Look Park

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6 of All Punk Rockers Go To Hell This is part six of All Punk Rockers Go To Hell.

Dallas comes across a Panther and his father at a local park.

Part Six: Look Park

Look Park was a hilly, grassy park. There were no lakes but there were these concrete turtles that shot water out their backs when you pushed a button. Gnats wafted lazily across the wet and freshly cut grass and already the cicadas were busy buzzing their irksome drone from tree to tree. The sun wasn't even a fourth of the way in the sky and already I could feel my pudgy body screaming to be free of my leathers; I continued with them on. Grass clippings clung to my foot-paws and the cuffs of my jeans and I tried not to breathe in the smell. Some fur's liked the smell of fresh cut grass, cookies baking, and backyard cook-outs. I however liked the smell of bourbon, musky leather, and cigarettes. Maybe this made me hardcore; I did like the band Black Flag, they were hardcore, so was Gang Green, and their lyrics fueled my search for booze but I was going to have to do some pretty gay shit to get it. I was alright with that anyways. I was fourteen year old gay porcupine after all. And even after already learning this myself a week ago after months and months of denial, I was ready to except my fate and be who I was born to be. Fuck the rest!

After what seemed to be a mile of gross, warm, wet, trudging across grass I finally found a path. I paused for a moment to catch my breath while I dug a cigarette from my jacket pocket. I had waited long enough. It tasted sweet even unlit between my lips and I could already feel the creep of nicotine withdrawal drifting across my temples. I inhaled deeply once the ember at the tip burned radiantly even in the bright humid sunlight. The path I was on was actually a bike path that connected the five parks in town! Look, Ruth Hardy, Demuth, Victoria, and Sunrise. Some were better than others. Demuth was known for its drug problems. If you ever needed to by heroin, that's where you needed to go. Sunrise had a big homeless problem. Too many 'creepy' people camped out there at night. I found them hilarious, and homeless males needed love too.

From my jacket pocket I also fished a purple bandana. This is also why I call this a 'game'. Furs can't read other furs minds. I've looked into it. So what you had to do is devise a way for the potential takers to know you're interested. Plus you never know when you need a bandana! I just have a purple one because it's an easily notable color and it seemed to work well the last time I did this. So taking a drag, I stuffed it into my back right pocket and slowly began to walk up the path towards the playground.

There were furs around but not many. It was Saturday; pathetic, sycophant, suits didn't have work or other responsibilities and yet the park was nearly empty. Surely someone had time to stop by the park at this hour for a quick jog and blow job. It was times like this that I wished I had a phone, or even a watch. I knew it was roughly eight thirty, but there was no saying how right I was.

My father suddenly came into my thoughts. I remember he had given me a watch when I turned ten. That was shortly after my uncle had left for Canada. I had no idea why he had left at the time. Maybe it had something to do with me, my father, maybe his Visa was up. Both my dad and my uncle were Canadian. My father gained citizenship after he married my mom. Maybe it was in an attempt to run away from his brother. I don't know enough about it though. My dad and I had stopped being close after Markel showed up when I was only seven. Things got dark then. My dad started drinking; my mom became more of a religious tyrant. I started sucking my uncle's cock and after that, things went downhill.

After he left so suddenly my dad seemed to come around. He stopped drinking, but I knew he knew what his own brother had done to me. He couldn't look me in the face anymore. The watch was his last gesture of fatherly kindness. He had told me it was his, that his father had given it to him when he was ten. Maybe he only gave it to me to fulfill some weird family ritual, again I'm not sure. By then I already was an unruly kid. I took the watch, tossed it onto a pile of clothes and promptly forgot about it until now.

As I scanned the area again for a potential 'player' in this smutty 'game' I couldn't help but think about what things could have been like had my uncle never came across the border in the first place. Maybe my father and I could have been closer. Maybe we could have been like Kasai and his father. He could have driven me to school every morning, picked me up, and taken me to the movies and other father son bullshit like that. What if my father had been the one who showed me about sex and not my uncle? Maybe he would have been kinder, gentler. Maybe, just maybe I wouldn't be who I was today. What if I was more like Kasai?

"I'd have killed myself by now!" I jeered and flicked my cigarette butt out across the wet grass where it landed with a hiss and smoldered momentarily before going out. 'I am me, no one else. I am not Kasai, I am not my dad, and I am definitely NOT my mother...' But when I stopped and saw a little panther boy playing on the nearby jungle gym a dark thought crossed my mind. 'Maybe I'm more like my uncle...'

As I grew closer I watched and observed the area like I normally do in every situation I get into. I obsess over the surroundings; make sure I know what is here and there and what is not. I make a metal note and make a list of what I can do and what I cannot. It was a survival mechanism I had learned all those years ago in that smelly, damp, musky warehouse where I was fucked over and over again by males three times my age.

The panther was between six and seven, four foot two inches, jet black and to my utter astonishment; he was completely alone. I felt my stomach tie in knots as I left the trail, the wood chips strewn across the playground crunching beneath my feet. He was wearing a plain white t-shit that was at least one size to tight for him. He wasn't fat but he was pudgy, probably similar to my size when I was his age. I've seen pictures of myself shirtless at the beach and I actually have a picture of me and another boy playing in the sand stashed somewhere at home; both of us in our underwear. But now I could see the panther boy's underwear peeking above the waist of his short blue shorts and I couldn't stop the bulge that sprouted below my waist.

I tried to play it cool. I wasn't sure why, he was a little kid. He probably didn't know what was cool and what wasn't. But nonetheless I pulled another cigarette from my pack and had it lit before I reached the steel and plastic play structure. There was a slide at the highest part that the boy would repeatedly climb and slide down. So while he was silently enjoying the trip down I snuck up the back and made my way to the steps that led up to the slide. Of course I remembered just the other afternoon when I had gladly sucked off my best friend for weed atop a very similar structure only a park away. But the very thought of fucking atop one was even more tantalizing.

I took up a seat on one of the steps, arms on my knees and a little hunched over; very similar to the way TK had, and waited for the boy to return on his endless loop of slides. I watched, well hidden, as he pulled up the back of his shorts and began yet another ascension. He finally noticed me when he reached the landing before the steps I sat upon. He halted for less than a second but continued on, step by step; small black paw gently gripping the side rail. His eyes were a fierce blue, almost sapphire and they almost glowed against the backdrop of black fur. The only other color that wasn't his clothes was his pink little nose that was busy making out the surrounding smells. I'm sure he was able to smell my cigarette from there so I took a quick inhale and lazily let the smoke billow out and towards the cub.

He didn't flinch against the smoke and surprisingly continued on until he was standing at the very bottom of the tiny flight of stairs. It would have been impossible for any fur to get by anyone sitting here. The steps were small and narrow. I was a big guy too so I'm sure it looked even less impassable. The little black feline just stood there, right paw on the railing, black tail swaying behind him, eyes shining like daggers.

"Hey kid, where's your daddy?" I asked through another cloud of smoke. The panther boy stared for a moment. I almost thought he wasn't going to say anything but finally shrugged as if he didn't know and didn't care. Apparently the only important thing in his life right now what this slide. I almost longed for his ignorance. "You here alone?"

Again there was a pause but he shook his head this time. This kid was amusing.

"You with your mom?" I asked.

Another head shake.

"Brother or sister?"

Again the same.

"Your dad?"

Finally the boy nodded but stared beyond me a moment at the slide I was blocking. It was almost like I was simply something that, if he waited long enough, would get out of the way. If only he could wait a little bit longer before the slide would be free again. 'What's with this kid?' I asked myself a little confused but curious all the same. I looked around and still the playground was deserted. There were a few people far off in the distance, but none looked like an older version of this little boy.

"Where is he?" I asked not really expecting a verbal answer but the boy shrugged and apparently didn't know. I found it very strange that a father would just let his little boy play unattended while he went off and wondered in the park. Sure, Kasai's father let him go to school, get fucked by bullies, but at least he was there when he came home. Maybe this boy's father was the same. Maybe the father expected the boy would be just fine doing what he's doing as long as it made him happy. And this slide was apparently making him happy. I glanced back at the slide before glancing at the kid with a raised brow. "You wanna slide?"

He nodded and I smiled. That sickening feeling arose again in the pit of my stomach. This was the first time I had done this to anyone who wasn't in middle school or older and the thought of my uncle inside me made me hesitate but that part of my uncle inside me made me continue too.

"You're gonna have to do me a favor if you wanna slide!" I said slyly and the boy continued to stare on as if this wasn't out of the ordinary at all. It was kind of confusing because normally, kids his age, or of any age, would be scared of having to do something for a 'bully'. If anything the boy was inquisitive and curious. I kind of liked it. "Hmm, what could I have you do for a ride down the slide?" I stared at the shorts that seemed to hug his legs and butt just as his shirt hugged his torso. I grinned. "In order to slide down this slide you're going to have to show me your pecker."

The panther boy seemed to understand because a slight smile crossed his black muzzle but he continued to stand there with his paw on the railing, only now he was twisting at the waist a bit as he stood the way most kids did when they were waiting patiently for something. Was he egging me on? No way, couldn't be. He was no older than seven, eight at the most, he couldn't have the mental capacity to do that. Could he?

"What? Not going to show me your wiener?" I asked trying to sound a little annoyed with having to come up with another worthy toll fee. Feeling a little playful I stand up, with a little difficulty to my frustration. But when I made my way down the three or four steps to where the kid stood he only stepped back a foot or two. Standing on the first step I knew the bulge in my pants was in direct eye sight of the cub. I even flexed my boner in an attempt to make him notice. If he did I couldn't tell. "I'll show you mine but that will cost you double! I might have to make you suck on it. You wanna do that in order to slide all you want?"

Those blue eyes showed no sign of fear. If anything the boy was more interested in the metal spikes running down the side of my jacket sleeve than the wet bugle only a foot in front of his face. His paw shot up suddenly and touched a silver stud and smiled as he prodded the tip with his fingers. He was in awe over something so simple; something most furs found off putting. A leather jacket with studs and graffiti meant trouble to most. This little cub however seemed intent on touching as many spikes as he could reach; which was about at my elbow.

A little frustrated I grabbed his wrist with enough force to have startled him and took his paw from my arm and placed it firmly over my crotch. The boy squeezed my cock through my jeans and I could feel a handsome amount of pre escape from the tip and soak into the black denim. My eyes closed and my mouth fell open in a grunting sigh at such an inexperienced touch. His curious paw lingered there just long enough to grope the mysterious bulge within; giving it a few squeezes before he saw the studs that ran along the bottom fringe of my jacket and began to inspect those instead. He followed them all the way around until he came to where my quills were sticking out the bottom. He reached for them.

"Hey..." I grunted in frustration. What the hell did this kid think he was doing? I didn't think it was possible to find another boy peskier than Kasai but this little panther cub seemed to take the fucking cake. I made to spin around, cut him off from my quills but his paw had already taken hold of a few so when I pulled away his paw stayed behind; as well as some of my quills.

It was like having my fur ripped out, times two! My quills normally fell out on occasion, but those were the older ones. The ones the kid had grabbed were only a few months old, about three inches long, and hurt like a mother fucker when yanked out. I know I must have cursed every profane swear I knew as I staggered away from the stairs and the cub; clutching my back where the three quills the boy held once were. When I was finally able to stand upright I glared at the cub through watery eyes. Little bastard didn't know what he had coming.

"Forget the blowjob," I growled and stomped towards him suddenly in an attempt to scare him. "I'll just fuck your little black ass and make you feel the same god damned pain."

I wanted him to know how I felt, I wanted to fuck him, make him cry for hurting me. I had my arms outstretched, ready to grab him, spin him around, force him over the stairs and plunge my stubby cock into him. I knew it wasn't all that big yet, but it was bigger than anything that had ever gone into the cub's butt. But something happened I didn't expect. He held up the three quills, clutched in his paw, like an offering. I stopped short, almost tripped. I stood over him, once again only about a foot from his chest and his paw inches from my nose as if presenting me with flowers. I felt all the rage and anger inside me drain away in seconds. Those deep blue eyes staring into my hazy green.

I tried to speak, to shout, I even tried to grab him and continue on with my plans of a vengeful fuck, but I had nothing left. Instead I straightened up, stared down at the cub with an utterly confused face and took my quills back. I didn't expect what happened next. The boy's arms wrapped themselves around me in a hug and before I could even register it in my mind he was gone; sliding down the slide silently but happily.

I slowly climbed down, being too big for the slide and walked back over to the path, the whole time watching the boy slide down the yellow slide, climb the whole structure and slide again almost as if I had never been there at all. He was such a strange little boy and even though I felt somewhat defeated I also felt somewhat glad. Glad for what, I had no idea. Glad that I didn't fuck the boy? Glad I didn't hurt him? I think I was just amazed with his amount of innocence. It was almost like he didn't give a fuck about anything other than sliding right then and there. It was his way of saying 'Fuck You World! I'm gonna slide!'

I found myself sitting on a nearby swing set, my short legs unable to reach the dugout dirt of years of swingers. I watched in awe as the cub went about his repetition without a care to the world. I realized I envied him. I longed for that child-hood innocence that had been so forcibly ripped from me as a child. He had what I wanted and the sad thing was that I couldn't take it from him. Or even ask him for a little bit of it like it was a piece of candy. I had it once but it was gone, and with innocence, once it's gone you can never get it back.

"You lookin' to suck a dick?" A deep voice spoke behind me that nearly threw me off the swing set. I staggered away from the swing much as I had moments ago from the kid; dazed. Déjà vu struck me hard as I wheeled around. I could have been looking at the kid again, same piercing blue eyes, same pink nose, same midnight black fur; only this time he was a good three feet taller than me and wore a white dress shirt and black slacks. He was a massive cat, thick chest, thick arms, and in the humid summer air his shirt clung to his body.

"W-w-what?" I stammered not sure if I had heard him correctly. I didn't have time to be scared of him. With Kaiser I had seen him from a distance, had slowly approached him, and was nervous about meeting a dragon. His guy had appeared so suddenly and resembled the odd little panther cub so much I almost treated him the same way. I could see beads of sweat glisten in his face fur and his tail swished away gnats better than any fly swatter could. He had obviously been walking around, I would have guessed jogging but not in his attire. His right paw moved suddenly and reached behind his waist and I almost expected him to pull out a weapon for some reason. I almost flinched away but again I didn't have enough time to even blink before he flashed a pink bandanna he had grabbed from his back right pocket. I almost laughed.

"I noticed your flag." He panted like a dog, looking a little nervous as his eyes danced around. I glanced back at my bandanna hanging out of my pocket. I had almost forgotten all about it when I had noticed the cub. Then I looked back towards the slide, the boy was on his 'x' trip up the play structure. 'Wait, the cub! This is... the father? No way... He noticed my... 'flag', did he call it? It was a game after all' "You're looking to hook up right?"

"What are you doing here dressed like that?" I asked finding my voice again and he looked down at himself then back at me as if he didn't see anything wrong with how he looked. "And what about him? Is that your son? Who brings their kid to hook up with strangers in the park for oral sex? What's with him anyways? He acted like he had never seen a porcupine before."

"He's autistic." The older panther spoke simply as he checked the Rolex on his wrist before groping himself in the genitals. I was still a little taken aback by all this, although the autistic thing made sense; kid was a goofball. No wonder he didn't know anything about 'touching' and being 'naughty' the kid probably didn't know how. But his father did, obviously. "That's all he does here, ride that slide."

"While you go and find guys to fuck around with?" I asked incredulously. Thought I must admit it was hot because my boner was back and harder than ever. Unlike the cub, the father had noticed and had pulled down the fly to his black slacks. He fished around inside for a moment before pulling out his semi-hard, bright pink cock; giving it a few tugs in an attempt to stiffen it faster.

"Whatdayasay?" He asked eagerly. I couldn't believe this guy. If anything he was weirder than his son. No wonder the kid ended up autistic; his dad was a huge black nymphomaniac, and a damn sexy one at that. I wasn't going to lie; his complete and apparent lack of proper parenting skills aside, this whole situation made me long for that stiffening cock. I watched wide eyed as his large black paw worked the inflating phallus while his eyes leisurely scanned the surrounding area almost as if he dared someone to find him with his cock out. "Wanna blow me?"

'Did he really have to ask?' I thought and found myself closing the gap between me and him like a brain hungry zombie, but the brain I sought wasn't to be found in the head of this stocky Panther, it was in the head of his dick that I sought his life giving cum. I guess it was pretty obvious now just how much I could be swayed by the promise of cock. All TK had to do was whip his out before I was nose deep in bunny-pubes. Kaiser was just enormous, and a dragon; two things that made me hard before he was even out of his neon vest. And Kasai, now that I thought about it, I had never blown the birdy before; he was always the cock hungry one.

I shook the annoying thoughts from my head and crouched down after taking a few side glances to make sure the coast was clear, but even at this level the panther was too tall and had to crouch down a bit before his cock was within range of my mouth. I was hit by the usual musk that came with felines but was taken aback by just how strong his scent was. This being the first adult feline I have ever blown I almost felt compelled to pull away, but once the adult panther forced his half-hard cock into my mouth I shortly found that it was far from a bad scent. If anything it was intoxicating. So with the hormones and testosterone sinking into my brain like a rather strong bong hit I was left with the chore of getting this cat off.

"Oh yeah, been needin' this." He spoke to me like I was some cheap whore. Honestly, I liked it. I didn't care if he called me a bitch or commanded me to 'choke on it' because I already kind of was. I used the cock to adjust my throat for its accommodations. My touch seemed to do the trick. I groped his balls through the fine but sweat soaked fabric of his dress pants and he groaned softly. My mind wanted to wander; it wanted to know just where this guy worked, why his kid was with him, and why the fuck was he in this park looking for head. I made myself focus on sucking dick instead; trying to ignore the fact that we were within sight of not only his son but any possible onlooker as well.

Having nothing to do; his hands began unbuttoning his now see-through white dress shirt, rubbing and caressing his belly as if he were on some sort of empathogen that was making him sensitive to touch. With a paw on his outer thigh and the other digging for his buried nuts I watched him bite his lips and stare down at me as I bobed for cock. I was good at keeping that needed consistency when sucking dick. I rarely had to use my paws to steady the meat in my mouth unless I felt like adding that extra grip that some guys liked. This panther was obviously content with the way I was going about things and didn't panic when I finally got my paw over the button of his pants.

They dropped to the floor immediately and it was hard for me not to chuckle with the dude's dick in my mouth. He was dressed like an office professional and yet he wore the tightest pair of Green Lantern briefs I had ever seen. His cock had been pulled through the part that allowed you to get at it when you have to 'go' and was being so obviously constricted that the underwear were acting like a cock ring. 'No wonder it had taken him so long to whip it out.'

"Name's Benjin by the way, my son's name is Knight, my wife named him." He spurted the useless information like he actually expected me to care. He continued to enjoy his slow de-shirting, making a point to thoroughly ruffle his belly fur. Finally, on his last button, he blazed a wide, toothy, grin and shucked his shirt completely off his shoulders. The fabric billowed in the early morning breeze momentarily before ending a few feet away in the grass. The damp shirt had done little justice to just how big Benjin actually was. Sure he looked stocky, and I had noticed just how much his belly stuck out from his waist but with his arms and pectorals out and free in the morning sun I actually lost the cock in my mouth in awe.

"Dallas." I replied almost dumbstruck; Benjin's cock dripping onto my chin a bit. The sweat in his fur glistened like little lights as he gave a humble flex of his muscles, even his cock bulged as I tried in haste to re-insert it into my mouth. I had thought only canine cocks actually spurted pre like they were actually Cumming but I got a healthy spritz across my cheek before I swallowed the dick once again. I could already feel a crick forming in my neck but I didn't want to lose the view I had of this guy.

I didn't know why I wasn't scared. The other day I was afraid of someone finding me and TK with our pants down. Now, I was on my knees in front of a nearly naked panther, out in plain view of anyone who might happen by. I didn't dare look for onlookers now, not wanting to be scared out of such a beautiful dick. Instead I fed off his courage and used the paw that wasn't gripping a nut sack to free my erection which had long since been screaming for attention.

"Nice to meet you, Dallas." The guy spoke, finally ending his modest muscle show. I would have paid for tickets, but instead I worked the zipper of my fly. It always got stuck when I really needed what was inside. But when it was free, balls and all I couldn't even touch it. Already I felt like I had to cum and any slight movement could set it off. Benjin watched me as I worked my jeans down below my butt with my one paw; the other was glued to the base of the panther's cock. I was too afraid to let it go again. I was content with them at my knees, in case I had to make a getaway. Then again I could just say he forced me and let him take all the blame. "I'd shake your paw but it looks like you have a nice little piece to take care of."

'Little?' I thought angrily. Then again, I couldn't even make it all the way down this guy's dick even if I tried. It was definitely in the eight inch range. Who knew? I had always heard that Felines had smaller cocks. I guess statistics were wrong sometimes. Maybe when I was this guy's age I'd have an eight inch cock. I doubted it, the largest porcupine cock I have ever seen was my uncle's, six inches; large for our species. But you never know.

"You been sucking cock long?" The panther asked as I was trying to pay a little attention to the slightly barbed head of his cock. I wanted to get at his nuts too but the underwear was in the way and left my paws something to be desired. The question was rather ridiculous, as if he was asking if I had been a porcupine long. I figured this was as good a time to let the guy know just how old I really was. Regrettably I let the cock pop form my mouth with a rather hot slurp of the head. A little drool ran down my chin bit I wiped it off with the paw; refraining to touch my own dick.

"For six years," I spoke a deeply as I could, creating the air that I had been doing this a long time. It was the truth, but it added to the coming affect. "Ever since I was eight years old."

I gobbled up his cock again but decided I had had enough with the childlike underwear. I took hold of the sides of his waistbands and pulled down hard. His dick bent downward as the fabric came down around his knees before bouncing back with sudden force; nearly jabbing me in the eye. A cock was a dangerous weapon, but in full view above heavy set, black, furry balls it looked gorgeous as ever. I realized a little late that his tail was fed through a hole in the back and his whole body jumped as he winced from the sudden jerk.

"Easy with the tail." He piped up in surprise. I quickly apologized with a short "sorry" before making a point to grab hold of his sac between my thumb and forefinger so that the jewels rested firmly in my paw. "It's okay, you didn't know... Wait....did you say since you were eight?"

"Sure did." I spoke tugging on his balls; causing his cock to bounce playfully, dripping pre across my white shirt. His eyes grew wide this time; blue sapphires ablaze with realization. This wasn't the first time I had reviled my age to someone after or during oral sex. Most furs at least try to stop me, call everything off. I wasn't prepared to what happened next.

A smile broke across his face that nearly split it in two; pearly white fangs making his complexion somewhat ferocious no matter what he did. The black and pink ears on his head even seemed to flicker in excitement at the news of my underage status. Benjin's whole naked body ripped as his muscles flexed under all that fur. What started out as chuckles ended up in flat out laughter. He cupped his paws to his face and shook his head as he laughed. Eyes squinted shut; dick still leaking. I wasn't sure what to do now. I held his nuts like I owned them and stared back and forth between the cat's giggling torso and the pre that wasn't going down my throat. What a waste.

"What's so funny?" I asked slightly peeved at his lack of tact. Here we were; middle of a park playground, pants down below our knees, in the middle of a lewd, highly illegal sexual act, and he was laughing because he had found out I was fourteen? What the fuck?

"No, no, nothing!" He spoke as he tried to stifle his laughter; wiping the pseudo tears from his eyes. Maybe it was his sweat. "This is amazing. You're fourteen. That's just brilliant!"

"Why?" I asked rather confused though I continued to absentmindedly juggle the hefty balls in their furry sac. He didn't seem to mind the least bit. I also took this time to finally gaze around me and take in 'our' surroundings. There were a few furs fretfully close but still too far to really make out what we were doing. If they looked like brown and white smudges to me then Benjin and I must look similar. His son however, I noticed, had stopped sliding. I glanced back and saw him sitting on the steps to the slide in the same way I had moments before. I could see his equally blue eyes watching us with cat-like precision. I wasn't sure to be turned on by that, or creeped out. "Dude, your son is watching us."

"Don't worry about him!" Benjin spoke having recovered from his fits of laughter. He took hold of his cock and stroked it a bit before gazing around. "There's a park bench over there. How about we finish up there? That way I won't have to bend my knees and you won't have to struggle to suck my cock. You look so hot doing it. Never been attracted to a porcupine before."

'How thoughtful.' I thought but before I could answer he was stepping out of both his pants and underwear. He held out his paw and I could only stare at it before I knew what he meant by it. I grasped it with mine and he pulled me to my feet with wondrous ease. I wobbled a bit, my jeans having fallen to my ankles but when I had my footing Benjin was already making his way over to the nearby bench; having left his clothes behind. From his broad shoulders to his firm butt-cheeks, the way his muscles moved as he walked was more masculine than I have ever seen. And yet here he was; naked and leaking pre-cum in public. 'This guy is the god of Not Giving a Fuck!'

I shrugged and copied him by stepping out of my pants; leaving them behind once they were free of my ankles. I sauntered over as smugly as I could; dick still hard. It felt good to have it out in full view of the world. Even though there were no real onlookers other than the Panther boy a hundred feet way, I still felt like all eyes were on me. My eyes however were still on Benjin's backside and when the black adult panther took up a seat on the bench--face all grinning, arms out across the backing, legs spread wide; I felt a rather thick bead of pre form at the tip of my own cock.

"This is insane." I spoke aloud. Benjin nodded in agreement and flexed the muscles in his abdominal that made his cock bounce and drip. It was a blatant sign for me to 'get to suckin' and I wasted no time. I forced my throat to take as much of the dick as I could, my lips firmly running over every vein as I deepthroated in long gallant strides. I felt my body shudder every time the head of Benjin's impressive cock stroked my uvula. I wanted to gag. I sucked cock instead.

"Fuck boy. Only fourteen and you're a master." He groaned in pleasure. The real first sign that he was reacting to something I was doing instead of his own paws on his belly or chest. I heard the bench creak as he shifted his weight, actually fucking his hips up into my face as I would go down on him. I couldn't stroke it but I gripped my cock like it was the last time I would never be able to do so again. I was so close to cuming and somehow he was able to tell. "Can you cum yet kid?

"Of course I can." I returned rather abrasively; using my paw to stroke the pink shaft slick with my spit. It was a beautiful sight: Everything from his velvet belly, and the way his strong pectorals connected up with his arms. He was still grinning too!

"Would you wanna cum on my cock?" He asked as one would ask a small favor. I was used to weird requests by now. From sucking dick for weed or letting a dragon lick my ass hole, this was far from strange to me. I just shrugged and slowly stood up at his command; not having my pants to trip me this time though my legs were shaky. I inched forward until my legs touched his, my cock rubbed against his, and his paw met my cock attentively. I shivered.

"You got a nice one for your age." He spoke studying my dick like it was some sort of scientific specimen. He leaned in close, cupped my balls and smeared the pre around the tapered tip. I clenched the muscles in my groin and forced myself not to cum. It almost hurt. "That close huh? I guess at your age you could probably cum without even touching it."

"Maybe." I felt a little embarrassed; as if I were being examined like some never before seen species. It made me remember the days when my school grades first started going downhill. The parent teacher conferences; my mother angry, my teachers frustrated, my father not caring, and me becoming angry. It was a weird thought to get in the middle of having my cock inspected, and I guess if anything he was complimenting me. Odds are he had never touched a dick this young before unless the guy was a pedophile, but I didn't get that vibe from him. So I shoved the old memories and feelings aside and took it for what it was. "My species don't have very big dicks."

"Neither does mine apparently, but look at me." He motioned to the boner that still stood up out of his lap like a cobra ready to strike, drooling venom. "When I was your age I remembered measuring. I was three inches hard! Can you believe that?"

"No way." I spoke in disbelief as I continued to hold back the cum boiling in my balls. The fact that he had both my dick and my balls in his paws made this rather hard to accomplish but he just smiled and nodded. My own paws didn't know what to do; they would go back and forth from clutching the bottom edges of my jacket to rubbing my sweaty palms on my leg fur. I felt pretty adult right then, but not the way I normally felt when drinking, doing drugs, and raising hell. It was as if I was on the same level as this guy even though I was fourteen and Benjin was somewhere in his thirties.

With each squeeze and stroke of my cock, each tug and pull of my balls sent me closer and closer to that blissful state of orgasm. Like any other drug it started to take over my mind, slowly washing over me with euphoric rapture. Everything around me began to fade away and the only thing that remained was me, Benjin, and our cocks.

"You ready?" He asked. I nodded and he let my cock go without another word. My right paw found its way to where it belonged and attentively grasped the shaft as if it was about to use it to perform open heart surgery.

"I wanna film this. Knight, bring daddy his iPhone. It's in my shorts!" He spoke suddenly and scanned the playground with his deep, searching, blue eyes rather quickly before he found his son sitting in the same spot as before. I was in a trance and barely noticed when seconds later a small little black paw produced the iPhone like he was told. I watched, feeling high as the panther leaned back, both paws on the phone, muzzle split by teeth, as he began to record. "Fuck yeah, blow that load boy."

I was about to. Not even the little boy sitting down beside his father deterred me. I was surprised it didn't bother the father. His grin never faltered, not even as I began to explode. I don't know what it was but I came like a fire truck let loose on a burning building. Maybe it was the build up to this momentous orgasm, maybe it was the kid sitting there watching, maybe I just didn't cum as much as I had thought I did during my wet dream earlier this morning. What was obvious was that I would walk away from this feeling quite fulfilled.

"Fuck yes." Benjin said as the first two gobs of cum wrapped around his thick pink cock like a thoroughly lassoed steer. The third shot like a rocket and hit the panther in his black bearded chin, just missing the bottom of his phone. I knew he was getting pornographic magic right now. The fourth and fifth were watery and actually ended up spraying most of Benjin's belly while a few stray drops actually managed to land on the boy's shorts as he sat close to his cum whore father. "Fuck man that's hot. Knight, never use that word; remember it's a bad word."

I'm sure my face must have been twisted up in otherworldly pleasure. Each shot of cum felt like a thousand previous orgasms all in one. I wasn't sure why this one felt so good but I didn't dare question such a good thing. I had held my breath too. I could already feel myself becoming light headed. I expelled the air from my lungs in a gasping wheeze of satisfaction and watched in delight as the last dregs of my cum dribbled out and onto the adult panther's black furry balls.

"Shit, I gotta cum now. Benjin spoke and without hardly a pause the video captured a black paw coming on to screen, grabbing up the cum covered dick and immediately beginning to stroke. Having enough porcupine lube, Benjin had no trouble cumming at all. The camera view shook, as did his whole body and all the while the bottom half of a punk rocker boy watched amazed as his own deflating cock tried to perk back up at such a scene.

I stood there, still slightly dazed, having not fully come out of my post orgasm shine. My paw still remained stroking my dripping dick and I couldn't help but notice the little boy's eyes on me. Honestly, if I were him I'd be watching my own father about to cum before my very eyes, but his gaze stuck to me like I was the most fascinating thing in the world. In his world I actually might have.

Benjin on the other had barely even noticed that his own son was directly on his left. With his left paw he filmed what his right one was doing. He gasped and groaned and cooed to his cock like a master would his puppy; as if getting it to cum only took a few gentile words and a clenched fist. "Shit..."

I almost expected another firework show but was rather disappointed when all that happened was a sudden gush of milky white cum that oozed forth like syrup, dripping down his paw to collect like a lake in his pubic fur. He seemed to like it because he zoomed up close with his iPhone to capture the slow moving eruption like a documenter on the large island of Hawaii. I could see why the son wasn't particularly interested in his father's orgasm. It wasn't as impressive as I had thought it would be.

Benjin was happy with it though. He smeared the cum around with the back of his thumb a bit before pressing a button on his phone that must have ended the shoot. Normally I would have been smiling too but this was the first real moment when I was actually a little unsettled by a little boy. I didn't have a problem with him being here while his dad or I jerked off, just that he was so entranced by me. I tried to remind myself that he was autistic but something still didn't feel right.

"You don't care that your son just watched you jerk off with me?" I asked having to know what the deal was with their relationship. He didn't come off as the son fucking father type so I had to figure this out or it would drive me nuts. He didn't seem to mind the question because he replied without hesitation, as if he expected it.

"The boy is autistic," Benjin said simply while handing his son his iPhone after having saved the video to the phone's memory. I could see the menu for some video game called Angry Birds pop up and the boy began to play like a pro. He was obviously a smart little panther. "He sees the world differently. While most kids would see what we did as wrong and go to tell on us. He just sees it as me having a bit of fun after work. Plus my wife and I are practicing naturalists so we're usually naked while at home. As for the sex part, he knows I love mommy but that this is a game I play to just feel good. Truth is I never used to be into guys. This only started one day because I was sexually frustrated and my wife was away on business. An old buddy of mine from high school recently came out to me as being gay, that he had been coming to this park. He told me about the flags and how to approach a guy. He wasn't into panthers and honestly having sex with him would have make made our friendship rather awkward. So one day I remembered what he had told me about this park and the rest was history."

I took in all that he had told me and tried to find words. I noticed that a few furs were walking along a nearby path but my pant-less legs were blocked by both the naked panther and park bench. My spent sex organ was soft again. Serving no purpose it retracted back into its sheath where it awaited the next moment when it would be needed again. I felt exposed then, rather anxious, and stared back at where my pants had been abandoned moments ago. My stomach also growled rather loudly. I guess cinnamon rolls and Mountain Dew was hardly a breakfast; I quickly remembered the twenty in my pants pocket.

"And besides, I get to meet cool guys like you." Benjin spoke putting an arm around his son; the iPhone blaring the annoying sounds of game play. The father seemed rather unconcerned about being discovered. I on the other hand wanted to avoid any possible disputes with law enforcement. But he called me cool and it was enough to bring a smirk to my face. "I really like the whole punk rock look kid. Kind of always wished I could have been a part of that crowd as a kid. I wasn't angry enough I guess."

"It's never too late." I spoke and taking a deep 'I don't give a fuck' breath I walked back over to where my pants lay. I could see a landscaping crew about five hundred feet off near a thin grove of trees. A few of the workers were looking this way. I couldn't even make out what some of their species were so I ignored the sudden urge to panic. "I have a friend whose band plays at The Ignition Hookah lounge every Saturday night. Fast, angry, punk rock."

"Damn, that's tonight isn't it?" He replied. I glanced back and could tell he looked rather interested. His cock, still wet with my load, was beginning to retract into its black velvety sheath. Even after cuming and almost being past my glow I still found this guy rather attractive. I wouldn't be surprised if my dick tried to spring back to life for round two. But talk of music always detached my brain from my dick. I don't care who you were, bring up music and I could be your best friend; unless you liked that bubblegum pop they played on the radio. "I'm sure I'd stick out like a sore thumb though. Hey kid, care to grab my clothes while you're over there. Those gardeners are a little too close aren't they?"

I grabbed up his shirt and took my time when picking up his pants. His wallet had fallen out and I could clearly see a few hundred dollar bills sticking out the sides. My eyes flashed and if I were careful I could easily transfer them to my pocket and he wouldn't have the foggiest until I was already out of the park. I wasn't sure why but I turned and returned to the bench; clothes in one paw, wallet in the other. When Benjin saw what I had he spoke."

"Need a windfall?" He asked and my head shot up instantly. I felt as if I had just been caught shoplifting but I was only just holding his wallet. When I saw that he was still smiling his same toothy grin, and that his blue eyes still shone the same I only looked on curiously; his still very naked body none the less impressive. "I mean like cash. Do you need some money to get somewhere? Buy some clothes? I noticed you didn't have any underwear. Or do you just like free-balling?"

"I'm not a hooker." I grunted somewhat offended that he thought I needed money after jerking off with him. I tossed him his shirt and pants and glared. He stood up and began dressing himself without even trying to clean our cum out of his fur. It was hot but my eyes fell again to his wallet in my paw.

"No, not like that." Benjin spoke with a chuckle under his words. "You showed me a good time, you're a cool guy, obviously a tough street punk and life can be tougher for you then I. I just wanna help you out. Maybe I'll see you at that show tonight!"

I had completely forgotten about that show until now, it happened every week and here I was panicking about not having anything to do. If anything I could find someone there who would be heading to a party afterwards. If Benjin wanted to give me money that was fine, but I just hoped he didn't expect me to do something in return like Kasai's father had. When Benjin had his pants up and buttoned he motioned with his paw to give him his wallet. I handed it over and he retrieved a crisp hundred from the fold. He held it up and waved it like a flag with a smile before offering it to me.

My paw moved without my brain telling it to, and when I had the bill in my soft grip I had barely even felt it move. I was stunned; grateful, honored, still kind of horny, but down right stunned. I almost expected him to toss me a ten before talking his odd-ball of a son home to a house where his parents walked around naked. But he gave me a hundred. I tried to pretend that I wasn't completely blown away but already my mind was running down the list of all the drugs and booze I could buy with a hundred bucks.

"Just think of it as a thank you gift." Benjin spoke slipping his wallet into his back pocket after pulling another piece of paper from one of the card holders. I noticed that his son was on his feet now and tugging the sides of his father's pant leg with one paw while the other wielded the iPhone skillfully. "Here, if you have an email, drop me a line and I'll send you that video in case you'd ever want to relive this morning. I know I'll end up cuming to it again before the day is over."

"I don't have one." I admitted. Thinking about this panther jerking off to a video I just made with him sounded incredibly hot but I haven't touched a computer since I was ten. "I don't even know how to make one."

"Well, ypu better learn then." He spoke firmly and took his son's paw but before turning away he winked at me, he even attempted a rather lame rendition of the metal horns but it was a universal gesture to 'rock on' and I took it for what he meant. "If anything we can maybe watch it again tonight if I see you at that hookah place. I'm pretty sure I know where it is. Take care, Dallas."

I watched the pair make their way across the green field towards the parking lot, hundred dollar bill in my paw and a new, rather annoying boner. To my embarrassment I noticed that I still had yet to put my own pants back on and I could hear the distant calls of landscape workers as they lewdly shouted derogatory requests to go suck more dicks. I could only smile. Benjin's grin was definitely an infectious one.

End of part six