All this for a little wizz in the showers?

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Okay, so I need to post all my story and i used to write little stories in order to afford my avatars in SecondLife, My one friend seems to enjoy farts for some reason.... hope you guys, gals and guls can skip over those parts with little trouble.

After a long day at the pool Jason quickly padded into the locker room to change and dry off. He quickly undressed and pulled the curtain over the opening of the private shower for more shy people and began to wash the chlorine from his soaked fur. He froze suddenly as he heard the noise of hooves on the tile.

He stood frozen there as he heard them come closer and closer unti finally he could see the large hooves with brown hair above them. Suddenly the curtain was pulled back, revealing a large horse in front of him, his thick equine member hanging limp from its sheath. The equine smiled as if he knew something the poor fox did not as he stepped in to the shower with him and closed the curtain. "m-mister, this is only a shower for one"

The horse smiled once more, sitting on the tile outcrop as he grabbed the little fox by the shoulders, pulling him to his knees as he leaned down a bit his tail hanging down showing a black little tailhole to the fox, "i'm not planning on showering little one, now, lick it or i'll tell everyone you peed in the shower"

Not wanting to be embarrased like that he leaned in and took a sniff, as he did so the large equine let out a groan and a thick musky scent flew from that hole loudly, causing the little fox to gag a bit but did as he was told and stuck his tongue to it.

The horse moaned a little into his laugh as the thick member began to harden a bit. Jason guessed that meant he liked it so he licked a little more, slidding his tongue into the now slobbery hole, starting to enjoy the taste.

Abruptly the horse stopped him and grabbed his ears causing him to whine a bit as he was pulled up to be bumpedon the now fully hard 4 foot member of the horse, a bead of pre sticking to his nose, he instinctivly licked it off and touched the flared head as well getting a louder moan from the equine.

Guessing he wanted this the fox began to lick harder over the thick rubbery head until an unseen hand pushed it into his mouth, making him gag even as he was forced to bob on the musky salty member.

With a loud gasp of air he was pulled off and lifted into the air, his 7 inch member sticking out small comparativly as he was turned around, his tail being lifted, causing a quick little fart from him, causing him to blush wildly until he felt the thick rubbery head against his pucker and pushing, the spit lubing partially and the pre helping too as he began to painfully stretch around a cock for the first time in his life.

Then he was stuck in a mix of pain and pleasure as the horse took hold of his own pulsing member and grasped behind his knot, issuing forth a rope of hot pre as he began to slip farther and farther over the member, inch after agonizingly pleasurable inch until there was a buldge in his stomach and he was sitting fully on the horses lap. The horse began to pull the boy up and down slowly at first and then began to go faster until finally the poor little boy felt something warm filling him, his own member spurting its load to be washed away in the water as the equine pulled from him and ran from the shower he wondered what had just happened.

End of part one

That night when the sore and oddly quite kit got home he was surprised so hard by his friends in hiding that he let a low fart escape from his still wet pucker causing giggles throughout the room. His mind was so caught up on what happened in the locker room that he had forgotten his best friends, Benny and Laura were having a sleep over that night.

Once everyone was tucked in Jason asked one question that started it all, "have either of you ever stuck your thingy up someone's butthole?" Both shook their heads as he took their hands and pulled the to his closet. "i wanna try this with you, Benny" he said to the husky as he got undressed.

The husky blushed hard as a loud fart from under his tail from nervousness as he too his own clothes off as well. "now lift your tail for me please Benny, ittle hurt a little at first but you'll love it."

Benny clenched as he waited for the pain as the fox placed the 7 inches up against his pucker, pushing slowly just like the equine in the showers did, slowly pushing the tip in as the young dragon watched, the crotch of her pjs soaked as she leaned in and sniffed at Benny's smaller leaking member.

Jason huffed as he began to slip inside the now whining pup as Laura lapped at the very end of Benny's member,causing him to clench around Jason, pulling more into him until he stopped against the knot.

Benny whined a bit in confusion as the dragon began to slip he tongue around his knot and pull him into her muzzle as Jason began to buck his hips instintivly into the tight little hole, his knot swelling to the size of his fist as it nocked up against the slowly stretching hole.

Jason moaned out as he finally felt the virgin tailhole give way to his knot and a loud pop as he shoved it deep inside of him. Benny cried out loudly as he began to pump his load deep into the dragon's muzzle.

Jason continued to give quick little thrusts until finally he began to fill Benny's cute tailstar full of his prepubescent seed against the poor boy's prostate, sending him into another fit of cumming into Laura's muzzle.

With a soggy sounding fart Jason pulled from Benny, his member quickly sheathing again as he dressed, the husky was slower to get dressed as he panted and hopped into bed and all three fell asleep.

End of part two

All Three awoke to the sounds of an alarm clock going off beside their head. They all got up and noticed no one was there. They were the only ones in the house and on the fridge there was a note saying Jason was in charge and to do as he said, they would be back after dark.

All the cubbs were overjoyed once they read it knowing they were going to have more fun like last night. Barely after he read the note, Jason was already undressed, quickly followed by Laura and Benny.

Jason looked to Laura in surprise as he looked between her legs, his member slipping from its sheath as she farted lightly a drop of he juices rolling down her leg as he stepped closer and closer, finally infront of her he pushed the tip of his pulsing member into her tight wet cunny as he heard Benny getting behind her. Benny slipping her tail over his shoulder and doing what Jason did to him last night and began to slide his slightly smaller member into her virgin pucker.

Her moaning was louder than both of them as they began to thrust into her from each side, making her moan as both boys bucked their hips in time with each other. Benny whinning as he shoved his full knot into her ass after only two minutes of thrusting filling her with hot canine spunk. Knowing he wouldn't last much longer, he quickly pulled out of her and bent her down, issuing a moan from both as he pushed the drislling tip into her muzzle.

As he began to thrust he let out a little fart with his first buck into her muzzle, the poor puppy behind her whine not in pleasure but something else, "I gotta pee but i can't get away" he said almost sobbing.

A few garbled words flew from Laura's mouth as she wrapped her tongue behind his knot, Jason kept bucking while he nodded to Benny, "go ahead, she won't mind, in fact we both should take care of our morning piss right now"

At the same moment both boys let loose a torrent of hot yellow piss, nearly choking her as it ran over her tongue and into her tailhole, finally shebegan to swallow the yellow liquid as he continued to thrust, his knot swelling until she couldn't get off of his member, not that she wanted to.

His thrusts came shorter and faster and he began to pump rope after hot sticky rope of his thick seed down here throat until finally his knot has shrunk enough to pull out as well as Benny's. Both boys sat panting as they looked and the clock, only 8:00 A.M.

End of part three Jason set down the phone quickly and smiled to his two best friends. "Pizza's on its way!" he said as he pulls on some pants. It had been four hours since they had finally unknotted and all three were practically starving.

After about five minutes there was a knock on the front door brought all three of them running. Opening the door they all gasped as they saw the pizzaman, a large horse, not out of his teens, holding a steaming mox in front of him. "okay that'll be $13.95"

Looking to one another each looked sad as they realized none of them had money. Looking up hopefully Jason said, "could you play a new game with us instead?". Smiling the equine nodded his head only to be pulled by six paws into the living room and onto the couch. Jason quickly locked the front door behind them as he was already slipping out of his shorts.

A gasp was heard from the pizza boy as he saw the nude fox in the doorway, the pink tip showing from his preteen sheath. He was even more surprised as the other two cubs began to undress and also begin to pull and tug at the button on his pants. "whoa, whoa whoa, what are you guys doing?"

"we're playing with you, now hold still" all three replied as they got his pants opened up, showing the flared head hanging from his sheath. He whickered softly as a breeze hit his member, making it twitch and slide out more. Once they had his pants fully off Jason leaned in and nuzzled the tip, giving a lick and then he lifted the thick member and brought a surprised grunt from the pizzaboy as he gave a lick at the hole, making a dull fart emerge into the young fox's nose, mirling Jason licks more as he lets his own fart loose and stands up to full height, about high enough to do as he planned.

Mirling, the vulpine pushed the tip of his member deep into the pizzaboy's tailhole, making him squirm a bit, his member dripping pre, the fox begining to thrust into the much bigger hole, making him moan at how warm it was even warmer than Benny. His member twitching as he felt his knot hit the ring and pop right in without much force, he removed it with even less force, pulling with it a loud fart, cut off as he pushed the knot back into him, begining a rhythm, pulling a fart out with each buck of his hips until finally he moaned out and whined a bit as he shot rope after warm gooey rope into the horse's behind.

Before he even knew what was happening Jason had pulled his 7 inches from him and Benny was pushing his tip inside the slick hole, whining when it was too loose he pulled out and got onto the horse's stomach, pushing the tip of his member into the surprised teen's muzzle and began to quickly buck his hips, the thick equine member leaning closer and closer until finally in one of his thrusts he let out a gasp as the prespoo slick head of his cock found its mark a bubble of air escaping as it was forced into his tailhole, making him moan as he continued to buck into the boy's mouth, slipping over the member quickly each thrus, teasing the horse's flared cockhead until finally the little husky hilted in his muzzle, pulling off of him as he began to shoot down the equine teen's throat.

Hopping down, he was quickly replaced ontop of the panting teen by Laura, her tail swishing as she pushed herself down over his meat, taking over a foot of it before coming back up and repeating as she lets a loose fart from her pucker, a soggy sounding fart escaping the horse as well, almost lost in the moaning as he bucked up into her, pushing harder and harder until she was eye level with him. She clenched hard around him as she began to spill her juices over him letting out a nother fart during her orgasm as he whinnied and began to shoot hot thick equine spooge into her tight womb and cunt

"i think this pays for the pizza"

End of part four

As he was leaving the pizzaman brushed past a young feline girl in her midteens, "better watch those kids, they're quite a handful"

At a knock on the door the cubs opened it to reveal the same feline, "i'm going to be your babysitter for today, you are going to have a lot of fun"

The three cubs sat and stared at the thick buldge in her shorts, wondering what it was while they surprised her by getting undressed. quickly taking her shorts as well.

Everyone gasped as she slipped from her sheath two large barbed members hanging limp until they both begin to raise in arousal and let off an intoxicating smell..........................................................................................................................................................................................