That Gay Goth Dog: CHAPTER 10: The Band Of Friends (part 1)

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41 of That Gay Goth Dog Sorry for the short chapter but i hope you like ^^. comment and tell me if i should start putting pics of of the stage o.o

"ok are you guys ready?" alex said looking back at us. infront of him were 3 mics around us.

"yup." we all said.

"ok Till can you hit record?" alex asked.

"got it. 1.2.3." he pointed.

wo-oh-oh-oh, woo-oh-ohh-ohh-ohh woo-oh-ohh-ooh-ohh-oh woah-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh wo-oh-oh-oh, woo-oh-ooh-ooh-ooh woo-oh-ooh-ooh-ooh-oh WOAH-OH-OH-OH-OH-OH-OH

we sang into them. till was sitting behind the glass nodding his head back and forth listing to us sing in harmony.

we, sing at the top of our lungs we, sing to you deep from our heart we, want you to feel wanted we sing to you no matter what we sing to you no matter who you are we sing to you from the top of our lungs we sing to you, in hopes you reach your heart we sing to you to show our love.

we sang loudly all together and in the same time. though the head phones i could hear the strings/orchestra. i couldn't help but smiles and nod my head.

alex pointed to till and he stopped the recording then turned to face us."you guys, that was out fucking standing!" he yelled. we all jumped up and ran in to listen to it. the soft melodic notes with our voices, some deep, some high, made it sound.. sorta like a church choir. "epic." he said after the song ended.

"yeah! oh thanks from coming in to help us with this. you have been a huge help." i said and patted his head.

"yeah man! that is some kick ass editing." hayden said giving the shepherd a fistbump.

"eh back in germany i had a lot of free time." he smiled and got up out of the chair and grabbed his coat. "but now lets call this a night." he said. we all agreed and walked out the door.

"oh! guys we have a interview coming up!" alex said jumping.

"SWEET!" we all said.

"hah, have a fun time guys!" till said.

"wha.. dude your our studio editor.. your apart of this too!" i said putting my arm around his neck.

"sweet!!!" he said wagging his tail faster and faster. when we got to our cars we all said goodbye then drove off to the dorms.

----------------------------------------------------next day---------------------------------

"Hi guys im Bryen. you guys ready for a youtube interview?" he asked us. we all shook our heads and he pointed to the camera guy.

"rolling." he said.

"HEY GUYS! and welcome to Vlog interviews! today we have Emotionless Outcast here! will you guys tell us your name and what you play in the band?" he said handing it off to alex.

"Hey, im Alex im the lead Singer slash Screamer."

"Sup, im Hayden in the other singer."

"Hi, im Jeremy im the drummer, percussion, triggering."

"hey, im Dj im the Keyboardist and low growl/scream."

"hi, im Marcus im the guitarist."

"Im josh and im the other guitarist."

"i'm till im the studio Editor."

"nice, nice. so tell me, how did all this stuff start out?"

"Well, i was in a band known as Avenge Of The Fallen. and we needed a bassist for the group and i found alex. don't know why but i thought he could play bass. instead we found out that he can sing/scream and he became the front man." i said.

"yup, but after our first gig the first guitarist and bassist left just leaving me and jeremy. after about a yaer we got Dj and marcus under A.O.T.F. but soon we changed the name to Emotionless Outcast. and soon adopted josh and till." alex said chuckling.

"Nice. ok this is a fan question. If you could be anywhere with anyone. who and where would it be?"

"eh... i think my girlfriend Abbey and on a island." alex said and passed the mic over to DJ.

"Marilyn Manson, anywhere si fine." Dj said then passed it on.

"eh i think Trish, girlfriend. and a island to." marcus said.

"eh my old friend and back in germany." till said.

"i dont care who and i dont care where." josh said making us chuckle.

"I would choose Hayden." i said putting my arm around his waist. "and anywhere is fine with me." i said then kissed his lips.

hayden chuckled, "i would say the same thing as Jeremy said." he kissed my lips and smiled.

"Oh so you two are going out? you guys are openly gay? what is it like to be in a big band and be openly gay?"

"no, we are married to each other. and yup we are." hayden said.

"at our last concert he kissed me and it was put on the big screen. i could not stop blushing a little. and its fine. not many people come up and say stuff about us going to hell. even if they do i would say. open your mind before you mouth. then walk away."

"Cool! Ok so you guys are working on a new CD. how has it been so far?"

"amazing! with till editing skills its really coming together to be all it can be." and with that we continued the rest of the interview talking about the new cd and when it will be out.

-30min later-

"OK will the is all the time we have for today! join us next week as we take you back stage with E.O to see what happens behind the sceens!" and with that the red light went out and we were free to do what we wanted.

"well it was nice meeting you. cant wait to have you back stage." alex said shaking bryens' paw.

"it was nice to meet all of you guys as well cant wait either. see you their!" he said then packed up and left.

"well now what?" i said.

"eh no idea. record something?" hayden said.

"yeah!" we all said at the same time.

stage show