Toony Torture

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Dane slumped back into his chair after a long and arduous day of work; his boss had decided that it was all his fault that some files had gone missing. He had spent the better part of his lunch break searching through the files on his bosses computer to find the missing files. After finding the files he got back to work but found that during lunch someone had turned off his computer and he had lost all of the work he had done up to that point. He had to stay after work to finish up his paperwork; now that he was back home he was finally able to relax. Dane grabbed the remote control and turned on his TV, lately he had taken to watching an old cartoon from his past. The show was about a wolf who deviously found ways to prank people in painful ways. The show was short though due to the negative response from parents, Dane didn't understand why people hated it so much he loved the sadistic tricks that the wolf pulled. He started to laugh as he watched the wolf put a bear trap in a sandwich that a person had just made. Some people in Dane's past had poked fun at him for acting too childishly; he personally didn't get how people could outgrow old classics as the cartoon he was watching now. As he laughed at the wily antics of the wolf he felt himself drifting off into sleep; his eyelids became too heavy to lift and he drifted off into sleep. That night a dream came into his head; he found himself standing in a forest setting a bear trap on the ground. As he watched himself lay down the trap he saw that his hand was cartoonish and furry akin to that of a wolf's. He heard himself giggling wildly at what he was doing. He suddenly heard a crack from behind him as he finished laying foliage over the trap and he quickly ran behind a tree. As he peeked out he saw a little girl skipping down the road; he found himself snorting and giggling madly as she came closer and closer to the trap. He tensed up as her foot hovered over the bear trap but as the small foot came down on the trap Dane suddenly snapped awake to the sound of his phone ringing. He groggily pulled himself out of his chair and stumbled to his phone and picked it up, "Where the hell are you Dane?! You should've been here an hour ago!" Dane winced as he heard the scolding voice of his boss scream at him, "Sorry boss I must've slept in, I'll be there in ten minutes." "You better be!" Dane jumped as his boss slammed his phone down back into its dock. Dane put his phone down and sighed, he realized that he needed to take a shower and turned towards the bathroom door. As he walked into the bathroom he noticed that he had left the TV all night, as he walked over to turn off the TV he saw a familiar sight. The wolf was hiding behind a tree as a little girl skipped down a path, as the little girl stepped on the bear trap a gruesome noise sounded. The wolf laughed hysterically as he looked out from behind his hiding spot to see what remained of the girl, instead of being disgusted like any sane person would Dane found himself laughing along with the wolf at the pure slaughter that had just occurred. When he realized that he was laughing he quickly smacked his cheeks and turned off the TV and ran into the bathroom to take a shower. Fifteen minutes later Dane arrived at his office building and he nearly ran into a hulk of a man. "Dane you said ten minutes and it's been fifteen!" Dane winced as he looked into his Bosses red face, "I'm sorry sir I forgot that I needed to take a shower..." His bosses face had been a sort of ruddy red a moment before but when he heard this excuse it turned into a deep violet. "Are you trying to make excuses?! You realize that I don't give a shit if you had to take a shower, if you say that you are coming in ten minutes I had better expect to see you in ten minutes!" His bosses voice carried through the hallways of the office building, after a moment of silence his boss took a deep breath and let it out. "This is your chance Dane; if you pull this shit again you're fired. Do you understand me?!" Dane nodded curtly and rushed past his boss. As he punched his timecard he noticed some of the other workers were shooting his sympathetic looks, Dane quickly rushed over to his desk and got to work on his paperwork. After a few hours of working he got up for lunch break but he heard a familiar voice shout at him, "You don't get a lunch break today Dane, keep on working we'll see you when we get back!" He heard his boss laugh harshly as he walked out the doors. Dane took this information in for a moment then thought about getting back at his boss but then took a deep breath and kept typing away on his computer. As he worked through his lunch break he felt a pit forming in his stomach, after a while Dane realized that if he didn't eat he wouldn't be able to do his work. He slowly stood up and took a quick peek around the surrounding cubicles, when he saw that the coast was clear he dashed for the office break room. Dane closed the door behind himself and looked around the small room, he walked over to the fridge and pulled out a jar of peanut butter, he looked around and saw a loaf of bread on the counter and walked over and grabbed it. As he made himself a sandwich he looked around the room and saw a coffee maker brewing in the corner, everyone in the office knew that the coffee maker was off limits to everyone but the boss. As he looked at the peculating coffee he felt a devious thought pop into his head, usually he would never do something so daring but for some reason the idea seemed really good to him. He started to chew on the peanut butter sandwich as he went back to the fridge and found what he was looking for, he reached in and grabbed a relatively unused bottle of hot sauce. A sly grin overcame his face as he turned off the coffee maker and pulled out the container of coffee, Dane popped the lid off of the hot sauce bottle and started to pour the sauce in. As Dane poured the sauce in he opened a cabinet and grabbed a spoon from it and started to stir up the mixture of the sauce and coffee. "This'll teach that stuck up son of a bitch to mess with me..." He was shocked as the words poured out of his mouth; he had never been so brazen as to say it out loud. After a minute the bottle was empty, Dane nervously placed the mixture back into the machine and finished his sandwich. "Maybe I should just dump out the pot and make a new one... no that would take too long. The boss would notice..." Suddenly he heard the sound of a honking horn pull up in front of the office, "Shit!" He quickly bolted out of the room slamming the door shut behind him and jumped back into his cubicle just as his boss strutted back into the building. "Dane you better of finished up that report." Dane put the finishing touches on the paper as his boss came into his cubicle, he watched as his boss quickly skimmed through his report. "It could've been a lot better but it'll have to do for now." His boss begrudgingly said as he walked out of Dane's cubicle and back towards the break room. Dane found that the nervousness that he had been feeling earlier had turned into a sort of excitement. He was now anticipating the shout of his boss, after a few moments of waiting he finally heard the telltale spit. "What the fu...?!" He heard his boss shout out in surprise and anger, "Who the fuck messed with my coffee?!" Dane had originally planned to be as quiet as he could but he found a strange sort of giddiness wash over himself. His boss was on a warpath down the aisles of the cubicles, Dane tried to smother the laughter but soon his cheeks were puffed out in extreme need of holding in his laughter. As his boss passed by his cubicle he saw that the man had spit the coffee/hot sauce mix all over himself, that was his breaking point and he felt all of the laughter he had been holding in spill out. He started to laugh extremely hard, "Do you think this is funny you punk?!" His boss suddenly picked up Dane by his shirt but all Dane could do was laugh ever harder. "Did you do this you little punk?!" His bosses face was even more violet than ever before. "Yes... Barney..." He was able to choke out before bursting out into laughter. His boss grinded his teeth together in complete rage and started to drag Dane down the aisle. Dane by this point was in complete hysterics and didn't realize what was happening until he hit the cold concrete outside. "Try this for a laugh chuckles, you're fired!" His boss shouted at him before he slammed the door. Dane finally started to stop laughing and suddenly realized what he had just done, "Oh my god..." Dane sat on the concrete for a few more minutes before he finally stood and painfully stumbled to his car. He drove home in his car in a sort of daze.

After he got home and sat in his chair he put his head in his hands, "I just got fired from my job..." After thinking over what he had done he drew up a realization, "Why did I do that? I've never pulled a prank in my life..." After mulling it over for a while he decided he would think it over later. He grabbed his TV remote and flipped on the TV, he started to watch the wolf cartoon. As he laughed at the cartoon he didn't notice that the edges of the TV were starting to glow.

As the show went on Dane started to notice a slight wind blowing from somewhere in his house, he assumed that it was just that he left one of his windows open but as he checked each of the windows he realized that they were all closed. As he looked over his small apartment for the source of the wind he noticed that small papers laying on the floor by the TV were moving. As he stepped near the TV he felt that the breeze was escaping from his TV. "How in the...?" He looked at the TV and studied it closely, as he leaned in towards it he realized that the cartoon wolf was now smiling at him. "Huh?" Suddenly a pair of rubbery paws suddenly grabbed him by the sides of his face and pulled him in. As he tumbled into the TV he found that he was now in a cartoony forest, "Where am I?..." He suddenly felt a tap on his shoulder, "Huh?" As he turned around he found himself face to snout with a cartoony wolf. He jumped back, "What are you?!" The wolf snickered and took a step towards Dane, It smiled and pulled a piece of goo off of itself. "What are you doing?!" He practically shouted as the goo plopped onto his skin, "Eurgh...." He muttered as the goo splattered onto his skin. Suddenly the wolf's head snapped to the side and a devious smile came over its face, it grabbed Dane's head and pushed it to the side so he could see what was about to unfold. A giant log was hanging over an X in the middle of a road and approaching the X was a young man.

Dane was about to shout out to stop but he found that he didn't want to shout but instead watch, the man finally reached the X and stepped on top of it. The log above him dropped quickly and squashed the young man. The wolf started to laugh crazily and Dane wanted to be disgusted by this act of pure murder but he found a twisted smile was extending across his face and he was laughing with the wolf. As they laughed the goo on top of Dane was now spreading over his body and was changing him into a wolf just like the one hovering over him. As the goo spread Dane's laughter became higher and higher and more and more joyful. After a few minutes the wolf standing on top of him stepped off and let the other wolf stand up. As Dane stood up he continued to laugh but on the inside a part of him was still fighting, "No this isn't right, I'm a human not a toon wolf..." But as he started to overcome the corrupting powers of the wolf suddenly Dane heard a falling noise and looked over just in time to see a passing anthro-skunk get crushed by a falling anvil. This simple act seemed to allow the final part of Dane's brain to collapse under the influence of the goo. Along with the wolf he started to laugh hysterically, the atrocity of the act didn't seem to hinder Dane at all in fact it made him extremely happy. He felt a tug on his arm and looked at the wolf, it handed him a bear trap. He smiled broadly; he knew exactly what to do with this specific trap.