Lessons in Love

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2 of Kitten Troubles Since so many of you asked so nicely...

Wow! I had no idea that my first cub story would end up in the front page! Seems there are a lot of cub fans out there wanting to sate their primal desires, and I intend to help with that. Here it comes *drum roll* the sequel to "Like a charm"! (Which I recommend reading first. Otherwise you won't understand a thing)

Disclaimer: There-a be some cubby loving' so if you no likey, getthefuckouty. Also if you have less than 18. You're still here? Well, it runs on you. Roll the camera!

Update: I'm sorry if this feels like one long and boring sex-Ed class, but without it the rest of the plot won't make any sense at all... Still, this one is much beefier than the last one, with over 5K words worth of kitten yiffing. This one is dedicated to... Hmm, no idea... Any suggestions?

Timothy Greene woke up, yawning as he stretched his tiny kitten arms as the new day dawned. He looked around at the scene, and his eyes half closed as he remembered the night before. It had been so fun, he couldn't wait for Aunt Sam to get there so he could tell her everything. At his side, Rose purred happily in her sleep. Unknown to him, she was dreaming about last night, and her brain even invented new stuff they hadn't tried out to her surprise. As she orgasmed in her sleep Timmy saw her squirm and moan, a couple drops of that clear fluid from before oozing out of her bare pussy as the kittens orgasm died down, and she woke up.

"Huh, wha? Timmy? Then it was a dream after all..." she said. Then, she livened up as she saw the box with her mother's sex toys on the bed. "Or maybe not. Do you remember something Tim?" She asked

"About what?"

"About last night silly, do you remember what happened?"

"Oh yeah. I uh... I put my thing in yours and you bled a bit, but then it felt really good."

"Yeah, it does hurt a bit now... Do you know like, why we did it or what it was?" She asked again, scooting over and hugging her cousin before cuddling with him.

"I have no idea, really. We should ask your mom about this" He remarked

"Well, she said she'd be here in the morning... Oh My God Timmy, look at this mess! Mom will kill me if she sees the mess we made here! Help me clean up, quick!" She ordered, jumping off the bed without bothering to cover her bare fur. They put everything back in the box and returned it to the top drawer, took off the sheet with both their fluids and her deflowering blood and threw it away since it was ripped in half, and finally put some clothes on, just in time to hear the door open. It was Aunt Sam, who the kids hugged happily. Her whiskers twitched with the smell of sex still in the air as the kittens hadn't had a bath. She smiled, already knowing of their naughty acts.

"Mommy! How are you?" Rose said

"I'm fine kids. How's everything? Did you cause some trouble around here?" she asked as she always did.

"No Aunt Sam, We didn't" Tim said.

"That's good. What have you been up to then?" She asked.

"Well, we kind of wanted to talk to you about something odd that happened last night. You see, we..." Rose began

Samantha had forgotten about one thing: they hadn't learned what they'd really done. If they talked about it or didn't really know about it then the whole plan would come down crashing.

"Yuck, what's that smell" She asked. "Have my kittens forgotten to take their morning bath?" She asked, hoping they'd bite. Timmy smelled his armpit and pouted, since the night before he'd sweated a lot. They both ran off to the shower, leaving Aunt Sam giggling as she thought how to remedy this situation. She couldn't do it, no direct involvement from her part was allowed if the plan was to succeed. Then, an idea popped into her head. She dialed a number and began talking with perhaps the only person in the world who would actually do what she was about to ask her to.

"Hey Lania! Listen, I need a favor..."

The two kittens now stood firm in front of Aunt Sam, freshly bathed and with a new set of clothes.

"Well kittens, as you know I must leave for work now..." She began. This time, the kids actually looked glad for a second.

"So we're staying by ourselves again?" Rose asked, a tiny bit of hope in her voice.

"No honey... I can't do that very often. The babysitter will arrive in any minute now."

"But Dana is boring! She doesn't let us see tv!" She protested

"I know. That's why I've hired a new one. I'm sure you three will have so much fun!" She said, already imagining everything in her mind.


"That's her! Everybody say hello to Lania!"

"Hi Lania!" Rose obediently said. Timmy, however, was too focused drooling over the new sitter to really care.

"Hi kids" Lania said. "How's it going?"

She was a bunny rabbit, with a cream colored fur and a white belly, contrasting with her deep blue eyes. She was 15, and a personal acquaintance of Aunt Sam.

"Well then, I'll leave you to your 'work'" Samantha said in an extremely subtle mischievous tone that Lania caught right away, winking at her. Aunt Sam kissed the kids and left for work again. After the door was closed, Lania bent down and asked the kids, making sure her ample cleavage showed perfectly. "So, what do you guys want to do?"

They looked at each other before shyly asking if they could see some TV. Dana always said that the device would fry their brains and that they should read instead.

"Why, of course you can! In fact, why don't you sit on the couch while I turn it on for you." She said, smiling

They both smiled, and they were going to tell her about the remote but she was already there. She bent down, turning it on while giving the cubs a good look at her underwear below her skirt. She wore panties. cute, cotton made white beauties that wrapped nicely around her small but firm butt. Timmy, whose hormones were priming up for a massive puberty growth spurt, began to feel a tightness in his pants. He looked down and saw that he had a raging erection, plainly visible. Rose noticed this and blushed, chuckling as she saw his embarrassment. Right before Lania turned back, he managed to put a small pillow from the sofa on top, hiding it from the bunny's vision. She couldn't be fooled, however, and smiled innocently as she sat in the middle of them both.

"So, what do you want to watch? Some violent action movies? Maybe some cartoons?"

The kids were in awe. This had to be the best babysitter ever! Aunt Sam only allowed TV for educational purposes, like documentaries. They scrolled until they found a nice cartoon and settled in. The pubescent bunny had no intention of watching the cartoons. Instead, she began to think of ways to accomplish her goals for the day. Two coyote versus roadrunner pursuits later, she had a solid plan. She smiled to herself, and unconsciously placed her arm over the pillow on Tim's lap.

"So, what do you kittens want now?" She asked. They were very sleepy, yet it was only 4Pm. They told her they were in the mood for a nap, and she helped them to bed. After putting Rose down first, she walked with Timmy to the guest bedroom. He quickly changed and jumped on the large bed. Instead of a goodnight kiss like Sarah, however, he received a very weird question.

"Can I sleep with you?" The teen bunny asked. Seeing his confused look she quickly explained herself.

"Thing is, I can't sleep in your mother's bed and I don't want to bother Rosie." She said. "Come on, it'll be ok"

"Ummmm... Sure" He said, utterly confused.

"Yay! Thank you" She said and right there, in front of his open jaw, stripped to her underwear. She wore a bra that covered her medium sized rack, and the cotton white panties he'd gotten a glimpse of before.

"I like to sleep without so many clothes. It's better this way" She explained as she got in the bed, facing away from him. She spooned him by making sure her butt was firmly against his groin, and pretended to fall asleep.

Timmy was in shock. He had no idea that the new babysitter would behave like this. He wasn't going to complain, not with some nice and smooth bunny ass against his kitten groin. He shyly checked if she was asleep, and them draped a hand over her, cuddling up. She smiled internally, thinking it wouldn't be as hard as she though it would be. The rabbit girl was not very experienced in sex, as she'd had only a couple sexual partners before then. Even though this would've been scandalous for any other species, rabbits weren't exactly known for their chastity. Even then, the lack of experience was compensated by a very thorough sexual education, common for her species.

Before long, she felt something hard poking her behind. She didn't have to look to know exactly what it was, and her only action was to shuffle a bit so it would end up pushing against the gap between her legs, just below her sex. On the other side of that raging erection, Timmy had begun to feel the pain caused by the restricting garments. As he had very little understanding of the meaning of "Intimacy" he decided to do what was best for his penis: take off his pants. As he tried to do so without waking Lania back up, his now bare penis ended up sandwiched in between the girl's legs. The feeling was awesome, but he had to finish taking off his pants. While he did so, Lania moved like she was just sleeping, making sure his penis ended up pressed against her panties. Tim froze, thinking he had woken her up and she'd be mad for doing so. Still, after a few seconds of stillness, he regained calm only to lose it again at the notion that his penis was rubbing against her folds, through the panties. The little feline's instincts kicked in, grinding against her with short pelvic thrusts.

Although Lania was enjoying this, she was aware that the current setup wouldn't work. He would just dry-hump her until he'd emptied himself and then fell asleep. Knowing this, she decided to drop her element of surprise by doing the only thing that wouldn't scare Timmy: She moaned. She moaned like she was awake, and Timmy noticed this immediately.

"I'm sorry miss Lania, I didn't want to wake you up, I..." He began

"Don't worry little one. I was actually enjoying myself. Do you know what you were doing? She asked, trying to gauge his sexual knowledge.

"I... I don't know..." He said, getting interested. Perhaps this girl could shine some light into the things that had happened last night.

"I see." She said, grasping the difficulty of her task. "I can tell you, but it's very, VERY important that you tell no one about this. NO ONE." She emphasized, letting him know that what would happen in the next two hours was not to be discussed again.

"Umm... Okay, but why?" He asked

"It's something that a kitten like you isn't supposed to do, but they do it anyways. Kind of like watching violent movies. If you say something, they will ground you or scold you, even if they aren't from the family" She tried to explain

"Oh... Okay! I won't tell anyone. Or, wait... Can I tell Rose?" he asked.

"Yes, you can. But make her swear she won't say anything either." Lania emphasized. "Now, this has a lot of things to do with how kittens are born. Do you know how that happens?" she asked him.

"Yes! They come out of their mother's tummies!" he said proudly, having learned that a few days ago.

"Good, at least parents aren't making up stories now... But Timmy, how do they get there?" She asked

"Umm... A stork does?" He said

"I retract my previous statement" She said as she rolled her eyes. "Actually no, their father puts them inside. Here's how: The man's penis goes into the woman's vagina and leaves a seed there, which'll grow like a flower for nine months until the baby is born." She explained.

"What is a 'Piiiiinaaaas'? He said, making an effort to spell the word.

"Oh dear" She chuckled. "It's a Peeeniiiis, and it's the thing poking my legs." She said

"Ah, so that's what it's called" He said, happy to learn something new. "And that other word you said, Vanilla or something like that?"

"It's called a Vaaagiina or Pussy for short. It's what is girls have instead of your penis" She said. "But a picture is worth a thousand words, so how about we get these covers out of the way?" She said, and then did so without waiting for an answer. She giggled as she saw he was already nude, and his swollen penis was out in the open. She quickly stripped off her own clothes and then threw them away. She spread her legs a bit and used two fingers to spread her lips a bit. "Come here and have a closer look" The bunny girl said. He complied, and got in close. "That's the vagina. Every girl has one, although some are a bit different." She began. "Now, feel free to touch if you want, but gimme some warning before, Kay? The big lips you see outside covered with fur are my outer lips. Inside, the pink folds are called inner lips. Those are more sensitive than the outer lips." She said

"Can... Can I?" He asked shyly

"Of course! Just be gentle, girls are too sensitive down there" She said. He grabbed them and tugged at them for a bit, examining them deeply. She let out slow and hushed moans at every touch. Once his curiosity was sated, he retreated, signaling her it was time to move on with the lesson.

"Alright. Next, we have..."She began, but was cut off by the door opening. Rose stood there, looking at them both. "What's going on?" She asked.

"Ah, Rosie! I was kind of hoping you'd come. Here, I'm teaching your cousin about what do we girls have in here." She said, pointing at her pubic region. "Wanna join?"

"Ummm... I don't know..."

"Come on, you might learn something useful" Said the 15 year old bunny. After she nodded, the cream colored furry guided her to the side of Timmy, so she could also see her pussy.

"So, as I was telling Timmy" She resumed "Babies are born when a boy puts his penis" She paused to point at Timmy's which was still hard. "Into a girl's vagina or pussy" She said, pointing down at hers. "By the way Rose, why don't you disrobe? It seems unfair with the rest that you're still dressed..." She said. After a reassuring look from her cousin, she did just that.

"Good. Now, under the lips there are a number of things. The most important parts are the following. Come closer so you can see easier. As before, Timmy can touch mine with previous warning. Rose, you can obviously use yours to help you understand." She said. As she said this, Timmy eagerly got closer.

"Okay, first stop of the tour is the clitoris. Also called clit, it's the most sensitive part of a girl. Tim, this is the only place you can't touch just yet because it is so sensitive it hurts if a girl is not aroused" She said. Seeing their confused looks, she added "Arousal is when a girl or a boy wants to have sex really bad. You can tell it easily in boys because the penis swells up. Girls are harder to tell, and you'll learn that in time" she said as she used her fingers to spread her lips so Timothy could get a good view.

"After that, there's the opening. See this? This is where your penis goes in when you have sex" She said, using her inner muscles to open it up a bit. She smiled when she saw the furtive look the kittens exchanged. She had been fully briefed, but was instructed to act like she didn't know.

"Now, moving on to the penis..." She began, taking Timmy by surprise. Surely she wasn't going to...

"May I?" She asked, already in a good position to show both the kittens everything about his penis.

"Uhhhhh.... Ooo...okay..." He said, feeling extremely weird.

"Great. Now Rose, can you come over here? There, now just get a bit closer." She said, positioning her in front of Timmy. "Now, look at the main part: The red rod coming out of the furry sheath that normally protects it. It has the common characteristics of all male organs, like a head and a shaft" She said, poking gently every single part as she explained it. Timmy gasped and his penis twitched at the bunny's touch. "Also, if you look down here..." She said, gently cupping his testicles "Are his testicles or ball, as we call them. They are the ones that produce the white sticky stuff that comes out, which is the one that can make babies. Now, don't ever squeeze or hit them, since it is the most painful thing in the world." She said. "Up here, you can see lining the joint between the head and the shaft, a line of barbs. These are only on feline males, and they stimulate feline females into ovulating" She said. "This means it can produce a baby if it spills his cum or white stuff into a girl"

At that point Timmy's eyes opened wide and he got very nervous. He turned to his cousin and said alarmed. "Then what we did last night... We were having a baby!? I don't want a baby!" He said

"Don't worry; I'm sure she isn't old enough to have a baby yet. But just in case, I'll give you a special pill that will make sure you don't have a kitten" Lania said, calming them down. "What you did, last night... You did this because you loved each other and that's good. But you mustn't tell anyone of this because cousins and family members aren't supposed to do this." She said, cementing the prelude of a clandestine relationship.

They sat in silence for a second, soaking in the info. Then, Lania made her final move. "If you guys allow me, I can teach you how to do it without risk and feel better" She said.

The kittens looked at each other and then nodded.

"Yay! I was hoping you'd let me!" She squealed.

The bunny rabbit's cheerful and happy ways had the kittens mesmerized. She scooted closer to them and began to talk.

"Well, first things first: Do any of you know what a French kiss is?" She asked. She found it odd that a couple of kids just a year younger were so oblivious to sex. Still, the age for becoming sexually active was different depending on the species. Bunnies went hardcore at around 13-14, while canines did so at 15-16. The felines were on the far side of the spectrum, often learning about sex when they reached their late teens, around 17. It all depended on the amount of education received from their parents.

"No? Maybe it's when two people from France kiss?" Rose said, completely serious.

"Almost" Lania remarked, struggling to avoid laughing. "It's generally something done with people you want to have sex with. Almost like a signal" She said. "Timmy, can you come here? I'm going to give you a demonstration"

Timmy nervously inched until their faces were almost touching. Then, she kissed him right in the lips. This was very strange, and it got even weirder when she slowly parted her lips and used her tongue to open his. He let out a muffled cry of surprise as her tongue succeeded and entered his mouth, grabbing hold of his and gently massaging it. At that point Timmy began to go past the feeling of yuck and started to enjoy it intensely. Soon, his tongue was taking an active role, fencing against hers in an inexperienced, frantic dance. Seeing as he'd caught the main idea, she pulled back.

"And that's French kissing. It is only done in private, mind you." She said, cleaning a bit around her mouth. "Now, Timmy, why don't you show your cousin what I just taught you." She remarked.

Timmy did as asked, and kissed his cousin. When she felt his tongue try to open her lips she pulled back in disgust.

"Now, don't worry about it Rosie, it is part of the kiss" Lania intervened. "Just open your lips and let him do the rest. I guarantee you'll like it"

They went at it again, and this time she allowed him to violate her mouth with his tongue before she too began to fight back. They kept at it with such love, such passion and yet such inexperience, the whole scene aroused Lania. Unable to control her natural rabbit libido, one of her paws went furtively to her snatch, rubbing herself off as she saw the scene in front of her. It was precisely then that Timmy opened his eyes and saw her.

"What are you doing?" He asked, pulling away from the kiss

"Oops. Busted." She said. "Remember when you put your penis inside her vagina and it felt really really good? Well, there are other ways to feel that good, especially if you're alone." She began.

"Now, these vary from male to female, so I'll start with you first." She said, pointing to Timmy. She inched closer and grabbed his paw, guiding it towards his shaft. "There you go, now grab it and stroke it up and down" She said, guiding the kitten into his first masturbation. He did so and immediately began to feel really good, which caused him to speed up. He closed his eyes and kept at it.

"That is called pawing off, and it's what boys do when they don't have a girl to have sex with." She explained mostly to Rose, who was looking with wide eyes. As she felt him speed up, she gently stopped him and lifted his paw. His look of disappointment turned into one of pleasure when she used her own paw to stroke him off slowly.

"Feels better when it's someone else, right? This is called a hand-job and its part of the foreplay. Foreplay happens between the two people who are going to have sex, and it's all about making the other feel good before doing it" She explained. "This can be done in many ways and it depends on your partner. Still, most of the time it's either a hand-job or a blow-job" She said, motioning Rose to pay attention as she took the small penis inside her mouth. Rose did a small face, showing that she thought it was very nasty. Still, she rethought the idea as she saw the pure bliss on her cousin's face. He had closed his eyes and suddenly bucked hard into the rabbit's mouth, meowing hard as he grabbed her ears and released his seed inside her. She patiently gulped it down as his pleasure waned, and finally released him from her mouth.

"That's an orgasm dear, and it's what you look forward to accomplishing during foreplay" She said to Rosie, since Timmy was temporarily out of action. She saw a drop come out of his tip like a white pearl, and seized the opportunity. "Hey, wanna grab a taste? It's really nice." She told her.

After doubting about it for a bit, she came in and cautiously used her tongue to grab the drop of cum, making his penis twitch in the process. She savored it for a couple seconds, and then swallowed the yummy treat while smiling to Lania. "Told you" She said. Seeing as Timmy was still out, she decided to give Rose a couple 'girls only' tips.

"Now, when you want to feel good and you're all alone, you can do the following." She said, scooting closer to her. "Mirror my movements, Kay?"

She began to slowly rub her outer lips, gently and teasingly. Rose did the same, inhaling sharply at the touch. After a couple seconds the rabbit used one hand to spread the outer lips while the other teased the inner lips. She heard the kitten moan and knew she had followed suit and was now teasing the pink flesh surrounding her opening. Lania felt it was time to raise the bar and used her index to slowly penetrate herself. A gasp and a meow told her Rose had indeed placed her finger inside her pussy, making it the second thing ever inside it. Their moans became quicker and in fact seemed to synchronize as she guided her into a pleasurable masturbation. Right then, she felt Timmy wake up and made a quick change of plans.

"Rosie? Stop for a second please" She said. "Timmy, wanna learn how to eat out your cousin?" She asked.

"No way! I won't kill her, I'm no cannibal!" He said.

"Timmy, calm down. When I said eat her out I didn't mean it literally! It means you use your mouth on her pussy like I did on your penis" She quickly explained. Seeing him calm down she began to explain how to, and in a moment he was giving his cousin an Australian kiss, making her squeal in pleasure. Always heeding to the bunny's directions, Timmy lapped away at the pink folds eagerly. Rose moaned hard as she felt his tongue going inside of her, coating her inner walls with his saliva. It felt so nasty and yet so good, she couldn't help but arch her back and yelp as her inner walls clamped down on his tongue, flooding him with her fluids. Timothy's first impression was that she'd peed on him, but as the odor flooded his nostrils and his taste buds discharged pure pleasure he discovered it was the same thing as the night before. He immediately chugged as much as he could, finding the taste invigorating and feeling his kitten-hood grow again. The scene was too much for the bunny rabbit, who hadn't stopped fingering herself. Her thumb went up to her clit and after carefully removing the hood she gently rubbed it, causing her to orgasm immediately. Hers was a much more silent one, as she bit her lip and kept rubbing while her juices were soaked into the bed. In a few seconds they were all panting, with Timmy licking his whiskers in pleasure. They waited for some time so the girls could catch their air back and then Lania spoke up.

"And that's foreplay. Now comes the really good part." She said, tossing a small object from her purse towards Timmy. He looked at it with a very confused look. "That's a condom dear, specifically designed for felines. Remember when I told you how kittens were born? Well this thing here wraps around your penis and stops the cum from getting inside the girl, so no kittens will be born." She explained. "Now, let me show you how it's used..." She said as she helped him open it. Then, carefully explaining the technique, she placed it on his penis. It was a feline condom, so it had small areas so the barbs could be felt and yet not rupture the rubber. In a few seconds his now covered penis was standing proud, the light glistening off it. She then took another object, a small vial, and applied a thick gooey fluid all over it.

"This is lube, very important when you're using a condom so the rubber doesn't give the girl's insides a rug burn. It also contains some spermicide, which will make sure absolutely nothing escapes the rubber." she said, taking just a bit and applying it to Rose's lips. The little kitten jumped in surprise but them settled down. After preparations were complete she told her to lie down on her back and told Timmy to get on top. The kittens had already done that the night before, so they were quick to do it. As the bunny lined up their genitals Timmy asked:

"Umm... Will it hurt her again?" He asked.

"If you go slowly it won't. A girl's first time always hurts and she may bleed, but after that it never happens again." She said. She saw him try to push inside, but used a strong paw on his hips to control his thrusts. "Go slow at first honey, if not you may hurt her" Lania said. He apologized softly and continued, slowly this time. His rubber covered penis slowly began to disappear inside her, sliding in effortlessly due to the generous amount of lubrication. They both moaned as he hilted himself inside her gently. He then spoke up.

"It feels different. Like, not as soft as last night..." He said with a tiny hint of disappointment.

"It's the condom dear; it does make it a bit less pleasurable. Sadly, Rose is too young to take the pill yet, so you must use these for at least a year." She said. She was getting very aroused to see the two young kittens fucking; their cute and inexperienced movements making her feel all warm inside. Her paw returned as she began to rub herself again while the two kittens moaned in pleasure. Rose was in pure ecstasy, feeling her cousin's penis spread her insides once more and scratch her walls with his barbs every time he pulled out. It was true that the condom took away part of the feeling but she didn't complain as yet another orgasm ran through her body. Timmy felt her clamp around his penis, wondering why he was lasting so long. As he asked the masturbating rabbit she replied:

"It's another thing about the condom. Since it doesn't feel as good, you take a bit longer to cum. That's not a bad thing generally, since women love a guy that can last a long time." She said between moans.

"But I want to cum! I'm getting tired!" He said, causing the rabbit to feel compassion for the kitten. Although she hadn't agreed to this, the inevitable proposal came out of her lips:

"I would suggest that you do it without a condom, but there's the risk of getting your cousin pregnant. On the other hand, I'm a different species and I am on the pill, so if you want I can let you Yiff me without it." She said, her paw rubbing faster. The promise of a bareback humping was too much for the feline, who had the decency to ask the kitten wrapped around her penis first if she was okay with it. Rose had already orgasmed twice in a few minutes, so she had no problem with it. He turned his head and asked:

"Is... Is it okay? I mean..." He began; trying to make sure that there would be no consequences to what she was suggesting.

"Yeah, it is. Now come here." She said, her arousal taking control of her teenage body as she turned to face away from him and got in all fours, presenting her a good view of her behind and her lips, topped off by some twitches of her puffy white cotton tail.

"Ummm... There's a problem here..." She heard him say. Kneeling behind her, he was just too small for his penis to get in position, and standing up rendered him too tall.

"Sorry, got carried away there" She said as she laid down on her belly, her legs still open. "That should do the trick. Now how about we get rid of this pesky thing..." She said as she used one hand to remove the condom, which was glistening with Rose's fluids on the outside and Timmy's pre on the inside.

"Now, go ahead and take me. Don't worry about being gentle with me" She said. He rested his belly in her back and with her help lined up his member. He gave in to instinct and pounded away, hilting himself inside her with one quick thrust. Lania moaned hard as he spread her open. Timmy also moaned at the warmth of her walls and the texture surrounding his member. It felt so good, so natural, and so perfect. He pulled back for another thrust as he felt her squirm and yelp a bit.

"Is everything okay?" He asked, truly concerned.

"Yeah, I was just surprised by the barbs. I had never felt anything like this before." She said, giving her the okay to keep going. Happy with her explanation, Timmy continued to pound away. Lania was now in heaven, feeling the bare barbs rake her inner walls every time he pulled back, only to push in as much as he could again. Only one thing could make her feel better than how she felt then, and since he didn't have the experience to do it by himself, she gently grabbed one of his paws and guided it under her belly and towards her pussy. Timmy wasn't really paying attention, but as he felt briefly his own balls slapping against his finger he decided to inquire.

"Wha..." He asked, slowing down a bit to Lania's displeasure.

"Don't worry, just go with the flow" She indicated so he'd speed up again.

He shrugged and resumed yiffing her with all he had. Soon, his paw found the edge of her pussy and hers guided it into rubbing it in a very specific way. He remembered her lessons and discovered he was rubbing directly above her button. Lania felt her own orgasm approach and with her paw moved his faster and faster, signaling him to give her everything. He did just that, rubbing furiously and pounding her as she gasped and moaned. Her breathing was now shallow and quick, and before long she let out a scream of pleasure as her walls clamped down on his penis, making his barbs push harder against her flesh. She coated him in a gush of clear fluid as he kept pounding and rubbing. Right after the first one was wearing down he pushed hard and kept it there, his pelvis nested nicely against her bum as he meowed hard and began to empty his seed into her. The feeling of warm cum splashing against her teen cervix and into her womb, combined with the now erratic and desperate rubbing he hadn't stopped on his clit sent her into her very first multiple orgasm as she grabbed the sheets in a sexual daze. Timmy was still emptying inside her, spurt after spurt of white sticky fluid. It was the first time the bunny had had bareback sex, and she couldn't bring herself to imagine putting a condom on a guy again. She relaxed after a series of shivers, and slowly regained her breath. The kitten fell down on top of her, exhausted and panting like he'd ran a marathon. She used both her paws to grab his butt and massage it slowly, pretty much the only thing she could do from her position. The feline purred in pleasure at the touch, and decided to reciprocate as he used his hands to gently rub her back. He pulled out, causing the barbs to dig in and pulling a moan from them both as another stray string of cum jumped into the outside of her lips. Breathing heavily, he moved up until he was at her side. She playfully messed up the fur on his head and then brought him close, cuddling up with him. Rose, who hadn't said a single word as she watched, moved in closer too, and cuddled up with Timothy. The three underage furs laid there, their bare bodies against each other, and one by one fell asleep.

The telephone rang, which woke him up instantly. Timmy answered, still half asleep:

"Timothy Greene speaking. Who is this?" He asked

"Hi sweetie! It's Aunt Sam! Listen, I'll be arriving in ten minutes, so why don't you kittens get ready and we all go out for some food?"

"Umm, okay, sure" He said, awaking the two naked females on the bed.

"Great! See ya in ten!" She said, hanging up.

Timmy relayed the info, and Lania pretended to panic.

"Oh my god, we have to clean up! If she learns I had sex with you, I'll lose my job!" She said, rushing everybody out of the bed. "Tim, take care of those clothes. Put them directly in the washer. Same for the sheets!" she said. He took off and then she turned to Rose. "Quick, make up the room and get rid of the condom. Don't throw it in the toilet, wrap it up in some toilet paper and throw it in the trashcan." She said as she rushed towards the bathroom. There she found the can of Air Freshener and sprayed the whole room, effectively masking the scent of their love-making. When the kittens returned she grabbed some tissues and cleaned both his penis and her pussy off gently before doing the same to herself. Those tissues ended up in the toilet as the kittens changed clothes. She quickly got some from her bag and then seemed to remember something, rushing to the washing machine. Luckily it hadn't started, and she picked up her cum stained panties, leaving the rest there to wash.

She returned and handed them to Timmy, who gave her a puzzled look.

"Smell them" She told him. He did so, and his whiskers twitched.

"They smell like you, but different. More... Nice?" He said, unable to express himself.

"They smell like sex. Like my pussy. Keep them somewhere safe and hidden, and whenever you're alone and want to paw off smell them and you'll remember how much fun we had together." She said. Just as he had hidden them, Aunt Sam came through the main door.

"Hey kittens, miss me much?" She asked, giving each a hug.

"Yes we did!" Was the answer.

"Did you enjoy the new babysitter?" She asked.

"Yes! Very much, we like her a lot" Said Timmy

"What did you guys do while I was out" She asked.

"We uh... Watched some TV and then fell asleep. Nothing too interesting" Rose said. At that statement Lania smiled and winked mischievously at Aunt Sam, who smiled in return.

"Well kids, how about you go to the car and I'll be there in a second?" She said. They left running towards the vehicle and then Lania came closer to Aunt Sam.

"I did as you asked. They know everything they need to know now about it" She said happily. "It was quite fun, actually" She remarked.

"I bet it was." She said as she wrote her a check. "Here, probably the best payment a teacher will ever get for a day of work" She smiled as she gave her the paper. Her eyes opened wide as she saw the amount, and she happily remarked she'd be glad to help with any further 'delicate' situations.

"I'll probably need you again... These kittens still have much to learn if our plan is to succeed." She said as she looked at the pair of cousins playing happily in the car.