Starting the Pack

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By CimmaronSpirit

**WARNING: Contains transformation, muscle and cock growth, auto-fallatio, and a host of other gayness... but no sex otherwise! OMG, I'm not writing sex into this story! PANIC!!! And enjoy :P **

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"Cody! Get your ass out of bed!" the deep baritone rumbled, stirring the young man from his deep drink induced slumber. After many long moments, he at last managed to get past his headache and opened his eyes. He glanced at fancy digital clock beside his bed, and groaned again as it read out 6:49 AM, and on a Saturday too! Fuck Dad...

"Get something productive done today!" his father shouted again, as he cursed his father before the door slammed shut. Cody winced and groaned as his head throbbed in anger at being so rudely interrupted. He rolled over on his bed, the covers getting tangled up in his still clothed body, trying to get back to sleep.

But the damage was done. Even with a hangover, when he was woken up, he couldn't get back to sleep. With a sigh, he at last freed himself from his bed, and half climbed, half fell out of bed. His baggy black jeans, strung up with steel chains criss-crossed around him, where almost off his hips (who wore a belt anyway?), showing off the thin straps of the tight thong he wore, an 18th birthday present to himself. In comparison to his pants, his black shirt with a death metal band emblazoned across the front in red and white was a size too small, outlining his thin, athletic body for the entire world to see. A mass of unruly black hair topped his head, and no matter what he did, it never seemed to change from its default messy style, while only a thin, as yet unshaven, moustache graced his upper lip

"Fuck. Fine, I'm up," he groaned to his already gone father. Maybe he might get a nap later in the day, just in time for his dad to come home from his shift at the oil refinery that dominated the local economy, and then another lecture on being a worthless, lazy bum.

Cody stretched as he stood, his shirt sliding up over his lower stomach, while his jeans sagged down even lower, the tight spandex over his crotch stretching around his hardening morning wood that he didn't even think about, with the pounding headache and all. When his back cracked, he at last lowered his arms, and slowly made his way to the stairs and down to the kitchen. He absentmindedly reached to the coffee pot, only to realize that his dad hadn't left any for his son. Sighing, Cody grabbed the instant coffee, and proceeded to make a few cups of coffee for himself. A few minutes, and with coffee now brewing, and a couple aspirins, Cody at last felt like he would live. After pouring the strong black coffee into a cup, he reached into the fridge for the milk.

He pulled out the jug, and frowned. It wasn't the stuff his dad usually got... it seemed different somehow. The jug seemed a bit heavier and when he poured some into his cup, it seemed a bit thicker than normal. He glanced at the label, which it was proclaimed as "Harring Farms Milk." Unlike most brands, no image adorned the label.

Cody shrugged. It was milk, even though it had never been seen before. Maybe it was a bit cheaper than regular milk, and his penny pinching father got it for that one reason.

With coffee in his hands, he went back upstairs, preparing to do exactly the opposite of what his dad wanted him to do. After all, he was 19 now, and in a month, he was on his way to go to college for an undetermined amount of time, until he either got a degree or flunked out.

He didn't care either way. The life his father lived, a technician that got up at 5:30 every morning and worked 8 hour shifts to insure the nation got its gas and whatever shit it needed to function was not for Cody. His dad thought he was wasting his time drawing pictures, even though he was making quite a bit doing so. That, along with a dozen other things including Cody's sexual orientation made their relationship... interesting. While seemingly supportive at times, at others, like when he had been drinking and stressed out, his dad would call Cody "queer queen" or a "faggot." The teenager had no idea if he could ever tell when his old man would change his mind and opinion, so he had to ride the storm's, when they came, as best as he could.

Sitting in front of the computer he himself had put together, he jabbed the power button, and waited as the machine booted up. He took a sip of the coffee, and his eyes widened as he did. It tasted a lot different... better even! He took another sip, and confirmed that it was better than what he usually had. It must have been the milk, he thought as he kept drinking; it had a slightly different taste, a bit sweet and salty...

The computer at last booted up, Cody turned back his attention to the monitor, starting up the internet to check his emails, taking sips of the delicious brew as he did so. He even started to notice the headache retreating until he barely remembered having a hangover a few minutes before.

After a few minutes, when he finally got through the junk mail and notices from Facebook and Youtube, he noticed that he was out of coffee. Sighing, Cody got up and went back downstairs for another cup, topped with some more of the milk. He took a sip, but it evolved into a drink, then an inhale before he tipped the cup up and drained it all in a few mighty gulps. Sated, Cody was about to go back upstairs when he stopped, and looked back at his cup.

"What the fuck!?!" he shouted, realizing that he just drank a cup of scalding hot coffee in a few seconds. In shock, Cody gently set the cup onto the counter and turned around, ignoring the last bit of coffee. He was still shaking at the realization when he was going back upstairs.

He sat in front of the computer again, and started browsing through his normal websites: computer parts to add to his machine, eBay to find special deals, and his DeviantArt page, where he posted the random pictures and doodles he did, receiving a surprisingly large amount of praise and acknowledgment. His dad thought that art was a hobby, not a career; never mind that his computer and half the stuff he got was from the money he made doing cheap art commissions for people with imagination but no talent.

But as he continued his internet browsing, he could feel his groin heating up, blood pooling there and hardening his member, his tight thong once again being stretched out.

As it grew hard and pushed up on the clothing restricting it, Cody groaned softly at the sensitive feelings rushing through his body, but tried to continue ignoring it.

For one thing, his stomach now growled. The teenager was conflicted between either satisfying his lust, or his hunger.

"I can wait to jack off," he thought, pushing out of his chair and going back downstairs, his hardon still trying to push its way out.

Downstairs, Cody looked for something to eat, and settled on some cereal. Pulling out the box, and the milk jug, Cody then remembered the coffee incident that morning...

"No... I was just thirsty," he thought trying to rationalize what happened. Shaking his head, Cody poured some cereal for himself, heading back upstairs with the cereal and the milk jug. Cody began to eat the cereal, savouring the taste of the creamy milk on his tongue while he at last gave in and began to browse through his porn. Before long, as videos of guys jacking off and screwing each other played on his screen, he was only scooping up the milk on his spoon, ignoring the cereal that he was trying to eat. As he ate, his other hand wandered downwards to his crotch, slipping past the baggy pants and tight underwear until his hand wrapped around his pulsing, thick pole. He shuddered, starting to thrust his cock as he ate.

As he continued, he didn't even notice that his black hair was actually growing longer, and his smooth, bare arms were slowly growing hairier. He shifted uncomfortably in his chair, almost as if his muscles and bones were shifting or something. But the images and sounds of guys fucking and being fucked, as well as the delicious milk, were the only things that interested him now.

With practiced motions, Cody slipped his baggy pants down around his ankles, while his underwear was pulled under his balls, giving him more freedom. He was about to get more milk when he realized his bowl was empty, even of the cereal he had ignored before.

Whining softly, panting heavily as he craved more, Cody looked at the mostly full jug of milk beside him. Licking his lips, Cody didn't even think before he at last grabbed the jug, and pulled it to his lips. Leaning back in his chair, he tipped it up, sucking the contents out and into his mouth and down his throat and into his stomach. He dared not let a drop escape, and focused his entire attention of swallowing the life source, ignoring even the moans coming from the speakers as the porn actors screwed each other. His cock grew harder and harder, and his mind began to blank, only to be filled with pleasure, lust with no inhibitions.

The hair over his body began to grow thicker, growing coarser as little patches of fur began to grow all over. His muscles, formerly toned before, grew larger: his biceps became small mountains as veins popped out of his skin to pump more blood to his enlarging body. His pecs ballooned out, and his abs grew larger, more defined, shifting from a flat washboard to a well-defined six pack with every gulp of milk. Cody's calves and legs began to enlarge, gaining power and mass with every moment, while his ass began to take on a perfect bubble shape. In moments, the teenager went from minor athlete to professional bodybuilder. And he was only half done the jug!

But as his body gained mass, the shirt that already was a size to small began to tear and rip, allowing muscle and black fur to pour out as it became two, three, four sizes small. In his crotch, the changes became even more remarkable. His seven inch shaft began to absorb more blood, turning a deep red before it started to grow longer and thicker: seven became eight became 10 became 15 became 24, while the width grew out until it was larger than even a beer can, almost like a two liter pop bottle. As it grew larger, the mushroom like top shrunk, becoming a pointed tip, while the lower you looked the thicker his dick got, until a large knot ballooned out at the base. The black fur began to work up over his groin, forming a large sheathe attached to his stomach for his cock to slip in... if it ever wanted to. His ball sac, flooded with new testosterone, bugled larger and larger until they became a match with Cody's new size, like two overripe melons in a furry purse. The little black thong, barely large enough before was no longer able to hold the increasingly large member or balls inside of it, and it ripped, allowing the transforming teen's junk to hang free.

Cody's feet, constricted in the shoes he hadn't taken off from the night before, began to grow larger, the nails becoming black claws which began to rip through like newspaper, until he flexed his feet, the leather and fabric being destroyed. He subconsciously flexed his body as the milk powered through him, shredding his now insanely tight baggy pants to shreds, with his shirt no longer able to keep pace, almost disintegrating from the pressure of the furry muscle god's growing body.

His hands, clenched tight to the source of the transformation, began to shift: his fingernails grew longer and sharper, turning into razor sharp nails. His soft hands became leathery, paw pads in place of his palms. His face, as yet unchanged, began to stretch out: his nose and mouth pushing outward. His nostrils turned black, becoming cold to the touch as the canine nose took the place of the human one, while a world of scents exploded in his brain, though none could compare to the best one: his own musk that now radiated off his body. His mouth enlarged as the fur crept over his face, while the teeth inside became sharper and more fearsome, and a low, lusty growl escaped past his new lips as he drank.

His ears now had fur now covering them, and they began to shift upwards, and began to pivot, taking in all the new sounds he could hear. Cody's hands became larger, and stronger, as he sucked the last bit of milk from the bottle, crushing it in his new paws as he gasped for breath, and urged every last drop out and into his cavernous body. As he lay there catching his breath, a low pain made itself felt on his tailbone, before at last a new muscle pushed out, and black fur quickly burst out to become a massive tail.

Exhausted, and with laboured motions, Cody looked down at himself to see his body having been changed by the milk. Some part of him was screaming that it wasn't right, it wasn't natural to suddenly become a half man-half wolf creature. But another, larger part told him that this WAS him. He wasn't human, he wasn't a monster. The human being that was Cody WASN'T him... no, he was the pinnacle of creation; a new being, a new species...

But his eyes (no longer the bright blue and white of a human, but yellow and black) at last found the massive chunk of man meat sticking up almost to his chest. His long tongue lolled out, and he panted, inhaling the savory smell of his new body, which only made him even hornier.

With a cock almost three feet long, the lust driven mind in Cody told him to do something that no human could ever do. With a smirk, faintly remembering the minisule size of what the human Cody had, the new wolf Cody leaned down a bit and wrapped his mouth around the tip of his own cock.

Cody remembered the one time he gave a blow job to someone: the bi-curious guy in the school washroom a couple years before. This, his own member, was so much better than that was. Feeling his hot, rough tongue working over the insanely sensitive dick made him shudder, growl and moan at the same time. Through his tongue, Cody could feel his blood pulse through his body in time with his heartbeat, which made the sex starved wolf-man even wilder for his own bounty.

His tongue licked, salivated and praised every inch of his cock, while Cody's sharp fangs and canine teeth, used to rip and tear, were now being used to provide new pleasure points, down from the still bulging knot up to the tip, oozing preseed at an exponential rate. The sweet, salty taste of his own fluids flooded his mind, until the realization hit him.

Harring Farms Milk wasn't simply milk. It was MAN milk...

The best kind.

With that, Cody couldn't hold back. He needed more. It made him stronger, larger, bigger, and better than any human. And, something in his mind told him he wasn't done yet: he still had a ways to go before he was perfect. Before he was a god.

Self-sucking himself became more desperate, more feral, more blissful than before. Loud growls and grunts came from his muzzle, as more and more pre dribbled on his tongue, exciting him even more. Like a suction hose, his fang lined mouth coaxed his manhood to give him more, his tongue swirling around every inch that it could.

As he continued, the transformed teen began changing again. Cody's frame grew larger, from over six feet tall to seven, and then eight, allowing even more muscle and mass to be packed onto his body, turning his six pack into an eight, and arms and legs bulging further out with each swallow of the concentrated "milk." A sharp pain underneath both arms made Cody growl in annoyance, until another pair of appendages grew out. His new arms quickly raced to catch up with the original, until he now had four insanely huge muscle packed guns. After a moment as his mind worked to connect with them, they started slowly caressing and massaging over his body, exploring every inch. The leathery paw pads touched his balls on one pass, nearly making Coy go off right there.

But instead, his testes bulked out, doubling in size in moments, stretching the already strained ballsac to its limit, until a heavy feeling set in, and another pair of balls grew in his sac stretching it out even more, the basketball ball sized orbs now pumping out seed at a rate not even a thousand men could have hoped to match. The hot, sensitive piece of meat in his mouth began to spring up again, his two foot cock now becoming three, with twice, three times the pre now flooding into his muzzle. The new flood of testosterone through his body made Cody roar around his cock, shaking the entire house, shattering glass downstairs.

Cody was in bliss, the feeling of growing larger and larger, and now starting to take on the perfect shape, was insane. But something still didn't feel right...

A throbbing in his groin made him realize what it was. Through glazed eyes, Cody looked down to see, right beside his dick, another sheathe was beginning to form. The furry pouch opened, allowing the bright red tip of another canine cock to slip out, which quickly stretched out to rival its mate. Once his second pole now stood at three feet, they both began getting larger. Cody's new arms quickly raced to grab hold of either one: it was getting so big that even the narrow tip of the first cock was becoming too much for him.

But he didn't care. Pre was dripping from his new cock, and he couldn't let it go to waste. He shoved the second one into his muzzle, the rivulet of pre now a flood. The growth formula continued the teen's transformation: now ten feet tall and still growing, over 700 pounds of muscle and sex, with two massive dicks spewing pre, so much now that even Cody couldn't keep up.

His body flexed: two arms pinching his upper nipples, the other two squeezing the bloated sac. His legs shot out, which sent a heavily muscled foot paw straight through his computer tower, making the entire system crash in an amazing display of lights and sparks.

"GRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRLLLLL!!!!!" the beast snarled, his entire body spasming and shaking as the largest orgasm ever struck him. It was too much for his chair, the arms having already snapped when the monster began his second growth spurt, and the valiant seat was reduced to scraps of plastic, leather and metal in a moment as the creature feel to the ground, oblivious to everything.

The dam burst, and gallons upon gallons of seed shot out. Half, or rather less than half, was actually drunk up by Cody, the rest cascading down his body like a creamy white waterfall, pooling around his body. With the purest form of the milk now flooding into him, Cody's last burst of growth started. He was nearly 12 feet tall now, and almost a half ton in weight, making the house groan in protest. His cocks at last reached their pinnacle, standing proud at over 6 feet, and still shooting out loads of seed that covered the entire room in a white, gooey mess. His balls, all four of them, seemed more like wrecking balls than cum producers. He now had 8 bricks for abs, and his chest of pecs bulged out enough to actually make it difficult for Cody to see below him. But he could guess: His legs were powerful enough to be able to hold him up, but something in his mind told him he wouldn't have to walk with them. His sex starved mind pondered it for only a moment, before a sharp pain on his back made him snarl, digging his five inch claws into the hardwood floor to brace himself as the bulge on his back grew out to form wings; a dark, black, bat like wings. Their wing span was almost double his entire body, but the muscles there were perhaps the most developed, so that it could carry 950 pounds of muscle wherever it needed to go.

At last the flow from his dual dicks ceased, and Cody fell to the floor with a crash and groan. The smell of his own sweaty, sexy body, mingling with the even stronger smell of his own sex, over flooded his senses, but slowly, he could start to pick out other individual scents. The monster sighed, panting as he tried to cool himself off. The yellow eyes closed as his body settled down, and wave upon wave of new scents and sounds filtered in. The most interesting sound his sensitive ears could pick up was that of his milk cascading down the stairs, pooling out and spread across the floor, into the kitchen and living room and to the front door...

Cody paused, and his mouth curled into a smile of malevolent intent. His dad... no, his pet, would be home soon, and he could begin to grow his pack, to become the perfect creature he was.