New Pet!

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I admit, i had some fun with this, i was horny and i got paid handsomely for it, am i going to hell?

Shane nervously licked his lips as he waited for the nice lady to take him to his new papa. The little roo was overjoyed to hear he was being adopted but was a little scared that his new dad wouldn't like him.

Finally, she came, taking by the hand and guiding him to the front room. There he saw a massive feline, standing proud and strong. This was his new father, a 6'1 lion, giving a smile with an odd look in his eyes.

The procedure happened quickly and before Shane knew it he was in the back seat of Daniel's, or Dad as he requested, SUV. Once the car was stopped "Dad" hopped out and opened the door, showing a large white two story house. "Hope ya like it here buddy"

Inside the house was a lot different than the seemingly mild outside. Here he saw chains on the walls and oddly shaped rubber things on the wall. He had no idea what they were until he spotted one shaped like his tapered member, only a little smaller.

Shane jumped a bit and looked up to see Dad holding a leash, then kept looking to see it connected to a collar around his neck. He was lost for words as the lion began to strip, shirt first, showing off rippling muscles, then his pants, his this barbed length bobbing free into the air, standing at about 11 inches.

The young roo felt odd looking at the slick stiffness in front of him as he too slid from his sheath, pushing his ballsack up to lay over the tip of his shaft. Daniel then leaned over and began to pull the clothing from Shane, shirt getting ripped when he couldn't get it over the leash and pants sliding down, revealing the buldging undies.

With a grin and a claw the feline sliced the sides of the tighties, letting the marsupial's member flop into the open air, issuing a gasp from the lion. Shane's full 17 inch member dripping little droplets of precum, his balls sitting on his base gently pusling twice the size of eggs.

From the look of shock on the lion's face, he wasn't expecting a preteen kangaroo to be bigger than him. The roo was just looking from one pice of meat to the other and blushing. "How is it so long?!?"

His blush deepened as the lion began to lead him to a wall, chaining his new pet to it and beginning to get ready for the next bit of fun. Shane had no idea what was in store when the locks on his legs lifted up, holding him in a sitting spread about the floor by a few feet.

He watched in curiosity as his new dad started wiping a shiny substance onto a large rubber dildo, shaped like a canine's knotted member. He had no idea until he felt it's slick pointed tip against his virgin pucker, pushing quickly inside of him with a squishing noise and a yelp from the young roo.

After the jolt of pain as the toy popped it he didn't feel bad, just wierd. Then it began to move, the lion pushing it farther into the now lubed hole, right up to the knot before being pulled back out to the tip. He repeated this till the marsupial began to let out low moans with each insertion, finally getting a whine when the knot popped into his slick tailhole.

Oh, he was ready, thought the master, definatly ready for his mounting. With a tug the whole toy was pulled free, with it a small puff of air, the hole staying open for a second or two before slowly closing once more.

Shane didn't understand, one moment he was in a state of total bliss, the next it just poofed. Right up until he felt another rubbery slick toy being pushed into his pucker, this one with thick rubbery barbs. He let out a long groan as more of the thick length was pushed inside, it felt so good, as if it were pulsing inside of him.

Then he felt it, a long pump of the toy and instantly he felt warmth so great he didn't think he could stand it, his member spraying precum in thick ropes. He found an even bigger shock when he finally opened his eyes, hilted deep in his no longer virgin tailhole was the lion's pink pulsing cock.

Dad had a look of pure pleasure as he began to rock his powerful hips, the barbs pulling and prodding at the young fur's prostate, making it feel even better to the roo, his tip practically oozing and pumping hot prespoo into him.

With a jolt the lion froze, then suddenly Shane felt warmth even greater than before start to shoot into his tight young pucker, battering his prostate with each jet of cum.

He let out a high pitched growl as he clenched around the invading member and started shooting his own hot white sticky load of spooge onto the feline's tummy. "I think i made a good choice in pets......"

End for now