the sleepover

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i'm still new here so i'm trying my best

We went home and dad had a big smile " so want was that about travis? " asked dad " well it nothing just a friend that all " i said " oh really i know a boyfriend when i see one and i just saw a boyfriend " he said with a bigger smile " all ok you got me i like him a lot but i don't know how to tell him " i said " well after that kiss you it should be easy after all you two was blushing after the kiss so go for it " he said " thanks dad " i said and i huge him. We went in the house and edward was playing some video games like all ways and dad got mad and told him to do his homework frist but dad also forgot we don't have homework on the frist day and it was firday so edward got away with it i went to dad to ask him if i can go to mac house for a sleepover " hey dad can i go to mac house for a sleepover? " i asked " but you just got out of school why go now? " he asked " well he said he well be lonely with out his mom and dad and his brothers are gone to so i thought i could help him out by coming over " i said " ok but this is the last time on fridays you hear " he said " yeah i hear and thanks dad " i said and i went to get my stuff. When i got to my room i saw edward in there with leo ( the leomon i was talking about in the frist stroy ) in there to " WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING IN MY ROOM!!! " i shouted " don't you talk that way to you father " said leo " yeah jackass " said edward i hate leo and edward all way trying to get me mad " just get out " i said " ok we just left you a persent for you sleepover " said edward. They left and i check throw the bag and found nothing " what the hell they put in my bag " i thought but before i could look in my bag again " TRAVIS YOUR FRIEND AT THE DOOR!! " shouted my dad " i'm coming " i shouted back and ran down the stairs when i got to the front door mac and my dad was talking " hey mac " i said " hey travis you ready? " he asked " yeah let's go " i said " ok bye mr. yamato " mac said " bye mac " he said and we left. We ended at the movies " why we at the movie i thought were going to your house " i asked " oh thought you wanted to go to the movies frist than we go to my house " mac said " oh ok just don't make it to scary " i said we went in and saw scarm four it was scary at some part that i huged mac hard but he don't mind he just smiled " don't worry i'll make the monster or anyone go away even if i have to hurt them so bad that they can't walk or use there arms " he said i felt safe in his arms and i wanted to stay with him but frist i had to know him better frist than be something to him. The movie ended and we went to his house " i hope you like it " he said " i love it " i said we played the x-box 360 than ps3 than went down staris to watch a movie it was drama it had some sad parts and some funny parts but more kissing in it and i was getting horny of it i keep imaging that me and mac kissing than he came to me and are lips touch each other again i love it when his touge touchs my it felt right than i felt his claws in my pants " no please don't do that " i said " why did i do something wrong? " he asked " no i love kissing with you but i'm not ready for the next part " i said " oh i get it you don't want to rush things " he said " yeah that it i want to be your you know " i said blushing " what? " he asked confused " you know your boyfriend maybe? " i asked " oh sure " he said " really? " i asked " yeah i kiss you outside the school building didn't i so i wanted you to be my boyfriend i just could't tell you i wanted to show you how i feel around you " mac said " oh mac " i said and we kissed in tell we went to bed in each others arms and tears of joy.

that my secound stroy you'll have to read my frist day to school to get the stroy i hope you like it