Miss Nightfang's School for Wayward Youths: Mitch's Story Chapter 9

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9 of Miss Nightfang's School for Wayward Youths - Mitch's Story Well here we have Chapter 9, we learn the fallout from the fight last chapter and things start to really change for Mitch, in a good way for once. Hopefully it will last...

Mitchel belongs to Danaume Miss Nightfang, Rhapsody Nightfang, Sam Brisby, and Cyko all belong to me.

Chapter 9 - The cost of Love

The next morning Mitchel wakes up and dresses, wearing... his new underwear... ugh... and a white baby-doll T with green 3/4 baseball sleeves that says, 'Here's the Pitch' on the front, one of the most boyish shirts he could find at the store. As his new pants and skirts aren't back from the tailor's yet, being altered for his tail, he has to wear another of his sister's slutty skirts. He frowns as he puts it all on, taking a moment to look at himself in the mirror before sighing and heading off to breakfast.

He doesn't feel overly social, so he walks past Sam's table with just a wave, who all look up at Mitch with giggles and friendly smiles, it is likely Sam might have told them some of what happened yesterday. He notices that Cyko is bizarrely absent, not that he was eager to see him after yesterday but he was still the only person he really seemed to relate to sometimes. He sighs a bit, and then moves to sit at Rhapsody's table, the next best thing rather than having to deal with Sam's gaggle of friends, saying, "Morning." to the bat.

Rhapsody looks up to you as he sits down across from her, her bright purple eyes contrasting greatly against the sea of black that was her fur. "Hello again." She says with a faint smile. "You look nice."

Mitchel blinks at Rhapsody for that comment, knowing that he has a black eye still, and his paws are all pocked from the quills, then there is the fact that he still feels that he looks nothing like a girl underneath all the stupid girls' clothing. He contemplates a retort that is rude, then sighs and says, "Thanks." quietly, starting to eat his breakfast.

Rhapsody smiles again, even though she knows it's not genuine, she trying to be nice and make the otter feel better about his appearance. Like her mother, Rhapsody doesn't actually eat in public; she's mostly reading a book and observing the others, almost in her own world away from everyone else.

Mitchel isn't quite sure what to make of that fact, so after he is half way through his breakfast, he asks, "Why don't you or your mother ever seem to eat?"

Rhapsody blinks at the question and giggles softly "We eat, silly. We just don't eat in public. Remember the fridges?" She asks prompting Mitch to nod slowly as she starts to explain; "As you recall there was a 4th one set aside and I said that is was for those with more specific diets than those based on Gender. Mother and I both fall under that category. We..." She pauses for a moment seeming to think this over. "Our bodies work best on raw meat and blood. We can eat other things, and will accept food offered to us, but they don't tend to meet our dietary needs. Many other species are not fond of watching someone eat raw meat and drink blood. So Mother and I eat when alone."

Mitchel nods some ohs softly as she explains. "Gotcha. Sort of like a lot of people think it gross to suck an oyster out of the shell..."

Rhapsody nods "Something like that, yes. Though I think the squick factor is lesser for that." She giggles.

Mitchel shrugs a bit and goes back to eating his breakfast; he personally finds it less worrisome than other things at this school. Though he realizes some people can get really squeamish around that kinda stuff, so the bats likely do their best not to sicken anyone with their eating habits.

"So, have things been going well for you lately? Mother and you seem to be getting along better." The black bat observes.

Mitchel shrugs with a sigh, "I guess... I still really don't like this. I don't want to be a girl, in any way, shape or form... I think it is wrong to force it on me..." He looks down at his plate, "But it isn't like I can win... the more I try to defend myself, the worse things get for me. So I guess being miserable as I am, is better than finding out ways it can be worse, right?"

Rhapsody sighs softly hearing that. "Things aren't as bad as you make them out to be. If you continue to look at the world with a defeatist attitude, yes things will only get worse for you, and you my never graduate." She says laying down exactly one way things could be worse.

Mitchel shrugs, "I don't know how to look at it any better."

Rhapsody grins in a way almost similar to her Mother, but more honest looking. "Well any way but your current outlook would be a start, wouldn't it? No it's not ideal, nothing in life ever is; but surely you can find some more positive areas to focus on?"

Mitchell gives the bat an offside glare at that, and then shrugs, "Yeah, well... but everything I try to do just seems to make things worse; for me or for someone else. And it isn't like graduation is so great either..." he shudders at the thought of what Cyko's dad has in store.

Rhapsody cocks her head to the side some and asks, "So you would rather remain a eunuch in this school, with my mother and me, then to face the world again?"

Mitchel sighs and shakes his head, "No. I just wish someone would care what I want for a change."

"And what DO you want?" She asks as he looks to him, her large purple eyes focusing on the otter.

Mitchel replies, "I want to be a guy. I want to play sports, date girls, save up for a car, maybe go to college... maybe go pro in something." he sighs and rests his chin on the table, then says, "I want to go back to how things were before I ever saw this place, dressing how I choose, doing what I want..."

Rhapsody shakes her head softly, "I don't see how any of those desires really change." She states in her own simple way. "The school has a gym, a pool, and other athletic outlets. So nothing is stopping you from playing sports, except you. You can still date girls; in fact you and Sam seem to have a really strong relationship. If you graduate I'm sure you can learn to drive, get a car, and go to any college you want."

Mitchel rubs his temples and lifts his chin from the table, frowning at Rhapsody, "Yah, but only as a girl. That's the problem."

"How?" Rhapsody asks in complete honesty.

Mitchel sighs, "Because it isn't me. It isn't what I want. I was born a guy, and I've always liked being one. Sam didn't, and it's cool that this school helped her, but for me it's just a torture."

Rhapsody continues to watch him, seeming like she is trying to analyze him with her purple eyes. "I feel like we've had this conversation before."

Mitchel nods, "We have. And what I want hasn't changed. Is that so surprising?"

Rhapsody says, "Yes, yes it is." She replies as she looks to Mitch. "You're still being miserable, and moping about, and thinking mostly about yourself. Rather than trying to make the most of a bad situation that you know is bad, and carry on. Out there, in the real world, the one you want to be a part of again shit happens. Stuff you'll never plan for, never want. Shit you feel like you'll never be able to deal with. But people adapt, people cope, people deal. That is how we survive. The only thing that is stopping you from enjoying ANY of those things you tell me you want is you. Not what you have under your skirt, not how others see or treat you; Just you. If you want things to be better, you need to make them better for yourself; not hope someone else makes them better for you. If you actually TRY to have a life not defined by wither you're a boy or a girl, you'll be much happier and go further in life."

Mitchel shrugs, "Easy for you to say, you can switch back and forth on a whim."

Once again the world darkens around Mitch as the creepy bat girl gets pissy, as he trips one of her triggers. "You have no idea what is easy for me!" She growls at him and stands up suddenly. "I told you before that I am not here because of gender. We all have problems here, and it's not easy for any of us!" She says taking up her books. "So get over yourself and man up for once in your life." She growls and takes her books before storming out.

Mitchel blinks in surprise at the outburst and then groans at having done it again. The honest truth is that it is starting to become more a case of him staying in his room to avoid pissing people off, more than to avoid being seen as a girl. He drops his head with a thump as his forehead hits the tabletop and grumbles to himself about how he always manages to do things like this.

While the otter isn't looking, Sam walks over and looks to him. "You really have a way with the women, don't you Michelle?" She asks with a playful giggle.

Mitchel mutters loud enough for her to hear, "Not just women, Seems like just I piss everyone off."

Sam says, "Look on the bright side; you were able to make it up to me. And even Downy forgave you rather quickly. No one stays mad forever."

Mitchel sits up and shrugs, "No, but it doesn't help if I keep pissing them back off."

"Rhapsody is a very troubled girl." The mouse explains with a sigh. "Things here actually seem a lot harder for her just because she's Miss Nightfang's daughter on top of her own issues."

Mitchel sighs, "Yeah, so I was just told." he manages a weak smile at Sam, then starts to gather up his tray to buss it, "I'm not trying to be such a downer, but come on, in one month, I've lost my entire identity, heard my mom say that she doesn't want me, had my friend get pissed off at me for trying to do what I thought he wanted, and oh yah, got my bits lopped off by that same friend's dad. How am I supposed to cope with that?"

Sam follows Mitchel as he takes his tray up to be cleaned. "I don't think Cyko was mad because you did what you wanted, he's mad that you didn't do it for him. It's a subtle difference. How would you feel if he had managed to save someone else from getting feminized and not you?" She asks

Mitchel says, "You can be mad and still not hate someone." then he sighs and says, "And yeah, I know, but I couldn't fix him... I couldn't save him anymore than he could save me... and his trying to save me just made things worse for me. What if I had tried and things just got worse for him?"

Sam smiles softly "It's the thought that counts sometimes, not the results. Besides I heard he refused to let you take any blame for the fight and took the brunt of all Ms. Nightfang's anger as punishment. Do you really think he'd do that if he was really mad at you?"

Mitchel sighs, "No, not really... I... I just need some time to think..." and with that said, he leaves the cafeteria.

Not knowing what else to do, Mitchell just starts wandering the facility. He's been here for nearly a month, and so far the only areas he has seen are the dorm rooms, the cafeteria, and Miss Nightfang's office. He hadn't been told to attend any classes or anything, because he was originally just supposed to come here as some sort of summer camp. Mitchel wanders around for a couple hours, as he tries to sort out the ordeals of the morning and the past day, casually exploring the school a bit more.

As apparent from the outside, the school was converted from an old cathedral that had been abandoned for many years. It still shows much of the old grandeur of its architecture admit all the modern additions such as the lighting fixtures. It's been built on too in the Decade or so since Miss Nightfang has owned it, it's easy to tell where the newer wings begin and the Cathedral end by the age of the stone work and sharp departures in style with more modern ideals. Much like its owner there is a mix of wondrous and creepy with warm pleasant atmosphere. By the end of his private tour, Mitchel finds himself back in the boys' dorms, particularly at Cyko's door. He takes a deep breath, and then knocks on the door knowing he had to face his friend at some point.

There is no answer at first, it almost seems like Cyko might not be in. Mitchel sighs softly and starts to turn away, but stops ears perking slightly as he hears The Hedgehog's voice sounding desperate and needy. "C-c-come in..."

Mitchel blinks at that, the takes a deep breath and turns the handle, stepping into the room. "Cyko?" the otter asks, as he looks around the room some. Cyko's room is very different from his own, which is still very sparse with little decoration. Cyko's room looks much more like what one would expect of a teen boy; with posters from various bands, CDs, a large stereo on one shelf. In one corner of his room is an electric guitar and amp. When he enters he is hit immediately by a moderately familiar scent, that of a feminine musk but much stronger than Sam's was.

Cyko sits half naked on his bed rocking his hips against the mattress as his sex glistens in the soft light of the room, his eyes look to the otter hungrily as he whimpers seeing him. "'E-ey... Mit-mic..." He shakes his head, the word seeming almost too hard to say at the moment. "M-mate..." he says instead, but makes him shake his head more as several 'bad thoughts' enter his head at that word.

Mitchel blinks in stunned surprise at the sight, shaking his head and saying, "What the hell happened to you?"

"P-Punish...m-ment..." Cyko tries to explain as he watches Mitchel, a shudder running through his body. "F-fer c-callin' Sam a s-slut..." He whimpers and murrs and then slowly crawls closer to the otter. He licks his lips as his eyes seem to focus on Mitch's crotch, but shakes his head. He closes his eyes, trying to think about something, anything else as He's tries to fight his own desires. "A-Also c-can't st-stop thinkin' of dicks... Wanted o-one s-s-so bad... now all I can th-think about..."

Mitchel swallows at that, and then sighs, "Why didn't you just let me take the flak for what I did? I started that fight..."

Cyko shakes his head. "M-my fault... Sh-shouldn't have gotten mad..." He mutters as he tries to look Mitch in the eye and not the crotch. "A-Also... doing... d-duty as p-partner... T-t-too much in p-past mon-month..." He says licking his lips and swallowing its taking all he has not to just pounce and fuck the otter right now. "Y-ya needed a b-break..." He says as his fingers dip between his legs a moment before he pulls them away like he's been shocked and then sits on his hands.

Mitchel starts forward, slowly walking towards the bed, "Quit it Cyko..."

"Q-quit wh-what?" The hedgehog asks honestly as he watches the other boy come closer.

Mitchel grits his teeth, then says, "Treating me like a girl!" his voice rising a bit, "You've been the worst at it! You're defending me like I can't take care of myself, as if I'm some delicate little flower!" He replies, trying not to start another fight with his friend.

Cyko pounces Mitch, in a mix of anger and desire, knocking him to the floor. He glares at the other boy, looking down to him Green eyes full of both lust and anger. "G-goddamn you! A-Always thi-thinking b-bout ya-yerself! Yer a g-goddamn s-stupid i-idiot!" He growls as he looks down to the otter, as his punch from yesterday showed, the hedgehog is quite stronger than he appears as he pins him to the floor. "I-I'm n-not tre-treating ya like a-a fuckin gi-girl!" He all-but yells. He cocks his head some as his thoughts stray for a second, it being a struggle to keep his thoughts focused on something other than sex. "I-I wuz treating ya l-like a f-friend. Y-ya've 'a-ad tha w-worst month... W-wuzn't gonna l-let it g-get worse... N-Not after what m-my D-da' did..." He growls and then suddenly kisses Mitchel passionately.

Mitchel ... was not expecting that kiss. His eyes go wide and his ears splay as his paws move to Cyko's chest to try to push the hedgehog off of him, but he doesn't have the strength or the leverage. The fact that he gasps in surprise at the 'assault' doesn't help, as it means that his lips part in a very 'surrendering' manner.

Cyko tongue slips in as Mitch's lips 'surrender'. The kiss continues passionately as the hedgehog is completely lost in the moment. He can feel his dripping sex rubbing against the otter's sheath. There's nothing artificial about these feelings but almost as quickly as it came he pulls away and dashes across the room to a far corner and curls up, seemingly ashamed of himself. "N-no... g-goddamn... N-Not gonna g-g-give in!" He whimpers. "G-goddamn thing f-feels like it is on f-fire..."

Mitchel lays there on the floor gasping for breath and shivering some in a bit of mental shock. It doesn't help that Cyko's grinding managed to make his panties tight and his skirt bunch up in reaction to his swelling flesh. Even unwanted part of him has to admit that the kiss was kind of amazing...

Cyko is panting heavily and needfully. His libido seemingly set to eleven for the foreseeable future. He curls up rather girlishly as he hugs his knees, sobbing a soft bit. "N-never g-gonna c-call s-sumone a s-slut again..." He whimpers as this is sheer hell for him.

Mitchel sits up after catching his breath and asks quietly, "Did she say how long it would last?"

Cyko replies , "T-till Sam G-graduates..." He mutters softly" Causing Mitchel's jaw to drop at that. "O-Only c-cup'la months... A-agreed ta it... D-didn't th-think it'd b-be th-this bad..." He whimpers.

"Have you... can you... you know... still cum?" Mitchel asks stumbling over his words a bit, as he knows what Miss Nightfang's punishments can be like.

Cyko nods some as he looks up to Mitch with blurry eyes. "O-Only with a di-dick or d-dildo inside me though... S-since o-outburst w-wuz over w-wanting cock..."

Mitchel asks a bit stupidly, "Did she give you a d... a dildo?"

Cyko nods again "Y-yes..." He mutters and looks over to a rather realistic looking wolf based Dildo sitting on his dresser.

"Have you used it?" Mitchel asks quietly, still feeling a bit stupid in his questioning.

Cyko shakes his head, "H-hell no..." He mutters still trying to be a 'man' and ignore his feminine sex. Of course this punishment makes that all but impossible...

Mitchel thinks for a moment before standing up and quickly moving to grab the dildo, tossing it towards Cyko and saying, "There's nothing more male than masturbating, is there? That isn't being girly or giving in, that's just being a guy and getting your jollies." He states honestly.

Cyko half glares at Mitch. "O-only f-fagots g-get off on dicks..." He mutters as he looks to the Dildo, though his hand hesitates but starts to reach out for it before Cyko pulls back suddenly, shaking his head.

Mitchel repeats something he heard in a movie once and always thought was poignant, even if it hurts his personal case, "Every time a guy masturbates, and he's getting off with a dick."

Cyko half-glares at Mitch "D-dammit I-I wanna j-jerk off like a guy!" He growls in frustration more than any actual anger at Mitch.

Mitchel steps up to his friend, grabbing the dildo looking at the base of it, and seeing that it is as smooth as he was hoping it is, he puts his paw against the hedgehog's chest and pushes Cyko back against the wall.

Cyko glares at Mitchel. "Y-ya be-better not b-be thinkin what I think your thinkin!" He says as he tries to move away from the otter, but his lust is making it hard to break free at the moment.

Mitchel doesn't answer as he pushes the back end of the dildo against Cyko's folds, so that the fake dog dick seems to jut up like a cock from between the hedgehog's legs. Cyko looks about half ready to give Mitch a matching eye, but that moment passes as he feels the end press back into his folds and shivers with a hot gasp. "Take hold of it and wank off!" He replies and lets Cyko take hold of the toy and steps back out of range.

Either through agreeing with the idea of just being too horny to think otherwise Cyko does as told and works the Dildo. Of course it doesn't feel the same. He doesn't feel his hands touching him and the spire is rubbery and numb to the touch while something pumps into him... but at this point his pleasure addled mind isn't giving a shit beyond 'fuck yes' as the pleasure washes over his mind.

Mitchel watches as his friend works out some 'stress' as it were. Of course the room reeks of pussy, and his dick is throbbing and hoisting his skirt up uncontrollably by this point; but he tries to ignore it as he knows the last thing Cyko needs is more problems right now.

It doesn't take long before Cyko gasps and cries out in similar fashion to Sam did the other day as like her, he is cumming for the first time with his pussy; though it's been building for about three months now. The Dildo kinda pops out and lands a few inches from him as he lets go from the wave of pleasure as it hits him and his thick feminine juices spills onto the floor. Mitchel moves to catch his friend and lay him out on the bed, hoping that the orgasm gives him at least a little reprieve from his arousal.

Cyko pants softly in the afterglow, having indeed calmed down a bit as Mitch lays him on his bed, a trail of his juice being left on the floor. "O-of course ya know..." He says as he pants in pleasure. "I-I'm gonna kill ya after I r-recover." He mutters, not the most romantic thing to say, but Mitch did force him cum as a girl, though Cyko does seem much happier and relaxed now for it.

Mitchel shrugs with a smirk, and then says, "Consider it getting even for you costing me my nuts. We're square now."

Cyko nods and pants and looks to Mitch with a sigh. "I-I'm really s-sorry for yesterday." he says as he licks his lips, his desire being dialed back some but still feels like he could easily go another round.

"Apology accepted. And I'm sorry that I didn't at least make an attempt to get you your dick back." Mitchel sighs and sits down on the edge of the bed.

Cyko slowly sits up on the bed; his legs curled some under him in a somewhat feminine fashion, his body pretty much flooded with estrogen currently. "I-I dun b-blame ya..." He says putting his hand on Mitch's shoulder. "I-it likely woulda ended up badly..." He says trying to console his friend some. "No big deal anyway;" He sighs "Not like it'd ever happen anyway. Mum's too thrilled with the change."

Mitchel nods slowly, "Yah. Our parents suck." he manages a weak grin at his friend and then adds "Just promise me you will settle for the dildo and not get knocked up. You end up with a kid, and there is no way I will ever have nuts again."

Cyko chuckles softly then goes pale at Mitch's next comment. He seems to either have not thought of that or just didn't want to be reminded he's fully functional. "Eh... Da' will likely disavow it if it's not pure blooded..." He replies and then part of him grins, the part of him that is still horny and lusting for cock. "Though there is a cock I can use..." As he hands paws Mitch's erection before he recoils and shakes his head. "S-stupid thoughts..."

Mitchel shivers a little at the touch, then sighs, saying in a resigned voice, "It's going to have to happen, Cyko... your parents are going to insist on it. We have two choices... be together as a real couple, or you dump me now and leave me to go through life as a eunuch. Miss Nightfang showed me how much your dad's paying to get me 'fixed', and he isn't going to be satisfied with us 'faking it'."

Cyko nods and sigh. "Da' never does do anythin' small... B-But if it 'appens I w-want it to be real... N-Not cuz w-were forced too..."

"What, a relationship, or sex?" Mitchel asks with a smirk.

Cyko blushes fiercely at the question, likely from the access estrogen influencing his actions some. "T-the relationship... though... Though wanting the sex would be good too..." He says licking his lips as he glances to Mitch's cock.

Mitchel takes another deep breath, tasting Cyko's arousal on the air and shivering some. "The big reason I... did it with Sam... I wanted my first time to be as a real guy... with a real girl..." He hangs his head and closes his eyes, "I knew that you and I were going to end up doing it eventually... I wanted to at least pretend my first time was normal... because even though I'm the one with the dick... I don't think sex with you will be the same... I won't be the guy, and we both know it..."

Cyko nods softly "Y-yeah... Tha' I understand..." He says and then sighs deeply "I never even got that... but I dun blame ya. J-Just it all c-came at once ya know? I'd been battling my sexual desires fer about three months, meet the first other guy I like, and then I cost 'im 's nuts, then I between my guilt and desire I learn you actually got to fuck a girl. And it... jest all came pouring out..."

Mitchel nods and then looks over at Cyko again, before standing up and beginning to disrobe. He has worked up the courage, so he isn't going to take it slow now and risk Cyko telling him no, or chickening out. This lets Cyko see him naked again, and even in just the week or so since the last time the hedgehog saw him naked, he has changed a bit; his body sleeker, more feminine thanks to the extra hormones, and of course the slit-like scar beneath his sheath, where his balls once were. He turns to face him and takes a deep breath.

Cyko blinks softly as he looks to Mitch as he disrobes. "Wh-What are ya doing?" He asks taken back a bit as he looks over Mitch's more feminine body, unable to look away.

Mitchel smiles a little, "Getting this over with." He looks the hedgehog over, and then asks, "Could you strip the rest of the way?"

Cyko Blinks softly "Bu-but with ya fully undressed I c-can't 'elp ya..." He says as he removes his jacket and rolling stones t-shirt, having been unable to manage anything besides that with his libido set so high as even the soft touches to his pussy drove him wild.

"This isn't about helping me." Mitchel shrugs and looks around the room and then nervously asks, "How do you want me?"

Cyko seems almost as nervous as Mitch is, though his libido overrides much of that. "A-anywhere is fine..." He replies as he watches the otter intently. Mitchel nods and lies back on the bed. "A-are ya r-really sure ya wanna do this?" He asks as he looks down to Mitch, his well-toned black furred body glistening with beads of sweat from his arousal. His body shivers with lust and desire as he crawls over to the otter as he nods in reply. Cyko is really nervous about all this, both his own feelings and Mitch's because this is kinda like the final step of giving in for both of them, really accepting their changed genitals and that there is no going back.

Mitchel moves his hands to Cyko's hips not trusting his voice as Cyko hoist himself over his pulsing erection. Cyko shivers and whimpers some as he slowly lowers himself on Mitch, both pushing down and drawing away as his mind fights itself, but soon he moans out deeply as for the first time he takes something into his folds. The hedgehog clenches his eyes at the feel of it all... He can't really say it feels wrong, as he's never had the experience of feeling a pussy from the other end, but it still very odd to him, feeling something press up into a small slit between his legs. He lowers himself down on Mitch's cock and just sorta sits there for a moment as he gets used to how the otter's cock feels inside his very tight folds.

Mitchel gasps at the tight heat around his dick and his hips lift instinctively, pressing him deeper into the hedgehog as his paws grip at Cyko's thighs, as if to steady himself despite the fact that he is laying on his back.

"I-I dun think a-anythin is gonna be tha s-same after this..." Cyko murmurs as he looks down to Mitch. His hands move to rub over Mitch's chest as he begins to ride the otter's shaft slowly at first, still adjusting to the feel of it inside of him.

Mitchel listens to the words, but can only gasp in reply. He gives another roll of his hips as Cyko start to figure out how to ride him; knowing that if Cyko were able to let him cum, he would likely only make it through a stroke or two before cumming. He blushes deep and his ears splay, unused to the way the hedgehog is caressing his chest, it feels... wrong to him, but he doesn't say anything, wanting to help his friend get comfortable at least. He watches as the hedgehog continues to stroke up and down on his shaft, starting to get into a good pace. Cyko murrs softly to him as the hedgehog keeps up his attentions to his changing chest teasing around his nipples.

Although Mitchel doesn't exactly have nuts to go blue on him anymore that doesn't mean that he doesn't feel the need to cum; but thanks to Miss Nightfang it feels like a cork's been shoved down his urethra. He does his best to ignore it as Cyko starts finding his rhythm, blushing deeper and giving a little wince as Cyko teases and pinches at his nipples, they haven't started growing into breasts yet, but that likely isn't more than a few weeks away from happening.

Cyko shudders and moans deeply as his strokes becoming faster and harder as his tight vag squeezing the otter's cock eagerly; trying to milk it dry despite its inability to cum. His Hands continuing to rub, tease, and kneads Mitch's not-breasts. The passion over taking him and once more leans down and kisses the otter deeply.

Mitchel fully yields to the kissing this time. Closing his eyes as he lets the hedgehog use him, knowing that he will get his turn later, but for now, trying to actually do something for Cyko. As the hedgehog's pace quickens, he can't help but buck his hips up in exchange wanting to cum so bad that he drives his cock up into his friend and lover again and again, working nerves deep in the hedgehog's body as his sheath teases at Cyko's slit and clitoris.

Cyko shudders and soon cries out as he cums for a second time, his juices dripping down Mitch's cock, though he doesn't slow down any as his slut-level libido continues to drive his needs. He holds the otter close to his body as he his hands move down from the not-breasts to stroke over his lover's body in full, still addressing areas that females would enjoy.

Mitchel doesn't fight it, doesn't resist it, as he continues to be treated like a girl as he knows that in Cyko's head, Mitchel needs to be Michelle to keep his friend sane at the moment. So he lets Cyko do as he wishes with him, somewhat passive, as he has no idea what to do as in his head, he still wanting to be a guy, and seeing a male above him is more than his brain can really process. At least he can find some level of comfort in that he's taken a tight virgin pussy two days in a row.

Cyko, being so caught up in his arousal, hasn't even noticed Mitch breaking his hymen. The black hedgehog nuzzles and kisses Mitch softly as he tells him how sexy he is and how Mitch is the most amazing otter he's ever met.

Mitchel blushes deeper at the statements about himself, shivering a little and feeling more humiliated than complimented; but it isn't more than he is willing to endure. He lets Cyko ride his cock for hours; until either the hedgehog's body is sated, or more likely gives out from exhaustion. His dick starting to physically ache from having been erect so long without relief as Cyko rides him raw. He loses track of how many times Cyko has came from ordeal, and while the hedgehog's body almost seems contempt to keep up the long ride Cyko eventually slumps over on top of him and passes out.

Mitchel disentangles himself from Cyko and carefully gets up, his cock almost an angry purple, and bigger than he remembers it. He groans and tries to straighten Cyko out so that the hedgehog can get comfortable on the bed, pulling the bedding over his friend so he can sleep. He grabs his clothes and heads for the cafeteria for lunch. While he stinks of sex and sweat, he still needs to eat as well as needing the dull punch in the gut of needing to cum to fade.

The cafeteria is only partially full as Mitch enters, having missed about half the lunch period thanks to helping Cyko. Sam is once again seen with her clique of friends though it's down to two, Rhapsody is once again by herself, and unlike usual doesn't seem to bother to even look at Mitch as he passes by. Mitchel grabs himself food and moves to sit quietly at Cyko's usual table, eating without saying anything to anyone. He gives the occasional glance over at Rhapsody, having almost forgotten how he pissed her off at breakfast, with the events that transpired between. Of course Mitch seems to be getting more attention than usual, between his reeking of sex and still raging erection. Mitchel does his best to ignore the snickers and points and gossip going on around him as he eats, knowing that he needs a shower.

He's almost done when someone speaks. "It seems you've been busy." It's the familiar monotone voice of Rhapsody, the black bat now suddenly besides him; He doesn't even remember her leaving her seat. Mitchel blinks and almost spills his tray as he jumps up in surprise.

"Uh... yah." Mitchel blushes, his ears pinning flat back, "I went to check on Cyko... then tried to help him out... he's sleeping now at least." he says as moves to dispose of his trash and bus his tray.

"I am surprised you didn't try to deal with your own needs before eating." She says as Mitch disposes of his trash and cleans up after himself, seeming to no longer be upset at the otter.

Mitchel shrugs, "That wouldn't have helped him any." he starts out of the cafeteria while adding, "I need a shower..."

Rhapsody looks toward him. "I might be able to be of help." She says simply.

Mitchel smiles and says with an attempt at humor, "With a shower?"

"I could possibly help with that as well. After all there are those that enjoy golden showers." Rhapsody replies sounding totally serious.

Mitchel blinks, "What's that?" he asks, having apparently not heard of the term before.

Rhapsody cocks her head as she looks to him, those purple eyes almost seem to look surprised that the boy doesn't know the term, and explains it for him. "It's the term adults have for pissing on each other."

Mitchel goes wide eyed and then shudders, "Gah! What is it with the adults in this town?" He shakes his head and sighs, "I am guessing you mean help me out sexually? I'm not sure that you could... you would have to know the command phrase that your mom set on me... and even if you knew that, you would have to be a guy... and I... after this morning... I don't know if I am ready for that."

Rhapsody closes her eyes, and concentrates for a moment. Her body shimmers and ripples, as a transformation takes place. Shifting from the svelte female he is to a rather handsome black bat. Though his clothes haven't changed leaving the new guy in pink and black goth raver outfit, and a skirt that's just barely long enough to hide anything. The 'new' Rhapsody looks to the otter. "That would be one down already." He says reminding Mitch that she can be a guy. "And I know the phrase, which would be two down." He chuckles softly.

Mitchel blushes again, "Oh..." he says, hanging his head, "Leaving only problem number three..."

Rhapsody puts a hand on Mitch's shoulder. "I don't think Cyko was ready either. Sometimes that decision needs to be made by someone else. I'm sure YOU'D agree with that." He replies with a slight grin, sounding almost like he seen Mitch trying to force Cyko for the hedgehog's own good.

"That's not fair..." Mitchel groans, even though it is right on the money.

Rhapsody says, "Life's not fair, Michelle. I thought you of all people would know that by now."

Mitchel frowns, "Doesn't mean you have to be unfair too." He starts walking towards the showers, assuming Rhapsody will follow along, "Have you ever... you know... done it before?"

Assuming correctly the black bat does follow along without being asked, "Ah, so only you can be unfair? Or is Cyko different?" He asks once again raising a very valid point. "I have, on both sides of the fence."

Mitchel shrug and tries to rationalize what he did and how it is different, "Cyko was going crazy... he needed something, or he was going to snap... and I meant..." he says blushes deeper and mutters deciding to change the subject some, "H-have you had anal?"

"I would have guessed from his name that Cyko was already there." Rhapsody says once more sounding totally serious, but smiles slightly. "Again I have. I have... experimented with many things... Some you'd likely not imagine..." He answers honestly. Mitchel nods, having guessed that from the comment on golden showers. They turn into the bathroom and head towards the showers. "It's not so bad, though I never found it as enjoyable as the real thing." He says, referring back to the otter's question about anal.

Mitchel figures he doesn't have anything the bat hasn't seen before and starts stripping down and then getting into the shower. He turns the water on, scalding hot, as he starts to wash off, "Well, from the sounds of things, your mom wants me to enjoy it more than the 'real thing'."

"Mother is likely just trying to get you to accept 'feminine' pleasure as equally valid." He replies and soon joins Mitch in the shower, his clothes seeming to literally fall off of him with a thought.

Mitchel blushes some as the bat joins him in the shower without asking. One of the first things Mitch notices, as he can't help but look to see how well he measures up like most boys would, that the bat is hung. "I really could help you with that Michelle." Rhapsody churrs and presses up against Mitch, letting his thick sheath rub against Mitch's tail. The otter shudders from head to toe as he feels that sheath press up against his tail and rump, letting out a very 'unmanly' gasp as he flinches away, wide eyed as while he has looked at other guys, he has never touched any dick but his own.

Rhapsody grins and grabs Mitch by the wrist. "There is no reason to pull away, Michelle. We both know you need this." He churrs letting Mitch press against his flat chest, causing him to shiver again as the bat looks down on the otter. "You can't spend your time moping around all day trying to avoid everyone. You're never gonna graduate and get your balls back that way." He states.

Mitchel bites his lower lip and then he sighs, hanging his head, "I don't think I'm going to get them back anyway..."

"And why is that little one? Think you'd look better with a sexy little mound down there?" Rhapsody asks as he reaches down and rubs that empty space while keeping the otter close to his hard body

Mitchel winces as the bat rub at the scar where his scrotum and testicles once were, "No... I don't want to be indebted to Cyko's dad... nowhere in my dreams did I want to be a 'trophy wife'."

Rhapsody laughs at that, it's almost weird to hear the black bat actually laugh out loud like that. "Really? You think that is what you'd be to Cyko? That Hedgehog adores you. If he were a girl I'd almost say he'd worship the ground you walk on. He's given everything to help you, even to make things better for you." He says as he works his way up to Mitch's raging purple erection. "He doesn't even LIKE his dad, and even less so for forcing this on you."

Mitchel sighs, "I didn't say I didn't like Cyko, but... I don't know if I like him like tha..." he gasps as the bat reaches his erection, a shiver running through his spine as his cock twitches in Rhapsody's fingers, "But his dad ordered me cut... and I don't like or trust him... even if I haven't met him... I don't want to be in the debt of someone who could order someone else's manhood removed."

"Your mother is the one that ordered the cease functioning of your bits, His father just decided how. It's not like he overrode what she wanted. He basically said "If you gonna do it, do it this way and I'll pay for it." At Least that how it sounds when Mother explains it to me." The bat replies as he keeps Mitch close, still stroking the otter's shaft some while his own bat dick begins pressing into Mitchel.

The otter wasn't expecting to feel him slipping under his tail, not so soon at least, and he goes on his tiptoes; the muscles in his heart-shaped ass tightening, "Ah..." he whimpers and tries to step away from Rhapsody. The bat quickly find that his boy-hole, like most ferrets, otters, and minks, is a little teardrop shaped slit right where his tail meets his crotch.

"Besides, What does it matter what his dad is like? All that SHOULD matter is Cyko." Rhapsody continues as he lets himself sink slowly into Mitch's virginal asshole; pressing the otter against the wall. "Cyko may be a rude, foul mouthed punk, but he's YOUR rude foul mouthed punk. He'd do anything for you. Do you really want to give him up because of some old wrinkled asshole you might never see?"

Mitchel gasps as Rhapsody slides himself up and into the tight sheath of his ass. The muscles squeezing tight as he tries to keep the bat out, but even Rhapsody now out masses him; which he seriously thinks isn't fair. He whimpers and tries to squirm away, but all that does is make the muscles of his ass ripple more around the bat's large dick.

Rhapsody blinks at the otter fighting and squirming so much that he realizes that between being distracted with the partial convo and the 'being a man and making decisions for others' he forget the all-important lube. At the realization hits him, Rhapsody starts to chant something, a strange sounding spell in no language the otter knows and suddenly it feels like his ass is... leaking? Rhapsody having placed a self-lubrication spell on Mitch's anus to make this easier and more enjoyable.

Mitchel groans at that spell, muttering, "That just feels wrong..."

"Would you rather have wrong, or painful? I could always remove it..." Rhapsody replies as he continues to thrust into Mitch's now well lubed ass.

Mitchel starts to say he would prefer the wrongness to pain, only to fall forward at the waist, his paws hitting the shower's walls to support him as Rhapsody start to fuck his ass in earnest. He certain that it is only from Miss Nightfang's doing that keeps this from being a completely horrible experience; as he recalls her admitting that she was going to make his brain enjoy this more, but still this was kinda nice... He grits his teeth and tries to bite back a moan as the thick bat-cock drags at his prostate.

Rhapsody knows better; talking to his mother he knows just that she just decreased sensation to Mitch's cock to help him focus less on it; while using the triggers to help him adjust better and rewarding him for compliance. No changes to how he experiences anal sex, that was all him, well all him plus a lube spell. Rhapsody murrs deeply as he thrusts in with strong powerful thrusts as he batters Mitch's prostate. "You are such a Sissy Mitch." He groans as he continues to thrust into the otter.

Mitchel whimpers at hearing that dreaded trigger, shuddering as his body is unable to resist it, so pent up from sex with Cyko that he lets out a gasping whine and starts to plaster the shower wall with lifeless seed, his cock pulsing several times as he finally gets release, the orgasm hitting him like a truck.

Rhapsody bites Mitch's neck, hard enough to actually draw a bit of blood and making Mitchel wince some, as the bat hilts into the otter and cums, filling the otter's bowels with his seed as he groans. "Oh, you are such a tight lay..." He murrs and laps up the blood.

The otter gasps and trembles as he feels Rhapsody cumming into him, feeling deeply humiliated that he came from having a cock up his ass. He hangs his head at that 'compliment', not knowing how to reply.

Rhapsody slowly pulls out of him, panting heavily and smiles. "That wasn't so bad, was it?"

Mitchel shudders as he feels the drooling cum down his ass, "I'd rather not answer that right now... okay?" He says as his mind is currently a mix of relief, humiliation, and the conflicted emotions of maybe liking it...

Rhapsody nods and shifts back to being a girl. "You want any help finishing up here?" She asks softly.

Mitchel feels that mass behind him shrink and looks over his shoulder, "I think... with all that has happened... I need a little time alone to think, is that okay?"

Rhapsody nods softly and kisses the otter's cheek softly "Okay, take care then." She smiles and exits the shower to get dressed and retire to her room, leaving Mitchel to his clean up their little mess and sort things through.

After a long shower; making sure to scrub every nook and cranny of his body to get rid of the sex smell, as well as just taking his time to think everything through about what has happened today Mitchel gets dressed again. He closes his eyes some as he decides there is one more thing he needs to do today. He once more makes his way to the increasingly familiar office of the headmistress and knocks at the door softly. The door seems to open on its own as Miss Nightfang looks up from her desk with a soft smile "Hello Michelle, I didn't expect you today."

Mitchel slips in and sits down in his usual seat, shrugging a little, "It's been... a long, weird day."

"OH? How so?" Miss Nightfang asks cocking her head some as she looks to the otter.

Mitchel says, "I saw Cyko... and helped him out... then Rhapsody helped me out... kinda."

Miss Nightfang giggles softly and playfully teases "My... you're becoming quite promiscuous, aren't you Michelle?"

Mitchel frowns a bit, "It isn't entirely my fault that you have me needing to meet half a dozen demands just to get off."

"So either having a cock up your rump or being with someone physically male is half a dozen?" Miss Nightfang replies with a faint smirk.

Mitchel says, "Then the sissy part..."

"That's still just three; unless you need to go back to basic math as well?" She teases playfully.

Mitchel sighs, "Fine, but you know what I mean. After I left Cyko..."

"I'm pretty sure you knew what you were getting into in there..." Miss Nightfang replies.

Mitchel shakes his head, "No, I didn't, until I got to his room... Is his punishment... why...? I mean... I don't think he can take it..."

Miss Nightfang frowns softly at this, her jovial demeanor becoming more serious as she sees how this is going to go. "It's what he asked for. He wasn't going to allow any backlash to hit you since even in defense, you did attack another student. Just like I discussed with you and tried to make sure you really wanted your deal yesterday; I tried to talk him out of this. He decided to take responsibility for everything, regardless of what it was just to spare you. For him, this is retribution for what he did to you. From getting his Dad involved to his fight with you."

Mitchel says softly, "He's not going to make it, he was half mad with lust already, and it's only been a day."

"I'm not evil, Michele, despite what some might believe." Miss Nightfang replies "I'm not going to let any harm come to anyone under my care, and If I honestly feel it will break him; I will end it prematurely. But After today, I want to give it at least a few more days because of your actions. You broke though Francis's last barriers of resistance. He'll be more willing to indulge his needs rather than let them build to critical mass. If this turns out to be true, then with at least your help he should be able to weather the storm. If it's not, then I'll end it before week's end. And if doesn't end, I won't lie, this will still be hard for him. He will likely be over emotional and want to ignore the school. You need to make sure he doesn't. You need to help him through this. Remember that is what friends and partners are for."

"How do I do that, when I don't even know how to stay invested in the school as it is?" Mitchel asks honestly.

Miss Nightfang says, "By being there for him and dragging him out of the room if you have to. Make sure he eats. Go swimming or do some sports or other guys stuff to keep him sane. You both need each other right now. Neither of you can hide away in your room all day. So take it as a chance to get more involved in the school while keeping him sane."

Mitchel nods with a sigh, "Okay. Well, I suppose I should go check on him."

Miss Nightfang smiles and nods "Yes, which is probably for the best. Though bring him something to snack on. He missed breakfast and lunch. He's probably hungry." Mitchel nods again, then stands up and heads towards the cafeteria to get something for Cyko to eat.