She Needs Me.

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A simple song I wrote for my mate.

I'm here because she needs me. She's the only one who can ever see. What makes the real me.

If I'm lying, then I'm dying. If I'm dying then I'm crying. If I'm dying and I'm crying, it's because I know. That I can't go.

I'm standing on the edge of reality. Listening for the sound of her calling me Every time I hear her saying my name, I smile because it's always the same. She still needs me. Which means I'm still free From the horrors of history

I feel the teardrops falling like rain As I embrace her pain Because I know without me She would be An age old tragedy Lost in misery

She needs me To take her away from the misery Of a tragic history We walk along the road as if no one knows who we really are while we're watching everyone pass in their fancy cars

She still needs me. If I'm lying then I'm dying If I'm dying then I'm crying Cause I lost the one who provides my heart, with more light than the sun

I can feel her laying here next to me. All I want to do is reach out and pull her near let her know, there's nothing she should fear I just want to make her see That I know how much she needs me

I jerk awake in the middle of the night asking myself "Is she all right?" When I turn my head, and see her laying in my bed. All I can say is "thank god she's ok."

There are times when I wake up Reaching out to grab her hand. Feeling afraid that she doesn't want me to be her man But whenever I tell her my fears She just reaches out to cup my cheek holding back tears, And whispers softly to me "Everything's going to be ok. No one's ever going to take me away."

When she says that all I manage to say is "Ok." She doesn't realize just how much I need her. Because I'm the one she thinks is unstoppable. I don't let myself appear anything the but able To take away all her fears. Hopefully for the rest of our years

I brush away her tears I push away her fears and take her in my arms never letting anyone or anything cause her harm Even as she ignores so many others charm She stares at me, with love in her eye And all my fears fade and die.

Because she needs me And I'll always be Here for the rest of eternity My heart filled with love Letting me soar above This painful reality. All because she needs me