And Your Dad Makes A Three

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Ryan's had a pretty crappy day. Long hours at college, homework and his job at Wal-Mart are sure keeping the bear why not unwind a bit? A drink, some good company, and maybe some action, if you're lucky. The wolf at the bar counter seemed pretty interested, too.

And Your Dad Makes a Three



2016 note: Well, this one was popular. Re-edited for Furaffinity


The keys rattled, and the wolf giggled, pressing himself against the big bear's side just as they stepped through the front door and into the silence of the dark living room.

"Heheh, nice house, dude!" the drunk male snickered, tail wagging and smacking against the bear's legs.

Ryan rumbled roughly and copped a good feel of the wolf's compact little rump while he closed the door with a well-aimed kick. The small thud made his ears flick, and the wolf, who smelled strongly of strawberry, laughed again and ran his paws over the bear's bulging belly while he kept himself pressed close against the bear's side. They stood momentarily in near darkness, the only light being that coming through the ornate windows at the front door.

The ghostly glow of the streetlamps filtering through the milky glass only barely revealed the outline of the living area, and suggested at a hint of metallic glow from the kitchen to their right, as well as the stairs that led to the upper floor. The wolf chuckled and sniffled the air curiously, getting used to the ursine musk that permeated the place, and wagged his tail some more. For Ryan, it was the smell of the home where he had lived for the past 21 years of his age, and he knew it by heart.

The hint of Tabasco and oregano suggested that pizza had also been eaten during the time he was absent. That finding made him snuffle, briefly, and consider the fact he was about to disclose to the touchy feely wolf next.

"It's my dad's," the bear rumbled close to one of the wolf's triple-pierced ears, breathing the words hotly against the sensitive skin.

The wolf giggled and gasped and ground his groin against the bear's thick hip once more, rubbing over the mound of his belly again.

"Nice!" the drunk male declared. "And now that the parents are out, dirty bear cub's planning to get naughty..."

Ryan smacked one of his paws over the wolf's rump and groped it heavily while he chuckled and nipped the closest ear that had been tickling his fuzzy chin recently.

"Only dad," he mused. "Divorced six years ago."

It seemed like an oddly intimate fact to share with someone who had been in the house for 21 seconds, and whom Ryan had known for whopping three hours since ending up sharing the counter at the gay bar. The quietly rumbled words made the wolf give him a big look, and his ears seemed to droop a bit, before he giggled again and pressed his butt back wantonly against Ryan's paw.


The bear decided to shut up the wolf before any further dramatics, and pressed their muzzles together in a kiss. His tongue slipped through the rumbling lips and washed over the definitely strawberry-flavored gums, all the while the wolf rumbled and wagged and pressed himself firmly against the bear's body. Ryan squeezed down on the eager wolf's nicely defined little buns and massaged the double mounds happily. He could feel the wolf's boner press against his hip, too, and the front of his own pants was already bulging nicely. He had been aroused ever since their hurried kiss, the wolf plastered against the wall in the entry hall of the club, before they'd gotten into his car and simply driven out here to the suburban dream.

The soft moan of the wolf, the gentle weight of him, and the musk in the air were just as intoxicating as the liquor the wolf had consumed before, and for Ryan, it was what he had been seeking from the bar, rather than the dull buzz created by alcohol. A long day of lectures at the college and the shift at Wal-Mart during the afternoon seemed to be distant memories, now that he had another male in his arms, one who was willing to commit acts of debauchery at a moment's notice with a practical stranger.

Sometimes big bears just got lucky, Ryan mused, as he began to lead them through the carefully decorated living room and for the stairs.

"Ohhh big guy..." the wolf mumbled, his head swooning against Ryan's shoulder while their side-by-side walk proceeded, arms around each other, both breathing heavily.

Ryan rumbled and patted the wolf's butt before squeezing on the base of his wagging tail that was not covered by the wolf's low-hanging jeans.

Jesse, the bear reminded himself. The wolf was called Jesse, and worked at a "faaabulous boutique up on the Barnes Street". Maybe the wristbands and the red-dyed fringe on his mop of head furs could have been clues to that. Surely didn't seem like a college guy to him, Ryan thought as he pulled the little wolf up the stairs. Couldn't have weighted much more than 130 pounds at most, the bear mused to himself.

How lucky that the little dude liked guys with something to grab hold onto.

Their groping, tail-wagging combo reached the top of the stairs after a couple of sessions of passionate kissing against the banister, during which the wolf had yelped and giggled loudly and eagerly pushed his tongue to meet Ryan's. The bear's cock throbbed almost painfully by now and was surely oozing a huge wet spot to the front of his boxers. He needed to get it out soon...and into somewhere nice and warm.

The wolf's tail wagged against the wall lined with old family photos while Ryan guided his tipsy temporary lover towards the neat, white door that admitted them into the bear's room. Once inside, he grabbed a hold of the wolf's paws and rubbed thumbs over his wrists while licking over the giggling male's muzzle.

"Stand put, wolf," the bear rumbled loudly, and made his voice sound a bit more deeper than it usually was, because he could.

The wolf dropped his ears and then drooped his head as well, and let his tail hang loose as well.

"Yes, master," the wolf whimpered.

Ryan chuckled and ass-smacked the wolf once more before he closed the door, turned on the lock, and then walked over towards his desk, by his instinctive knowledge of the room. His eyes squinted once his fingers found the cool metallic button that switched on the desk lamp. The light seemed awfully sharp for a moment before it dulled into a warm glow that painted a lot of shadows over the walls adorned with Lord of the Rings movie posters.

Ryan turned around to face the wolf again, and saw that the smaller male was still standing there, near the door, and maintained his earlier posture. The bear rumbled and snuffled once as he walked over and put his arms around the wolf to pull their bodies flush together, belly to belly now.

"Sorry dude," he muttered as he kissed the top of the wolf's head, "not into that kind of stuff, but if you want the big bear to show you your place..."

The wolf's ears perked and he looked up, and licked Ryan's chin wetly before giggling again.

"Yes please!" he wagged his tail against the bear's buttgrabbing paw and pressed his hips eagerly against the noticeable firmness prodding his own flat tummy.

Ryan felt the wolf's insistent prodding and returned it with one good big flex of his own hips that pushed his own dick into a place of warm pressure. The sensation made him rumble and feel powerful, in the very masculine sense such an act easily elicited from a big, horny guy. The bear smirked and licked the wolf's lips wetly and departed from them with a loud smack.

"I think I'll know a place just for you..." the bear grinned. "Stay put."

The wolf pouted and made puppy eyes while Ryan turned around and presented his ample backside for the wolf to see as he walked across the room and then turned his extra comfortable office chair around. The little squeak it made caused the wolf to giggle again, which made Ryan's own ears flatten. The wolf seemed to be even more drunk than he thought, though he had a couple of girly strawberry-flavored pink drinks. Maybe they put more vodka into them than he thought, the bear mused, as he unzipped his pants.

"Ohh heck..." the wolf mumbled as he saw the bear kick off his shoes, followed by the fall of those pants onto his ankles to reveal some very tightly wound boxers covering a very big, nicely round rump. The bear didn't lose any time getting rid of his shirt, either, and it was soon tossed to the floor, followed by the boxers. By the time the bear turned around and presented his big, hard dick, Jesse the wolf was almost out of his own clothes, too.

"Heheh," Ryan grinned as he made his dripping tool bounce with a flex of his pelvic muscles.

"Ohh damn," the wolf wagged his tail and let his tongue hang out of his muzzle, eyes fixed onto the thick shaft he was already imagining sliding into either of his major bodily orifices.

Ryan gave himself a small squeeze and a tug and then planted his bare ass onto his chair. The faux leather felt cool against his big, fuzzy balls and made him rumble briefly as he settled in.

"Come on, wolf, gonna give you a taste!"

The wolf almost stumbled when he finished getting out of his purple boxers and then stood up, a modest canine dick bouncing up and down along to the tone of his tail-wagging while he stared hungrily at the bear's exposed cock. Ryan grinned and made his oozing cock bounce against his body again, and flicked an ear, too.

"Come on..."

The air of confidence and sexual prominence made the wolf outright whimper. Ryan's eyes widened when the little wolf suddenly crouched down onto all fours and walked over on his paws and knees, rather than upright, eyes longingly staring up at the bear's musky, swollen groin all the time. The bear rumbled roughly in his witness of the wolf's submissive behavior, and tried to decide whether to feel aroused, or just amused.

"Ohh big bear..." the wolf murmured, tongue lolling out of his muzzle as he approached and then planted himself between the bear's spread knees.

Ryan reached down with a paw and tousled the wolf's expensive-looking hairdo, simply because he could, before he let his paws fall down over his thighs again. He was baring all of it to the wolf whose eyes were hungry and wide, now only inches away from the pillar of delight he had bagged at the club for his personal toyful joy for the night.

"Well if you like everything big, I'm your man," Ryan smirked and lifted his paw to play around with his left nipple. It was already a pleasant, warm nub against his fingers, fully hard and leathery amidst the thick brown fur of his chest.

"Ohhh I do..." the wolf winked, leaning close to simply breathe in the bear's natural, deep musk. He rumbled, grumbled and wagged his tail again, and put his paws down onto Ryan's thick thighs, and started to rub them while he kept himself poised above the bear's masculine equipment.

Ryan rumbled and pushed his legs up a bit, to meet the touch and give a firmer place to touch. The added tension, plus the teasing, were making his boner throb even harder and leak more of his watery pre-cum against his curly belly furs. It made the musk intensify, and soon the wolf's drippy tongue added to the wetness there as well. The wolf was practically purring, he noticed, with some pleasure, and let out a content murr.

" big and nice..."

The wolf moaned again and buried his nose against Ryan's big, warm balls and simply inhaled. The bear felt the sudden hint of coolness against his sensitive sac and rumbled hotly at the sensation. The wolf was really not sparing any trouble, either, because after a couple of sniffs, his tongue sneaked out and began to bathe the bear's big orbs. The big balls jingled inside their warm sac upon the new attention and the wolf's copious spit slickened the furry skin for extra nice smooth sensations.


Ryan spared his non-nipple-clamping paw and planted it over the top of the busy wolf's head. The wolf moaned at the new controlling weight over his neck and flicked his ears down to show his submissive approval of the sensation, all the while still nosing and licking on the bear's big sac and his musky sheath.

" really like balls, dontcha?" the bear grinned as he tickled behind the wolf's ears.

Jesse the wolf lifted his head and pouted a little, chin pressing against the base of the bear's thick shaft ticklishly. His warm breaths washed over Ryan's cock and made it throb firmly with this teasing.

"Yeaaaaah," the wolf slurred and smacked a big kiss against the very same ursine nuts to show his devotion to this part of male anatomy.

Ryan rolled his nipple between his fingerpads once more, rumbled with pleasure at the sensation, and then dropped his paw down over his own musky groin to hook fingers around the base of his shaft. He lifted the mighty, fat dick up from over the mound of his lower belly and then flapped the thick tip against the wolf's nose a couple of times. He could both hear and feel the wolf's snuffles, inhaling the aroma of a big, manly dick, while the bear played with him and kept cock-smacking his muzzle with his formidable tool.

"Like big dick too, wolf?" Ryan muttered.

The wolf nodded quickly and whimpered, and his tongue was out and trying to catch a taste of the slick, musky shaft. Ryan was faster than the drunk wolf yet, however, and kept smearing his musk over the wolf's cheeks without giving him a chance of wrapping his tongue around the bulky prick.

"Ohhh I love big bear dick, oh I do..." the wolf pouted and tried to kiss the shaft lingering so close to his hungry muzzle.

Ryan chuckled and poked the wolf in the nosepad again with his very big, thick poker.

"You'd like to suck it, wolf?"

The wolf nodded and opened his muzzle. By now he was panting and washing Ryan's groin with hot breath like a very interesting strawberry-scented fan.

"Oh I'd love to suck it dry, big bear, please..." the wolf slurred, "it's so big and juicy...oh please, I want to taste it...please..."

Ryan decided that the wolf's pathetic whimpers and begging could easily become a turn-off, and also came to the conclusion that the best way to keep him quiet would be to stuff that little muzzle with a big cock and make his wishes fulfilled.

"Open up..."

The wolf's jaws parted in simple obedience, and the fact that his eyes actually closed when the cocktip touched his lips spoke more than any further slutty declarations could have done for the big bear now getting his cock properly sucked. Ryan was sure that with the drainage of his balls, all the hardships would be forgotten, and tomorrow would be another day to behold.

But before that, he had to actually get to the point of blowing his load, and that wasn't to be quite yet. The wolf had only taken one inch of him inside his muzzle yet, but his tongue was already making circles around the tapered tip in an attempt to lap up a maximum amount of the gathered ursine juices down there. The wolf's satisfied murring around the bear's cock felt great and made Ryan rumble as well. The wolf's technique seemed pretty good, too, and that prompted him to simple lean back on his comfortable chair and apply both of his paws to the act of playing with his own nipples.

The wolf was taking care of the rest well, with the bobbing of his muzzle up and down on the bear's thick dick, tasting, squeezing, licking and sucking on it like an ice cream cone made out of very thick, very tangy cream. The bear was more girthy rather than lengthy, which meant that his nosepad soon dug into Ryan's musky belly furs without more than a couple of rounds of gagging and having his spit run down the bear's shaft. Ryan was still pretty sure that he had almost been swallowed into the wolf's throat - these long muzzles sure were convenient.

His paws weren't forgotten either. One nimble vulpine paw was soon cupping and toying with the bear's fuzzy balls, while the other simply rubbed everything it could find that wasn't Ryan's cock - that was being handled quite well by the constant vacuuming of the wolf's maw. The wolf's proactivity pleased the bear, who could just sit back lazily just like a big bear should while someone gave him some good head. It was so damn hot, watching that grey, shaggy head go up and down on him, taking every thick inch into that warm muzzle before some of it slipped away, only to be gobbled again almost immediately.

The sensation of the wolf burying his nose against Ryan's soft belly and then rapidly swallowing around his shaft was almost enough to make him cum right there and there. It sure was making him rumble a lot, and even his nipples seemed more sensitive than usual, which encouraged the big bear to rub and squeeze on them even harder, so much that it almost hurt, while sparks of pleasure coursed throughout his body.

Ryan let it go on until he could feel his balls pressing dangerously close to his body, a telltale sign of the impeding orgasm he wasn't quite ready to have yet, and it all prompted him to put a paw on the wolf's head and tell him to stop.

"Not yet, wolf..." the bear rumbled.

The wolf seemed to pout, even around the dick still in his muzzle, and he did not hurry in letting it slide away from his maw. Ryan almost gasped when he saw the little trail of saliva connect his glistening tip of a moment before his cock finally flopped against his own belly. For that sensation, he did grunt.

"Get onto your back on the bed and pull your legs up," Ryan muttered.

"Thought you'd never ask," the wolf murmured, winked, and gave Ryan's cock one final kiss before he got up to his paws and the bounced over to the college bear's bed, tail wagging rapidly.

Ryan watched how the grey-furred male laid down onto the bed and then wasted no time in doing as he had been told, and pulled his legs up so that his knees touched his chest and bared the wolf's rump for the bear to see. His tail went down and touched the floor, and Ryan had no trouble seeing the pinkness of the wolf's pucker, either, peeking amidst the white furs of his taint. The sight made his cock throb again.

"Nice buns," Ryan said as he heaved himself up from the chair.

"Thanks, gorgeous", the wolf replied sweetly. He was peeking at the bear from between his footpaws, and he did not forget to wriggle his toes cutely while he waited for the bear's next move.

Ryan pulled open one of his desk drawers and then unceremoniously piled out a bottle of lube and a condom wrapper before closing the desk. The wolf's tail began to wag again at the sight of the equipment now revealed, and his eyes followed the bear all the way when Ryan moved to the bed and then knelt down.

"Just stay as you are, wolf," the bear rumbled and smacked the upturned rump.

Jesse the wolf let out a yelp and continued looking wantonly at the bear while Ryan uncapped the bottle and squirted a good amount of the clear lube onto his pawfingers.

"Ohhh I intend not to move anywhere, big guyyyyooooooooh!" the wolf threw his head back as he suddenly felt Ryan's bulky fingers press directly against his puckered hole, both cool and weighty at the same time, which was more than enough to shock his tender little opening and make his tail smack the bear's arm.

Ryan chuckled and kept poking at the wolf's tailhole. His other paw grabbed a hold of the wolf's modest erection and held up the knotted dick so that it was pointing directly up to the ceiling. Ryan wriggled his fingertips and pressed them harder against the wolf's hole, and saw the cock in his paw throb from the stimulation on the wolf's back door.

"Seems like you really like it up the butt, wolf..." Ryan muttered.

"Hell yeah!" the wolf giggled and wriggled his rump a little to meet the touch.

Ryan licked his lips once more and then dipped his head down to catch the wolf's dick into his own muzzle. He went all the way until his lips kissed the knot and he stopped there, and his ears savored the gasp as much as his tongue enjoyed the lupine musk over his taste buds. He timed his sudden oral insertion with a jab from his fingers, and the wolf simply moaned and grunted in helpless abandon.

"Ohhh big bear..." the wolf moaned, eyes closed shut as he simply enjoyed being teased by the large, dominant male.

Ryan rumbled around the dick in his muzzle and made the throbbing flesh vibrate madly, all the while he applied some nice suction and some insistent pressure at the wolf's sensitive skin. He swallowed the odd spurt of pre-cum coming off the canine dick and kept his poking on the wolf's ass constant as well, and soon could feel the love rings part for his fingers, and allow him in.

"Ohhh man...."

The bear gave a quick look at the moaning wolf before he gently started to bob his head up and down, to give the wolf some payback on the earlier oral treatment, all the while he wormed his lubed-up fingers deeper into the wolf's tight asshole. He was opening up easily, the bear discovered, but the back passage was nonetheless firm and clamped down on him with every movement he made inside the wolf's silky-walled tunnel. By the time his scissoring fingers found the nub that signified the wolf's prostate, the spurts of pre coming over his tongue and sliding into his throat were almost constant, as was the wolf's moaning.

"Ohh shit..."

The slim hips began to buck up and down, both to drive the wolf's dick into Ryan's muzzle, and to add to the anal stimulation coming from the thick, bulky fingers. His intense panting and the rapid clenching of his insides told the bear that the wolf was getting close...very close.


Ryan jammed his fingers into the wolf's ass as deep as he could reach, and then he felt the telltale constriction that could not be faked by moans or passionate faces. The guy's innards closed in on him before the cock in his muzzle jumped and suddenly began to spew cum into Ryan's carefully suckling maw. The bear drank down everything the wolf put out, listened to his whimpers and murmurs and even liked the feeling of the knot batting against his lips while the wolf's hips instinctively bucked back and forth and tried to drive himself deeper into the nice, warm hole.

The bear kept on sucking and nursing on the wolf's dick until the flow of his cum passed, and when he lifted his head up and let the cock drop down to the wolf's flat belly, he knew that he had managed to reduce his one-night stand into jelly. Ryan licked his glistening lips with pride and enjoyed the pitiful whimper he got from the wolf by simply sliding his fingers from the smaller male's asshole. The pouting was almost too cute.

"Hold on a sec, wolf," the bear rumbled as he picked up the condom wrapper from the floor.

"Uhhh hurry, big bear..." the wolf mumbled, still obviously mellow and drowsy after cumming...but never too far gone to enjoy what he waited to happen next, to feel the bear's big dick sinking into his body.

Ryan quickly rolled the sheath of plastic down over his shaft and then topped things up with a palmful of lube. He wiped the extra stuff onto the fur of the wolf's rump and then stood up, only to lean down again and prop his knees against the edge of the bed. He looked down at the wolf and bared his teeth with a growl.

"Ready, wolf?" the bear muttered, hovering above the slim male.

"Fuck me, big boy," the wolf breathed, wriggling his toes again. "Fill me up."

Ryan smirked and winked before he lined himself up and pushed his tip against the wolf's prepared back door. The wolf threw his head back and braced himself for the inevitable, and moaned loudly when the bear leaned forward and let his weight do the job of getting his dick into the wolf's tight hole.


Ryan put his paws on either side of the wolf's body, leaning over him while he pushed his throbbing, aching member into the twink's tight hole. His body opened up nicely around him, swallowing the thick inches with little besides a few token moans and a few sparks of discomfort that were soon replaced by simple moans of pleasures and a feeling of being filled to the brim.

"Heh..." the sweaty bear rumbled, staring down at the wolf's eyes when their hips pressed flush, "...nice and tight..."

"So big..." the wolf panted, looking up longingly at the bear.

Ryan jammed his heavy hips back and forth a couple of times, to make sure that he really was balls deep inside the wolf, and the grinned broadly.

"You betcha."

The bear began to rut his catch after a few more moments of getting used to the new deep penetration, much to both of their gasping delight. The bed creaked when the introductory thrusts became more of a heavy, ball-slapping pounding of the bear's heavy loins coming crashing down onto the wolf's compact little butt. The thick shaft spread him wide open and kept his hole bulging with the constant back and forth action of that slippery dick pumping in and out of Jesse the wolf's hot insides. Even though he had just blown his load, the wolf's dick rapidly regained maximum hardness under the constant prodding of the bear's tip against his prostate.

He was oozing within minutes of the hard thrusting, and moaning by the time Ryan leaned over to plug the wolf's muzzle with his big, wet tongue. They swapped spit, humped, moaned and groaned together, really getting into the groove of things while the headboard of the bed banged against the wall and added to the music of their grunts and the slapping of their flesh.

The sweaty, musky bear was soon going at it full speed, he kept nothing back now that he was putting all of his frustrations into the act of screwing the wolf's pert bottom and making him squeal. Ryan bred the wolf hard, felt his balls bounce, and kept on thrusting as hard as he could, even if it made him breathless and caused his thighs and arms to burn. He knew that he would not be lasting much longer, though, not after that hot, sloppy blowjob and now the intense heat of the wolf's tight ass.

"Gonna...gonna bust..." Ryan gave his warning, hotly breathed against the wolf's lips, while their hips continued their private horizontal mambo.

"Come into me...uhh...stud!" the wolf replied, gripping firmly onto Ryan's neck with his paws. "Fill me...uuhhh UP!"

"Hell...fucking...yeah!" Ryan declared, growled between his teeth while his hips pounded down against the wolf's battered rump and finally sent him over the edge.

Muscles all over his body quivered when Ryan slammed his hips down one final time and kept them pressed against the wolf's ass while his cock pulsed and spilled his cum into the reservoir of his condom, his balls on fire and his body heated up by the pleasure burning through his system. He ground his hips from side to side to churn his shooting dick deep inside the wolf's ass, and only stopped all movement once he simply couldn't do nothing but collapse on top of the smaller, mewling male.

"Hmmm...that was good," the wolf grinned and sought Ryan's lips with his own.

Ryan, his body sweaty and glowing with his orgasm, responded with a rumble and his tongue pushed almost all the way to the wolf's tonsils.



Jesse woke up to the strange combination of feelings that included a throb under his tail, a throb in his belly, and another odd sensation on his muzzle. The wolf's ears flicked upon hearing the rumble coming from the big body resting behind him, pressed onto him, too, and the weighty arm over his chest told him that the sleeping bear had definitely decided to cuddle up well against the slim wolf. Jesse could feel the bulge of his sheath against his newly pounded rump, too, which was more than enough to make the wolf wag his tail a little. It ended up brushing against the bear's calves and elicited another rumble, and a slight tightening of the arm about him.

"Heheh," the wolf giggled a little.

The bear didn't make a further sound, and that encouraged him to gently shuffle himself forward a couple of inches, and then slip his slip frame from beneath that arm. The wolf had to suppress a giggle when he sat down onto the edge of the bed and felt another twinge of the effects of having a thick dick under his tail pulse from his rump. His sheath felt somewhat itchy too and simply begged for paws to relief it, but Jesse held back. He needed to take a leak, badly, and trying to piss through a boner in a strange bathroom would not make it any easier for him to relief himself. And he was so damn thirsty, too. Must've been the alcohol wearing out, he thought, and hoped for no hangover in the morning.

The wolf gave a glance at the dark form of the bear sleeping by him on the bed, and smiled. He would definitely not be feeling hangover about the sex, he decided. Such a nice, rough big guy. Cute belly and all, too. The bear looked like he was made for cuddling, besides fucking the wolf's brains out. The very thought made his sheath twitch and his asshole clench.

What a sexy beast, Jesse thought to himself as he forced his stiff legs to push him up to a standing position. His tail flopped down over his bare butt and made the wolf almost giggle again at the sensation. Not quite as heavy as the bear had been earlier, he thought, and scratched his slightly crusty belly.

It was almost dark in the musky bedroom, but Jesse remembered where he had dropped his clothes, and managed to locate his boxers with a little of fondling and a false positive give by his sleeveless extra tight T-shirt. The wolf let out a singular giggle when he pushed his footpaws through the leg holes and only realized that the boxers were the wrong way around when the elastic slipped over his hips.

"Damn..." Jesse muttered and adjusted the garment so that the elastic wasn't pressing unpleasantly against the base of his well-used tail.

Jesse decided that he was now decent enough for a late night crawl through the empty house, and tiptoed to the door, smiling happily to himself. He tried not to make noise with the door, since the bear seemed to be sleeping so happily. Must've worn him out, Jesse thought with pride when he went down the stairs. It was really too dark to see too well down there, and he wondered where the bathroom might be located, but the kitchen was an easier landmark. Jesse' tail began to wag at the thought of a refreshing drink, and he decided to sate that need first.

The wolf rumbled happily to himself and walked across the living room, and was glad that he managed to avoid the biggest obstacles with his night vision, no matter how lazily it was working tonight, due to his still-present intoxication. The kitchen island was easy enough to pass safely, and the metallic glint of the finish on the fridge door attracted the thirsty wolf's attention without trouble. He might've not been able to locate a light switch to turn on the kitchen lights and pour himself a glass of water, but the fridge was bound to contain something to soothe his parched throat, Jesse deduced.

"Bingo!" Jesse chuckled happily to himself when the door was opened and the brief blinding brightness of the fridge light was gone.

He could see a variety of beverages, including orange juice, tomato juice and milk, as well as a six-pack of beer with two bottles missing, and best of all, an opened six-pack of diet Coke. The wolf eagerly reached for the familiar steely can and pulled it out of the plastic, rumbling eagerly at the idea of the refreshing taste. He had worked up quite a sweat, too, he noted, and his underarm furs felt a bit sticky even now. Jesse giggled as he took a quick whiff and decided that he'd have to ask the bear about a shower in the morning. Such a nice bear, he'd even offered to take Jesse close to the shop where he worked while on his way to the university in the morning. Much nicer than that boar last week. Such a hot musclegut, though.

Jesse giggled to himself and scratched his belly and his rump each in turn while he enjoyed a deep gulp from his soda can. The refreshing rush of coolness into his stomach made him rumble happily, though reminded him of the increasing heat in his lower belly. He'd need that bathroom soon, but the light offered by the fridge didn't expand much further than the leather couch by the big screen TV. He'd have to go on looking for it again, soon, he decided, and shivered a little when the coolness in his tummy combined with that from the still open fridge.

The wolf remembered his mother's advice to never leave the fridge door open for too long and then obediently closed it. He was plunged into new darkness, and had to blink a couple of times when his eyes started to get used to the dimness of the available light now. Dark shapes began to emerge after a moment, the couch he had seen before, the toaster on the kitchen island...

All the lights went on, and the wolf closed his eyes, again unused to the brightness after a moment's lull in the comfortable dullness of the nighttime illumination. Once his eyes opened, Jesse saw the form of a big bear, and a smile instinctively spread over his long muzzle. The bear had followed him downstairs!

"Good morning," the bear rumbled in a deep, gruff voice.

Jesse's ears flattened. By this time it was suddenly very obvious that that the big bear standing about ten yards away was not the one he had arrived with, but another male indeed. He might've been of the generally same body type, brown fur, bulging gut, wide shoulders, all covered in a grey bathrobe, but there was no mistaking it. The bear he had met at the bar had not suddenly gained 50 extra pounds and who knows how many years.

There was someone else in the house and by the looks of it, had been there the whole time.

The new bear flicked an ear in the wolf's direction and then began to move forward, taking slow, lumbering steps.

Jesse's tail twitched rapidly as he stared at the approaching male, and suddenly became aware, tipsy or not, that he was standing in a foreign kitchen and facing a foreign man, wearing only some backwards boxers and nothing else on his slinky frame. He also knew more than well that he smelled of a nightclub, strawberry drinks and of sex with a horny bear, and there was way that the new bear was not going to notice.

Who the hell was he anyway?

"Pretty warm night out there," the new bear rumbled, now only 5 yards away and almost to the kitchen island. "Bet that drink is good on you."

Jesse almost jumped when the bear spoke again, and his fingers curled powerfully around the can, almost hard enough to crumble the thin aluminum under his pads. The coldness became suddenly much more intense.

"I'm not thirsty, though," the big, older bear spoke in that same low voice. "Need something salty..."

The bear chuckled and ambled his way over to the fridge, seemingly not caring about the almost naked wolf standing by it, when he opened the door and pulled out a plastic package filled with strange, brownish substance from a shelf on the top. Jesse watched, wide-eyed, how the husky stranger closed the kitchen door and then pushed his paw into the rustling plastic packet. He took a piece of the mysterious brown foodstuff into his paw and then prompted the package in Jesse's direction.

"You fancy some beef jerky?" the bear murmured. "Sure is salty and chewy, hah. Nice after a couple of beers...or whatever you've been drinking, too."

Jesse's head shook from side to side in a movement that looked more like a convulsion than a voluntary action from the wolf's part. His eyes stared madly at the opened package of jerky, and his ears bounced when the packet rustled as the bear put it back into its place in the fridge. His other paw placed the piece of jerky into his muzzle ,and he let out a satisfied grunt once his jaws closed around the sliver of tangy meat.

"Hmmmmmmm," the bear rumbled.

Jesse gasped. He wondered whether he should run upstairs to Ryan's room, or simply go outright for the front door and get the hell out of here. The bear was acting as if he owned the place, and considering what the young bear had said earlier, it was more than probably that it was the case indeed.

This had to be the dad.

The bear let out an even more satisfied grunt, scratched his belly, and then the rest of the meat hanging between his teeth disappeared into his slowly chewing muzzle. Jesse could practically smell the salt in the bear's breath, when his murrs intensified.

"You sure you don't want any?" the bear questioned with a quirked brow.

Jesse shook his head meekly and felt his ears flatten again. The bear gave him a long look, from head to toe, and snorted.

"Suit yourself," the big bear shrugged and then put his paw down over the kitchen counter, and leaned on it a little.

Jesse shivered again, and his tail smacked against the kitchen cabinets. His eyes jumped between the bear, the stairs and the front door. His bladder throbbed, too. Damn it. Cornered, it seemed, now.

He fucking hoped that the bear was out to his dad, or he would be in for a hell of an explanation now.

"Do you like watching football?" the bear questioned.

Jesse's eyes widened again. He'd expected a "Get the hell away from my property, faggot", rather.


"Oh, you talk!" the bear chuckled and rapped the kitchen surface with his claws. "For a while I thought..."

Jesse let out a whimper and a deep breath, and squeezed on his can even harder.

"Never mind," the bear rumbled. "Do you?"

"," the wolf meeped.

The bear snorted.

"Damn!" the bear huffed. "I was watching the game earlier and eating pizza and went to bed before my son came home so I haven't had the chance to talk about it with anyone yet. Oh, poo."

The bear rubbed his chin with a big, hefty paw, and tilted his head a little.

"You look more like an American Idol kind of a guy, though," the bear commented. "Did you like that Adam Lambert guy a few years back? That silver fox with lots of eyeliner? My son Ryan pretended that he didn't like him but I could clearly see it. He TiVo'd every episode, heh."

Jesse almost dropped the can. The sheer WTF:ness of the bear's all too calm tone and the topics of conversation were starting to creep through into his slightly alcohol - and sex-muddled brain. It didn't seem like a normal way to handle a strange naked wolf in your kitchen, especially coming from a big, burly, dangerous-looking chubby bear in an overstretched bathrobe. He must've been a head taller than Jesse, too, and weight 150 pounds more than the slinky wolf. And he smelled like a man, too, thick and musky, a bit like...a bit like his son, but definitely more mature, stronger, and all in all...huskier.

Jesse almost shivered when he realized that he had become aware of the strange bear's musk, and his tail flicked rapidly against his knees. The bear simply rumbled and scratched his belly again.

"But Adam Lambert now dates some Finnish lynx...weird..." the bear snuffled. "Do you study in the university, too?"

Jesse gawked briefly before he shook his head again.

"I see," the bear shook his own head, too. "Do you like music?"

Would this interrogation never end, Jesse wondered, and began to suspect that the bear's dad wasn't too unused to catching his son's tricks about the house, judging by his scary tactics in facing them. Maybe he got some weird Hannibal Lecter kind of pleasure out of it, too, the wolf suspected dully, and shivered again, out of sheer nervousness.

"Uhmm...yeah..." the wolf muttered.

"Ryan likes to listen to Maroon 5," the bear continued. "But I prefer CCR any day. Gotta like John Fogherty's raspy old twang. Do you know him?"

"No..." Jesse whispered.

The bear chuckled roughly.

"You kids," the bear shook his head, "but never mind, eh? I know that you kids got your own stuff nowadays and us golden oldies have to stick to what we know."

The bear snuffled and rumbled and scratched his big ass now instead, whole ample body shaking as he really went to town over that robe-clad part of his body.

"Now that reminds old are you?" the bear muttered. "You do smell like booze so I'd say you're at least 21 but you never know...teens and fake IDs huh?"

"I'm...21...and a half..." Jesse mumbled.

"That's almost the same age as Ryan!" the bear grinned and patted the shivering wolf's arm. "Heheh!"


"What's your name?" the bear questioned, paw still resting on Jesse's arm.

"J...Jesse..." the wolf whimpered.

"Heheh," the bear rumbled and finally released Jesse's arm. "And you already met my son Ryan, so there's only one stranger left and that's, nice to meet you, Jesse. I'm Burt Dixon, Ryan's dad."

"Uhmm..." Jesse stared at his bare toes and mumbled.

"Heheh," the bear rumbled. "You're a shy kid, aren't you?"

Jesse blinked and looked up at the bear hovering by him, and felt another shiver go through his body. The bear's eyes felt so damn intense on him, and that damn strong, and all that scratching and the smell of beef wonder that he was feeling so damn nervous! And the whole fucked-up situation, too, just when he was just going to get a drink and a piss before going back to bed next to the young, cute chub...


"Are you, kid?"

The bear's knuckles brushed against Jesse's chest, making the wolf gasp. The touch had been light, but it was still...unexpected.

"Uhm...mister Dixon..."

The bear leaned closer to him, muzzle only inches away from Jesse's now.

"Yes, wolf?"

His breath smelled so strongly of beef jerky now, it was almost making Jesse gag from how powerful the fleshy, tangy scent was.

"I...I really think I should...maybe..." Jesse's ears flicked.

"Yes?" the bear questioned.

Jesse's tail twitched against the kitchen cabinets again.

"Uh...I mean..."

The bear licked his lips, and the scent seemed to intensify. Jesse gasped.

"I didn't know that Ryan usually goes for timid guys like you...odd..." the bear spoke, quietly, low, so low and deep that Jesse practically felt the voice travelling down his own breastbone. "...especially since you were moaning like a bitch in heat all the time he was doing you in the butt...the bed was squeaking too..."

Heat flashed over Jesse's cheeks. Had the poppa bear been listening to them fucking? And he was telling about it like that?"

"Mister Dixon..."

The bear tilted his head and chuckled, his breath hot against Jesse's flaming cheeks.

"Yes, that is my name," the big papa bear nodded, "and you're Jesse and now that we know each other's names, and probably know as much of each other as you and Ryan did before he took you home for a bit of wolf-stuffing, so why don't we fuck?"

He stepped backwards, just one step from big paws, winked, and untied the cord of the belt around his bulging waist before the big bear simply shucked off his bathrobe and stood there, naked.

Jesse's eyes widened. The bear was huge, just like his son, but taken up to the next degree, with broad shoulders, a thick neck, a simply yummy muscle-gut of a belly, huge furry thighs and a dick that simply screamed for attention with its bright pink color. The cock was surrounded by curly, black hair, and the balls to be found from between the bear's spread legs were veritable low-hangers in their loose, thick sack.

Good God, the wolf thought when his boxers bulked unconsciously, the bear was massive and beautiful.

"Like what you see huh?"

Jesse's eyes snapped into attention, to meet the bear's, when he realized that he had been staring at the big daddy bear's dick for about fifteen seconds before the bear spoke to him again. He was looking at him now, big, huge brown eyes drilling into the wolf's. His lips were pulled into a smile that seemed almost scary, on a face that broad and...burly.

The husky older bear's log-like cock pulsed ominously. Jesse wasn't sure whether he was imagining that the balls were swaying beneath that thick, massive dick, slowly back and forth...forth and back...

"Ain't going to force you to do anything, but since you don't seem to mind having it off with a hot bear on a one-night basis, I'd thought...why not humor an older guy?" the bear licked his lips and pushed his shoulders back to make his beefy arms flex a little. "I mean, if you're so into bears, and you wore my son out and I bet you're still craving for a bit more stuffing into that cute little but of yours...maybe I've got a bit more stamina..."

Jesse's cock throbbed and felt so hard that he wondered whether it might actually get stuck like that. He'd grown up to full mast so quickly that it even surprised the perpetual horndog of a wolf, and now there was a massive bulge in the front of his boxers. He didn't dare to look there whether he was already making a mess of the fabric with his pre-cum.

In fact, it was difficult to look at anything else except the huge, dangerous, smelly, big daddy beefcake bear standing two yards away from him, sporting a big erection and obviously showing off his body to the younger wolf.

"Don't hear complaints from the guys I fuck..." the bear rumbled.

Jesse whimpered. That was too much. That was too weird and fucked up, and that cock was too big...

"Oh don't give me that look," the bear chuckled and flicked an ear at the wolf, a paw falling to scratch his muscle gut again, "It's not exactly a coincidence that my son's queer when his dad's an outright tail chaser as that I finally have allowed myself to be, after that stupid divorce and even more stupid 16 years of sexless marriage. Ain't going back to the vag anymore, I think...cock and butt's what I like...and so do you, from the looks of it...looking good there, be careful or you're gonna burst, hah!"

Jesse gave a quick look at the front of his boxers and realized to his horror that his tip had actually pushed itself out from beneath the fabric and was now peeking away from his waistband. The bear could see his blunt canine tip, oozing with pre and a shade of angry red, from the sheer heat and arousal he was experiencing as he breathed in a lungful of bear daddy musk with every breath.

"Or if you don't want to..." the bear rumbled, his paw venturing all too close towards his swollen dick, "I can go and stuff this one into my Fleshlight...I've got one that's the exact replica of the asshole of this gay porn star, Manny Dickinson, and I've got this film where he gets his ass eaten out by this German Shepherd and I really gotta say, it's damn accurate! Have you ever seen Manny Dickinson in porn?"

Jesse's eyes fixed onto the oozing tip of the massive dick in question, and he couldn't help but whimper at the idea of that particular cock pushing into any kind of a hole. His own newly bred pucker clenched and sent a spark of sensation all the way to the tip of his own cock.


Jesse's ears and tail jumped when the Coke can dropped the floor and began to spew its contents down to the cool tiles. The hiss of dispersing soda bubbles continued, and he gave a crazed look at the bear standing there, being so damn hunkable for an older guy, and oozing a bit of a puddle of his own to the already soiled floor.

"You only gotta say it, Jesse..." the bear rumbled, "it's all there is to it."

The wolf's ears dropped along with his muzzle, staring on his toes when he whimpered.

"Fuck me, sir..."

Mr. Burt Dixon let out a happy little chuckle.

"That's what I like to hear!" the bear smirked. " Now, turn around will ya?. It's pretty late and I have to work in the morning and I'm quite frankly too eager to get to fuck that butt of yours so why don't we skip the foreplay and go at it? I'm sure my son stretched you out pretty well..."

The wolf didn't speak a further thing before he simply spun around on his paws and clamped them over the faux marble side of the kitchen counter. The wolf leaned over the sink, panting hotly and hiked his tail up. The very act brought a moan out of him.

"Hahahh...that's what I like to see..."

The bear was close now, rumbling, breathing hotly, and definitely staring at the wolf's little tush from a close distance. Jesse yelped when the big paws landed down on his hips and dragged his backwards boxers unceremoniously down below his knees.

"Uhhhh yes...that's one nice little butt..."

Jesse whimpered and bit his lip when he felt the bear's huge thumb press between his ass cheeks and wedge itself under the base of his obediently lifted tail. The big digit dug itself straight against the wolf's pucker and pressed onto the worn-out muscles. There was a slick "POP" of a sound when the finger effortlessly passed through the rings and entered into the panting wolf's back passage.

"Damn...haven't had anything this tight since that Rottweiler who told me he's a 99% top...and I took him down a few percent, I reckon..." the bear slurred.

Jesse pushed his ass back against that deeply dwelling finger and moaned when the tip of that thick finger pressed against his battered prostate and elicited a big moan from the slutty wolf. The bear chuckled and pulled his finger out before stuffing it into his own muzzle. Jesse's ears flicked rapidly as he listened to the slippery sounds.

"Uhmm yeah...nice and salty...and clean, too...good job, I've told my son to never go bareback...and that means he doesn't have to know about this, right? Can't give my son a bad example, now..." the bear grumbled and leaned over the wolf's back, and his cock slipped into the crevice of the wolf's ass.

"Ahhhhhhhh!" the wolf moaned, breathless now that the hot snake was pressing all over his ass, and soon inside it, too, he feared...or hoped, maybe.

The daddy bear grabbed a hold of the wolf's hips and humped a few times, to slide his pudgy butt-buster between the wolf's cheeks a couple of times.

"Say it again, wolf," the bear grumbled as he leaned close to Jesse's flat ear.

"Fuck me..."

"Say, fuck me, coach..." the bear rumbled, grinding his dick into the wolf's crack. "That's always hot in porn..."

The wolf almost thought he would faint when he felt the bear's tip poke against his tailhole and try to make its way in.

"Uhhhh fuck me, coach..."

The pre-slickened tip pressed against the wolf's stretched pucker and began to push itself through the muscled orifice with intense fire and precision in new Coach Burt's attack into the wolf's tight end.

"That's it," the bear rumbled, biting his teeth together as a big paw came down to smack on the wolf's butt, "tell your coach you like it..."

"Fuck me, coach!" the wolf whimpered, his ass on fire, and his cock pulsing madly against the edge of the kitchen counter.

"Here's your coach's reward, wolf..." the daddy bear slurred. "Hold on....nghhh...."

The slippery tip pierced its way into Jesse's defenseless tailhole and was immediately shoved three inches deep into the clenching heat of the of the young wolf's ass. Jesse could do nothing but moan hotly when the thick length was swallowed by his insides, going deep, and spreading him even wider than the younger bear's endowment had done before. The burn made his tail flail madly, and Jesse was sure that his cock had gone almost soft by the time the bear hilted inside him, but the sheer weight of the huge bear's dick inside him more than made for it.

His weary tailhole clenched a couple of times, his prostate pulsed, and the hot bear rubbed his back when Jesse whimpered in that particular mixture of overwhelming pleasure and pain.

"Hmmm...nice aaaaand tight..." the bear panted, paws clasping over the wolf's slim hips, "gonna...hmm...yep..."

The dick moved.

"...ugh...damn...not gonna last long..."

In it went, squeezing a raisin out of Jesse's grape-sized prostate as the thick shaft pummeled back and forth inside his hole.

"Ohh heck, coach is gonna be happy all day tomorrow when coach works and thinks about your butt, wolf..."

"Uhhhhhh coach..." the wolf's tongue lolled out of his muzzle and dribbled spit into the sink while his chest collapsed against the kitchen counter and Jesse could do nothing but pant.

"Yeah...yah, is right heeeere...."

The huge tip felt like a punch in the gut whenever it slipped all the way into the wolf and burrowed itself through the wolf's tail tunnel. The bear's thick belly pressed against Jesse's back with every single thrust and reminded him of the size and presence of the man taking him roughly in the ass.

The man.

Not a young dude, but a man, going all out in the wolf's not so tight rump and pounding into him with steady, pumping humping strokes that forced spurts of pre out of Jesse's cock and made them dribble against the door of a kitchen cabinet.

"Ohhh fuck...there's gonna be a fight over who's getting you in the shower in the morning...mark my words...uhhh shit..."


"...damn...may have to use father's says so..."


Jesse bit down his jaws when his cock spontaneously unloaded a watery load of cum onto the kitchen floor. His body clenched down onto the slowly sliding dick and sucked on it, on its way out, making the big bear's eyes bulge.


The smell of cum rushing onto the floor hit his nose the moment his cock sunk back to the root into the wolf's sucking depths, and that was the pent-up daddy bear's cue to bite onto the wolf's shoulder and let it rip.


Jesse whimpered pitifully as he felt what must've been a pintful of cum pump into his guts. The heat intensified, grew and filled him up, his ass ached, but the pleasure from the wet heat spreading into him with every massive throb of that thick, dangerous cock deep inside his ass. The wolf was sure that he imagined the sensation of his belly bulging with the sheer amount of cum surging into him, but that's how it felt, when it continued, the bear's rumbles carried on, and his hips ground themselves against the wolf's battered buns and made sure that not a drop would be spilled.

"Ohhhh damn,'ve made coach damn happy..."

Jesse's eyes widened when he felt the massive dick in his ass move backwards again. The inches slid out of him all to quickly, and suddenly a rush of sheer emptiness came over him, when the tip popped out of him, the cock slapped against the bear's belly, and a desperate twitch of pain coursed through Jesse's spread hole.

He could almost feel the drip-drip-drip of the cum leaking out of his spread hole, making big blotches against the black-tiled floor.

"What a fucking messy wolf, though..."

The collapsed wolf was barely coherent by the time he felt the daddy bear's paws on his ass cheeks, spreading them up just before his muzzle dipped into his ass crack and the hot, long tongue slipped all the way from his drained balls to his still gushing opening, and plugged it up.


Jesse could only listen to the content rumblings coming from the gutsy daddy bear that was slobbering all the way through his ass, having a good taste of the big load he had dumped into the wolf's butt only moments before. Now the hot tongue churned within the creamed tunnel and rubbed against the wolf's raw inner walls, each touch making him moan and whimper with a stars-in-his-eyes-inducing pleasure.

By the time that tongue dug deep enough to rub against his prostate, his cock unloaded yet again and contributed to the stinking mess on the floor, between their four collective legs. The light-headed wolf seriously wondered now whether it would actually be possible to faint because of an orgasm, because Jesse was sure that he was getting close to that point.







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