That Gay Goth Dog: CHAPTER 9: Painful Memories: No Longer In My Mind, Only Happy Memories! (Part 4)

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40 of That Gay Goth Dog


you hurt me everyday you put me down and stomp on me just wait till my plan comes true when it does i will say goodbye to you oh, i cant wait for the day the day your all away oh, it will be the best day of my life no matter what i will live on.

"ANNNDDD! CUT! good job alex, best vocal yet!" hayden said fixing up some of the track. we have been in the studio for about 3 months working on our first cd, and dam has it been hard. loss of track here, re-do this their. god this would make anyone insane.. thank god we already are!

"wow..." marcus said.

"guys im ganna go out and get some fresh air. be right back." i said and walked to the door.

"take your time hon." hayden said spinning around and waving then turned back to the screen.

when i was out side i had to zip up my jacket because it just started to cold. "wait why did i come out here?" when i said that i saw sakia and his otter mate walk up.

"Hey jeremy! long time, no see. well at least for you!" sakia said hugging my waist. even though he was a spirt i could still feel his warmth.

"hey kitty! hey ya otter." i said waving.

the otter waved back. "hey jeremy. how is hayden and the guys doing?" he asked playing with sakias tail.

"yeah i haven't been able to watch them, only you. how are they?" sakia asked.

"their doing great everything is going the best it can right now! im so happy i could do a back flip." when i said that i saw sakias eyes widen. "but i wont."

his eyes went back down. "dam! that would have been cool!"

"yeah but im not that good and jumping and spinning in air." i chuckled.

"yeah, well, practice more." the otter said smirking.

"yeah,yeah i will."

"well we have to go, talk to you later jeremy!" sakia said and hugged me then turned around and took the otters hand.

"bye guys." they both waved then faded into the fog. i walked back in and sat next to hayden and watched him work his magic with all the editing. this was the only time i ever seen him wear glasses.... he looked pretty dam sexy. not that he always does.

"and... im am done. lets call this a rap guys!" he said we all cheered and grabbed our stuff saving all the songs on a jump drive and walked out together. i locked the locks on the door so no one could get into our area then walked off with hayden.

"you should wear glasses more!." i said.

"and why is that?" he chuckled unlocking the car.

"because you look fuckin hotter then hell!" i said jumping in and buckled up. when we got in he turned on A Little Piece Of Heaven by Avenged Sevenfold and we started our way home.

"He stabbed her 50 fucking times! i cant believe it! ripped her heart out right before here eyes! eyes over easy, eat it eat it eat it eat it!" we sang to the song.

-next day in the studio-



"alex what the fuck have we been writing?" i asked and looked at him though the glass wall.

"fuck if i know.. this should be like a hidden song." he said and smiled moving some hair out of his eyes.

".... we are fucked up!" hayden said laughing.

"yes, yes we are... but this will be on the cd." Dj said laying back on the sofa.

"guys im hungry!!!!!!" alex whined in to the mic.

"that's going into the song." hayden said laughing.

"YOU RECORDED THAT!!! YOU ASS HOLE!" alex said and jumped at him forgetting that their was glass in front of him. with a loud THUMP he hit it and feel back and walked though the door and pointed to all of us. "no one say a fucking thing." we all just sat their looking at him trying not to laugh. but we did not win.. the laughing over came us and we all fell to the floor laughing and warping our arms around our sides to keep our guts in.

"oh my fucking god!" i said stil laughing.

"ok lets take a brake and get some food!" josh said in between pants. we locked up and headed for a Mcdonalds.


'wolf, sheep, wolf, wolf, dobie,dobie, rabbit, snake, chick....chicken. wow.. normal feral animals you will never see together in one Place.. nice!' i thought to myself. i looked over and saw a wolf playing basketball. i couldn't help but watch him. he reminded me so much of Christoph. "hmm i wonder who he is." i asked my self out loud then walked over to the lone wolf. "Hey, mind if i play with you."

"wha.. what? sur-sure." he said. i smiled and we started playing.

"so whats your name?"

"Leon... yours?"

"I'm Till, please to meet you." i said then thew the ball over his shoulder hard enough that it bounced up off the ground and into the net.

"dam.. that was kick ass!" leon said smiling.

"hah, yeah i use to always win H.O.R.S.E but eh stopped playing after a while."

"cool." leon said grabbing the ball and we got back to our game. after about a hour of playing i took my shirt off. the wolf blushed brightly, i could tell because of his white cheeks turning pink. but then i saw him look away and growl to him self as if he was made at something. i jogged over and put my paw on his shoulder and he turned his head and looked into my eyes. when he did hes eyes connected to my soul. "yo-you okay?"

"ye-yeah... im fi-fine." he said

"ok." i said and smiled. he smiled back. when i saw his smile i couldn't help but want to pull him into a great big hug and kiss him. but i knew that their was no way this wolf was a gay pup.


'oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. hes paw is on my shoulder. wait why am i freaking out about this? IM NOT GAY.. I SHOULD HIT HIM.. DO IT, hit- who am i kidding his eyes are so beautiful, who could hurt him? hes so nice and. STOP IT YOUR NOT GAY. SPEAK NOW!' "ye-yeah... im fi-fine." i said. "way to go dipshit. now he thinks your gay FUCKING PERFECT! YOU STUPID FUCKING FAG.' i said in my head. i started to growl again then looked up and saw a concern look on Tills face.

"you sure your okay, Leon?" he asked. his low voice made me want to fall into him and hug tightly but i was not a fag.

"YES I SAID I WAS FINE!" i yelled.

"okay, god." he said. it was obvious that i hurt him.

'THATS RIGHT! YOU GO STRIA- no, no FUCK YOU. im ganna be me.' "Till!" i said and turned him around and pulled him into a hug. "im sorry im just going though some things." i said. when i hugged him my nosepad went into his armpit. even for a sweating dog. he smelt amazing. i took light long sniffs so he could not feel anything and smiled. as he wrapped hi paws around me i sank into the hug and slowly started to mur. what was a 2 second hug felt like a life time. i did not want to leave this shepherds grip. but i knew i had to. "oh, fuck that was gay as hell. sorry man!" i said chuckling and putt my paw behind my head.

"and whats wrong with being gay?" he asked

"nothing." i said stunned. the wheels in my head stopped turning and i looked into his eyes and saw affection.. not just any affection.. but affection for me. did he have a crush on me?

"hey! i have to get going, lotta home work, wanna hang out sometime?" he asked.

"yeah man that would be great!" i said trying not to sound gay at all but then i noticed that i was to hyped and wanted to kick myself in the balls for that.

"sweet! heres my number, call me sometime. we can hang." he put his number on a piece of paper and gave it to me.

"will do man. see ya around." i said smiling and put the number into my phone then quickly texted him.

"kay, text ya later. see ya." and with that he turned around and headed for his dorm. i couldnt help but fell like i feel in love with him. but could he love me?


"ever get that feeling like something good just happend between your friends?" i asked as hayden was working on seting up for the new song.

"you got it to.?"


"wonder who it was?"

"i dont know but i think some one is ganna be out of the closet soon." i smiled and kisses haydens lips.

"okay, we are ready. lets go 1.2.3" and with that we started the next song.

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