trapped and trained Chapter 4: The party

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4 of Trapped and Trained The final story in my Seven stories in seven days challenge. The updates for this won't be as quick anymore since the challenge is over but expect to see more of this series soon.

Chapter 4

The night of the party came and Rin and Alex were getting dressed in their shared room. Rin's belongings had already been moved from his old house to here so he was wearing some of his best clothes. He wore a brand new shirt and some jeans that his deceased parents had bought him. Alex was dressing casually and just wore his normal get up.

"You nervous Alex? This is your first time out in the real world. Are you sure you can handle it?" Rin asked as he placed his watch on his wrist. The black wolf then reached for some gel to fix his head fur.

"Yea I am a bit nervous. But my dad said to go so I will. I am just glad you and the others will be there, that should make things easier on me." Alex said smiling at Rin.

"You boys ready up there?" The two heard the voice of Rin's father Alfred call out.

"Yes dad! We will be right down!" Rin responded then finished fixing his hair and ran out of the room.

Alex sighed and continued to brush his fur. He wanted to make a good impression tonight so he had to look his best.

"Hope you don't forget that this party is not all pleasure Alex." Alex turned to see his brother Marlon standing in the doorway just leaning against the door frame.

"Yes I remember I am to help Alex scout out any potential dark bloods at the party." Alex said putting his brush away and looking at himself in the mirror.

His brother giggled a bit. "But do enjoy yourself, just remember not to comeback totally empty handed. And Dad is outside waiting in the car for you. You better hurry."

Alex nodded then grabbed a few things and ran out. Once he got outside he looked around. This was the first time he could actually see the front yard form where he stood.

"Alex hurry it up!" His father called out from the car that was already waiting for them. Alex ran over and got in as they drove off to the mansion.

His brother Marlon watched them drive off from the front door before he looked back into the house where Shadow and Crimson were waiting. The white wolf and the Red wolf were dressed in dark clothes and had painted their faces black.

"You kids ready to start this thing?" Marlon's grandfather asked from the kitchen.

"Yes we are ready grandpa! We already have surveillance set up and we just need to let Rin and Alex get to the party before we can make our move." Marlon responded.

His grandpa just returned to his work in the kitchen. "Alright boys. We just have to wait then."

Rin and Alex arrived at the party around six o clock and both were in awe at where it was taking place. The biggest mansion in town was where they were invited to and it took them by surprise that such a rich kid would be willing to have a party for every boy in school.

His father escorted both Rin and Alex to the main gate where a butler was there letting the guests in.

"May I help you sir? Do you have an invitation?" The butler asked Dan.

"Yes I do. It is for these two." Dan handed the butler the invitation and he checked it out before turning back to Dan.


"Rin is Alex does not start for a few more months." Dan said.

"Okay. Please find master River. He is the one in charge of the freshmen." The butler said opening the gate and allowing the boys inside.

"River? He lives here?" Alex asked Rin as they walked past the gate.

"I would not know. I know he belongs to one of the wealthier families around but I do not know if he lives here." Rin responded then turned and waved goodbye to their fathers.

Dan just waved himself and entered the car and drove off. Alex was grabbed by Rin and dragged towards the huge ten story mansion. Outside the door stood their Friend River. The white otter was dressed in only a white t-shirt and a blue jean.

"Hey Alex and Rin?" the otter looked at Rin a bit weirdly. "I never expected you at this party." The otter said but Rin was not buying it.

"You should stop trying to lie River. You horribly suck at it." Rin told him sternly.

"Yea, yea. Well welcome to my humble home and site of the yearly start of school year get together. My brother is handling the most of the preparations. Since he is graduating my dad said I should take over his responsibilities until my eldest Brother gets home from college." River said before staring at the seniors and juniors who were walking in. He leaned over to whisper something in Rin's ear. "If this party creeps you two out too much just come see me and I will get you out of here"

Rin nodded and then entered the house. If one could call this thing a house. Inside waiting for them was the rest of the crew. Benjamin and Patrick were talking with other. Benjamin was showing him some lyrics to a song while Patrick was showing him his latest story. The two bears waved them over.

"Alex! Rin! Get over here!" Benjamin basically ordered them.

"Hey Ben, Patrick. Where are Kyle and Antonio?" Rin asked.

"What are you talking about?" Both Rin and Alex jumped when a voice said that from right behind them. And there was Kyle. That little green mouse was not even looking at them. He was fiddling with something on his fancy phone.

Alex looked at the mouse a bit sacred. "Kyle, I swear you are part ninja. You creep up on us way too easy."

"Are you sure it is not just you guys are totally oblivious to everything?" Kyle said still not taking his eyes off his phone.

"Whatever! Now where is Antonio." Rin said looking around for their resident painter.

"He was asked to help paint River's room this afternoon. He should be ready soon. Anyway it looks like everyone in gathering in the dance hall. Maybe we should head there." Kyle added and then started walking away. They were certain that his cell phone contained radar or something because he could find things out that no one else could.

The group grumbled but followed Kyle. He was normally the one leading the way anyway. It was only natural he would do it here. And of course he was right. All the boys from the high school were here and were grouped up by their year.

Seniors were all at the front of the dance floor some sitting on the stage that was there to the front of the dance hall. The juniors and sophomores were both mingling on opposite sides of the room from each other closer to the middle of the dance hall. And of course the freshmen were all nervously walking about near the exit.

Alex and Rin noticed the layout as well and wondered what the hell was going on. They looked up to see the dance hall spanned two floors and the second flood had an observation floor to watch down on the dance floor.

"Who has a dance floor in their house?" Alex asked his friends.

Most of them blinked at him. Rin didn't he was wondering the same thing. "I am guessing you have not seen the go cart track, bowling alley and basketball court then?" Alex heard River ask him as the otter entered the room. The otter then turned to Benjamin. "You are wanted on the stage. You are going to get things started." The white otter winked at brown bear then walked off.

Benjamin turned to the rest of them. "Time for my performance. Later guys" Benjamin started walking towards the stage.

"Is he going to do what I think he is?" Patrick asked Antonio.

"Yep. It is time for things to get started." Antonio responded before starring at Alex and Rin.

"What?" Both Alex and Rin asked in response to the staring.

"You two know the secret of this town?" Antonio asked them smiling menacingly.

"No. unless you mean the dark blood thing?" Rin said but then got his mouth covered by Kyle's paw.

Kyle looked around to make sure no one took notice of things. "Shush! You do not mention that here! We are supposed to check this party out discreetly."

Rin nodded and Kyle let his muzzle free. "But isn't Alex the one who is checking things out?"

Alex turned his head to the side and looked at Rin." Um the boss said my bracelet would tell me who. All I had to do was use it when everyone was in range. I am guessing I should do it now." Alex said then went to start but Kyle grabbed his arm.

"Wait. When Benjamin begins then do it. No one will notice you then." Kyle said before letting go of Alex's Paw.

Alex nodded then looked forward to see the different groups had all melted into one and were about to listen to the host of the party.

On stage was a white otter like River. Seemed to be River's relative.

"Welcome everyone to the start of school party. I want to welcome you all especially the freshmen who are here for the first time. We have parties here nearly every weekend but this one is always the most important. Everyone is invited. But first off let me introduce to the freshmen their Party host." The otter let River walk up and wave to the crowd.

"This is my younger Brother and he will be the Party host for the freshmen. I am party host for the seniors and the rest of you know who your party hosts are. Now without further ado let's get this party rolling! Here is Benjamin Grizzle performing for us." The otter then let Benjamin walk onto the stage.

The bear held in his hand an electric guitar. The bear took in a deep breath before beginning. He struck down hard on the chords of the of guitar. The sound of the guitar resonated through the room an entranced everyone as Benjamin really got into a rhythm. Everyone started swaying and dancing to the music he was playing.

"Wow he is amazing. I never heard anything like this before." Alex said as he and Rin got into the dancing. Kyle hit Alex on the shoulder knocking him out of the trance the music put him in.

"Find the targets now. Everyone is distracted no one should detect you!" Kyle reminding him. Alex nodded and began to focus. Using the bracelet the dragon pinned on him earlier he was able to sense anyone who had a dark aura about them.

"Got them!" Alex said after he finished scanning the room. "I counted seven excluding you guys"

Kyle nodded with him. "Good. Now just let figure out their identities."

"Um should I point them out to you?" Alex asked nervously.

Kyle just shook his head then aimed his phone at Alex. "Data Cipher!" Kyle said before his phone began to glow. Alex felt something in his head as the information he had was being copied by Kyle's phone.

"Got it. I know who they are and I sent the information to Alfred." Kyle said while putting his phone away.

Alex was a bit dizzy and nearly fell over when Rin caught him. "What did you do to him?" Rin had to ask Kyle.

"I just took the information we needed from him. It was much easier that way" The music stopped when Kyle finished talking. Everyone turned their attention to the stage where River's brother was back on stage. But something was horribly wrong. He was totally naked. His clothes had somehow come off but only the freshmen took notice of it and only a few of them were pointing things out.

"Um why is he naked?" Both Rin and Alex asked.

"Just wait and see." Patrick said then turned back to the stage to listen in. River's brother started to address the crowd.

"Well he is deserving of an encore so he will be back out shortly. But now it is time to initiate all the freshmen. Please let the freshmen make their way to the front. My brother will take over now" Just like earlier the otter made way for River. River was coming to the front of stage. His pants and underwear were missing but he still has his shirt on although it did not cover him and let everyone see that uncut penis that resided between his legs.

"Well Freshmen this one is for you please come to the front." River said motioning for the freshmen to come to the front. The seniors, juniors and sophomores all parted way for them so that they had a clear path to the stage. Most of the freshmen were not shy about heading to the front. Alex and Rin were in the group that was hesitant to come to the front. Kyle and the others were practically leading the group so Rin and Alex were to back of the hesitant group. One by one the hesitant group gave into the peer pressure and made their way to the front. They were being stared at by all the other students. There was no way that Alex and Rin could hold out so they moved forward with the rest of the students.

The freshmen were finally all gathered to the front when the room was suddenly filled with the sound of opening zippers and belts. Some of the freshmen looked back to see all the other students had rid themselves of their pants. Now most of the students were totally bottomless and looking at the freshmen in a predatory way.

Alex and Rin continued to glance at each trying to figure out what to make of their situation. They looked up at River who was finally ready to continue now that all the freshmen had gathered to the front of the stage.

"Well I think it is time for the encore! Benjamin!" River said parting the way for the bear. Benjamin returned completely naked himself and began to play his music again. This time the beat was faster and more hypnotizing.

The freshmen were still hesitant to do anything but the others were not. They students behind them flew in a fury of lude dancing. Many of the boys started dancing together and rubbing groins on each other. It was no surprise most of the students started to show signs of arousal the minute the dancing picked up so much.

Benjamin was completely into his music but even he became aroused at the sight before. Even though he was not looking. Shirts started to be thrown all over when the boys really wanted to go wild. The seniors were all naked now and really dancing to the music. The rest still had shirts on but the number of them was quickly shrinking

The freshmen had lost all inhibitions but were still clothed. Most of them had become wrapped up in the music. Then it finally happened. Antonio was the first to rid himself of his shirt and few others followed him shortly after. Just few of freshmen were half naked and then half of them a few minutes until finally all but Alex and Rin were shirtless.

"C'mon fresh men lose yourself in the music. Just let go and things will get easier. We are all the same here anyway." One of the boys dancing behind them said before being dragged into a kiss with another student.

Alex and Rin blinked and then looked around to see the party had descended into even weird territory. Now the students behind them were involved in more sexual acts. Mostly kissing and a lot of teasing and skirting. Alex and Rin were like fish caught in an ocean of hungry sharks and they were even more afraid of what these sharks wanted from them.

Kyle once again led the group when he shed his pants and underwear in one smooth motion. More of the brave freshmen were happy to join Kyle. Some of the more modest only shed their pants and kept their underwear on. Rin and Alex were not completely out of place. They were not even dancing so they stood out like sore thumbs.

"You guys were not born here? Were you?" One of the seniors came up and asked them. It was River's older brother.

Alex and Rin shook their heads. The otter face palmed. "How did you get invitations then? Only persons born in this town are allowed at the parties. Who gave you the invitation?"

Kyle interrupted them. "The principal did. And I have something to show you before you make a decision." Kyle pulled out his phone and showed something to the otter. Alex and Rin could not make out what Kyle was whispering into the ears of the otter but suspected it was nothing good.

The otter nodded a few times to Kyle then looked at Alex and Rin in an extremely predatory way. "I guess you guys are alright. Guess I leave them up to my brother! Later Kyle!" The naked otter walked off and let Kyle get back to dancing. Alex and Rin just stood there so far out of place, While Kyle was talking to the otter it seemed all the freshmen had stripped themselves of clothes. Only a paw full was still wearing underwear. The only two still fully clothed were Alex and Rin.

"Alex, I am scared. What the hell did we walk into?" Rin asked Alex looking around for a place to get out of the way.

"What the hell did our dad send us to?" Alex asked back before Kyle, Antonio and Patrick surrounded him and Rin.

Kyle held up his phone to show the message he showed River's older brother and got both Rin and Alex to jump in surprise as they read the message. "Your fathers found out what kind of parties we have here and they told us one thing. 'Make sure you two come home gay and together' and that is our mission tonight, so why don't you two lose the clothes or am I going to have to take them off you?" Kyle said placing an arm over Alex's shoulder.

Rin and Alex started to shake in fear. But Rin took a breath before he stripped himself of shirt. Alex took notice and surrendered himself. He too stripped off his shirt and placed it to side. They both went to work on their pants and underwear at the same time. Alex dropped is briefs and Rin dropped his boxers. Both were now as nude as everyone else the room. And it was just in time too. Benjamin's performance was now over and the crowd was cheering him as he left the stage. Replacing him there was River, his older brother and other two party hosts for each year.

River suddenly dropped to all fours and crawled to the front of the stage. He raised his tail high up in air giving the other three complete unrestricted access to it. The others looked at him like they were starving furs who had just found a meal.

"Well boys. It's is time for the start of the freshmen gang bang. Will all freshmen prepare their ass to be taken! It is time for the main attraction." River's brother said.

Alex and Rin turned to each looking frightened as all the other freshmen started to present their ass to the sea of furs encasing them.

'Oh shit!' was what was going through Alex and Rin's head. This was going be one weird and long night.

Meanwhile back at their house Dan and Alfred were enjoying dinner together while Marcus and tommy were in the gym training. Dan had just received a message from Kyle stating that he got them naked and the job would be completed soon.

"Looks like Kyle will be keeping his word. The boys are already naked." Alfred said while taking a sip of a glass of wine.

"I refuse to believe that they will get those two to admit to themselves they are gay and have the hots for each other so easily." Dan said while reading a local newspaper to get some information. They had found out what the principle meant by asking Kyle and he explained everything to them and they relayed it to the dragon. It would serve Alex better if he knew part of what he was now instead of being forced into later like everyone else.

"Want to make a bet then?"

Dan turned to Alfred and raised an Eyebrow. "What are we betting?"

"I bet you that those two come home a couple tomorrow. And if they do you have to be the bottom for a month!" Alfred said while reaching over and caressing Dan's paw.

Dan looked back at him and smiled confidently. "You are so on!"