1000 Words: A Dog Date

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This story belongs to my growing series: 1000 Words: Picture Stories. If a picture is worth a thousand words, can I paint a scene with the same limitation? The stories in this folder are self-contained, and not interrelated, other than the requirement that they contain exactly 1000 words.

Buttermilk lay her ears flat. This is who her friend had set her up with? The pure-bred Samoyed had dug under the fence, but the best that Roxie could do was Badger.

Badger was a mutt with a touch of poodle, mottled with white fur above his eyes. He had rolled in something, and kept scratching - fleas. The Samoyed kept her distance as they walked to the seafood restaurant.

The mutt led Buttermilk into the alley behind "Atlantis", knocking over a trash can and saying, "Wahlah! Here's the grub."

Junk, dirt, and rotten fish spilled out onto the ground in front of Buttermilk. Badger dug in, immediately snuffling out some fish heads and gobbling them up. She nibbled at a half-eaten filet.

"So, how long have you...um...lived on the streets, Badger?"

Bits of fish fell wetly to the ground as he said, "Mom whelped us all in a gutter five years back...thirteen of us, I think? How 'bout you?"

"I was third pick of the litter when I was just three weeks old - I haven't seen my family since. I think I was taken from Newport."

"Yeah, I thoughts you was a bit of a rich bitch. Got a groomed look on ya. I ain't know much about that life, fair ta say," he added, scratching himself behind his ear.

What language! Buttermilk sighed, "So, what do you do for fun? I was thinking we might head down to the park and play...oh, I don't know...tug-of-war?"

He inhaled half a fish carcass, tail and all. Cocking his head, the dirty mutt said, "Tug-of-what? Me'n'the others mostly just scrap'n tussle. That's how I got this nasty cut in my ear!" He held his floppy ear out proudly, displaying his permanent scar. "Wanna fight?"

The Samoyed's eyes widened, and she took a step back. "No, that's quite all right. Perhaps we could simply run, together? There's a pond in the park near my house."

"Sure, toots," he said, before rolling in the trash twice for good measure.

Buttermilk made sure to keep her distance from the smelly, flea-ridden mongrel as they ran. The beauty almost salvaged the mood, until Badger ran head first into a flock of ducks, scattering them noisily. The Samoyed sighed.

When Badger finally dropped her off in front of the hole into her yard, Buttermilk was exhausted. Badger was everything undesirable in a dog, and just being near the mutt made her feel worse. What a waste of a date! She'd have to tell Roxie a piece of her mind next time they spoke.

"So, when do'ya wanna go out again?" Badger asked hopefully, nibbling the back of his paw.

"Um...Badger. I don't think this is going to work out. Really, it was nice meeting you, but I don't think we should see each other any more," she said, trying to break it nicely to the eager mutt.

"Ah, shit," the wiry, mangy dog replied, though he didn't sound too shocked by her decision. "Well, I don't blame ya. I ain't really your class'a dog."

Buttermilk nodded.

Badger said, "Well, wanna fuck and call it a night, then?"

The Samoyed sighed, thinking it over. "Alright, but just be quick about it. I don't want to get fleas..." Buttermilk turned away from the poodle-mix, her curly, white tail already lifted for him, her heat-swollen vulva peeking out from her soft fur.

"You got it, babe!" He was a little shorter than her, so he had to jump twice to slide all the way up her hindquarters, tucking his spindly legs around Buttermilk's slender hips.

The smell of rotten fish and other garbage wafted past her nose, making her wrinkle her muzzle up in disgust and forcing her to breath through her mouth. She kept her tail up and pinned neatly between her body and his, as Badger began to hump. His, wet, bony spear began to poke away at her until it found her quivering mound, and he pushed himself forward.

The Samoyed yipped as he penetrated her. Badger wasted no time, hammering away at her clenching cunny, slimy, fish-scented drool falling from his mouth onto the back of her neck. She kept her hind legs firmly apart, pushing back with whimpering gasps. His floppy balls brushed softly against her furry rump.

Buttermilk panted as Badger used her, whining softly as she felt his knot grow. His voice joined hers before the ragged mutt tried to pull back and was locked inside. She could feel his bulging knot spreading her vulva wide, and then the sudden hot gush of fluid rushing toward her fertile womb. She squeezed down around him, milking spurt after spurt of bubbling muttseed.

She sighed with relief when the smelly dog finally spun around until his pulsing balls were pinned up against her rump. His short tail wagged fiercely, spreading his noxious scent over her body. "Thanks, bitch, that was great," he said.

"Don't mention it," the Samoyed replied, waiting patiently.

They waited in silence until Badger could finally pull out. Buttermilk said, politely, "It was nice meeting you, Badger. I'm sorry it didn't work out."

Badger just shrugged as he walked off. "Beautiful bitch like you? You'll find Mr. Right."

* * * * *

Roxie came by a month later, being walked by her owner. Roxie made sure to crouch right next to the gate so she'd have time to catch up with her old friend. Buttermilk came bounding up to the chain-link gate.

Roxie looked her friend over. Buttermilk was fat and heavy with pups, large nipples showing through her long, white fur. Smiling, Roxie said, "How'd the date go?"

Buttermilk grimaced. "I don't know where you found him! It was a disaster."

"I always thought he was really relaxed - a straight shooter."

The Samoyed glared back. "Yeah, but he left me with a rather unpleasant, albeit not-entirely-unexpected parting gift."


"Yeah," Buttermilk said, extending her hind leg past her gravid stomach and scratching behind her ear. "Fleas."