as usual, as well as his father. Both of their aura entwined with one another as he looked between them both. His father looked up at him with a smile over his morning paper, eyes going from blue to a deep red.

"Morning son, how'd you sleep?" He put his paper down, taking a sip of his coffee, it was like he was staring into his soul, it felt so weird.

"Uh... s-slept ok. you know, sleep is.. sleep?" He tore his eyes away and didn't see the knowing look on his fathers face as his mother looked at him.

"Everything alright, sweety? You look like you've had a nightmare, you're pale. Oh gods... do you have a fever, are you sick?" She got up to check his temperature, and just act like the fretful caring mother that she was.

"Oh my goodness! He's burning up! Gregory, g-get your keys' we have to take him to the hospital!" She whimpered and took her apron off, going to her her little purse, starting to dial for his school when his father cleared his throat.

"Victoria... clam down, Tommy is fine. Aren't you Tommy?" He looked at his son, almost as if he was daring him to say otherwise.

"Y-Yeah, I-I feel fine, mom. N-Not hot at all or anything." He smiled, it was true, the smile wasn't, but he did feel fine. No Fever, or nausea or anything, he felt great.. though a little scared of his father.

"Fine?! You're at least 102 degree's, i felt it myself honey! Let momma take care of you, come on." She was about to come to him when she was stopped by another throat clearing from her husband, and the chair lightly squeaking as he moved it back.

"Tommy here is just.. growing is all, isn't that right, my son?" He looked at his wife matter-of-factly. "I told you it would be coming along any day now, Victoria." The young mouse then watched as his mother went from fearful and motherly to relieved and still motherly. She sighed and hung up the phone as she had been partway through dialing.

"Gods... i was scared out of my mind! I wasn't about to lose my young man to some fever... i was about to tear you a new one Gregory."

Tommy jumped visibly when he looked back to his father to find him standing right next to him, putting a hand on his shoulder softly. "W-What's going on here? I-I'd like a little... uh... some, a-answers, m-maybe?" He had never shown fear like this, not to his parents, they were good people... he usually just showed respect and love. His father pulled the chair next to him out while his mother cleared the table.

"My boy, it's about time you learned just what exactly is changing about you." He leaned back softly, sipping his coffee and continuing. "You're a growing man, that much is true, but you're more than just that. You see, you're old man isn't from this world. I'm not an alien, no... those guys stray away from our planet like we have the plague." He chuckled but kept on. "I'm from a little place called the eighth circle of the abyss, or as they say in church, hell."

He sipped his coffee again and waited for his son to react, or speak, or anything. When that didn't come he decided it best to keep explaining. "I met your mother about twenty five years ago, great gal, she hasn't really aged a day really.. but that's my doing. Anyway, i was up here just looking for some fun, and i found it." He smiled as the Clydesdale came back in, blushing and sitting on the opposite side of her son. "We hit it off, and as cliche as it sounds, she made me not so.. hell, brimstone fire and damnation. She gave me a little spark of that goodness." He put a hand on his sons shoulder. "I told her that one day, when we had a child, when they started to mature a little bit of me would start to show. Long story short, you're half mouse, half demon... that's as simple as i can get."

Tommy couldn't really react, here he was, having just been told that he was some kind of supernatural unholy... thing, when just hours ago he thought he was going nuts. Yeah, he was now pretty sure his dad was pulling a prank on him... his mother had told him stories of how he was a bit of a jokster in his younger years, this was it. He looked at his father and cleared his throat, and very hoarsely spoke.

"P-Prove it, dad. I-If you're really a-a Demon... d-do something... D-Demony." He nodded softly, he was a D&D nerd, he would know if his dad was a demon.

His father smiled and got up, thinking for a moment and then with a deep, otherworldly snarl, he extended his hand and throngs of tentacles and spiked vines ripped the table apart and pulled his son towards him. They were harmless, but they radiated a warmth that was almost scary.

"Proof enough for you, my son? Or do you need a little more."

Now, while he was completely and utterly at a lost for words (not to mention terrified), Tommy liked to believe he wasn't the type to faint over something like this. Instead, he did what any sensible teenager would do, he screamed in terror and ran for his room. The last thing he heard before proceeding to barricade the door was his mother, upset at his father.

"Did you have to scare him like that, Gregory... and break the table? Gods, fix it!"

The older mouse chuckled and went to do as his wife demanded, going up to knock on her sons door and check if he was alright.

"Honey, it's your mother, open up... mommy wants to talk to you." Her voice was sweet, and Tommy saw her yellow, soothing aura creep from around the door and through it.

"I'm good mom, really, no need to talk. Just uh... I'll be fine alone." He chuckled nervously and she tried the door, when she felt that it was barricaded she frowned and huffed. She took a deep breath and then Tommy whimpered as he scooted closer to the wall at the end of his room as the door was opened almost too easily by his mother. She stepped in and came closer, walking gently as if nothing was wrong at all. He watched as the aura overtook him slowly, biting his lip as he felt that warm calm wash over him as she came closer for a motherly embrace.

"Shh... Shh, let momma make it all better, alright?" She kissed his forehead and let him hug her back and relax as he still took it all in with some difficulty.

"This doesn't mean anything has to change, your father an i will just have to teach you to control the changes in your body." She smiled down at him, stroking his cheek softly. He slowly, still apprehensive however, nodded and sighed against her. He was relaxing against her gently when he saw that red and black aura start to creep up the stairs. He started to shiver softly and his mother held him tighter and stroked his neck, speaking softly.

"Easy on the presence, dear! You are scaring our son more than he needs to be right now." With those words he saw the aura dim, to the point it was barely visible, his father coming into view with his hands in his pockets and a small smile.

"I told you he would be freaked out about it... but you insisted we wait till he hit 18." He shrugged softly and sat on his son's bed. "Nothing has to change my son, well... alright, that's not entirely true... but you can learn to control it and not be overwhelmed by it."

Tommy sighed and shuddered as he heard his father speak, then he was sitting between his parents, both of them being as supportive as parents could be after letting their only son know they were not completely human. The rest of the night was spent basically getting used to the aura's around his parents and learning more.

He had to cancel his weekend meet up with his friends, he needed to be prepared for school the upcoming Monday. He wasn't learning magic, or how to demonically posses people or anything like that, he was learning how to control his vision of others. It was Monday morning when he thought about something that had been nagging at him since... he turned 18 actually.

"Dad... i have a question about that natural aura you said i give off." He looked at his father, shuddering softly as he was still getting used to those eyes and small fangs every time his father looked up at him.

"Yes my boy?" He put his paper down, sipping his coffee and acting like they didn't spent most of the weekend teaching their son how to control his otherworldly abilities.

"Well... i seem to have more people taking to me lately. Teachers not bothering me, Jocks treating me like... well, a regular furson. I'm not complaining, I'm just wondering if.. that has anything to do with this." He wriggled softly in his seat, his father chuckling gently and nodding.

"It does, it's a natural, albeit unholy, charisma we Incubi have. It helps us claim fursons faster for soul reaping and the sort." He stated matter of factly, but smiled gently as he looked at his son. "As a matter of fact, it's how i started to get your mothers attention, but she seemed to be able to push past it, and well... the rest is history of course. You might find yourself with more than just friends though, my son, be careful with that."

Tommy nodded and finished his breakfast, he was finally understanding why Tania had been so... eager to please him the day of his 18th birthday. He frowned at the thought that it was only because of his bloodline that she was like that, but at the same time it was better than not being sought after at all. He took his little scooter to school and was surprised at how normal it was now that everyone wasn't bursting with a different color aura. It was more subtle now, and he really enjoyed that.

He smiled to himself as he also understood what the different colors meant when it came to the aura's. They represented the different levels of corruption of ones soul and mind. His was lightly black and red because if his father, but he learned that the yellow from his mother was how pure she was and what she gave off as a furson. Orange was towards the middle of the spectrum, while white was the purest of the pure. It made him chuckle softly that one of his friends was so, innocent, but it made him happy at the same time.

Seeing Tania again he noticed that her aura shifted from different hue's of red. He had found out from his father that red alone, and with such a hefty fluctuation meant that person was as lustful as they came. He knew she was a little vixen, but he didn't know just how far it went till his father explained it to him. The last time he saw the vixen he had denied her some hard loving, so now she was playing hard to get and giving him a not completely solid silent treatment. He caught her with her newest boy toy, but she glanced at him every chance she got. Biting her lip when he caught her eye, or looking away trying to act like he didnt matter. It made him smirk, a bit of an ego inflation knowing how much he had influenced her with his body and aura. The mouse was sitting at the lunch table, friends around him and talking about their next game when he got a tap on the shoulder. He figured it was Tania caving in, but he did not expect to see the large tiger, Rex, standing there with a smile.

"Tommy, how have you been man? We haven't had a time to talk, or get that burger like i mentioned a few weeks ago." He smiled softly while the mouse got over the initial shock. His friends were watching in awe as he spoke back, noticing his aura was a soft, baby blue.

"Yeah... I've been busy, sorry Rex. Uh... we can go after school or something? I don't think i have anything planned... do you have practice or anything?"

The large tiger shook his head and sat down on the adjacent table. Talking softly as he leaned back and looked over the smaller male. "Season is over, we didn't make it to the finals, but that means more time for chillin out. After school sounds great... see you at 3 in the parking lot?"

Rex looked almost... eager for Tommy's response, and when he got a smile and an affirmation, he got up with a soft wag of his tail. "Great! I'll see you then man. Can't wait."

With that he was off, and Tommy turned around to talk to his bewildered friends. They warned to be careful, he was a jock after all, but he told them he would be fine. Instead of pressing on about it, they just went about their normal nerdy lunch conversations. The rest of the day went smoothly, and he even had a bit of janitors closet fun with Tania after she caved right before free period. He left her boleged but satisfied as he went to take another short nap in class. Tommy decided against bringing any books home, or even his backpack due to being free of homework that day. He went to his scooter and then spotted Rex talking to a cheerleader next to his car.

He approached just as the tiger was telling the badger he had plans. Wondering if he had put a wrench into the tigers plans, he came up after the girl left in a huff and looked at him. "We can... make it another day if you want to go spend the night with Her... i wouldn't mind."

Tommy was expecting to hear the tiger ask if it was ok, but was surprised again when he shook his head with a smile. "Nah, its alright man... i wanted to chill with you, i can hang with her anytime."

The mouse was getting more and more surprised, but he didn't turn down the attention. The tiger's blue aura seemed to pulse softly when around him, and he mentally took a note to ask his father about that. He got into Rex's car after the door was politely opened for him, deciding it would be a good idea to tell his parents about this. His mother gave him permission and soon they were off to a little diner a ways from school. They got there, got a seat, and just talked for a good while. Tommy had the feeling this was more like a date than a random burger stop, but it wasn't like he was complaining. He went back to the tigers place and were both surprised to see they were alone.

"Mom and pops must have gone out..." Rex smiled at his guest. "Come on, we can play some shooters before i drive you home."

Tommy agreed and went up to the larger males room with him. They spent the next hour or so killing aliens and talking more about anything really, but it was Rex who completely changed the mood and direction of their little night. After a difficult session of serious alien killing the larger male took the smaller one close and gave him a deep kiss.

Now, Tommy was no stranger to kissing, especially with Tania all over him as of late, but this was different. It had more than just wanton lust and need behind it, this had passion and a deep desire. After the initial shock of being kissed by the larger male he took the initiative and deepened the kiss. Suckling the lower lip and tongue of the tiger and even growling softly. He broke the kiss with a suckle to his tongue and gave his lips another peck before looking into the eyes of the male who's lap he had somehow managed to slide into.

"Where the fuck did that come from, Rex?" The mouse smiled softly, growling as he stroked his chest and shoulders. The tiger, panting softly, blushed and stammered a response as he recovered from the deep liplock.

"I... your lips looked soft, a-and inviting." He chuckled and gave another kiss, stroking the mouse's ass with a growl of his own. "And.. I've always had a bit of a thing for you, just never got the nerve to do anything." He smiled and stroked his hips and ass again, Tommy looking at him with a smirk.

"Is that so? Well, thanks for the heads up... now i know why you've been so nice to me." He teased softly, and wriggled his rump in the tigers hands, but shook his head. "I'm going to have to disappoint you though, my rump is off limits big boy." He got off his lap and then helped the taller male stand, making kneel and smirking as the larger male was now blushingly next to the crotch of the mouse he had a crush on.

"This is more like it... now how about you show me just how much of a think you had for me for all this time." He smirked softly, and was sure this little boost of confidence and ego was due to his heritage, but he was not against a different kind of action, after all... it was good to try new things. His thinking was interrupted as he felt his thickening cock removed from his pants. Either Rex had done this before, or he was just trying to move quick to keep his nerve. Whatever the reason, his thinking was yet again interrupted by the soft caress of the tigers lips and tongue on his fat mouse cock. He groaned softly as he felt this and his hand went to the back of the kneeling male's head. He hissed softly and closed his eyes as his cock was well attended too.

Tania had skill from no doubt years of practice, but Rex had a different technique that was delicious in its own right. It took Tommy completely by surprise, causing him to open his eyes, when he felt the smooth tongue of the tiger on the base of his shaft. That was something Tania could never do, and it was definitely a sight to see when he looked down. He watched his glistening cock slowly slide from the lips of Rex and heard a lewd slurp and almost girlish gasp for air.

"G-Gods... you have... a-a really big dick, Tommy." Rex blushed but suckled the tip and gave a few inches some tongue action. "Bigger than everyone on the team... f-fuck." He didn't elaborate, and before the mouse could press the matter his cock was enveloped in the hot, moist throat of the tiger yet again. It wasn't long before the only thing on the mouses mind was fucking that sweet, hot muzzle with everything he could muster. He was huffing and panting deeply as he enjoyed the practiced deepthroating of the tiger. Rex was sure to suckle every drop of pre and fill the room with the lewdest slurping he had ever heard within these walls.

Rex made sure that each and every full pump of the shaft into his muzzle and throat was joined by a loud, lewd slurp to please the fat cocked mouse he was attending too. They were both in bliss, for different reasons, and it was getting more and more intense with each passing moment. Tommy grasped either side of the tigers muzzle and started to help him go faster and deeper. The lewd slurping getting louder as it was joined by the soft sound of his mouse sack tapping Rex's chin. As enthusiastic and eager as he was, Rex was still dealing with a large cock, so he was slowly starting to get sore. Thankfully, however, Tommy was in just sheer bliss at this time, and with a shudder and a flattening of his ears he let out a thick, heavy torrent of his hot mouse cum. Pulse after thick pulse of cream pouring into the muzzle and throat of the feline worshiping his dick. He tugged out to give Rex some air, and a few bursts of his thick load to further stripe his cheeks. He sat back on the bed with a low groan and shudder, looking at the painted and panting tiger.

"Fuck... i-i think that was the best muzzle-job i have ever had. Y-You really shouldn't have had waited so long for this." He smiled and stroked his ears, the large tiger purring and blushing lightly as he nodded. Tommy hummed and stroked his neck softly, then he heard the large feline gasp as he was almost tossed like a doll onto the bed. His pants stripped from him as the small mouse crawled up to him and gave him a deep kiss. Snarling into his lips as he stroked his sides and helped him take off his shirt.

"Have you done this before, Rex? Or am i going to break you in?" The mouse smirked as he said this, running his still slick tip along the cheeks of the spread eagle tiger under him. Rex, still dazed, was barely able to speak, but when he did it was with a red hue to his cheeks and a complete whisper. "Yeah... a-a few times, but never with anyone as big as you. Just, be gentle... alright? I don't want my first time with you to hurt." He blushed at this confession but had little time to feel bashful as he was kissed again, this time with a bit more hunger to it as soon after he felt the thick tip of the mouse cock start to slowly spread him open. He relaxed as much as he could, and with a little push Tommy managed to pop his fat tip into him. This action elicited a heavy groan from the both of them, and then a slow hiss from the mouse as he slowly slid his long, thick cock into the cat beneath him, marveling at how tight the ass he was sinking into was.

Tommy was in heaven, but to Rex this was a new level of pleasure he had never thought to reach. His own cock was throbbing painfully so as he was filled with inch, after hot thick inch of mouse cock. His sheets balled up in his hands as he bucked lightly and then let out an almost girlish gasp as he felt Tommy's crotch against his ass. Legs resting as he looked up at the mouse with a heavy blush, then a lean up for a gentle kiss. The mouse kissed him back a little deeper then started to slowly pump in and out of the tiger, starting nice and slow to savor this delicious pleasure. Hands on either thigh as he made sure to pull almost completely out before sliding back in a little faster. The pair of males had the room silent save for the soft groans and gasps of pleasure as they enjoyed each other.

It wasn't long before the slow, steady pumping was replaced by faster, deeper thrusts. Tommy wanted to drag this out, but the almost rhythmic clenching of the ass enveloping his cock was just too much. The groans and gasps were replaced by moans and grunts as when he started picking up the pace Rex started bucking into the thrusts. Leaning up to kiss the mouse plowing his ass while holding himself up with balled up fists in the sheets. He wondered how this must look from the outside; a nearly 7foot tall buff tiger taking it in the ass from a barely 5ft slender mouse. He wondered and considered it might be funny to see, but all those thoughts were pounded out of him with especially deep thrusts when said mouse decided to really let him have it.

Tommy started fucking Rex with a speed and strength that the tiger didn't even know he had. It wasn't long before he was letting out a deep, guttural moan of delight, joined with the needy roar of the tiger through their mutual releases. Rex painted his belly with thick, white globs of his seed while his inner walls were being painted by a load of hot, gooey cream. They exchanged passionate, sloppy kisses as they continued to grind and pound against each other in their heated moment. Rex finally stopped thrusting up as he clenched his legs around Tommy's back, making out with him softer now as they broke apart and panted heavily and desperately.

"P-please... g-gods, P-Please, Tommy.. t-tell me this wasn't a one time thing." The tiger practically begged as he squeezed the last of the load from the cock still deep within him, shuddering in an unknown pleasure as he felt it seep out from around his base onto the sheets below him. Tommy smiled and gave him another kiss, stroking his chest and nuzzling him gently.

"Are you k-kidding me, Kitty?" He kissed him again, nuzzling against him as he rested on him with a soft growl. "I plan on taking this sweet rump of yours as much as possible. G-Gods i think y-you milked me d-dry." He chuckled and slowly pulled out, shuddering in that delicious sensation and snuggling up next to the large tiger.

They spent the next few hours making out and snuggling before Tommy called his parents about staying the night. He made sure to keep his new kitty nice and close, snuggling against him as he thought about what a day it had been. He stroked Rex as he purred in his sleep, and as he succumbed to sleep as well he couldn't help but think about how quickly things had changed just from turning 18... but he didn't have any reason to do anything but enjoy it.