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Fourth in a series of commissions for Fyrdrgon Previous stories in this series: Family Bonds - Family Secrets - Family Unity - Please see the warnings before you read! Characters belong to Fyrdrgon except for Ropes, who belongs to Killjoy08 of FA, and Kaoshin, who belongs to Kaoshin on FA.

Title: In Time of Need Author: alaitallon/Kristin Davis

Warnings: F/M/F sex, adult incest

The characters Fyrdragon, Helena, and Hiss belong to fyrdrgon @ FurAffinity. Ropes belongs to killjoy08 @ FurAffinity. Kaoshin belongs to Kaoshin @ FurAffinity.

Summer. Warm sunlight painted the walls of the living room as it melted through the window. Outside, a lawn mower droned in one of the neighbors' yards. A sprinkler watered the back garden, spattering against the windows as it passed.

Hiss and Helena sprawled on the couch together, their eyes glued to the TV in the living room, though with no real interest. Though Hiss took after his demon cougar father Ropes, and Helena took more after her dragon mother Fyrdrgon, the two were adult siblings, and as they had for many summers past, they could not seem to agree on what to watch.

"This show's really stupid," Hiss muttered, his tail swishing with annoyance as reality-TV women vied for the affection of a single bachelor. "I wouldn't marry ANY of those dumbasses."

"Oh, come on," Helena said, trying to take the remote from him before he could switch it to something more to his suiting. "You wouldn't want all those ladies drooling all over you?"

"Maybe if they were drooling over my cock," Hiss said, grinning back to her and holding the remote out of reach. The picture changed to an overly muscled tiger swinging a folding chair at an equally overbuilt bison in a wrestling ring. Helena cackled out her laughter.

"What, and this is better?" she giggled. "You know this wrestling crap is just soap operas for guys, right?"

"No way, this is cool stuff!" Hiss said, giving her an annoyed glance. "At least when they get in a fight, they're not scratching each other or pulling each others' hair." At this, Helena tackled her brother, eliciting laughter.

"Okay, you two," came the voice of Fyrdrgon as she snatched the remote from her son's hand before he even knew she had arrived. "I know you guys are home from college for the summer, but I need you to help around the house a bit right now."

"Awww come on," Helena whined, folding her arms. "This is my vacation, mom!" Her mother, however, was having none of it, and her red scales turned an even deeper shade of crimson as she stared her daughter down.

"You two are adults, not hatchlings or cubs. When you get to this age, you have to earn your keep if you want free room and board. Hiss, I want you to vacuum the house and scrub the guest bathroom. Helena, straighten up the guest bedroom and change out the sheets with fresh ones. We need it ready by this evening, so no time to lie around and argue."

"Wait, what?" Hiss said, more surprised at the mention of guests than having to put in some work. "Who's visiting? We never get visitors anymore."

"Your uncle Kaoshin is staying a few nights while he does research at the reservoir this weekend. He called to say he'd be in town and I offered him a place to stay so he wouldn't have to get a hotel. He also wanted to visit with us."

"Ohhh, for that new book he's been doing?" Helena asked, softening a bit. She always liked her uncle Kao, especially since she had grown up enough to really appreciate just how handsome and in-shape he was, and already thoughts were racing through her mind.

"That's what he told me," Fyrdrgon said, nodding. "I want you both on your best behavior while he's here. None of that bickering and fighting you're always up to."

"Heh, I'll bet Helena will be on her best behavior all right," Hiss said, giving Helena a playful nudge. She blushed, averting her eyes and trying not to giggle.

"Oh stop it," she said, licking her lips nervously. "He's probably not into that like we are. You really think that he'd--well, that he'd want to--"

"Helena, once he sets eyes on how you filled out at college, he's gonna want to fuck your brains out," Hiss said, giving her scaly rump a pinch and making her squeal.

Though normally a taboo and abhorrent idea in most families, Fyrdrgon's home had embraced the practice of incest. Though it had started out as a secret between just Hiss and Helena, a secret that gradually brought in Ropes and finally Fyrdrgon, there was a feeling of relief and eased tension in the home now that they could discuss and act upon their long forbidden desires.

"Hiss!" Fyrdragon said, aiming a swat at him. "Don't use that kind of language in the house."

"It's true, though!" he said, annoying Helena by poking and tickling at her two sets of breasts, making her jump. "I mean, look at these things! If even Dad loves them, you know uncle Kao's going to lose his mind."

"Can I, Mom?" Helena said, rubbing her clawed hands together. "Please? I mean, if you think he won't get mad, that is."

"Come on, we can even sneak a peak," Hiss said, grinning at the idea.

Fyrdrgon sighed and shook her head, smiling. "Fine, go ask your dad. See what he thinks. If you think you can get in his pants, you're welcome to try, but if he gets mad and throws you out the window, you're taking yourself to the hospital." Helena's scales seemed to blanch.

"You really think he'd do that?"

"Only if you're a terrible lay," Hiss said, sticking his tongue out at her, and she swatted at him. "Just screw him like you screw me and Dad and you'll be all set," he said, fielding off her half-hearted swings.

"Okay, that's enough," Fyrdrgon interrupted, shooing them off the couch. "Get things ready or he won't be staying here at all. Go on."

For once, they seemed more than happy to rush to their cleaning.

"Dad, Dad!" Helena asked, jogging out to the back porch where her father, Ropes the tentacled pleasure demon, sat reading a newspaper in the nude. He didn't miss her glance down towards the part of his crotch the unfolded paper obscured, denying her a peek.

"What is it? What's got you all hyped up?" he asked, reaching to take a sip of his coffee.

"Uncle Kao's coming tonight!"

"Is he, now?" Ropes replied, taking a moment to savor the still warm coffee passing his lips. "I know you like him, but what'd you come running out here for?"

Helena blushed, shifting from one clawed foot to the other. "Well, Mom told me to ask you." She averted her gaze, not sure she could finish any more.

"Ask me what, dear?" he said, urging her on.

"I wanted to see if I could get him to--well, to--"

"She wants him to fuck her," Hiss said, poking his nose out through the patio door and laughing.

"Hiss, stop it or I'll bite your tail off!" she said, stomping her foot, her own tail lashing with a temper passed down to her from her own mother. Smirking, but not the least bit intimidated, he closed the door again and retreated back into the house.

Ropes looked at her over the paper, obviously amused. "I don't see why not, I suppose," he said, turning to the Business section. "Just don't think you can slack just because it's not me or your brother you're pleasing."

Helena smirked and shook her head, "Of course not! Thank you so much, Dad!" She threw her arms around his neck and hugged him.

"If you really wanted to thank me, you'd suck me off," Ropes said, winking, "But I know your mom has work for you. Go on, get things ready for him."

"I will!" she said, kissing him on his forehead before taking off to help get things ready.

Unfortunately for the eager family, it wasn't until late evening, long after dinner, that they finally heard the doorbell. Though Helena practically vaulted down the stairs in her rush to reach the door first, Fyrdrgon held her hand up to stop her.

"Slow down, we don't want to smother him," she said, as the other members of the household began to drift into the living room for his arrival. "When he called me to say he'd be running late, he knew he'd be very, very tired when he got here. Give him some space."

She opened the door for him, and a tired, yet still devilishly handsome, blue dragon stepped through the threshold. He grinned, his eyes lighting up with genuine pleasure. "Well, if it isn't my big sis! C'mere!" He held his arms out and enveloped her in a warm hug, her smaller body fitting perfectly against him. "You doing okay? How're the kids? You haven't run Ropes out of the house for good with that temper of yours, yet, have you?"

"We're all doing fine, just great," she said, kissing him on his scaly cheek. "Come inside, you look exhausted!" She grabbed one of his travel bags for him and ushered him in, shooing the bystanders aside and out of the way. "Hiss, take his luggage up to his room for him. Helena, go to the kitchen and get him a beer."

"Oh, settle down, I don't have to be pampered," Kao said, patting his sister on the back. "At least let me say hello before you put them to work!" He held out a hand to Ropes, the house patriarch, and gave it a firm shake. "You taking care of my sister, my man?" he asked, giving the big paw a squeeze.

"More like I take care of them," Fyrdrgon interrupted, walking to put her hand on her husband's shoulder. "Isn't that right, dear?"

"The real head of the house has spoken, apparently," Ropes said, smirking. "Welcome back, Kaoshin. You know you're always welcome here."

"And Hiss, look at you!" Kao said, as he spotted what looked like a spitting image of Ropes. Hiss held out his hand and they shook, the younger male grinning proudly. "You've been working out, haven't you? I can tell. Playing any college ball?"

"On the soccer team, yeah," he said, enjoying the praise. "You look pretty ripped yourself. What's your secret?"

"If I told you, I'd have to kill you," Kao replied, winking and eliciting more laughter. Finally, his gaze shifted over to Helena, who stood nervous and fidgeting. She put up a hand to wave at him shyly as she felt his eyes rest on her.

"My, my," he said, nearly struck dumb at the sight of her. His eyes travelled across her smooth, well-kept scales, the same red-orange as her mother. The eyes lingered at her dun brown hair, and even longer at her two sets of plump breasts, perky and firm beneath her t-shirt. He saw the curves of her hips, which had fleshed out just enough to accentuate her figure. For a moment, he wanted to put his hands on those hips, but he shook the idea from his head in an instant. He settled for opening his arms wide for a hug. "You sure you're at university right now and not beauty school?" he said, scooping her into his arms. "You look absolutely stunning, just like your mother when she was your age. Isn't that right, Fyr?"

"I would imagine so," she said, smiling and nodding, but not leaving her place at Ropes's side. "I always made sure she learned how to look her best. It would be a waste, otherwise."

"Of course, of course," Kao said, inhaling the sweet scent of perfume in her hair. After a long, agonizing second of her breasts pressing up against his chest, he let her go. "It's a pleasure to see you all doing well. I'd love to stay up all night and chat the night away, but I have to admit, I'm exhausted from the drive here."

"We understand," Fyrdrgon said, motioning at Hiss to grab Kao's bags for him. "You've got a warm bed upstairs for you and I won't keep you from it. We'll have plenty of time to spend with you tomorrow, after all."

"I appreciate your hospitality," Kao said, following Hiss up the stairs. "Your family has really been too kind, I would have been just as happy sleeping on the couch, I assure you."

"No, no, none of that," Fyr said, watching him ascend the stairs. "You sleep well and let me know if you have any problems."

"I don't imagine there'll be any. I'll just sleep straight through the night," Kao said, trying to assure her. She had a smile on her muzzle that he didn't quite recognize, something a little sly, even for her, but he felt too exhausted to spend much time questioning it. She probably just felt happy to see him again.

As soon as Hiss placed his luggage down on the floor of the guest room and bid him good night, it felt like mere seconds before Kao had snuggled down under the covers, his eyes shut and the lights out. Just as he drifted off, he thought he saw Helena peeking at him through a crack in the door, but before he could spend any time wondering about it or whether what he saw was actually real, sleep claimed him.

Hours later, the moon rose high into the night, a white eye in the darkness. Pale blue light filtered in through the screened windows cracked open to give Kao a nice evening breeze. Crickets chirped, and a few tree frogs piped down by a neighbor's pond, but otherwise, silence ruled the night.

That is, except for the softest of creaks on the carpeted floor. Helena winced as she stood outside Kao's bedroom and nudged the door open a crack. Hiss, thinking ahead more than Helena probably ever could have, had been kind enough to oil the hinges during his clean-up work, but there was little he could have done to fix the creaky floor in time. The dragoness paused, listening for any signs of stirring, but all she caught was the even and deep breathing of Kao, still sound asleep. Her mother, who had come to observe, patted Helena on the back, urging her forward. She stayed outside in the hall, seeming more content to observe than participate just yet.

She nudged the door open more, pleasantly surprised at how easily it swung ajar, and peeked into the room. Kao lay on his back, an arm behind his head, and the covers pulled down to cool himself off. They pooled around his waist, and Helena was pleased to see the beginnings of a tent forming there. His mouth hung open, and she heard a few faint snores, but otherwise, he seemed to sleep soundly. Gaining confidence, she tip-toed in, the carpet muffling her steps. She gazed down, admiring his bare and muscular chest. Even though he spent his time writing, she knew he must spend a lot of time working out to keep fit. His pale blue scales glinted in the moonlight, and she wanted nothing more than to stroke them and feel their warmth.

She looked over her shoulder to see her mother watching, eager for her to continue. Fyrdrgon made a "go on!" motion, once more urging Helena to continue. Taking a deep breath, Helena slid her hands down to the tops of the covers and gently began pulling them down, over the sleeping dragon's hips. She let out a soft gasp as his large, black-skinned erection sprang up, freed from the weight of the sheets. It rose long and pointed from its sheath, and Helena felt a moment of intimidation as she saw what appeared to be spines along it, like a feline's. She would definitely have to approach this with caution.

Curious, she leaned closer. As spiny-looking as it was, it was a real wonder. Like all dragon cocks, it was thick and large, always a challenge for any normal-sized partner that took it on. She saw it twitch a few times as the cooler night air hit it, and the spines seemed to pulse in response. She stuck her muzzle to it, taking in a deep breath and inhaling the arousing scent of his musk. Tentatively, she stuck out her tongue and lapped at its tip, waiting to see how it would feel.

Though she expected discomfort or even pain as she licked the spines, they actually felt surprisingly yielding and soft. They bent and moved easily as her tongue passed over them, giving a unique ribbed sensation along her tongue that she'd never experienced before. She heard him breathe a little more deeply in his sleep, which encouraged her to keep going. Enthralled by the new sensation, she began licking along the shaft, from sheath to tip. She grinned at the pleasurable sensation of the spines along her tongue each time she went over one. They seemed to raise up further under her stimulation, almost like erections within an erection. His cock appeared to grow as well, becoming fuller and more aroused.

Confident, she took the tip of his cock into her mouth, eliciting a grunt. For a moment, she froze, wondering if he would wake, but his hips seemed to arch up into her mouth in his sleep. His eyes kept closed, but she felt him slightly thrusting up into her throat. Needing no further encouragement, she slipped more and more into her muzzle, her tongue delighting in the barbs. She tantalized and tickled at them, enjoying how he tensed up with each stroke.

She began to wonder just how those spines might feel inside of her. Her wet pussy, well lubricated from anticipation, flexed tight at the thought. If it felt this good just in her mouth, imagine how it must be in her warm passage! She let out a soft moan without even meaning to, which got a sharp look from her mother. Fyrdrgon stood at the door, observing, and it wasn't until now that Helena noticed the matriarch slowly stroking her own slit. Helena slid her head up, letting the cock fall from her mouth, and she thought she heard a moan of yearning from Kao. Though his eyes were still closed, his eyebrows seemed furrowed with longing, and his breaths came out more ragged than before.

Helena hoisted herself up on the bed and straddled him, letting herself hover over the long, pointed cock as it stood at full attention. It flexed and throbbed, seeming to ache for contact again, and Helena was not one to be cruel and deny it that. Slow and teasing at first, she began to lower herself down. Beads of her wet juices dripped onto his cock as she pressed the head against her pussy lips. She paused, breathing heavy herself, before lowering herself down further.

As the first spine entered her, she had to fight against moaning in pleasure. What a fantastic feeling! It pressed against her tight walls, twitching and stimulating her. She whimpered softly in barely contained pleasure as she moved down on top of him. Inch by inch, he slid into her, and her head tilted back as she gasped again. His significant girth began to stretch her out, and she felt both full and tantalized at the same time. In one last push, unable to resist any longer, she pushed down the rest of the way, the shaft fully hilted inside of her.

A low moan burst from her lips. She simply could not help it. The pleasure of him inside her, plus the arousal she already had from doing something so secretive and taboo, had pushed her beyond the limits of her self-discipline. A look of horror crossed her face as she saw Kao's eyes snap open with surprise. As amazed as she was that she'd been able to get this far without waking him, she still had hoped this all would have been kept under wraps.

Their eyes locked, and there was a moment of deadly silence as it began to register to Kao just what was happening. Already, she was trying to rise up off him, frantic apologies on her lips, when she felt his scaly hands on her hips, keeping her still.

"Who told you to stop?" Kao murmured, their eyes still locked, and he pushed her back down, hilting himself again. For a moment, Helena froze, uncomprehending. A low growl rose from Kao's lips as he bucked his hips up, thrusting into her again.

Though Helena felt more than happy to continue along, happy surprise though this was, a gasp from the threshold distracted them. As Kao continued to slowly thrust, not seeming too willing to stop once he had started, they both looked to see Fyrdrgon emerge from her place by the door.

"I knew you probably had something to do with this, sis," Kao said, winking before giving Helena a particularly hard thrust. The younger dragon moaned with pleasure.

Fyrdrgon's face was a mask of confusion and disbelief. "I . . . I just can't believe you're okay with this! She's your niece!"

Kao chuckled, rubbing Helena's hips and feeling the smooth scales under his hands. "And she's your daughter, Fyr. That didn't seem to stop you from watching or, as I'm suspecting, egging her on. Am I wrong?" He gave her a wry grin, and Fyrdrgon shifted, obviously unsure of how to react.

"Well, that's different. It's a family thing," she said, looking away. Helena had her attention more on the thick dragon cock sliding in and out of her, and offered no additional input other than another squeal of pleasure as Kao shoved it in even further.

"Mmmf, a family thing, huh? I think I know a lot more about that than you realize, sis," Kao said, giving each of Helena's breasts a firm squeeze. "I suppose that calls for an explanation, though." Looking somewhat rueful, he lifted Helena up off him, stopping her to set her down beside him. She pouted, but before she could open her mouth to protest, Kao said, "Just putting this on pause for story time. If you'll forgive me, it's hard to concentrate when you're doing such a lovely job up there."

"You remember how things were after Dad died, right?" Kao began, looking to Fyrdrgon. "How Mom was a wreck for a while?"

"Of course I remember," she said, folding her arms and looking even more puzzled. "I was having to take care of everything around the house because she wouldn't do anything anymore. She just stayed holed up in her room. She'd barely even talk to me anymore; it was like living with a ghost. It wasn't until you left college to come back and look after her that I finally got a break between keeping up the house and working enough to support us."

"Indeed," he said, nodding as he gently rubbed the back of Helena's head. "I could tell she was in a lot of pain. Dad meant the world to her."

"Obviously more than we did," Fyrdrgon replied bitterly.

"No," Kao said. "That's not true. We meant more to her than you realize. She just didn't know how to show it anymore. And she got better, you know that."

"You must have talked sense into her or something," Fyrdrgon said. "She never was the same, but yeah, you're right. She did start coming out more after you came home. But what does that have to do with this?"

"Well, I just couldn't bear seeing her like that, Fyr. How she'd just fallen apart into depression. There was that one night, I think you remember the one--"

"Their anniversary," she said. "Yeah, that was awful. I couldn't deal with it, I had to just lock myself in my room."

"Yes, their anniversary. Mom had gotten more upset than usual. Usually she was just listless and lethargic, but that night she first just started whimpering, but then it turned into sobbing and practically howling with grief. I couldn't see her like that, but I couldn't let her feel like that alone, either."

"So I went to her. I didn't bother knocking, since it wasn't like she'd hear it over the sounds she was making. I just went in. Fyr, she looked terrible. Like she hadn't slept in ten years, even though it seemed that's all she did anymore. Her eyes were red, she must have had a metric ton of used tissues by her bed, and all she had on was that bathrobe of hers, the pink one Dad got her. She just kind of curled up on the bed, wailing like the world was ending. And for her, it probably felt like it really was."

"It hurt so much to see her like that. This was the same Mom that had taken us to the park, washed our scales, tucked us in and read us stories at night with Dad. She was just a complete mess. I didn't think talking to her would do any good. I knew it wouldn't. So I just sat on the bed with her. I put my arms around her and I held her. I didn't even say anything. After a while, she finally sat up and just put her head on my shoulder and cried. Her tears were so warm, and my heart broke for her. I pulled her close, holding her to me. That's when she kinda looked at me, still sniffling, and said, 'You're so much like your father, Kaoshin. I see so much of him in you.' I wasn't sure what to say, since of course I look like my father. I just kinda stroked her back and she nuzzled against my neck. It felt nice. But then I felt her lips pressing against my neck, and I thought she was just being affectionate at first, but she kissed up along my neck and my cheek. And then she kissed my lips. I couldn't help it. It kind of just happened, and at first I was really scared, that she'd hate me. That it was some accident and I was just taking advantage of it. But she kept kissing me."

"I held her and I felt her wrapping her arms around me, pressing up against me. Her bathrobe had slipped open, and I didn't want to look, but I couldn't help it. She just was so beautiful. Even after all the tears and depression, she still just looked as fantastic as I always remembered her. But it was like I was seeing her in a new way, too. A part that she hadn't shown to 'us kids' but only to Dad. She saw me looking and that's when she took my hand and put it on her left breast, right over her heart. 'Go on,' she said, 'just help me through tonight. Please. I won't ask you to do it again if you don't want. I just can't be alone tonight.'"

"So I did. I laid her down and even though we were passionate, I was still so gentle with her. I made love to her. And that's what it really was, 'making love,' because that's all I felt for her in my heart right then. It wasn't about the sex or just getting off, not that time, anyway. She needed me, and I needed her, too, I think. Gods, we came so many times. I think it was already dawn by the time we finally fell asleep. We just couldn't stop. I'd think it was time to break, time to take a rest, and she'd have her hands on my cock or her lips on me and I'd be back ready to go again, fresh as ever. It wasn't the last time we did, either, but she always called that night 'our honeymoon' when she talked to me about it at night sometimes."

"Why didn't you ever tell us?" Fyrdrgon said, the story nearing its end. "I mean, you could have at least told me, right? I asked you what you did to help calm Mom down and you said you'd just talked to her."

"How was I supposed to tell you I had sex with our mother?" Kao replied, gently. "It might be pretty normal in your family now, but for ours at the time, it wasn't. You know that, Fyr." She averted her eyes, his point taken. "In a way, though, she did tell you. She got that tattoo not too long after, remember?"

"Oh, that celtic dragon tattoo? The one over her heart?"

"She got that branded into her scales not long after that. She said it always made her think of me. I know that's still ambiguous, but that was sort of her way of showing how she felt."

"She always just told me it was a family emblem or something," Fyrdrgon said, finally sitting on the bed next to Helena. "I just-- well, I had no idea. And I'm so jealous now. I could have been doing things, too! All those nights I worked late and just wanted to come home and be held."

Kao smirked and shook his head. "My dear, there's no need to be jealous. After all, you have me now, right? What's keeping you from making up for lost time?" Helena, sensing an opening and needing no invitation, climbed back on him in a flash. Still wet and dripping from getting worked up earlier, she slid him back into her with a single, well-lubed stroke. "Mmmph! Someone's eager! You climb up, too, sis. This dragon's got more for you." He leaned back flat on the bed, licking his muzzle as he gestured for Fyrdrgon to hop on.

She hesitated, still unsure at first, but hearing Helena squeal as he began pumping in and out of her made her own slit throb with anticipation. Slowly, she eased herself over him, looking down at his face between her legs. He reached up and massaged the backs of her thighs and her buttocks, urging her closer.

"Can't reach you from there," he said, grinning and pulling her so her slit hovered right over his open muzzle. Using his hands, he tilted her back a little, exposing her warm, slick opening for him to gaze at. "Absolutely gorgeous," he murmured, lapping his tongue out at her dripping juices. They pooled on his tongue, and he swallowed, grinning. "Tasty, too. Makes me wish I HAD told you if I could have stuck my muzzle in this every night." Using his tongue, he began to stroke at her sensitive clit, drawing out a moan from her.

Helena continued to ride him, his cock going deeper and deeper into her with every bounce. She felt a clawed hand on her lower back, gently scratching at her scales and encouraging her. Her tight walls gave him a squeeze, forcing him to give a muffled moan of his own against Fyrdrgon's warm pussy.

Fyrdrgon tilted her head back, arching her hips closer to her brother's muzzle. She used a free hand to rub at her nipples, squeezing them and pulling at them to enhance the pleasure her brother brought her. His tongue began snaking up into her, massaging at her inner passages, probing at her sensitive g-spot, and she gasped.

The younger dragon rode behind her, and Fyrdrgon felt each time Kao would thrust up into her daughter, making her cry out. She felt her brother's breath getting faster and hotter around her slit, and she had the feeling Helena was close to making him cum. A low growl built up in him, rumbling against her clit as he breathed out, and it culminated into a low moan of ecstasy, as his entire body jerked up, pumping his load into her. Helena grinned, teasing him by giving his shaft a squeeze as he filled her, and soon cum covered the inside of her thighs.

For a moment, Fyr felt disappointed, having wished to have her brother in her as well. Yet even as Helena leaned back, letting Kao's cock slip out of her, he was lifting Fyrdrgon up, flipping her onto her back with her legs up high in the air. With a grunt of surprise, Fyrdrgon felt him slide himself into her, still just as hard as before, though his cock now dripped with cum.

"You weren't joking," she gasped, as the spines throbbed inside her, stimulating her in ways she hadn't thought possible. She couldn't believe he was already back to having sex so soon after cumming, yet here he was, grabbing her breasts with strong hands, panting as he thrust into her with abandon.

Helena, after taking a moment to realize things weren't finished, rejoined them at the bedside. She moved her muzzle over the pair, lapping at Kao's muscular neck as tendons stood out in it, nibbling at one of her mother's breasts, reaching a hand to massage Fyrdrgon's clit as Kao plowed into her mercilessly. Her mother's entire body shook with each thrust as Kao plunged into her, filling her with his cock. She began to pant. Her claws dug into the bed sheets. She felt her entire body yearning to explode, and every touch from Helena only amplified the feeling.

Suddenly, the pressure reached a peak and she no longer could hold it in. Her entire body tensed and froze for a few moments before being overcome with spasms of pleasure that racked her from head to tail tip. Bliss shot up through her, flooding her senses. "Oh yes yes YES!" she moaned, no longer caring about being quiet, though she knew the two men of her family would be pleased. Her pussy clenched around Kao's thick cock and he groaned.

"You want some, too?" he panted, forcing himself to withdraw and taking his cock in a clenched fist. "Mmmm, make me start to cum again, Helena. I know you can. You were sucking like a champ earlier."

Helena paused from licking at her mother's nipples and moved instead to Kao's sticky cock, drenched in the fluids of all three of them. Fyrdrgon moaned from her position on the bed, riding out the last of her orgasm as she saw Kao thrust himself back into Helena's mouth.

"That's it," he nearly purred. "Clean it up for me. Get those juices off. Mmm, you like that, don't you? Dirty girl. Just as bad as your mother and grandmother."

Helena grinned, nodding as she held his cock in her mouth while he jerked at the base. She bobbed her head up and down along it, the mixture of juices assaulting her senses with their musky smell and taste. As Fyrdrgon watched, she slowly fingered herself, shivering as she brushed against her clit.

"Mmmm, make him give you his cum, dear," she said, smiling. "Milk him like you do your father and brother."

With this mental image in mind, Helena grinned even further, and plunged the cock into her throat, all the way to the top of Kao's fist. He groaned, his body beginning to tighten up again as her smooth tongue caressed his shaft. The stroking amplified the pleasure, and he knew it was time when his entire cock began throbbing.

"Are you ready? Get ready," he panted, pulling himself out of her lips. Barely a moment later, and rope after rope of thick cum shot from his cock, some of it covering Helena's waiting face, the rest landing on Fyrdrgon's belly, where she lay under him. It dripped down along Helena's muzzle and cheeks, some even getting into her hair. Her tongue reached up and lapped along her muzzle, trying to lick up any she could reach, as Kao knelt before them, his breath ragged. A few strings of cum dribbled down from the tip, and Fyrdrgon reached out to catch them with a finger. She put her hand to her lips, tasting it, and smiled her approval.

Kao began to slump down, at the end of his endurance, especially after such a long day already, and the two females began to nestle in beside him. They covered him in kisses, nuzzling at his neck and shoulders, and he soaked this all up in the warm afterglow of his orgasms.

As the moon began to set, he found himself nestled under the covers with them, one on each side. Helena already snored lightly under his chin, her energy long spent, but Fyrdrgon licked him on the cheek as she held him from behind.

"Thank you," she whispered in the dark as she stroked his chest.

"For what?" he said, already feeling his eyelids growing heavier than he could hold open.

"Everything, I guess," she said. "But I feel like this made us closer. And I think we needed that. I'd kinda drifted away from you since Dad died. I'm sorry."

He didn't say anything for a moment, and all they heard were the crickets outside beginning to wrap up their evening performance. "I never held it against you," he whispered back. "I loved you, even through everything. That's what family does, right?"

"Yeah," she said, nodding and nuzzling against him one last time as she felt her own eyelids slipping closed. "After all, sometimes family is all you have, especially in a time of need. I'm grateful you're in mine."

"Me, too, Fyr," Kao said, smiling as they began to drift off. "Me, too."