The Skin Maker.

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This was a bit of a comission, of a sorts, for a good and old furriend of mine. With the buck's permission, I've posted it up here. Hope y'all enjoy another story from my crazy and disturbed mind. Meiou is property of his player, and used with permission.


Thursday, April 22, 2012

The Skin-Maker.

Story By:

Hid Ras Fallar/Fallar Rasyre.

in collaboration with (or Permissions by) Meiou.

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Read at your own discretion.

This story contains sexual interactions, between humans, non-humans, males, females, males magically made into females, and possibly other things too numberious to list. The author takes no responsibility for, personal enjoyment that may/may not cause or result in damages to personal property in form of a happily and/or enjoyably caused and/or generated sticky mess(es) from either over excitement or relief of said "Excitement" on or upon yourself, others, or personal properties.

If you are not bothered by or like the aforementioned, listed things, then I've just one final word to say to all you furry/scaly/smooth skinned, horny lil sicko's...



Prologue: Brush with Fate.


Just when he thought his life was nice and settled, it took a turn for the unusual. a young man, roughly in his early to mid-twenties, with a sleek mane of jet-black hair that tumbled to just below his shoulders, untanned skin, dark blue eyes, and a slim face and body. he was just minding his own business, walking threw the downtown of his home town, when he bumped into a lapine with a grunt. he turned and frowned at the red and white buck who was being towed away, pulled along by a trio of youngsters with a smiling white feline trailing behind the little group, laughing softly at the bemused look upon what is obviously her husbands face.

As the group disappeared among the crowd, the young man shuddered suddenly, clutching his gut at a intensely unpleasent sensation that settled into his gut. unnoticed, upon the back of his head a clump of hair, neatly out of his view, abruptly began to change, fading to a creamy pink from the roots to the ends. when the sensation passed, the young man straightened and puffed out a bewildered breath, looking around in cunfusion, face covered in sweat, unawares of the change that, once begun within him, would become a permanent and irrevocable piece of him and his future from that day onward...

Apro frowned when Meiou, without warning, stopped, turning to look around them with a curious expression. "Is something wrong, Meiou, dear?" she watched him continue to look around, only to receive a shake of his head in response, and shrugging, looped her arm in the crook of his, wrapping her tail around his hips and shooing the children ahead of them. "Okay. Well then, lets head home." she didn't notice how her beloved buck gave one final, cunfused and vaguely nervious glance behind them, before the little bunch of their extended family headed home.


Chapter One: Learning Curve.


...Five months. thats how long it had been, since that chance encounter with the unnamed stranger. unknowingly leaving the young man with a growing unrest within him, that in matter of one short week or two afterward, began making his fingers itch and twitch restlessly with a need for doing something of which he couldn't put a name to. he'd by then discovered the unnatural and bizarre change of that section of his hair at the base of his scalp, curtesy of a old friend having pointed it out in a polite inquiry. it had unnerved and bewildered him to no end to find out it'd happened, with little to no explaination for the cause.

This of course was but a minor concern however, compared to the urge he had within himself that just kept building upon itself, day-by-day, without no understandable reason of what it was bothering him. thus too, no recourse by which to solve this frustrating and maddening urge that built upon itself with a infuriating sureness and strength.

It was thus that the same friend who'd pointed out the change of hair color, came in and noticed him sitting at his work desk of the job the two shared as warehouse supervisors, for a massive material's business, freighting all sorts of items that customers requested and needed for manufacturing a variety of products. "Hey. Wake up, Banson!" The raven haired man jumped in surprise and turned, sighing at the site his old friend. "Hey, Isaac. Sorry, kinda outta it, again. That weird 'feeling' came back again this morning." Banson shook his head huffing in frustration, looking at his hands and frowns at them. opening and closing them as if that would answer his unusual disquiet. "It just seems to keep getting worse and worse. I don't know what it's about either."

Isaac frowned at his dark haired co-worker and friend. "Maybe you need go see that shrink, the one I suggested you see a week ago?" Banson only shook his head, waving the other man off, dismissing his suggestion, yet again. this wasn't the first time his friend had made a suggestion like that or a similiar one. ever since he'd first told the other man about the odd and unnameable urge.

Seeing that his advice was yet again being ignored and refused, Isaac shrugged, tossing a PDA to the other man. "Fine. If you won't do that, at least make yourself useful." Banson caught and then eyed the PDA, groaning at the contents. "Another spoilage report?!" the other man scowled unhappily. "Yes, yes, another one. Those fuck-up's at the south-eastern sorting pens purposefully cracked another crate. I've gotta report them to HR, this is the last strike they get for this infraction. I've had enough of both them AND there messes!"

Banson sighed and rubs his face in aggrevation, before getting up and making his way out the elevated office above the sorting floor, leaving his partner to work on the glory of making a report and getting the morons terminated from this warehouse, where a myriad of machines, vehicles and other employees did the work of organizing, sorting, and properly shipping out ordered materials. the "spoiled" items in question, were visible from the office, in a corner of the warehouse in form of a set of five destroyed crates and a mess of varying inventory. when he got there it was to cringe at what he found.

The contents of two of the crates were various types of real feral animal furs, range from lupines and vulpines, to felines and reptiles, even the more rare glitter of the scales of a dragons hide. the next two ruptured crates held fabric's of as many shades of color and types as that of a rainbow, velvets, cottons, stretchs of elegant silk. the last contained the supplies of a fabric designer's work essentials, too numberious to list and count in one sitting. as Banson looked at this mess of merchandise, his mind began to whirl with sudden desire, hands jerking and twitching eagerly.

On a sudden whim, Banson directed the employee's to pack up the "spoiled" items, putting them in a pick-up area to be either organized and re-sort, or discarded and tossed out. he made sure catch a unoccupied driver, paying the woman from his own pockets to take the "to-be-disposed" of things and deliver them at his apartment place. when that was done, he finally relaxed, as he had not in close now to half a year! he finally had an idea how solve his unknown need!

When Banson finally got himself home, it took all his self control to not throw himself to task of sorting out the mass of fabrics, materials, and items to work on them with. a literal wealth of things! he took the time to first settle in, eat, shower, and change into something comfortable. only then did he finally give in to the urge to examine what he had acquired by a very slim legal loophole of his work.

Banson stood for a good long while, staring at the mounds of designer materials, all but in a trance. then shaking himself, stepped forward to pick up a piece of cotton.

He gasped aloud, all but melting upon the floor, left staring in amazement at the simple bit of rough, gray cotton fabric within his hands, which had near put him in a erotic daze at the first touch. Banson ran his free hand along the four foot strip of cloth in his other hand, images and ideas spinning threw his head, like some mental tornado of kalidescopes. a glance at the other items flashed a avalanche of other ideas threw his minds-eye, one idea after another, chasing around in his mind.

It's when he touches a fur of some big cat, that he really did end up on the floor, a pulse of power having roared threw his body, leaving the human man upon the floor, the fur he clutched in his fist sizzling with steam.

After a hour of laying there in a dizzy daze, he sat up, looking upon the fabric and the fur held in opposite hands. deciding without hesitation or remorse to work on what his mind had settled on. thus he set to work, with a spool of thread he managed to somehow find in all the mess, a needle he'd likewise found without injury or incident. removing the pelt, he took it to the cotton fabric, watching his own work rapidly develop with a impressive and inhumanly swift rate.

Five short minutes. thats how long it took before his busy hands stopped feverishly working, leaving a stunningly attractive piece of fabric upon his lap. whats more, it was exquisitely crafted, looking like it was truly alive! the long-sleeved shirt looked like it'd been made for someone who wished to look like they actually had a lionesses fur coat in place of there upper torso and arms, instead of wearing a simple jacket. Banson looked at the finished product, then at the rest of the materials, and gave a sharp bark of a laugh. "Well... I'm gunna be busy from now on out..."


Chapter Two: Discovery of a Gift.


When Isaac arrived at the shared apartment, it was to begin pitching a verbal fit at finding the living room clogged with the contents of the five crates. Banson just calmly looked up, listening to his friend verbally chastise and abuse him, neither taking offense or interrupting while his hands continued working on his fifteenth item, a vest made from the hide of a African Springbuck.

As Isaac paused to take a breath, Banson tossed the just finished item to his friend who caught it with the ease of reflexes honed by regularly playing multiple positions in baseball. upon touching the adeptly and masterly crafted vest, the other man gasped, eyes widened at the feel of the item he now held, he looked intently at the vest, examining the intricate and brilliant work. then looked up and stared slack-mouthed at the other man.

Banson's lips quirked in a half-smile as he shrugged and motioned the other finished products, and the piles upon piles of raw materials. "I've finally found out what sooths that weird urge I've been having for months." he chuckled and watched his room-mate resemble a fish-out-of-water for several minutes, before he snapped his mouth shut with a audible clack of his teeth. Isaac approuched his friend, eying the other finished things that ranged from pants, skirts, a coat, a long-sleeved hoody, even intriguingly enough a rather fetching and exotically made teddy. Isaac picked up one the pants, swearing strongly in amazement before saying, "Ho-ly. Shit! They feel alive!" he looked towards the faintly smiling face of his friend. "How? how the hell'd you make this, and how'd you make it feel like you did?" Banson could only continue smiling, sighing as he says sincerely, "If only I knew, I could tell you 'it's a secret' but I truly do not know myself..."

The brown-haired man just stares disbelievingly and incrediously at the other, matching brown eyes glancing back to the two items he held and back again to Banson. Banson just sat calmly, hands for the first time in months, since that day back months ago, still and peaceful, not so much as even twitching now as they stayed perfectly still and folded upon his lap.

Isaac pursed his lips, taking a brief look around, then snatched up a large pelt, a Puma's, then a stretch of silk and tossed both to the raven haired man that is his room-mate. "Show me." Banson didn't even hesitate, taking up the chosen articules and sets to work. the other man quietly sat in another chair, watching intently as his friend works without pause, working without error and mistake, he never needed to undo a stitch or alteration he made. so in the matter of between two hours, he had finished a full and completed replica of a Puma, even having re-made the missing parts and sections of it somehow, head, paws, even the groin which shows this pelt had been of a female. a zipper was the unexpected addition though, neatly done from just shy of the nose, that terminated at a inch above the tailbase.

Once finished, Banson looked up to Isaac, who is left mouth agape and staring wide-eyed in disbelief as he hovered a foot away. the pink-marked man grins at his friend, holding out the drastically altered and frighteningly repaired pelt. Banson said tauntingly, "Care to try it on?" Isaac could only blink, pursing his lips again at the challenge in the other mans voice. he snatched the newly completed item from his hands and scowls at him, saying in a angry tone. "I'm not afraid of this!"

That said, Isaac began to step into the thing, with understandable difficulty. both men unawares of the magical aura that began to pulsate into existance, originating from Banson himself in invisible waves of power, putting a unseen glow upon the Puma skin. Isaac gave one final grumble of annoyance, before reaching up to touch the zipper, only to then gasp in alarm. the zipper abruptly zooms down, pulling the skin closed upon the now frightened human, the path of the zipper vanishing behind it into nothingness until it reachs the bottom, where a convenient and neat fold of fur and skin covers the last inch of zipper and tab.

Once fully zipped closed, the skin abruptly bulges and shrank in multiple places, contorting the screaming man painlessly into the true form of a female Puma! she gave a startled yowl as she fell to all fours, looking down at herself and whirling around in horror. "Banson, you basturd!" she screechs, whirling on the stunned human, snarling furiously, promptly before she knocked him flat on his back upon the couch after lunging at him, screaming in his face with bared teeth in a snarl and ears pinned back flat to her skull in fury. "What the hell'd you do to me?!" Banson could only splutter, and stammer, face turning pale and red repeatedly, then with a strangled gurgle and whimper, his eyes rolled back in his head, and he passed out cold with shock.

Apro jerks around in alarm upon hearing the sound of shattering glass in the kitchen, she bolts threw the living room and around the corner, coming to a abrupt halt with several other family members behind her, all staring at a visibly glowing and shaken Meiou. Apro stared, muzzle partially agape as the glow surges, intense and powerful, distorting the air around the two-colored lapine, then oddly sudsides in a gradual throb matching the bucks heart-beat. Apro warily approuchs her visibly alarmed mate, careful about the broken glass from the glass pan of lasauga. as she and the other family members comfort and question Meiou as to what'd just occured, they don't really get a straight answer, of which Meiou is hesitant to give anyways. he had felt the first use of that new skin, and thus too by disjointed proxy, the birth of the Skin Maker himself...

Banson is abruptly jolted awake, spluttering and coughing in surprise at being woken by a wet sandpapery tongue to the face. Isaac had just licked him in a hard, wet rasp of her feline tongue to wake him, giving a low rumbly growl as she notices him finally awake. "About damned time." the she-cat scowled down at him, still laying atop of him, pinning him down on the couch while her tail audibly thumps against the couch as she flicks it in agitation. Banson's eyes widened in surprise at the cat not only talking, but possessing his friend and room-mates voice! albeit... coming out of more feminine vocals. "Wh-whu-wha?! I-isaac, is that... You?!" he flinched when the feline snarls angrily, baring a muzzleful of pristine white teeth. "Yes, it's me, you idiot! What the hell'd you do to me? Tell me what you did!"

The man could only cringe and flinch at the she-cats volume, rapidly shaking his head, stammering as he answers, "I dunno! honest I don't, Isaac, honest I don't!" he jerks as the female Puma snarls again, hopping off him to pace restlessly growling in frustration. "This is all your fault! ever since you went to that festival downtown those months back, you've been nothing but weird." Banson winces at the harsh tone and words of his friend as he sat up. it wasn't really fair throwing all this at him, even if it was in truth partly his fault.

When he inhaled suddenly, it's to pause, sniffing at the air and wrinkling his nose at a odd odor in the air. "Ouf! whats that smell?" he frowned at his friend as the feral pauses, ears folding back as she resumes pacing, although in a more subdued manner. "I have no clue what your talking about..." Banson's brows shot up at that blatant lie, he had lived with his long-time room-mate long enough to have learned and recognize when he, or rather at the moment, she, was lying. the man frowns at her and sniffs the air again, unawares of how his sense of smell had so subtly but powerfully changed. "It's almost a kinda... kinda.......oh. Oh!" he finished lamely in surprise as his eyebrows shot back up. he looks at her intently, following her movements, then his attention was caught by something odd about her hindquarters, frowning as he looks and then realizes that underneath her tail, at the apex of her legs, her fur is quite soaked with moisture, glancing down at himself and only just realizing there is a sizable wetspot or three upon his pants in a few locations.

Banson blushs as he realizes whats wrong and why she is so excessively tempermental at the moment, he coughs nerviously and looks away, clearing his throat lightly. "Soooo... what, what do you figure we do?" he glances back at her as she huffs, having sat down, her hindquarters wiggling as she rubs her rump on a mound of cloth she'd sat upon, not realizing she's doing it. "I dunno! I got no damned clue what's happened. hell I didn't think this sort of thing was even possible! ...What ARE you gawking at?!" this last made him jump, as he blushs and hesitantly nods at her. Isaac scowls and looks to where he indicated with a nervious finger. the bundle of cotton she sat atop of having gotten quite soaked. her tail frizzs as her ears laid flat, visibly blushing underneath her fur in embarrassment. Banson stares at her for several long moments before saying, asking rather hesitantly, "Isaac, are you... in... heat?"

He couldn't help the incredilous tone in his voice, then is left sitting in surprise as the she-cat bolts, going for the bathroom with a low whimper. he quickly got up and follows her, following her into the bathroom, which she was unable to lock behind her, where she is now hunched in the tub. "Isaac, Isaac, wait, just talk to me." he follows her, crouching down near her front as she growls at him, ignoring the threatening sounds. "Isaac... are you... are you really in heat?" Isaac snarls at him, but the sound quickly dies, trailing into a frustrated mewling noise as she shakes her head slowly. "I-i don't know! ....maybe!" she whimpers as the human slowly approuchs, then settles beside her upon the edge of the tub, pulling the big cats head gingerly and gently against him, slowly and soothingly stroking her muzzle to comfort her.

"Tell me what happened?" he inquires softly and gently, continuing to try and calm his presently feline friend down. she sighs heavily, gradually relaxing and melting into the attention. "I'm really not that sure. After you passed out, I started getting hotter, then I began to get a bit... itchy, I suppose." when his hand accidently dropped a bit lower then he meant to, after having turned around and begun stroking the length of her spine, she quivered, as it passed over her tailbase and makes her jerk and squirm. Banson, hesitated and glances at her, inquiring softly, "Did that hurt?" when she shook her head, he pauses and hesitates briefly, before lowering his hand to her hindquarters to stroke it again, from above her tailbase, down the side to one her flanks. she makes a soft mewling sound and squirms.

This illicits a soft bemused chuckle out of him, followed by another, this time firmer, stroke against her hindquarters. he studies his friend as she began purring, then pulls her firmly out of the tub and into his lap, rolling her onto her back and stroking her lush and delightfully soft belly fur. his hand wanders further down as she purrs, saying in a playful tone while grinning, "So, if your truly in heat, would that mean then you would apprecaite and enjoy... this?" his next stroke went completely down her underside, from her chin, all the way to between her hindlegs. the moment his hand struck that area of moisture drenched and wettened fur, she jerks and gave a low, throaty, soft yowl of pleasure as his hand covers her and grinds.

Banson grins and kisses the felines muzzle, chuckling and says in a smug tone of voice, "Well, I know what I'm going to be doing for the next few hours of studying." with that the human chuckles, cuddling the quivering and interested, albiet extremely nervious, cat. the last level comment out of her muzzle that night, being a rather half-hearted warning, "Just you remember, Banson, I got a nice set of claws and fangs to use on you now..."


Chapter Three: Setting up Shop.


It's a full two weeks later, the first of which was spent almost entirely satiating and soothing the needs of the in heat feral-wearing-form-feline Isaac, a wholy enjoyable task on both sides of that personal equation. the day immediately following after that first week passed, enabled Isaac to return to being a normal humanbeing again, when Banson found the zipper tab reforming upon his friends rump, which upon being unzipped, released his room-mate, whole, but naked as day he was born, but human again.

The following week entailed a mad buzz of activity between the two, who decided to try out their hand with opening a shop, dealing in clothing and (not advertised publicly) exotic new costumes, designed by Banson. during that time, Banson continued crafting a vast and astounding array of fascinating items, from those more mundane, but just shy of being the same as the "Skins," clothing items, to those magically potent and effective costumes that actually converted into and made the wearer INTO the item worn for the duration it was zipped up. wither it be a item made as a husky-bitch fur, a feral dragon-bull, even something as particularly exotic and unique as a taur of a hybrid cheetah/deer combo.

They quickly found out though, that depending on one of three things, either Banson's sexual state when he made the males, the cycle of the female or herm wearer, or the condition the pelt was obtained in originally. it would affect the state of the wearer once the item was worn. which is why, when Isaac had first worn the she-cat costume, the original animal had been in heat, meaning when he'd become it, he too had been in heat for the actual duration of the she-cats cycle.

It's also during this time that Banson discovers Isaac had picked up a interesting and rather amusing little kink, or perhaps more accurate to call it a fetish. Isaac had taken to using some of the costumes, the first ones of each "Breed" that Banson makes as a template for duplicates, and wearing them, dressing in rather tempting and distractingly arousing cloths while working at the store the two now ran as their almost pure and sole source of income now. although they continued occasionally working for the warehouse and shipping company from before. Isaac also finally encourages Banson to wear one of his own creations during his shift at the store, and a particularly well selling version of a short, puffy furred (in a attractive way) and petite cervine doe. who, despite the petite frame and short stature, had a damned impressive figure, coupled with a rather alluring and showy dress, that hardly left anything to the imagination, much to Bansons consternation.

That also happens to be the same day a certain lapine buck enters the store, scoping out the competition for a similiar store that three of his female family members owns outside of the city. Banson continues reading a book she has, although like any truely good store owner that has a zealously clean and near-to-nonexistent theft rate in their store, she kept a firm eye upon the white-and-red buck. she admires him despite herself, glancing down to the moniter hidden behind the counter that the camera's displayed onto automatically, tracking the customers within the store, which the buck is the only one present today...

Meiou had been getting hassled and harassed for days now. his mate and two daughters asking him repeatedly to go scout the new store that'd taken a sizeable chunk out of their profits lately. surprising, considering it'd barely been open a week! that was how he ended up driving to the store in the city, which he now stared at for going on thirty minutes, before entering the quiant little shop SASS, named rather amusingly, "Sweet-as-Sugars" by the owners, a pair of human men, who seemed to have a rather impressive array of attractive male and female furs working the shop at random intervals.

One such being the nymphly figured lil doe presently at the register, that was unsuccessfully trying to be discreet about watching him in a not-so-covert manner, both in a personal and work interest. This store had his nerves ringing like mad though, Magic everywhere! nearly every single object in this store that could be worn, set his senses off with that familiar warning magic that announced his families particularly close and related skillsets, and that he himself was fairly adept at to point he'd imbued a array of machines to the task. All this had him atingling, nerves from pawpad bottom, to long-lapine-eartips. And as he approuched the counter with some selected items she put aside her magazine as he approuched the counter, smiling warmly as he put a few of the more mundane items he'd picked out, down upon the counter. She was wearing one the shops inventory! He could tell by how it set his skin to humming in sensation and his spine to having a not-unpleasent-itching sensation that had his tail wiggling madly despite his best efforts to keep it still.

She asks in a soft, light toned voice, "Is that all you wish to purchase today, sir?"


Chapter Four: Yiff or Shop?


"Is that all you wish to purchase today, sir?" she asked, thinking to herself sternly, What the hell is wrong with me? Banson thought to herself, feeling a heavy blush creeping up her ears, which embarrassingly the buck noticed, if his gaze briefly flicking up to them and then back down to her presently gray eyes were any indication, his gentle smile that followed was clear indication that he had indeed noticed her blush. her tail was flicking madly on her behind with nerves and heavy interest.

She blushed even further when she noticed the buck flared his nostrils as he caught her scent, internally cursing and vowing to sue the air-conditioning company for making false claims about there system being able to cycle the air in under a minute, which if they'd been honest and true to their claims, would kept her aroused scent from being noticed by anybody in the store, nevermind by this rather handsome buck before her.

Banson gulps softly as the lapine chuckles and says in amusement, "Yes, it is. To be honest though, I'm just visiting the city for a few hours anyways. I had business to do, finished it early and when I spotted this store, I figured 'why not?' I'd come in and have a look around at the store thats been getting such grand reviews." she gulps again and squirms, that voice of his while nothing special, per se, was rather lovely to listen to all the same. his looks weren't too bad either, from that rather lovely, if vaguely exotic, mixture of white and true red of his fur coloring, to his build, even his eyes, which were fastened on hers, most of the time, making the occasional study of her in turn. "Hrm, uh, th-that'll be uhhm... Fi-fifty-seven ninety-two, plus ta-tax?" she mentally berates herself for stammering so badly, this cute buck had her wanting to fan herself!

Meiou couldn't help but smile his amusement and pity at the flustered and interested does predicament. his mates had the same problem on occasion too. at times he just automatically exuded this aura that all but screamed "I'm attractive, I'm nice, I'm worth hopping in bed." and other times he could turn it on himself, this was one the former, much to the poor does consternation and obvious frustration. which he was readily able to smell pouring off her in near waves.

He removed his required payment from his wallet, passing it to her, noticing with vague amusement how she fumbled with the register in her frustration, then when she goes to return the money, his hand brushed hers, making a near-physical jolt between them, illiciting a loud, sharp gasp out of her as her nipples immediately perked from beneather her fur, visibly tenting the thin material of her dress she wore as her scent thickened practically into a cloud of lust and desire.

That sensation! she recognized it from months back at the festival, when she bumped into... none other then this very buck, she realized in alarm. her alarm though was as to her arousal, as a spark was compared to a inferno. she quivers as the change clatters onto the countertop and bills flutter down, leaving her hand clasped in the bucks gentle paw, she flushed again, watching him smile before he quickly turns and goes to the front door, turning on the "Sorry, we're closed" sign, locking the door and closing the blinds and turned on the windows built in electrofiber-tinting film. Now how the bugger did he know about those? then he turned back to her, sauntering towards her in a way that quickly has her trembling with anticipation, and thinking a ton of naughty and frisky ideas, while soaking the changeable cushion of the stool she perched upon for extra height for this form in anticipation.

He could move! she'd wager he was a excellent dancer, if that sexy little trot back to the counter was anything to go by. she watched him circle around behind the counter to join her, eyes riveted on her as firmly as her's were on him, she blinks when he took her hand and kissed the knuckles of it in a pleasently gentlemanly fashion. "My names Meiou, whats yours?" "Bans-uhh, Banstia, my names Banstia." she watchs him smile, turning her hand over to kiss the soft palmpad, then a tinny bit further to kiss again at the inside of her wrist, making her quiver. "We've never met before, have we Banstia? I only ask because, you, seem awfully... familiar?" she shivers as he steps between her legs, gently opening them with his hips as he leans down to kiss her, making her gasp softly when he tweaks a nipple gently threw the dress with his free hand. "N-no. I'd rem-remb-remember if we ha-HAD!" a half-truth, they had met, just not in a introductory fashion, so in a manner it's the truth.

She bit her bottom lip to stifle her moan, as he gently tugs and tweaks her stiff nipples threw the silk dress, she trembles as she looks up at the taller buck, blushing yet again as he plays with the hem of the dress in a teasing fashion. "Mind if I remove this?" she shook her head, watching him gently pull the dress up to her waist, revealing the only other articule of clothing she had on, a light pink lace panty that complimented the earthy gray of the dress. the crotch of the panties already soaked, not-so-subtly revealing the curves of her mound and bringing out a soft chuckle from him. "My, my. Somebody is quite wet I see."

A fingerpad was applied lightly to and trailed up between the dip in the panties, coaxing out a low moan from her as she squirms, only to then whine in complaint as he removes his finger, only to raise his hands removing the straps of her dress off her shoulders, slowly pulling them down to reveal her chest, inch-by-creamy-furred-inch, until her erect nipples were exposed and he dropped the shoulderstraps in favor of softly cupping and hefting her big breasts, lifting them to nuzzle and kiss, soft tongue lapping around her arousal stiffened nipples.

It'd been awhile since Meiou'd gotten have the pleasure of a dalliance with a new partner in Rhydin, one that wasn't one his existing mates that is, although his other mates wouldn't object in the least, what with having Chakatian views on intimate lifestyles. this doe was as normal as could be when compared to his other lovers, whom could be very quick lovers, or worse (for him at least) in that they could be excessively, nevermind exhaustingly, gifted in stamina when came to the bedroom. so to say he's enjoying her company, probably wouldn't be stretching the truth at all.

That said, he's had enough practice with his mates that did have that supernatural bit of stamina, to easily hold out long enough to satisfy this pretty little boxum doe. nevermind plenty of experience to take to the task. thus as he laps at and around her nipples, kneading and massaging her breasts, he brushs a hip between her legs, using it to continue his fingers earlier rubbing of her wanton mound. coaxing sweet moans and eager whimpers from her lips.

He smiles as he glances up at her, blunt lapine muzzle rubbing and nuzzling the boxum cervines bare bosom as he asks in a friendly tone, "If you want me to stop... all you've gotta do, is ask." when the doe neither pushs him away or verbally responds or makes to give a similiar gesture, he gave a soft lapine sound of approval, teasing his tongue around first one perky nipple, then the other, making the doe squirm and whimper in pleasure. his paws slid down her sides, catching ahold of the bunched up dress around her wide hips, then dragging them off, having pause a moment as she raises her hips to pull it off fully.

That done he returned his hands to her, this time to her hips, rubbing, petting and stroking those ample brown hips, circling his hands in opposite directions, one towards that lovely flag of a tail upon her rump, not to dissimiliar from his own or any his families. his other hand meanwhile slides slowly onto first her abdomen, then gently and slowly trails downward in a gentle caress of her pelvic area. both paws found there respective targets at roughly the same exact moment, the one grasping and massaging her tailbase, the other brushing against then cupping the ample mound of the doesex, still covered by her arousal drenched panties.

Meiou gave a soft, good-humored laugh, stroking his palmpad across her silk-guarded folds, while working her trembling and wiggling tails base. "Good heavens. Someone is awfully wet, I daresay quite needy too. If the state of her panties are any indication at all." Banstia could only whimper and nod vigoriously, obviously rather happy with the gentle affections of the lapine buck thusfar.


Chapter Five: Down to Business.


Banson, or "Banstia" as she'd told Meiou, could hardly stand to wait, this buck knew his stuff! he had her all but bursting with anticipation and want, pressing all the right buttons and such, and he'd only just started? she could only imagine what he'll be like once he settles down for doing some proper work!

That scaldingly tempting thought in mind, she began to strip him naked, breaking the buttons off his shirt in her haste. once it was off and falling to join her dress, she then went for his pants, only to blink in surprise as he caught her wrists and stopped her, giving a soft smile down at her as he kisses her nose, then helps her down off her elevated stool. then proceeded to help her finish the task of stripping them both naked.

She stares when his boxers came off, giving a low, appreciative whistle at the site of the bucks endowments. while no monster by any standards, he was (Thanks to the magical aural influences and doings of a few his mates and lovers over the years.) quite above average, decently so, as well as a good thickness too, with a ample and full furry scrotum to match the former. Banstia grasps his balls with one dainty hoof, and the base of his shaft in the other, peering up at him hesitantly. but when he only smiled and gave a encouraging nod, she took a breath, then timidly leaned forward to sniff and then lick him.

When his scent filled her nostrils, she gave a low groan of lustful arousal, the lick provoked by his scent in her nose, making her give a throaty hum at the salty-sweet taste of aroused lapine meat. her hooves gently fondled him, kneading and rolling the moderate pawful of his furred sac with the one, and giving a slow stroke of his buckmeat with the other, crooning up at the tall male as her tail wiggles and flicks about excitedly, all but fanning her scent into the air. she sighed and murred her approval when his paws again found her big breasts, playfully handling them as she did his own endowments.

He gave a low murr when she leaned forward, pulled his shaft down towards her, and took the pre-cum drooling tip into her lips suckling upon it like it was a favored flavor of a sucker.

She trembled as her thoughts raced, hesitating where she was. This is insane, crazy even! I'm a male, and here I am about to do what? About to give this fur, another MALE, a what? Blowjob? Muzzlejob? And yet... and yet, here I am. I'm... I'm looking forward to it? How weird! Huh... Must be the costume...? Enh... Well, who knows, this might actually be kinda fun!

She's jolted from her reverie, when Meiou gently tapped her nose, making her look up at him. "If you don't feel comfortable... We don't gotta do this, okay, Banstia?" He gave her a geniunely accepting and calm smile, scritching her muzzle soothingly. his peaceful indifference and comfortable air was what decided her. she turned her attention back to his erection, took a breath, more out of preperation and need to steady her nerves then needing to breath, and slide down the lapine length until her petite mouth and nose bumped into his sheath, his full length filling her mouth nicely.

Meiou's a bit taken aback when, Banstia, rather then, as he assumed she might, withdraw and forsake the task she'd seemingly overly rashed started. instead boldly and bravely gulped him to his hilt, his sheath nestled against the end of her muzzle, where her warm breath washed against his crotch-fur in soft huffs, while his stiff member filled her apple-red lips, to the back of her muzzle, longer by twice then his own lapine muzzle in length.

He churred audibly and stroked her neck and ears. "If your sure then, Banstia. I won't stop ya. Just fair warning, I can give out a good bit once I cum. So just be forewarned." He relaxed, reaching down to fondle the does dangling breasts, vocalizing his pleasure and enjoyment as she began to bob her head, giving soft sucks on him, a bit of a amateur bit of head, but she obviously had never done it before, so he didn't fault her for just learning. he gave her advice as she worked his rabbit-dick, warning her about her teeth after getting scraped by them twice, suggesting how she could use her long, smooth, agile doe-tongue to pleasure him further while she sucked him off. stuff like that, little things to help her learn, but not so much as to dictate her first time, so she could enjoy it and be proud of it when she accomplished it her first time, which point-in-fact, she wasn't doing too damned bad a job of!

He squirmed and pants a bit, already feeling close to filling her mouth with his first load of buncum, a easy task after years of lovemaking with many his mates and lovers back home. This would not be his last orgasm of the day, just his first. he was pretty sure as this little session crept on that he'd likely be the one, (for first time in years, maybe.) figuratively on top and barely even half-way winded from the lovemaking with his present partner. perhaps he might even be the one giving somebody a somewhat of a bulge to their belly for once? whom he began to softly and slowly thrust, gently encouraging her to pick-up the pace, just a tad, which she did.

He murrs louder as she redoubles her bobbing on his lapine cock, sides of her muzzle hollowing occasionally as she sucks upon him firmly and in lewdly audible slurpings. he resumes fondling her breasts, gently tugging and tweaking her nipples, causing her give surprised and pleased huffs and snorts alternately, depending upon what he does to her. he meanwhile began to make a growlish noise, hips trembling as she continues giving him a muzzlejob, his lapine cock going from pinkish-red, to the darker reddish-pink of a full about-to-errupt erection. "Just giving you a polite heads-up, Banstia. I'm gunna cum!"

She pricks up her ears upon hearing him, going even fiercer upon him, hugging his thighs as she knelt down infront of him, ample breasts nestling against and between his thighs, pillowing his ballsac as she eagerly works him towards his orgasm, making him chuff and churr louder as his belly began to tense up in imminent orgasm. promptly before he does so, giving a cry of pleasure as he orgasms, flooding the does' muzzle with his musky buncum, while she held him to the hilt, lapping and licking upon his dick as he fills her muzzle from rabbit-cock-stuffed-lips, to the back of her muzzle where the spurts of cum splattered warmly, making her give the occasional reflexive gulp.

Meiou sighs softly and smiles down at her, patting the back of her head and gently pulling her reluctant head up. "Not bad, Banstia. First time giving anybody a blowjob, huh?" he chuckles when he pulls his shaft free of her even more reluctant lips, of the last two spurts, one sprays her lips, the other lands atop her breasts. Meiou couldn't help smiling when she nods, blushing as the mouthful his spooge sloshes just audibly. "If you wanna go spit it out, my cum I mean, go ahead. I'll wait here, and I don't mind or take offense if you wanna."

He watchs her debate it, tilting her head thoughtfully, then gave a simple shrug, before gulping his load down in a few gulps, tentatively licking off what stains her lips. he chuckles as she blushes and says to him, "I figured I might as well, I'd already had to swallow a bunch of it, yknow?" Meiou nodded and grins a bit and chuckles. "Yeah, my mates tend do so anyways. Always telling me I taste 'Gamey' as if I was supposed to taste differently? I'm a lapine, I don't eat meat, and I eat healthy."

He smiles when she gave him a surprised look at his admission, then blinks as she asks, "Your mated?" When he nodded, she gave a dumbfounded look. "And... they let you do this stuff? Your... your mates?" Meiou could only chuckle ruefully and ironically. "Not only do they let me, they often encourage and shove me into it! Practically throw my fluffy behind in. Regularly infact. It can often be a bit, uhmm... tedious? I mean, a little yiffing here'n'there I can tolerate, and enjoy happily at that. But lately? my mates have had the misfortune of falling into heat in unexpected cycles. The worst being when they ALL get in heat at once!" He playfully shuders, although, how much of it is false and how much truthful shuder? Is known by him alone, after living with first one, then two or three other empathic mates, he'd learned guard his emotions fanatically on some matters, like a dragon guards it's horde, or worse, a dragoness guarding her eggs.

Meiou lifts her muzzle and kisses her lips gently. "But to summerize and digress, they know, don't mind, and welcome it. My family has very, Chakatian-moral view-points on intimacies. So... Now that the foreplay is done and aside. How's about we get into a more mutually beneficial 'transaction'?"


Chapter Six: To proper introductions, and new friends!


Foreplay? THAT was foreplay for him? Banson's floored to say the least. he'd just cummed enough semen, in one setting at that, to make what she and her room-mate/co-worker produced in a week, combined! And yet... that was strangely exciting and even more arousing to think of, contemplating it, had her growing so wet that the fur along the insides her thighs down to her knees began to get soaked. a fact not lost on Meiou as he sniffed the air and churred down at her. "So what'dya say? Care keep going?"

Not only did she want keep going, she wanted see just what this stud of a buck could do, once off that gentlemanly leash called restraint. Banson got up and nodded eagerly, saying in a breathy and quivering voice. "Ho-how do you wanna?" He didn't even need a moment to think, pressing her back softly into the wall behind her, hefting her up with surprising ease and down again right onto his erection, which hadn't even gotten past half-soft before getting hard again with anticipation. She groans as her snug doesex was filled wonderfully, making her shuder in pleasure. To say that this was turning into a amazing experience, might be a insulting understatement!

She watches as Meiou smiles as he shivers himself, feeling her snug vagina fluttering on his penis. he gave a soft good-humored chuckle, and began to thrust in her sex, working that ample lapine cock deeper and deeper with each hump. he was taking his good time getting settled, allowing her to do the same, while he worked his shaft in to getting hilted the first time. as he did so, he began stroking and caressing her body with his hands, lowering his muzzle to begin kissing, nuzzling and licking at her neck, cheeks, muzzle and lips tenderly. All the while using his chestfur to rub her still achingly erect nipples, making her begin to whimper and gasp with want and desire.

Meiou might of laughed, if he wasn't enjoying himself or making sure the Doe-not-a-doe was enjoying herself too. she was so responsive and sensitive! his using his chestfur alone to stimulate her nipples upon her big breasts was plenty proof of that. which is why he was taking his time, getting her good and ready for a nice, big, hard orgasm. he was a lapine buck, and as such, could readily of pounded her until he came in her, repeatedly doing so if he'd wanted even. but he got enough and plenty of that sort of boringly plain yiffing from another male lover he had named Heaven, who rutted and fucked just like a feral buck, with few exceptions such as for his oral lovemaking.

So, no, Meiou wouldn't be doing that to this friendly doe, who appearently, although not her first time, had little to no experience with a patient lover, especially one with stamina ample enough for satisfying any number of females with a normal sexual appetite and a natural amount of stamina. thus he kept going at a controlled pace, only increasing his humps in a gradual and building pace. of course it also gave her plenty of room to decide she wanted no such thing, which she did obviously decide when she hops up to hook her long cervine legs around his hips and plunge her cunt onto him to his hilt, his sheath flush to her wet labia.

Oh, fuck this, she thought, he's driving me mad with want with this torture, I'd daresay he's doing it on purpose! And here I thought rabbits were a breed renown for being fast lovers too, that could go at it back-to-back one orgasm after another without fail! That hungry thought in mind, she jumped him, getting a delightful squeal forced from herself as she makes him hilt into her juicy cunny. also earning his hands clamped upon her behind and squeezing it, not a moment before his grinning muzzle claimed hers.

Banson groaned into the kiss, as he began to oblige her silent demand, pounding her wanton and needy, heat-stricken sex. his shaft flashing in and out of her doesex with soft, but audible, lewd liquid sounds. she could only pant and gasp her pleasure as he ruts her now, her big tits bouncing and jiggling atop her chest and against his. she reached up and gripped the coatrack, groaning loudly as she tilts her head back, allowing him to work on her jouncing titties with his clever and quite-obviously-practiced mouth.

Each and every last one of his licks, kisses, sucks, squeezes and pumps extracted some sort of sound from her. wither it was from her muzzle, panting and gasping with lusty, heat-driven-arousal. or from where they were coupling, his lapine dick flashing in and out of her overly excited mound, making noisy squishes, squelchs and sucks as he pounds her heat-ridden folds. and it was as he began tensing up that she recalled the volume of which he'd already filled her stomach prior, making her quiver with anticipation to find out how much would pour free upon his release inside her false-but-real feminine sex.

Suffice it to say, she's shocked, when he cries out a low groan and came again, slamming in and grinding against her, squeezing her ass firmly as he came. To her cunfusion, bewilderment, curiousity and finally chagrin, when his seed didn't come gushing out of her hot folds about his member, but stayed inside her. she groans as she began to feel a growing tightness, looking down and stares, wide-eyed as her belly began to very, very slowly, swell before her eyes. filling with a maddening and intense tingling, that tickled horridly and greatly. she squeaks and squirms, wriggling on the buck as he calmed down and his orgasm slowly abates, kissing her again and winks at her. "Had enough, or you not ready to cry 'Surrender' yet, Miss Banstia?"

She had the urge to glower and yell at him, she admittedly was already getting a tinny bit exhausted, sweating already infact, but the longer that ticklish-tingling filled her, she's surprised to acknowledge and admit with profound realization, the better it felt and the more aroused she got and felt!

So she eyed him levelly for a few moments, as he set her on her hooves, looking at her with a contented and kindly smugness. Decided, she lifts her chin determinedly and huffed at him, saying in a tauntingly challenging tone, "If thats all and the best you've got, sir, then I am afriad I'm in for a long, sad, disappointingly boring night of paperwork." She grins as she watched his eyebrows shoot up in surprise and a smile appear on his muzzle. Meiou gave her a kiss and chuckling, lifts one her legs up and over, turned her about, and leaned her against the wall, settling into another round of fucking the haughty doe in attempt to put her contentedly into 'submission' under him. It's going to be a fun challenge make her cry 'Uncle' to him she thought with a satisfied smile.

Meiou can't help laughing delightedly, here she was, as normal a creature as someone wearing a enchanted costume can be. and she was taunting and challenging him to keep yiffing her even more! even after she'd found that one his really hard orgasms filled her so much, she had a pooched out and swollen belly? He laughs softly and nuzzles her pleasently musty smelling and sweaty neck. kissing and nibbling on it, making her giggle and squirm as his hips kept thrusting against her lush backside, thumping softly into that jiggly behind with each lurch of his strong and well excercised hips and legs, his elbows leaned against the wall above her as she fondles and played with her ample titties.

He smiled and nipped playfully at her ears, lowering his hands as he nestles up behind and against the shorter doe, his hands joining hers upon her breasts, helping to massage and knead the generious mounds, his fingers tweaking and pinching her sizeable nipples to the gasps and meeps of their owner. Her sex flutters and squeezes upon him in pleasure and reflex to that invading flesh of his repeatedly spearing her drooling folds.

The buck chuckles and murmurs into a cervine ear, "Y'know... If I keep screwing you full of it, as much as the previous time? Your not gunna be able walk, let alone keep standing up." He grins and grunts in pleasure when her twat clenchs and quivers at that statement, making him chuckle his satisfaction. "Alrighty, no walking home for does then, not for you missy!" He groans as he rams into her, speeding up for the last few moments of his climax, crying out as he pumps into her a few more times during his orgasm. his next load of cum flooding her uterus all the fuller, he chirps and churrs his pleasure, nibbling Banstia's eartips alternatively, making her wriggling and squirm against him, and her belly to subtly slosh and wobble.

He chuckles and takes her hands from her breasts with his, putting them to rubbing her belly, feeling it grow and expand with a soft, if a bit odd, gurgly noise and light creaking sounds too. as his orgasm again tapers off, he turns her head and gave her a passionate kiss, and another sudden hump to make her gasp. then with a smug chuckle, pulls her away from the wall and to kneel down, getting her onto her hands and knees, and coincidently her swollen tummy too.

Banson giggles as he got her into a doggystyle position, swaying her hips playfully, and giggling all the more at the wobbling slosh it makes her belly do. then she groans and whimpers in pleasure, as he'd begun to really pound her now, rutting against her so hard, each thump of his lap is like a spank on her bottom, which makes it, her breasts, and her swollen and to-be-more-swollen belly.

She pants and gasps eagerly, then murrs as he wraps a arm around her tenderly, forearm against her left breast and paw cupping and fondling the right, while his other braces himself while he willingly bunnyfucked her. stroking her towards a fine jointed orgasm with himself, his balls tapping up against her vulva with each forward thrust, making her jerk and quiver as they occasionally thumped right on her clitoris, making her pant all the heavier underneath him, bracing herself and thrusting back against him with a growing urgency bred as much of desire as out of need and lust.

Banson tosses her head, all but mewling in building need, gasping as she spoke to him, "C'mon, you big, rut-horny buck! Hard, faster, please! Lemme cum on you, please, Please, PLEASE! I want, no, I need to cum so badly!" Meiou pants and grunts in her ear as he kept going, but obligingly sped up and hit her behind harder in the process, all but growling in her ears. "Ohhh, your gunna get it, alrighty, just you wait. Your gunna cream alllll over my cock, ya slutty lil doe, and I'm gunna love it, every, steamy, sweaty, climax giving second of it, while I unload my balls into you, yet again. Now hush and enjoy your ride."

When he nipped her scruff, she whimpered and shut up, trembling in growing pleasure as her climax rapidly scaled those proverbial heights, his just-shy-of-perfect cocks thickness, almost always rubbing all the right places wonderfully well as it flashes in-and-out, in-and-out, in a fierce lapine pace. and so as she approuches that platio, he cums again, flooding her womb even fuller with more maddeningly tickling-tingles of sensation, and thankfully he kept on thrusting for her, determined to get her off as she'd announced herself verbally and physically to being so close.

So as he finishes shooting off his latest load in her, she hits her peak, squealing and screaming her pleasure to the empty shop, putting a idly and silly thought (considering the present deeds being done) of needing swap out or erase this from the film footage of the shops security cameras' logs, one of which had long since oriented upon the duo, the instant the buck had circled around behind from the front of the counter infact.

As they come down off their respective highs, he chuckles and reachs down with his free hand, stroking her absolutely flowing pussy, smearing the does cum around playfully. "Well! Someone sure is messy when she cums! Look at the puddle you made, all by yourself!" He wasn't exaggerating either, a good three-foot puddle was now spread around the panting pair, soaking their pile of clothes with femcum.

He chuckles and kisses her cheek. "What a lovely mess." She flushs brilliant red under her fur, then giggles fitfully. then says with further giggles and titters, "It's all your fault too! Every, last, damned well caused, drop!"

With that, he laughs softly and says, "Well, then, allow me have the pleasure of trying to have and cause a repeat proformence!" and that said, he began to take her again. this time, as when they'd first started, with long, drawn-out, moan and sigh inducing, patient thrusts...


Chapter Seven: Well... Whoever said the word "Normal" fit into magic?


It's as Meiou and Banson are in their fourth go, Banson's belly nicely swollen and on way to resembling a greater-then-nine-months pregnancy, jiggling and wobbling like a oversized balloon full of Jell-o from the buck determined to try and get his friendly "Cry Uncle!", that the doe abruptly squeaks and squeals, a musky fluid gushing out from her folds briefly, but it wasn't cum from either partners, but it was something vaguely like it.

Meiou, startled and shocked, withdrew and stares as the doe collapsed panting and gasping in worry. "Wh-wha-what the hell was that?!" Meiou blinks at her, hesitating and clears his throat. "Weeell... If you want me to check?" Banson huffed and looked back at him, obviously hoping he was asking rethorically, but flagged her tail all the same. so he leaned forward, and surprises her as he shoves his paw into her folds, making her squeak again, turning to stare at him as he somehow shoves it in her up to his elbow. leaving her gaping at him in stunned silence, then to moan as he began to pull out his arm.

Well... thats... interesting. Meiou thought to himself, when his hand had slide past Banstia's cervix, having on a impulse done something that a fair few his female mates and lovers at his shared home could handle having done, it bumps into something peculiar that sets his skin to tingling, even more then his first touch to this doe had. And so as he began to pull his arm out, his hand tightly clutched on the unknown object, he's only half-surprised or shocked, when he began pulling out a skin!

A blank, but a skin all the same. Whoop, make that blank no longer. the instant he'd noted it's blankness, it'd begun to ripple, so by time the footpaws of it slurped free of the now, again, flat bellied doe, the skin resembled a attractively feature blended version of himself and the doe prone before him, rump still up in the air.

"Well, Banstia, I offer you congratulations on a intriguingly unique method for Skin-making. I'd daresay it's superior to whatever you used to make that one your wearing now." When she tensed and looked back at him, he could only smile and eye her curiously, having draped the new skin across her stool to let it dry out, already it showed hints of being tri-colored. "So... Care tell me your real name now, and maybe what you are too?"

Holy sh- What the hell, how does he KNOW I'm not really a doe? That was the first thought to flash fearfully threw her head. the next one made her considerably more calm. Ahh, whats it matter? I dunno how I know, but I can trust him. Nevermind the fact he's given me one helluva fine, first, and nevermind awesome orgasm, as a woman at that! "My names Banson. I'm a, or am under this anyways, a human man. I don't honestly know when or how, I became able make these things, although..." here she glances at the newest skin, shudering with the erotically wonderful recollection of the event that'd just transpired and the results required for it. "I'd have to say... THAT is a method for making them I'd, happily and eagerly, repeat."

She looks back at Meiou over her shoulder again, blushing and waggles her still upraised bottom at him invitingly, smiling shyly as she eyes him hopefully with her sex still dripping wet with arousal and the sex they'd just finished having minutes earlier.

When he laughed softly and pats her bottom, she felt a moment of disappointment that he'd just declined. then brightens as he said in a playfully husky tone, "Well, when you put it that way, Banson, how can I resist or say no?" She smiles as he slipped forward up atop her again, lapine member starting to harden again, she smiles happily and sways her hips enticingly, crooning at him as she reachs back to fondle and stroke him. "Well, if your gunna make some purchases, you might as well pay-out for such exquisite and fine craftswomanship. Doubly for products such as that, which are so difficult and take so long to create!"

A shared moan escapes doe and buck both, as he slid right back into her, giving a surprised and amused, "Huh!" when he re-entered her and found her as snug as when he first put his cock inside that willing snatch hours ago. With a grin, and low horny murr, he began to pump in her pussy again, going for another set of rounds into trying to 'craft' another of those unique skins, in hopes to see if the result was the same or more exotic and enjoying the work to come towards it to find out.

"After all," Meiou mused aloud in the midst of the 'Work' a little bit later to a panting Banson, "whats point finding out you can do it in such a fine and fun way, and not make the effort find out if it's a repeatable event?"

Thus Meiou met, and became friends too "The Skin Maker." Who could ask for a better meeting betweeen two sound, new, fast friends?



...The end to a story? Or the beginning's of a new Chapter in a long book? Only "Time" will tell...