A Roll in the... Stream?

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Oh noes! My Little Pony smut?! Something just sweetly vanilla from me?! What have I become?! Have a couple stallions doing what stallions do best... exploratory first time sex! <3

A Roll in the... Stream?

The sun beat down on the field as two earth ponies worked diligently upon weeding rows of blackberry vines growing upon trellises. One was a stallion colored white from hide to mane, with just hints of pink along his nose, ears and eyes. His cutie mark is a sturdy greek column and going by the name Marble Pillar. The other was the owner of this small plot, Bramble, whose hide was a leafy green with a purple mane and tail that were braided. His mark is a blackberry vine in spiral.

"So, how are you going to actually harvest these berries, because I'm certainly not wanting to try and pick them through that thorny mess," Marble mused as he looked up at the vines, eying the bunches of still green berries that were protected by menacing thorns.

"Oh, I may just need to get a unicorn to be able to do it at any good pace," Bramble dug at a particularly stubborn weed, mindful of the large thorns along the base of the bushes. "But I haven't seen another pony foolish enough to grow these, so hopefully it'll be worth the work. As long as they don't start growing everywhere." One of the 'weeds' he's dug up was an errant blackberry bush runner.

The two continued their diligent work at the weeds, but with the mid day heat baring down on them, neither pony was feeling very diligent for long. "So... which unicorn are you going to sucker to help pick berries. Ooh... I bet it'll be that Raven Quill you have a crush on huh..." Marble grinned wider as he continued "just you and her alone out here... no one to interrupt anything you two might also work on..." His big grin and a few eyebrow waggles barely necessary to give his lewd hint along.

Bramble managed to blush a fierce pink despite his green hide, "ah, heh heh, maybe we should take a break, I think it's a bit too hot to keep working out here." His ears folded down with a shy flush as he bit his lip.

"Ooh, so, perhaps there's more to this berry business than just the money huh" Marble gave a conspiratory wink to his friend, "but yeah, a break would be perfect about now. Guh, I didn't know I could sweat so much. Oh, the things I do for bits."

The two wander down the path, away from Bramble's little home towards the stream he's using to water his little plot of blackberry vines. "Though I wonder how sweaty you two would be out here, I mean, summer will really be in bloom then..." Marble slows his walk a little too, grinning a little more. Bramble not noticing for a few steps then peeking back at his friend, trying to figure out what he's peering at. Then with a gulp he awkwardly trots for the stream, running the last few steps to hop in when he realizes where his friend's gaze has wandered down to.

There's a splash when Bramble hops into the water, then gasp, "aah! Cold... phew..." Marble smirks a little, stepping in carefully, noting Bramble seems to be relieved by the water's coldness for more reasons then the heat of the day.

Marble Pillar settled in the water with a sigh of delight. A perfect way to waste away the hottest part of the day. "Mmm, was I more correct then I thought I would be with that hint," he asked curiously.

Bramble flushed a bit and kneeled down deeper in the water, as if he could hide in the cool stream "well, maybe, but I doubt there'd be any romance in harvesting berries. Not like there's much romance in our weeding now, is there."

"Oh, I dunno. Two hot and sweaty stallions, alone in a stream, with no one around... I think I may even have that story," Marble enjoyed watching the shyer stallion squirm, giving him a playful wink.

"But but, I thought you had your eyes on that cute pegasus lass, um, what was her name, Zephyr?" Bramble squirmed a little, sinking down to his muzzle in the water. He always seemed to get really flustered when talk got about girls. Marble giggling at his friend's half hearted attempt at hiding underwater.

"Doesn't mean I might eye other cuties too, ya know," Marble sprawled out towards the shyly kneeling stallion, "Mmm, like that day I helped the Apple family once. I mean, Applejack is cute an all, but well, her brother. Wow, pretty sure they didn't name him Big Mac just cause he's so tall, if ya know what I mean."

"eep? I er, didn't know you, um, looked, at... guys, too..." Bramble looks like he's ready to sink his head underwater when his Albino friend steps a little closer. Eying his friend's impish smile shyly.

"Oh, just the cute ones," Marble couldn't help but giggle, "I think your blushing is making your ears pinker then mine at this rate. Hmm? Would there be, something, on your mind now.?" He waggeld his eyebrows to the flustered stallion.

"erk! Er, would, that, uh, include, um, me...." Bramble gaved a nervous little whicker, it didn't help that Marble was always so forward at times. And leaning forward even closer to his kneeling self.

"Oh, only when you blush so cutely" He chuckled and petted his friend's shoulder, "Don't worry, I don't spend the whole day checking you out. Just these days when I'm stuck workign with you." He chuckles, "I just try and keep my options open ya know, doesn't always have to be just some cute filly to catch my eye."

"So... would that make me an option?" Bramble still kept his head low, almost dipping it into the water, his ears folded firmly to the sides of his head with what may be even more embarrasement.

"Oh, would you like to be?" Marble cocked his head a little, watching his friend's odd reactions to this conversation more closely.

There was an awkward silence for a moment, leading Marble to be the one to blush now as Bramble gave a little awkward nod, splashing the water. Peering up again with a shy flush.

"Well, if you'd like... I wouldn't mind you being my option one bit," The albino pony giggled, and then leaned in, pink muzzle nuzzling his friend's muzzle that was half hidden amidst the water.

"Really? Um, well, I mean, I still really would love to get with Raven, but, she just seems so far out of my league." Bramble squirmed a bit, he never really had someone to talk about things like this. "And er, you're... cute?" He gives a little squeek, shyly nuzzlign his head down to the water again, peering away with his brown eyes for a moment.

"Cute, really? Harrumph, I should be handsome, and perhaps regal, but not cute," Marble leaned in to nip Bramble's purple mane, "But I'll take cute from you. This time. But I'd have to say, I didn't see you the type to go for a colt, not that I'm minding."

Bramble lifted his head finally from the waters, "well, er, I'm not fully sure either, I don't think I've really thought about being with another stallion before. You've just been so nice and supportive of this crazy scheme of mine. And well, you do look pretty handsome when you're all hot and sweaty." He giggled again, but more relaxed as he took a deep breath.

"Oh, or is that more because I tend to sheath drop from the heat, huh," Marble grinned and nosed his friend more, "mmhmm, the curse of a stallion. Mares can just keep their tails down and be innocent. Us stallions just let it all hang out when something catches our eye."

"Oh goodness I know, I had to flee the first time I saw Raven. The rest of me decided it really wanted to get to know her. Or at least what she has hidden under that cute black tail."

Marble walked over to sit besides his friend "Yeah, I've had those days. At least when I saw Zephyr I was behind my desk, so I didn't have to worry about a public meeting between her and the rest of me."

"Yeah, I don't know how Big Macintosh has so much self control when taking that cart to market. I know I've seen some girls flirt with him in some intruigingly indecent ways. Though it is kinda fun to follow and get a free show as well, although then you risk giving one in return..." Bramble gave a little lean to his friend, nuzzling and resting besides him as they chatted. Smiling more when he got a hug back from Marble, enjoying the moment.

"Yeah, I know I've had at least one day in market having it all dangle out while having to drop some plans off for my dad. Didn't help The person I was giving the plans to was a mare whose house he was going to be working on. Needless to say, the dirty look she gave me fixed my, ahem, problem in a hurry. Probably to her annoyance as well."

The two ponies peered back to eachother as they giggled, pink eyes peering at brown ones. Then Marble leaned in to give his surprised friend a little kiss on his lips, "mmm, so, you're gonna be my option huh. Looks like I got quite the handsome option."

Bramble whinnied in surprise from the kiss. Then relaxed again, closing eyes, and then leaning over to return a softer kiss. Ears still folded shyly, but a broad smile on his face, "thank you... er, I've always thought you to be cu... er, quite regal too"

Marble beamed some, though still having that mischievous grin, "hmmm, care to see how regal you're making me." He licked Bramble's ears and nuzzled "maybe I can show you my pillar and you can show me your vine." He winked again, play whinnying and pawing a hoof in the air.

"Well, if you'd like..." Marble perked his ears as Bramble finally stood up after all that cowering against the water's surface. The young stallion half aroused from the conversation. Though blushing furiously and biting his lip as he exposed himself purposefully, his brown maleness contrasting his green hide.

"Oh my, that's quite the vine,seems more a trunk really..." Marble Blushed too, not wanting to leave his friend the only one to show off. Standing up slowly to let his pink length be exposed for Bramble, dangling lewdly and heavily into the stream, the albino pony quickly getting fully aroused despite the cool waters.

The two ponies stopped their banter and teases as Marble Pillar leaned in closer to look over his friend's growing eraction. Bramble soon following Marble's motions, the two stepping closer to explore another eachother's erection. Both stallions soon stiff enough to lift them from the water, all blushed and trembly as they just looked them over. The two feeling giddy and shaky like a pair of blankflanks who were exploring eachother for the first time.

"So, would this be your pillar, hmmm?" Bramble murmured shyly, trying to imitate his friend's teases. Though he took the first action this time. Taking a deep breath before leaning his head down and giving the pink, broad tipped length a kiss. And savoring the whinny of surprise from his friend while his lips brushed that sensitive flesh.

"Mmhmm... mmm, tempted to say we should just stay here a bit longer and..." Marble returns the touches, giving a kiss to his friend's erection. Enjoying the plushness of that crown against his lips and tongue. His white tail flagged contently as he murmurs, "This is more fun then I expected."

There's just a satisfied and affirmative hum from his friend as Bramble's green muzzle wrapped lips about his friend's pink stallionhood curiously. Both stallions shiver and pant as they began to attend to eachother's arousal. Giving gentle, careful touches while they savored their first time with a fellow male.

There was a few awkward steps closer to get more comfortable in their intimate exploration, then the two relaxed and enjoyed the moment. Each ear pricked to listen to the soft sounds of slurps and murmurs of pleasure, along the occasional muffled whimper or whinny of pleasure. Their lengths jerk softly against licking tongues, twitching and throbbing with aching arousal. Marble shudders softly as he dripped pre onto his friend's tongue and hearing his friend's content moan from the sensation. The two enjoying the quiet babble of the stream and chirps of the birds along with their own lewd noices they made as they pleasured eachother, alone and peaceful together.

Though their eager attentions wouldn't remain quite as peaceful quiet for long. Bramble had to pull free for a moment to to whinny and gasp for breaths. His length flared and taut against Marble's lips as he squirmed and blushed fiercely. "Aah, Marble, I'm gonna cum soon," gasping as he feels that tautness in his loins and felt his crown flare urgently. He leaned down to nuzzle and kiss Marble's arousal urgently, pressing his side to Marble Pillar's and nestle close. Trying to hold himself back a little longer as the albino pony sensed his friend's closeness and doubled his licks and kisses on that flared crown.

Finally Bramble whinnied loudly, gasping as he gave into pleasure and climaxed into his friend's lips. He shudders, tail flagged with each rush of pleasure, whinnying from each pulse of pleasure he gave his newfound lover. Blushing more as he felt Marble pulled free with a squirm, hearing his pants for breaths and the nuzzles firmly pressing to his twitching length, continuing to pleasure the climaxing stallion as he squirt the rest of his cum into the stream. The two panting deeply for breath as Marble squirmed with desperate lusts and Bramble sighed with sated pleasures.

"Oh my, that was wonderful." Bramble murmured before he lowered his head. He didn't want to leave his friend unattended too long. His hooves shook in the stream as he tried to relax his shivery, blissful body. He pressed close again with his side, wrapping lips once more about his friend's flared tip with a pleasured hum. Amazed at how thick that pink flesh could get each time that crown flared and stiffened. Loving the whimpered gasps he earned from Marble each time he licked upon that plump eye.

The two trembled, one in newly found pleasures and the other with currently attended pleasures. Bramble felt that pink arousal jerk with needful lusts and stiffen urgently. Peeking up to eye those heavy orbs pull snug to his lap and his friend tense so delightfully. Anticipating the moment before his friend gasps "aah, Bramble, just a little more..."

Bramble flushed, knowing who was going to be coming soon. Bracing himself as he pulled his head back some, not as greedy as his friend was for his first time. His tongue danced and licked firmly upon Marble's stiff crown. Teasing that broad eye as it oozed pre upon his tongue, slimy and slick on his lips. Bramble kissing firmly upon that tip with playful lust, and being rewarded with a cried out whinny as that length suddenly jerked against his muzzle. Both gasping when Marble gushed his bitter seed onto his lips with an impressive spray. Bramble no longer surprised from Marble having nearly choked on his own climax, eyes widening at the amount of seed pulsing into his mouth. He has to pull free after the second gush, nuzzled in to let that pink length jet and squirt sticky bitter seed upon his cheek. Feeling so messy and dirty, but it was so pleasantly fun to bring his friend to climax. He gave a soft whicker of pleased enjoyment and listened to his friend's panted grunts and whinnies of pleasure.

The two spent stallions nose eachother's laps as Marble relaxed, the two savoring that sticky, heated scent of bitter spunk and sweat from their climax. Nuzzling and grooming eachother's dangling length as they softened and relaxed. Finally pulling back and stepping back with a blush, Marble looking over Bramble's spunk splashed cheeks, admiring the sticky white ribbons on green hide and purple mane. While Bramble blushed at the seed still clinging to his friend's chin. The two blushing and leaning in to give a curious kiss together, messy lips tasting eachother's pleasures. Hugging in with forehooves to hold that long, slow kiss together.

Bramble beamed a little as he broke the kiss first, "Thank you for letting me be your option, handsome. I think this is just the break we needed... so, gonna be ready to finish the weeding?"

Marble groaned, realizing after all this sweaty fun they still had another couple rows of vines to weed. "Ugh, I suppose so. Although, perhaps, I could invite you over for dinner tonight and a stay over. If you'd, um, like that."

Bramble giggled at Marble now being the flustered one. Giving his newfound lover a smooch on his cheek, "I'd be honored. But first, we better get cleaned up and back to work, the sooner we get done the sooner we can plan dinner."

Both worked with renewed enthusiasm when they knew they had such an enjoyable night to look forward to.