Curiosity Sated The Zebra

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Once more, for the friend, and once more, paid lots, but i did enjoy this one a lot, i think he corrupted me...

One night when Joe got his friend Tim to come over for a sleepover some strange things happened and Tim never mentioned it to anyone, not even Joe. Tim, a thin, short 12yo zebraboi, woke in the middle of the night needing to pee. Much to his surprise, he walked in on Joe's sister, a 19 yo ferret, in the bathroom. Before he could see what she was doing, she covered herself and looked up. Slowly her look of surprise changed to something more. "Hey little guy, comere a sec, i want to try something with you." Before he knew it she had his pajama pants down at his ankles and her soft paws were carressing a place only he touched before. It wasn't bad, obviously shown by his full 8 inch shaft, short for his kind, slid free of the leathery sheath. Things kept getting stranger but better as she engulfed his stiffening meat in her muzzle, her paw slipping between his legs and her fingerpad slowly rubbing circles around his little black pucker. With a sudden jerk, she buried her entire finger into the warm virgin hole, making him cry out a little, his original reason for entering occuring. Coming so fast that she swallowed half of it, the young male sprayed hot musky piss into her muzzle. Quickly she backed off, the stream soaking the front of her nightgown and caused Tim to notice the bulge in her panties. Before he could do anything she slipped her gown off, her average sized breasts jiggling in the open, and wrapped his hands together. As he watched, she started taking off the panties, showing the reason for the bulge. "This is going to be very good dealing with my heat." Her pair of thick fuzzy balls pulsed lightly as her shaft freed itself from her sheath, the pink flesh bobbing at about nine and a half inches. He was about to say something but when he opened his muzzle she shoved the panties into it, the taste and scent quickly shut him up, his stiff member twitching and drooling precum. with a quick use of force she flipped the young zebra around and yanked his tail up. With a quick jab, the pointed tip of her cock broke Tim's virginity forever, a girly moan escaped the makeshift gag as she began pistoning her hips hard and fast, precum lubing her way as she pushed and pulled at him. Almost as fast as it began, it ended, she hilted fully in him and he clenched his eyes, his cock spurting his preteen cum onto the door, the tight muscles brought her over the edge as well and she began filling the zebra's tailhole, hot goopy seed shooting in thick white ropes, painting him thoroughly.

Once both got cleaned up they went to bed quietly. From then on there were a lot more sleepovers.