The Best Sleepover EVER!

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Another of those money stories for a friend, kinda creepy but money buys happiness and makes you forget what you wrote....

Best Sleepover ever!

It was finally time for him to go over to Billy's house! Jim had waited and waited through the whole week. It was going to be the best sleep over ever! Jim began to feel a bit nervous about sleeping the whole night in another person's home. How would he be able to change into his pajamas without his friends seeing him? All these thoughts rushed through the preteen stallion's head in seconds as the door began to open, showing a bright eyed young fox at the door, Billy!

After the greetings were over they met up in the living room, Billy and Janice, a cute black dragonness, were already set up and in their PJs when Jim came in. "i really need to go to the bathroom" Janice said after everyone was settled in. "Don't worry, I'll show you where it is, i gotta go too" replied the vulpine host and they both walked down the hall. At last Jim thought, i can change clothes.

He started to pull his jeans down, bending down to slip them off he yelped lightly and stood straight as he felt a paw on the waist band on his boxers. He looked over his shoulder at Billy's dad, Shane, totally naked behind him and the red tip of his foxen member poking out of its sheath. "Shh... don't worry, i'm just helping you get undressed..."

Meanwhile, Billy and Janice enter the bathroom, both holding it in as Janice undid her shorts, letting them fall to the ground as she sat on the toilet, mirling lightly as she began to spray hot yellow piss into the bowl. Billy whined as he heard water rushing, he quickly opens his pants and sticks his sheath between Janice's legs, letting his own stream cross hers. The dragonness moaned lightly and blushed as she felt the fuzzy sheath brush against her outer lips, piss running and soaking into the fox's fur. Billy gasped as he felt the warmth running over his sheath, making his member perk up, the exposed head running against her slit, still shooting hot piss, some forced into the tight virgin cunt.

Jim could not stop himself from blushing as the male's member slide farther from its sheath. The older fur kept saying with a calm voice to stay quite even after the equine was totally nude, his shick sheath and heavy orbs hanging between his legs as he bent to pick up his pajamas. Jim jerked in surprise as he felt a strong pair of arms wrapping around him, holding him in that position, hot breath making the back of his neck tingle. Then he felt the grip loosen lightly and felt a paw grip his tail, yanking it up Shane grunted and smiled as he pushes the thick cockhead hard into the virgin male, making him whinny loudly in pain an the head of his equine member to pop from its sheath.

Back in the bathroom.... "Did you hear that?" Billy asked as the tip continued to slide out, pushing up against the draconian cunt. "*pant* what?*pant*" Then a slight noise sounded and Billy's member slipped inside, causing both to moan out, hot piss still flowing from both as the fox began to instinctivly buck his hips, forcing more and more of his length into her until he pulled back to slide in once more and moaned loudly when he felt his knot plugged deep inside. Only once this happened did he regain control, not knowing what had happened or why he looked to Janice, a tear running down her cheek as she panted in joy. He felt his member pulsing hard inside the tight moist insides of his friend and also felt his balls pulled up to his body but he did not recognise the warm tickling feeling at the base of his member.

Jim wriggled hard against the adult but the fox was stronger and the stallion was beginning to unsheath as the pain began to subside, a slight tingling sensation ran through him as the vulpine slowly pulled back until only the very tip was inside. He could still feel the head pulsing inside as he noticed warmth leaking into him with each pulse, leaking around the tip and running down his ballsack. Then suddenly Shane bucked his hips quickly, sliding inside, forcing a low moan from Jim as the equine spurted preseed onto the carpet. He could feel the buldge he had seen before as it tried to stretch him open, trying to lock them together as his balls began to pull closer and the head of his member flared.

Billy whined and yipped as his hips bucked hard against Janice, her cunt dripping messily as the knot expanded fully inside of her, stretching her to almost pain. Then, suddenly the fox froze and his back went straight the instant before Janice felt extreme warmth gushing in jetting torrents into her stretched cunny, Billy cried out as he felt his very first orgasm, filling her to the brim, her belly buldging lightly when he was finally done.

Jim was panting hard as the vulpine cock burrowed into his virgin rump. Then, when he was thinking the fun would never end he felt the jolt of pain as the swollen knot popped loudly into his tailhole, the very tip jamming against his prostate and forcing a long rope of precum to jet from his achingly hard equine member. Shane growled and grabbed Jim's pulsing meat and aggressivly forced the flared head into the stallions muzzle, seconds later Jim felt warmth wash over him steaming hot fox seed pumping into his tailhole, right against his prostate. Jim tried to whinny around his member but was drowned out by the sound of his own thick white cum spraying hard down his throat.

This Was going to be the best sleep over ever.....