Please Don't Feed The Animals

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As the clock ticked away I perched my chin atop my paws with my fingers laced. I was attempting not to take a nap and almost failing. I could hear my desktop clock tick over the chatter of the keyboards in the cubicles surrounding me. Just outside the entrance to my little work cave was a little plaque that read "Jaime" It was nearly time for me to leave the office and I didn't want to be caught sleeping just as my shift ended. Damn that kit can run me down. I thought. By kit I mean my partner, my pet, Rusky; the cutest red fox I've ever had the pleasure of knowing.

My space was situated in front of a large window and the orange-pink glow of the setting sun gave my collie fur an interesting tinge. Black, with a little white shine across the strands. Other than the white blotches here and there, a ring of white fur encircled my left wrist making for an interesting mark. As if one of my sleeves were too short to connect with a glove and complete the illusion.

I glanced down at my clock and it was finally time to go. I collected my things and clocked out. As I exited the building and the cool evening air brushed my face my mind drifted. As if on autopilot, I managed to find my car with my mind preoccupied. I had been waiting all day to carry out my little plan. My kit, as I affectionately called him, was my pet. Though I mostly had control over him, he was still a pawful. Days later and I was still a bit worn from one night of passion. And I mean the whole night. What had seemed like fun turned to a slight feeling of despair as I tried to carry on with my usual responsibilities with a small chunk of my stamina taken out of me.

I was almost too tired to show up for work and definitely too tired to work out. "How am I supposed to protect you if you keep wearing me down like this?" I half-joked. I felt like it was my job to protect him, you know? He depended on me more than one would imagine. I started working out in high school. I was a scrawny border collie and easy prey for those who didn't appreciate my lifestyle. I decided that I wasn't going to be subject to anyone's harassment, so I beefed up. Not that I was swollen with muscles or anything, but I'd put on enough to make you stop and think for a second before trying something.

On day after school I was walking out to the parking lot when I heard a faint plea for help. It was almost hushed and distant. I immediately jogged in its general direction to investigate. Behind the school are portable buildings for computer classes and detention. Between the last two of them in a dead end a fox was trapped by a canine with a menacing knife. He twirled it between his fingers and laughed as the smaller fox pressed himself against the brick wall that helped hold him captive. Before he knew what hit him, I snuck up behind the bully and wrapped a thick arm around his throat and another around the arm holding the knife. I squeezed until he went limp and dropped him.

"Are you alright?" I managed to spit out after I'd come to terms with what had just happened. He didn't speak, he just wrapped his arms around me and sobbed. I held him tight and tried to soothe him. The smell of ammonia drifted in the air and I realized that the fox had pissed himself. I pulled out a pair of sweatpants that I worked out in from my backpack and let him change before notifying someone about the violent exchange. From then on we were inseparable. I couldn't stand the thought of anyone tormenting the petite fox again. A relationship developed and has only escalated since. When we had our own private exchanges, it was clear that he was giving it all to me. I hate to say it, but sometimes it was more than I could handle. I devised a little exercise to help him find his place.

My fox depended on me a lot. He didn't have a vehicle of his own so I had to drive him to and from work. Where he worked was quite interesting; it was a race track of sorts for feral dogs. I think it's one out of every 100,000 of us are born feral. They aren't deformed or anything, just not upright like most of us. I think it's a shame they are mostly used for utility or entertainment. I think that the rest of us just aren't willing to bring ourselves down to their level. If we did, we'd certainly be a lot more humble.

I pulled into the parking lot lit up by the bright white bulbs of the stadium. I went straight through to the service entrance in the back. The crunch of the gravel was muffled through the metal shell of my car as I pulled up. The red glow of a cigarette cherry grew and faded in the shadow beside the slightly rusted green door marked EMPLOYEES ONLY. I stepped out and approached the foxy figure.

"You know how I feel about that." I said.

"I'm sorry honey. I only have one every now and then just to get through my shift." Rusky replied with one arm across his ribs and the other balanced on the ledge it made with the cigarette dangling in the V that his fingers made.

"Can I take a drag?" I asked.

"Hmm. I knew you'd come around." He turned it and pointed the filter towards me. The slightly damp filter graced my lips and I inhaled the pungent flavor of the tobacco. A thin stream of smoke exited my pursed lips.

"You ready to head out?" Rusky asked.

"Not quite. You know, I've never really been to this place other than to pick you up. Maybe we should have a look around." A subtle smile appeared on his face, the corners of his lips just barely curling. I looked into his glossy orange eyes. The golden flecks seemed to glimmer around the dark pool of his pupil. I like to think that he knew exactly what was on my mind just by the silent glances we both exchanged.

Rusky flicked the butt away. "I could give you the grand tour if you like." The crowd roared inside the stadium in the brief moment of silence.

"Looks like someone's getting lucky tonight." I chuckled. The smell of the smoke was almost absent now. I detected something savory in the air. My mouth watered as I closed my eyes and inhaled deeper. I placed a paw on the wall behind the fox and leaned in to give him a lick on the nose. My other paw slid up his arm and gripped his thin bicep.

"You're still wearing them?" I asked, referring to the leather cuffs with the stainless steel rings hidden under his short sleeve.

"Of course." He said, blushing softly. "I'm yours."

Nothing I could say could possibly be as romantic as that whole gesture. I did the next best thing; we kissed. My paw rose from his arm to his chin and I held him lightly. My thick tongue slid into place and caressed the smoke stained patch of taste buds. The affection was audible as our muzzles opened and closed in turn. I pulled away and sighed and Rusky giggled when we both noticed the thin strands of saliva stretched between us. I wiped my muzzle and smiled.

"How about that tour?"

"Mmhmm, right this way sir." Rusky said politely. He opened the door and stepped aside allowing me to enter first. I stepped into a small room inhabited by a set of cabinets, a plastic fold-up table, and a refrigerator.

"Nice lounge." I said.

"Yep, it's just for us employees." Rusky said with an air of sarcasm. We walked straight through to a door on the opposite side into a wide corridor made of concrete. Lunar module-shaped bulbs encircled by aluminum cones lit the pathway. He talked as we passed between the circles of white light.

"There's really not much to this place." We turned the corner. "And here's where all the magic happens: the kennels. We have to make sure they look their best before they go out. These dogs are bread and butter for some so we take care of them."

"Of course, it's a very important job."

"Yeah, you would think they would be a little more thankful. It's hard to ignore someone while they're grooming you, but they sure do pull it off." He continued to rant a little and I nodded while I half-listened. My eyes meandered around the room and rested on a red nylon collar that was hanging from a hook on the wall behind Rusky.

"What are you looking at?" The fox said when he noticed he'd lost my attention.

"Oh, um, sorry. Just that thing over there."

"What thing?" He said as he turned.

"The collar on the wall. I thought it matched what I got you." Rusky walked over and lifted the collar from its place.

"No, this is much too red." He lifted his sleeve and compared the two. The ones I'd got him were a much darker shade, which I knew. I just wanted to bring his attention to it.

"I still think it would look good on you." I said when I walked over. Next to the wooden cubby-like rack the collar was placed on was a small table about waist high with a round metal pole bent in an L shape coming off the corner for leashes and such. I took it from his paws and wrapped it around his neck, then clicked the plastic lock together.

"Is it too tight?" I asked.

"It's a little snug, but it's fine." He smiled. I turned him towards a mirror bolted to the wall encircled with a chrome border.

"It's not a bad look for you." I laughed softly. I gripped his shoulders and rubbed my nose against his neck and inhaled the scent of the fox. Rusky giggled and said "Careful big boy. I don't think this is the place for that."

"I know, but..." My voice drifted off and I parted my lips and my teeth skimmed his fur before sinking down gently. That was all it took. I had him now. His breath shivered slightly as he reached back and touched the side of my face. "Jaime..." He said. I pulled loose the bow that held his small apron around his midsection and slid my paws across his front. One around his stomach to keep him close and the other in search for the fox's meat. I chewed and massaged the healthy lump in his jeans.

I took a deep breath through my nostrils and reached into my back pocket for something special. I released the fox's neck and he rolled his head, stretching the marked skin. I looped my surprise around my finger and pulled Rusky's arms back. A slightly rapid clinking sound arose as I fastened the silver bracelets around his wrists.

"Cuffs, master?" He said.

"Of course. How else am I supposed to keep you in line?" He murred with content as he tested the links that bound him. I unbuttoned his pants and slid them down just enough to expose the red fur of his ass. His black tipped tail flicked with excitement as I gripped the bushy middle and lifted it. I licked my fingers and rubbed them against the puckered entrance. My belt came loose and what was freed was seven inches of good genes.

I bent Rusky over the table and lined up with his tailhole. With the little chain of the cuffs gripped tightly in my paw, I pulled back and broke the tight barrier. Rusky's ears twitched as I went deep into the warm, foxy ass. The table squeaked as I went faster, drilling the fox. He let out quieted sharp breaths while I maintained silence. My heart pounded as my blood grew hot from the amorous exercise. My slacks sagged a bit and my buckle jingled when it bounced off of Rusky's plump behind. He whispered sweetly with his eyes closed "Oh, yes, yes, yes..."

I was afraid of making too much noise, but I couldn't resist giving him a quick pop on his ass cheek. It echoed with the creaking of the table down the hall. I stretched him wide with a decent amount of girth and spread pre well into his anus. He whined and scrunched his face.

"Oh, Jaime, I think-I think I'm going to come." Rusky stretched his legs as his foxy cock dangled hard between his thighs and spilled thick ropes of cum onto the floor. It dripped and pattered on the dusty concrete.

Not wanting to come myself right at that moment, I pulled out and grabbed my cock tightly to slow the coming orgasm. I pulled him upright and directed him onto his knees beside the little puddle of his own seed. I jerked hard in front of his nose and he opened his maw wide to catch every drop. My Border collie length throbbed in my hand and I felt the hot cum shoot Rusky square in the mouth. Some spilled from the edges of his lips a little, but he quickly whisked it away with his tongue. As he licked his chops he blushed deep red.

"What?" I puffed.

"Well, um, it's just're not supposed to feed the animals." He motioned with his head and I looked to the side where a plastic green sign was screwed to the wall. Etched in white was PLEASE DON'T FEED THE ANIMALS.