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18 of The Angel of Yiff (Forbidden Book 3) The eighteenth chapter of The Angel of Yiff!

And the fifty-fourth chapter of Forbidden!

The Angel of Yiff Chapter 18 -- No Comparison

Riddick stood just outside the open doorway of his room, pawing a DVD over to a fox in the hall, "I knew I had it. Sorry it took me so long to find."

"It's okay!" Alex smiled, standing in the dim hall, already stripped down to his underwear, just like as the wolf standing in the other doorway behind him.

The party had drawn to a close for the night, and he and Jasyn had commandeered the second guest bedroom: the room that everyone, especially Luke, seemed determined to ignore was supposed to be the raccoon's room. Alex and Jasyn had undressed for bed, shameless when only under the eyes of Matt and friends as close as Riddick and Luke. Riddick, though, had yet to do the he'd spent the last half hour searching for a DVD.

"Is it any good?" Jasyn spoke up from behind Alex, "I haven't heard great things."

"Eh..." Riddick shrugged, "I didn't like it as well as 'Identity' and 'Supremacy,' but it's still fun."

"We need to watch it before we can see 'Legacy,' though, right?" Alex added.

"I don't know." Riddick shrugged again, "I didn't see Legacy."

Alex smiled wide, "Then we'll rent it soon, and we can all watch it together!"

"We'll invade Matt's living room for it!" Jasyn laughed.

"Sounds like a date!" Riddick stepped backwards through his door, "But you two go have fun, okay? I'ma' get back to my boy."

"Sure thing!" Alex waved and the three parted company, Riddick back into his room and the fox and wolf into the spare, and all disappearing behind their closed doors.

The panthion leaned against the door and smiled across the room at Luke, laid out on his -- on their -- bed, "Eventful night, huh?"

"Yeah." Luke sighed exasperatedly, "I thought we were never gonna' cheer Matt back up."

"We?" Riddick scoffed and stood up straight, approaching the bed, "WE didn't do a thing. That was all Duncan."

"For now." The raccoon nodded.

"For now." Riddick repeated as he plopped down in bed, "So, other than Dad leaving and all that drama...did you have fun tonight?" He nuzzled his boyfriend's nose.

Luke nodded, "I did..." He blushed, remembering back to the pose down.

The panthion smiled, "It was nice having everyone together like that. Even if Dad couldn't stick around as long as we'd've liked." He moved and sat against the headboard, pulling his racccoon along with him so Luke could lean against his side.

"Yeah..." Luke leaned on his boyfriend and nodded, "...hopefully we can do it again sometime."

"I don't see why not! I mean, Duncan left here happy enough, so I don't think we've scared him off, yet."

"That," the raccoon interrupted, "is only because he managed to avoid Sirrus and Rei for the night."

"True. There's still plenty of opportunity to scare him...but the point remains that we haven't yet." Riddick chuckled, "And as for Alex & Jasyn: they've been coming around here longer than we have." He nodded confidently, "I'm sure we'll have another party like this again."

Luke chuckled and nodded along with him, "Good."

"Now..." the panthion smiled down at Luke and put a paw on his raccoon's stomach, "...aren't we both a little overdressed?"

Luke smiled slyly, "I don't know if I'm up for anything, Angel..." He forced a big exaggerated yawn, "I'm pretty tired."

Riddick chuckled, "YOU? Too tired?" Riddick pushed Luke over onto his back and climbed over him, "Well, if so...I doubt that'll be a problem, anyway. You don't have to do anything..."

"Oh?" The raccoon smiled at his panthion, "I wouldn't?"

Riddick leaned down close and nipped at Luke's nose a bit, his paws trailing down his boyfriend's sides, "Not unless you're too tired to lie back and moan..."

Luke murred lightly, placing his paws on Riddick's, "I think I can do that..."

The panthion chuckled softly and touched his nose to his raccoon's, "Good..." He shifted his paws down to the bottom of his Luke's shirt and slipped them under it, pulling it up to show his boyfriend's stomach bit by bit.

Luke closed his eyes, letting his paws trail up and down Riddick's arms, as the cat pushed the shirt up higher. Luke had to move his paws and raise his arms so his boyfriend could slip it up, exposing his soft furred chest before it was slipped over his head.

The raccoon leaned up as his shirt was taken off, and kissed his panthion softly, wrapping his arms around and hugging him tightly.

Riddick kissed him back and leaned down with Luke, nuzzling him as he laid him back down, "I thought you only had the energy to lie there..."

Luke smiled and let his paws slip under the back of Riddck's pants, feeling the base of his boyfriend's tail, "I decided otherwise..."

"Well, not that I'm complaining, but I'm not done yet..." The panthion chuckled and slid down his raccoon's body, kissing his chest and stomach until his muzzle reached his boyfriend's waist. As he kissed and lightly licked at the fur there, he unbuttoned Luke's pants and unzipped them, freeing his boyfriend's growing bulge.

Luke murred and let his paws run up Riddick's back, stopping at his head to gently rub the cat's ears. Riddick licked his lips as his ears were rubbed, and leaned down more, nibbling at Luke's tented underwear softly as he pulled down on his boyfriend's pants. The raccoon could only gulped and murred louder; this never got old for him.

Riddick pulled the pants down to Luke's ankles, leaving them bunched up there, and then looked up, "Y'know? I could just leave 'em there...kind of like bondage." He kissed up onto his boyfriend's stomach again, "Less movement for you, and you definitely wouldn't be able to run away." He smiled his toothy grin and then nibbled on the tent again, as he slipped a paw into the leg hole of Luke's briefs.

Luke began to laugh but got cut off by a gasp as Riddick's paw brushed past his member.

The panthion stopped nibbling again to look up, as his paw began to softly stroke his raccoon's cock inside his briefs, "Enjoying yourself?"

"Y...yeah..." Luke smiled at Riddick and nodded slightly, squirming under the cat's touch.

Riddick grabbed a hold of Luke's member tighter and stroked it more firmly, moving his head up and kissing Luke's stomach yet again as he did, "You have such a nice, flat, little stomach, sweetheart..." He kissed it again, his nose by Luke's belly button, " cute and soft."

The raccoon giggled and rubbed his panthion's head slightly, "Sorta' like Duncan? Minus the soft part, of course...?"

Riddick paused for a moment, his eyes drooping as he obviously didn't appreciate that statement, but donned a soft smile anyway as he looked up at Luke, "No, babe. Much better than Duncan's." He kept stroking Luke gently and nuzzled against his stomach fur again, "Much better..."

Luke murred lightly and scratched Riddick under the chin.

The panthion slipped his paw out and rubbed the raccoon's tent as he moved up along him, their noses coming together after a moment, and kissed him gently, "I love you Luke..."

Luke smiled and kissed him back, "I love you too, Angel..."

Riddick sat up on Luke and looked back down at Luke's pants around his ankles, "I guess I should finish that..." He turned himself around and wrenched his boyfriend's pants off of his feet, "Now to get more comfortable, myself." The cat slipped off the bed and stretched a bit, grabbing the bottom of his own shirt.

The raccoon grinned and propped himself up on an elbow, watching his panthion strip himself. Riddick pulled his shirt up over his head, stretching his torso out as he did, then dropped it on the floor.

Luke smiled and sat up farther, perking his ears as the panthion unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and pulled down on the front of his boxers, showing off his groin just above his sheath. Luke leaned forward, with a broad smile, running his finger just along the top of the panthion's boxers.

Riddick smiled back, letting the pants drop, and stepped out of them, now in just his tented boxers...and the raccoon leaned forward, not wasting a moment, and took the tip of the outstretched bulge into his muzzle.

Riddick let out a whimper and twitched his leg at the suckling, "D-damn, babe! Can't...can't even let me get back in bed?"

Luke only answered by reaching forward, slowly sliding his paw up the leg of Riddick's boxers to rub the panthion's sac.

The panthion murred and chuckled, moving forward some and putting his paws on Luke's shoulders, "Eventually, we've gotta' get out of our underwear, too, y'know...?"

Luke pulled back, nuzzling his boyfriend's bulge, and nodded, "Okay..." He giggled and leaned back, "Go ahead and get 'em off then, Angel..." He winked, "Lemme' see that hot body of yours!"

Riddick froze and blinked, caught off guard by that. Smiling, he tilted his head, "What did you just say?"

The raccoon cocked his head, "...your hot body?"

"It's just..." Riddick's smile grew into his toothy grin, "I don't think I've ever heard you say that before. Usually you're talking about Duncan...or my dad..."

Luke frowned and flattened his ears, "Well, yeah. They're hot...but not in the same way as you." He shook his head, "I mean, you''re you! And they're just...not. No comparison." He grinned, "Besides: you're mine! No one could replace you."

"Thanks means a lot to hear that, finally." The panthion, grin yet to fade, reached forward and brushed his raccoon's cheek.

Luke smiled back for a moment, but then raised an eyebrow playfully and coughed, "Well? Those boxers aren't taking themselves off."

"You're impatient..." Riddick chuckled and moved closer to the bed, "And just so you know: as far as I'm concerned, babe...I think you're hotter than any of the three of us." He hooked his thumb on his boxers and started pulling down on them slightly, his hips showing, and his hard cock catching on his boxers like Duncan's sheath had in his last pose earlier in the night, "How shy you your ears lay you blush when Duncan talks to you..." The cat lifted the waist band to free his cock, "...the look on your face when you see THIS right in front of your nose."

The raccoon moved his mouth a little and blushed at the slightly bobbing cock, and then moved forward to nuzzle it with his nose.

Riddick chuckled and scratched Luke behind the ear, "Sit back..."

Luke moved back, grinning at his boyfriend, and Riddick stepped closer to the bed and leaned down. The panthion kissed Luke on the nose and lowered down to his knees in front of him. Looking up with just his eyes, he licked along his boyfriend's inner thigh and laid his paw on top of the raccoon's tented briefs. Luke just grinned lightly in return as he rubbed his paw along the top of Riddick's.

Riddick's nose touched Luke's balls through the fabric at the end of his lick, and then, just as quickly as he'd gotten there, he moved back again...down to Luke's other knee, licking up that leg too, as his fingers snaked in through the opening in the front of his boyfriend's briefs, brushing against his cock. Murring softly, the raccoon pushed forward, trying to get more of his boyfriend's paw on his cock.

Riddick's lick continued up until his muzzle was against Luke's balls again. He sniffed them slightly and licked them through the fabric as his fingers wrapped around his boyfriend's cock and tugged, turning it and pulling it out through the opening of the raccoon's underwear.

Luke made a small gasping noise as his cock was bent and then flexed it, tensing up his legs as he did. The panthion licked up the bulge of his raccoon's balls until his nose was against the base of the younger fur's cock, his fingers continuing to softly stroke the length.

Luke whimpered and squirmed under his cat, "C'mon...stop teasing..."

Riddick turned his head over on its side, saying nothing as he kissed and licked up the shaft, finally getting to the tip and turning his head back over quickly to take in all of Luke's dripping, twitching cock into his muzzle, at once.

The raccoon breathed in quickly with a gasp and gripped onto the covers, flexing his toes as he felt his member sink into his panthion's throat. Riddick bobbed his head along the slick, hot member in his mouth and used one paw to softly rub Luke's nuts while his other played in his boyfriend's stomach fur.

"Ngh..." Luke bit his lip as he slowly began to move his hips, thrusting his cock in and out of the willing muzzle and gulping as the feeling sent shivers down his spine.

The panthion slowed down his bobbing and tried to hold his raccoon still with the paw on his stomach as he raised his head up, pausing his lips around the member's tip where he licked and sucking gently. Luke whined, not used to having Riddick tease him so much, and twitched his cock, looking down at his boyfriend pleadingly.

Riddick licked up off the tip and licked the pre off of his lips, "What's wrong?"

The raccoon bit his lip and grinned wryly, " don't usually tease this much..."

Riddick smiled, "I'm sorry, babe...I guess I'm just in an extra good mood tonight." He licked at the tip and smiled up at Luke, still thinking about what the raccoon said about him earlier, "Besides, I don't want to finish you off too quick. You haven't even STARTED on me yet!"

Luke panted softly, relaxing now, and reached down, cupping the panthion's face in his paw, "Well then, don't keep me waiting. Get up here!" He grinned.

The panthion smiled and stood up, kissing the raccoon lightly on the lips as he turned and sat on the bed beside him...and then scooted back, turning again so his feet were at the end of the bed.

Luke looked over and shook his head, grinning as he made a motion for the panthion to turn over.

Riddick motioned the same way with his paw, "On my stomach?"

The raccoon nodded, "Yup!"

Riddick didn't ask any more questions. He just turned himself over on his stomach, facing away from Luke and looking at the headboard, hoping he wasn't about to get any big 'surprises.'

Luke spread Riddick's legs and reached between them and under the cat. He slowly slipped his boyfriend's cock out from between his legs, the bed putting natural pressure on the hilt as he leaned down to gently suck just on the tip.

The panthion tensed his body at his cock being bent back like that; something about doing that when he was hard always just sent chills all over his body. After the chills passed, he laid his head down and murred while he let his raccoon suckle at his tip.

Luke sucked a bit slower as he took the whole thing in, his nose soon nuzzling against the panthion's nuts, and then finally stopped...looking up with Riddick's cock still in his mouth and his sac still on his nose.

Riddick couldn't see anything Luke was doing, and squirmed a little, having trouble staying still with his cock bent back and in the raccoon's hungry muzzle.

The raccoon let go of his panthion's dick and moved up, mumbling something about "trying something new." With his paw taking over on Riddick's cock, he pushed aside his boyfriend's tail with his nose and flicked out his tongue, licking tentatively along the panthion's tail base and hole.

Riddick let out a little gasp and lifted his hips. He'd rimmed and been rimmed before: when he was with Kevin, during his months of clubbing, back home, and even during his very short lived clubbing excursions here. But this was the first time it had happened with or receiving.

And the lack of experience on the raccoon's part showed, "M...more firm tickles." Riddick did his best to restrain a giggle a little as moved his hips about.

Luke reached up with the paw what wasn't jacking his boyfriend off and parted his cheeks before leaning in farther and licking roughly over and over again, making sure to push hard with his tongue.

The panthion murred out loud and reached back with one of his paws, fumbling a little, but managing to run his fingers through his raccoon's headfur, "There you go," He tensed his cock against the bed, that feeling, coupled with the tongue against his hole, sending those chills all through his body again.

Luke nearly stuck his tongue into Riddick's ass as he continued his assault, gripping on his boyfriend's cock tighter as he jacked him off, consumed by the oddest desire to hear the cat finish from a new angle.

Riddick squirmed more and more under the raccoon, barely able to keep his hips still enough for Luke to keep up his treatment, "Oah...babe...I'm not sure how much longer I can stand this...without..." He stopped gripped the sheets as he tried to relax, not wanting to finish too soon.

The raccoon, though, finally decided to go all the way and stuck his tongue into his panthion, reaching under with his freer paw to gently tweak a nipple as he jacked his boyfriend faster, keeping the pressure on the hilt of his cock.

Riddick lifted his head up and moaned out loud, one of his legs bending up at the knee as he curled his toes, "I'm...I'm about to cum Luke...I'm about-" He tensed his entire body as he released his load, shooting it out onto the bed, getting the sheets and Luke's paw, chest, & stomach wet and sticky with three or four long shots.

Luke licked lightly a few more times before he pulled back, and then smiled as he leaned back and licked his sticky paw.

The panthion panted loudly and pushed himself up unsteadily, flopping over onto his back.

Luke grinned at the panthion and sat Indian style, "Did I do good?"

"Honestly?" Riddick panted and lifted his head up. He was about to tell his boyfriend how great it was -- how it was even better than it had been with Kevin and the others -- but he saw a look on Luke's face that stopped him.

The raccoon was smiling wide and proud of himself. It was something he'd never done, and he'd done it just to be sweet to his panthion. Riddick realized that and decided there was no harm in letting him think it was the first time he'd ever had it done. Why not let his boyfriend swell with all the pride he could?

"Well..." Riddick smiled, "No frame of reference there...but I'd say: yeah! You did better than good!"

Luke's grin grew even wider, "Thanks!

"No. Thank you!" The panthion smiled warmly, and then slowly lifted his arm. He motioned his raccoon over with a finger, and Luke obliged, crawling closer and grinning playfully. Riddick sat up quickly, though, obviously not as tired as he let on, and grabbed a hold of Luke at the waist, "Your turn!" He turned quickly and basically threw his boyfriend down on his back, then lifted both his legs up.

The raccoon showed no arguments to the rough treatment either, just smiling shyly and quietly in return.

Riddick licked his lips, "Now, let's see if I can make YOU squirm!" He chuckled and winked as he dived down between his boyfriend's raised legs.


There we go! The soap opera, Forbidden, continues!!

* Starring: F. R. Borealis as Riddick Dumar Eden and Alexander Collin Moen Cecil B. North as Lucas Joseph Trammel and Jasyn Aiden Fuller *

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The story of Luke & Riddick. Both came from places where they were unloved and rejected, only to find one another. Luke found himself, found confidence and friends, and in Riddick, found love: the kind he'd only been able to envy before. Riddick, though he lost his first love, Kevin, in the process, found family, found acceptance, and, in Luke, found love, purpose, and strength. And now they live together with their 'parents' and pets...where they can finally feel they belong.

And thus is the end of Luke and Riddick's story, like Sirrus & Rei and Alex & Jasyn before them. Ending by wrapping up the only concern left for the two: Riddick's worry that perhaps Luke's eyes were too focused on other more muscular furs, instead of on him.

And next chapter is the SERIES FINALE! The last chapter of The Angel of Yiff AND the last chapter of Forbidden! And the end of the only story left yet unfinished: Matt & Chris's!

So what comes next? The party is over and the guests have dispersed to their beds or (for Duncan) their home...but it sounds to me like Chris never made it back to the party! So what happened in the shed? Where did he go afterwards? What did he do? And when will he be back and what will happen when he returns?

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