Cowgirl City Chapter 3- Shopping with the Herd

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Everyone loves to shop, right? Especially when everything is practically a steal. A deal like that is gonna attract a lot of people, though, or what passes for people...


A soft moan escaped my lips as consciousness slowly came back to me. It took me a minute to realize that I was laying facedown on grass. Pushing myself up slowly into a sitting position, I felt pieces of something sliding off my back.

"Glass? How'd I get glass on me?" I blinked a couple of times as I took stock of my surroundings. I quickly realized was just outside the office building, directly below the office I had just been in. Several cowgirls, Coco and Blondie among them, were looking down at me from the room.

Right, that was it. The girls had started to break down the door with the fire axe, and once they got through they'd be all over me. That's when I saw the trophy sitting on the shelf. It was one of those stupid things corporations hand out to motivate workers instead of giving them raises. Best mid-level assistant supervisor or something like that, the inscription on the cup said. All I cared about that it was solid, heavy, and made some pretty good cracks when I smashed it against the window.

"Guess I must've blacked out for a second when I hit the ground after breaking the glass and jumping through..." I couldn't remember exactly, but I did drop out of a second story window, so it seemed possible.

"Shit! How long was I out?! Did they get to me?!" A brief moment of panic set in as I frantically checked my body. There was no taste of milk in my mouth, no more body hair than there had been when I got dressed this morning, and my chest was still as flat and slim as ever. A quick glance under the waistband of my pants confirmed that I was, in fact, still male.

I glanced up the girls gathered by the window as I got my feet, careful to avoid all the broken glass around me. They all seemed pretty upset that I was out of reach, but not so upset that they were willing to risk a ten foot drop onto broken glass to get to me. With no one else in the immediate area, now seemed like a good time to make my escape.

I took a glance over at the employee parking garage and quickly decided against going for my car. It was deep in the back, and the idea of wandering around in tight corridors while cowgirls were looking to give any human they ran across a drink was none too appealing. I'd be better off on foot.

I jogged out onto the main street outside the office building, carefully scanning for trouble as I saw the extent of the outbreak unfolding around me. The car wreck that I had witnessed earlier was still smoking gently in the middle of the road. The occupants were no where to be seen, but it was a safe bet they were probably mixed in with the couple dozen or so cowgirls that dotted the street.

Most the girls were in pairs, though I noticed the odd trio of them as well. Most of them had fur colors I'd traditionally seen on cows; black and white, and a couple of light and dark browns as well. The patterns of their fur was mostly what I'd seen in the past, either being a solid color or having a base of white fur dotted with black or brown spots. There were some exceptions, however.

The odd pair of cowgirls(well, odd compared to all the other cowgirls, at least) had decided that the bed of a pickup truck a couple dozen feet down was a good place to enjoy each other's company. They were a sixty-nine position, the one on the bottom facing toward me standing behind the truck while her partner atop her faced toward the cab of the truck. They licked and nuzzled at each other's pussies and clits almost frantically while they massaged and squeezed the milk out of their own chests. Given everything that was happening around me, that alone wasn't enough to make them stand out from their fellow girls.

It's not easy being green, or so the saying goes. I doubt the emerald-colored girl on the bottom ever heard that saying, or believed it if she had. She writhed in ecstasy underneath her partner, making the truck rock back and forth with her frantic squirming. She had no hair beyond her fur, though it didn't seem to bother her partner any. Her pattern I'd seen in nature before, but not on a cow. Her white fur had black stripes running all around her body almost identical to a zebra's.

The green one started to notice I was watching and smiled at me. That was quickly replaced with a look of surprise and a sharp moo as her striped partner pushed her muzzle deep into her pussy. The jolly green cowgirl arched her back in pleasure, sending a spurt of her milk splashing against herself and her partner as she teased and pulled at her nipples.

"I'll just leave you two alone..." Though I was curious about how they'd ended up with such unique patterns, I knew if I got distracted for too long I might be growing my own fur. I started moving down the road, looking for any signs of non-bovine life.

After a half hour of aimless wandering, I still hadn't found any sign of human life. Honestly, other than the fact there were cowgirls everywhere and no people, you wouldn't know anything had gone seriously wrong. In every movie involving some kind of outbreak of mutant creatures, there's always damaged property and dead bodies everywhere, or screaming and gunshots as survivors fight for their lives. This outbreak was breaking all those rules. There was the occasional car wreck or broken-in door, but the only bodies I found were very much alive. Other than mooing and the occasional cry of ecstasy, the city was eerily silent.

"Where should I go, where should I go?..." I took a seat on a bus bench as I reviewed my options. "Home? No, my apartment's on the other side of the city, and not exactly secure. And forget going to the police; the situation wouldn't have gotten this out of control if they could've handled it. I need food, weapons and supplies. Hmm... isn't there a Mega Supermart nearby? Yeah, I'll start there."

It was a quick jog to the massive superstore. The sign above the entrance looked like a giant road sign with its black lettering and yellow background. These stores stocked seemingly everything, and would be a good spot for me to stock up on essentials.

"Warning: Great Savings Inside!" I sighed as I read the company tagline. "More like nymphomaniac cowgirls inside." Somebody in corporate would probably be upset that there was no one to greet me as I stepped through the entrance, but I was just fine with that. Grabbing a cart, I started in the grocery section and started stocking up on food.

The cart was about half full of bottled water, dried fruit and protein bars when a strong scent hit my nose. The aroma came from the bakery section, and it smelled like someone was making a huge batch of cookies.

"Somebody's cooking? Now?" I took a stroll toward the next section, wondering who was crazy enough to be making baked goods at a time like this. "Oh. Cowgirls, of course."

The bakery counter was surrounded by a half dozen cowgirls, but for the first time in my experience, their hands weren't pleasing themselves or other cowgirls. Their attention instead was focused on the lone cowgirl behind the counter. The white furred, black spotted girl was the most clothed cowgirl yet, with her white chef's hat, yellow apron and big yellow oven mitts. When she turned to open the oven, it also revealed those were the only clothes she was wearing. Her tail swished happily back and forth as he pulled out a pan full of fresh cookies.

"Moo! Moo!" The customer cowgirls mooed frantically as Cookie(Seemed like a good nickname for the baker girl) set the sheet down. Their attempts to reach for the hot plate just got them a shake of the head from Cookie. Instead, she reached down under the counter and pulled out several glasses and a large pitcher.

"Guess it must be snack time, but what's with the pitcher?" Cookie removed her gloves and reached behind her to undo the ties of her apron, letting it fall to the ground. Now naked except for the hat, she leaned over the low counter and let her right breast hang over the glass. The customer girls who were salivating before were almost frantic now as Cookie began to milk herself into the pitcher. "Cookies and milk, of course."

Tempting though it was to keep watching, I had shopping to do. With food and water pretty well stocked, next would be clothes. The men's department was empty(no surprise), and I was able to quickly grab several sets of clothing. I couldn't bring this cart everywhere, so a backpack was the next stop.

It didn't take long to find a good, sturdy backpack that could hold plenty of supplies, making the shopping trip almost complete. The only thing left was a weapon. The sporting goods section was just a couple aisles over, and would probably be loaded with hunting supplies, including guns.

"Alright, here we... damn!" I swore under my breath at the sight of a pinked furred cowgirl(What determined their fur color anyway?, I wondered) behind the counter where all the guns were stored. She seemed oblivious to my presence or that she was gently lactating all over, her eyes instead locked on a rifle that was locked up behind a steel cage behind the counter. She tugged at the padlock in frustration before turning her attention to the drawers underneath the rack.

Curious and hoping she'd leave soon, I went a few aisles down from where she was and pushed aside some camping supplies so I could watch from a relatively safe place. Giving up on the lock, she started to open the drawers underneath and seemed to be searching for them. Whatever she was looking for, she wasn't finding it as she tossed out boxes of ammunition and gun maintenance supplies all over the floor.

"MOO!" Both her and I jumped as a new cowgirl arrived, probably drawn in by all the noise Pinky was making. Like Boss, this cowgirl was covered in black fur, though I think Boss was a slighter darker black than this one. This cowgirl also had fiery red hair and a yellow company vest that hung almost uselessly on either side of her chest. It must have burst open when she'd turned, and she'd simply not bothered to remove it.

CC( short for Corporate Cowgirl) looked pretty upset when she saw the mess on the ground. They didn't use words beyond moos, but their body language gave me a pretty good idea of what they meant. Pinky's folded back ears and disappointed look said she knew she was in trouble, and pointed back toward the gun rack as if to explain herself.

CC seemed puzzled for a moment before being struck with a sudden bolt of realization. She smiled and petted Pinky on the head briefly, before producing a key from inside the pocket of her vest. Pinky looked ecstatic as CC came around and removed the pad lock before reaching in and retrieving the object of Pinky's desire.

"Shit, now they're arming themselves?!" Wait, no, that made no sense. Pinky came around with a step ladder that was behind the counter with CC close behind her. Neither of them grabbed any bullets, and CC even worked the bolt action on the rifle several times, and seemed satisfied that it was empty. Pinky set the step ladder down in the middle of the floor, but instead of climbing it put her hands on top of it and leaned over. Her wide hips and plump rear looked almost heart shaped, the pink color further helping that illusion at the angle I had. Her breasts were gently squeezed together between her arms as she braced herself, sending milk dripping in a steady stream over the ladder and onto the floor as CC stepped behind her.

CC put the tip of the gun barrel in her mouth, only to withdraw it after a few seconds of working her tongue over the tip. She wasn't looking to hurt herself or anybody else, so what the hell was she doing?

CC ran the tip of the barrel along Pinky's back and got a soft gasp from her for her efforts. The barrel continued to slide slowly down between the cheeks of her large rear, but didn't stop there either. CC gently rubbed the barrel around Pinky's the entrance to Pinky's vagina, looking like she was about to burst with anticipation. After a little more teasing, CC bought the barrel right in line with... wait, she's not gonn-


Yup. Shoved the barrel right into Pinky's pussy.

I winced as a good ten inches of cobalt steel disappeared into Pinky. She certainly didn't seem to mind what one would think to be a rather painful sensation; if anything, she seemed to want more. As CC held the gun by the stock and started to pull out, Pinky tried to push herself back on the barrel. With a nod of encouragement, CC pushed the gun back in, harder than the last time. Pinky mooed as she threw her head back, looking quite pleased as she was filled. Her tongue hung out of her muzzle in pleasure as CC began pumping the gun in and out of her at a steady pace.

Watching them use a firearm as a giant dildo reinforced the idea in my head that these cowgirls were pretty obsessed with sex. And yet, as I thought back on how Cookie was baking and making sure the other cowgirls didn't burn themselves on the hot cookies and CC had checked to make sure the gun wasn't loaded, it was clear that they still maintained some intelligence. They seemed to fall somewhere in between brainless sex monster and an average, intelligent human. What exactly that meant I didn't know, but I was starting to feel bad about the idea of getting a gun to use against them now. This wasn't a kill or be killed situation, after all. While I didn't want to become a cow, really hurting or killing one of them just to avoid that felt a little harsh.

Speaking of harsh, CC was practically ramming the rifle into Pinky now. Faster and faster, harder and harder that barrel went into her. Her juices practically coated the gun now as she rocked back and forth in time with CC's thrusts, until she finally couldn't take anymore. With a moo that reverberated throughout the entire store, she came and shook with her own personal earthquake. She ground her breasts against the step ladder, barely able to hold herself upright in her haze of pleasure. CC added to the mess on the floor as she idly pumped her own breast with her free hand. Seeing how her gaze kept shifting over to the gun rack, it seemed clear she wanted a turn with her own toy.

After what seemed to be an eternity of mooing and cumming, Pinky finally started to settle down. CC withdrew the rifle and tossed it aside as Pinky took a seat, her bountiful bosom heaving as she tried to catch her breath. After making sure Pinky was O.K., CC tossed aside the rifle and went back to the rack to make her own selection. The rifle scattered noisily across the floor, stopping not too far in front of my hiding place.

I figured it was time for me to make my escape. Pinky's moo was quite loud, and a few cowgirls appeared from various places to see what was making the noise, including Cookie as she nibbled on one of her baked treats. A quick thought came to mind to grab the empty rifle, if only to scare the girls into thinking I was armed and leaving me alone.

Then again, the idea of handling anything covered in cowgirl cum was none too appealing. As I looked closer, I also noticed the barrel had become warped beyond usefulness. It wasn't degraded like from a caustic chemical or melted like it'd be exposed to a really high heat. It simply looked like something very strong had simply grabbed it and squeezed it until the steel gave way, and that something must have been Pinky's pussy.

"Are they all like that? If they are, then..." I shuddered as I thought about what they might do to flesh if they were bending steel. I suddenly felt very wise for keeping it in my pants throughout all this.

Seeing the cowgirls starting to close in, I idly noted CC had taken down a double barreled shotgun as I grabbed my cart and started to charge my way out of the store. I was prepared to use the cart as a battering ram if need be, but the few girls in my path seemed to realize that and gave me a wide berth. None of them gave pursuit as I made my way back out of the store and into the parking lot.

I took a quick mental inventory of everything I grabbed as I packed the supplies into the backpack. If I rationed it carefully, I easily had a month's worth of stuff to live off of.

So... what the hell do I do now?