Karina and the Melds 1: Something Found

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This a new story that's been long in the writing. I've been in a lot of group stuff before and its soemthing that I've always thought was never fully explored in more than an "F-yeah there's more of us! sunglasses" kind of way. So I'm hoping to explroe that mroe with this story alongside all the explicit stuff. Also, what's this SF has cover-art support :o

Something Found

It was another dark night in Anchorage during the entirely uncalled for month of January. Karina didn't particularly dislike the climate at this time of year, but everyone else she dealt with did. It was seasons like this that she was glad to work a night job.

"I hate this slush," they say. "It's always cloudy. Why does the cold make my nose-hairs freeze?"

"Why did I move here in the first place if I hate winter so much?" they might as well have said. Silly humans.

A turbulent cloud of steam rolled away from her mouth as she sighed. She left the vapor behind with brisk strides, her shoes thumping on the cold pavement underfoot. She tipped her tweed beret and reached underneath to scratch at her downy, round ear. Everything on her body felt greasy and unkempt after such a long, uneventful night of work. Uneventful, who would be surprised by that? Who the fuck robs a factory? Idiots. No idiots out tonight, at least.

Her white fur was painted in day-glow pastels by the humming neon signs in the storefronts. Their neon glow was the only sign that people have and would populate these streets later. Now they were lonely. The tenements above the ruddy storefronts were dark, their occupants likely in deep sleep.

But she had this odd feeling of presence, as if the streets weren't as sleepy as they should have been. She looked around, twisting her strong thighs to spin on her heel. No one was behind her. And, what if they were? They'd have a lot of trouble on their hands, that's for sure.

Her work shoes rasped against the salted sidewalk as she set off. A miasmic fog of introversion passed the time it took to walk the last blocks to her home. It was a timeless and serene journey beneath the black sky that she'd traveled countless times. It was a comfortable bookend to a night alone.

When she walked up her steps, she felt that anxiousness again. It was probably some stupid kneejerk reaction to being so close to home. She pulled her house key from her pocket. It chattered into the door-lock and -

Heavy hands landed on her shoulders and tipped her backwards down the steps. She tumbled back over herself, emitting a defiant, though admittedly feminine snarl as her world spun end over end.

She landed on her knees and immediately pulled back into a crouch and raised her fists. A pile of jacket and heavy weight that smelled of spilled chasers and vodka smashed into her. She fell flat on her back and felt the wind leave her lungs from the impact.

Hot, stale breath washed over her face and she felt a wave of disgust sweep over her body. Her eyes met their opposite - her attacker had the dazed stare of someone who didn't know what they were doing. No, someone who forgot to be afraid of the consequences of...

Not tonight.

She wrenched her left hand free, sending a spike of pain through her shoulder. "You fucking CUNT!" Her fist crashed through the man's jaw as she spat the last word in his suddenly skewed face. The world narrowed as the man's grip loosened in surprise and let her right hand free. That connected with his sternum, making his body recoil upward.

Her voice was an inarticulate roaring yell as she shifted her weight and shoved her left knee into the man's side and sent him rolling to the wet pavement. She whirled upward to her knees and felt wet slush through her dress pants. The man was a heap against a snowdrift, shifting and writhing as he watched her rise.

"You... you, you," he stammered, fumbling in his pocket. "You fucking..." he produced a black metal semi-auto. "I'll fucking..." the alcohol and the fear were written across his face and his shattered diction. His eyes were wild, whites a clean circle around his dark irises. He looked like your typical Anchorage male homo sapiens. Five-o-clock shadow. Ratty, puffy coat, receding hairline. And, he was about to become a killer.

Her subconscious furiously paged through her training. No methods of action bubbled to the surface. He was too far away to close distance. There was no cover. She gnashed her teeth.

Something rushed past her left shoulder. There was an inarticulate cry and the crack of sundered bones beneath the deafening pop of a gunshot. The man was gone. She blinked as she leafed through her immediate memories, trying to find more details. None came, her mind was preoccupied, trying to respond to the present.

She shifted onto her heels and hopped backward, away from whatever had just unfolded. She shifted to stand with her elbows wide and her fists protecting her body as her eyes focused.

A massive, furred form shifted in the darkness of an alley and a bloody hand flopped into the light beneath it. She turned and vaulted up her stoop to her door. In a single motion she turned the key, still in its lock, and slipped through the door, slamming it shut behind her, key somehow in hand through some contrivance of her reflexes and muscle memory.


"So he assaulted you from out of sight?" The Doberman looked down at his notepad, then back up at Karina. His eyes were like saucepans through his thick-framed glasses.

Karina nodded.

"You got into a physical altercation where you delivered a blow to the jaw and then the sternum. Would you say they would have caused any bruises?"

She crossed her arms and looked the cop in the eyes. He probably already knew she was a guard. "Are you joking?" So what was he getting at? Trying to say a rent-a-cop couldn't defend herself? She glanced up to the Dobey's partner... another Doberman. What, were all cops Dobermen now? Sure, criminals arrested after fleeing the scene had gone from slim odds to almost all the time... but still. Stereotypes.

While Karina's gaze was averted in thought, the doberman took a quick and clearly self-conscious glance up and down her body. Oh sure, not as if she'd fail to notice, fat chance. Well, at least he had enough respect for her not to openly leer.

He took in her frame beneath her gaudy, red satin robe. Her calves were round and toned beneath her fur and what was exposed of her crossed upper arms filled her sleeves. He tried not to dwell on the other details leaking in through his senses. The deep line of cleavage exposed beneath the nape of her neck and subtly squeezed together by her crossed arms. Her wide, matronly hips. The hem of the robe doing little to hide the tops of her legs, crossed and compromising the easy view he'd have of her secret places...

"I'm sorry miss Ilianova," he took a long blink, then took to studying the impressive, if generic modern paintings on the far wall of her den. For his part, he sounded (and felt) sincere. "I suppose those bruises were shiners," the doberman smiled, revealing impressive canine teeth. He might have been a desk-pilot looking sort of guy but, if he was a full dobey, he'd probably have that bit of fire in his genes. His partner, though, she was all fight for sure. She stood behind him, trying not to roll her eyes.

"Yep," Karina nodded. She hadn't slept all night and the early-morning sun was turning the sky a lazy, milky blue. Soft light leaked through the clouds and reflected off of the pearly snow falling outside. "I'd say he got pretty fucked up, officer." Well, before he died. She tried to steer her mind away from the sound of his bones shattering...

"And then some... unidentified creature intervened. Still no idea of what it was?"

"Gottae be a meld," his partner said, looking down at the other doberman from her significant height.

"...or a far more common 'bear.'"

Karina looked between the two officers, sensing some tension between them. She shrugged and turned her palms upward, wearing an expression of defensive trepidation. She didn't want to - no, couldn't - think about it. "I dunno, a grizzly or something?" The four-legged kind. They still existed along with most animals after the meld.

The bespectacled doberman sighed. "Well, nothing you haven't already told us. I guess we'll keep the original account, of that, then."

Karina shifted in her seat. "Are we done here?"

The officer shrugged and rose from Karina's couch, flipping the notepad shut. "I suppose. Whadya think, gracie?"

The leanly built doberwoman mutely shrugged and took a few long, easy strides toward the door.

"Alright." The shorter doberman followed suit, then turned and crossed his arms. "Don't hesitate to call us if you recall any other details, Miss Ilianova. I appreciate your cooperation."

She nodded. "Yeah. Gotta leave cop business to cops. Good luck."

The Doberman nodded and flashed a smile, then turned and followed his partner out, closing the door behind him.


"Go back to sleep, Kari." It was nice to have friends like Maggie in HR. "I'll clear you for sick leave. You almost got shot for fucksake."

Karina shook her head. "Yeah... I mean, I feel okay," she didn't sound so convincing. "You're sure it's no big deal? You can clear it?"

"Already got the paperwork filled out, sitting on my desk."

Right on, Mags! "You are a lifesaver, sweetheart."

"Yeah yeah. You owe me a nice latte later. Now go knock out or I'll come over there and deck you in the head until you do."

"I'd like to see you try." Karina smiled in spite of her bad mood.

"One of these days, toots. One of these days; pow! Right to the moon." Karina heard her laugh through the phone. "Ciao, Osita." There was a pop as Mags hung up.

Karina rubbed her temple and headed for her bedroom. Mags was right. Sleep would be great. She only hoped that this whole nightmare was distant enough that she could forget about it and get some shuteye.



Her eyes shot open. Had that sound been from the tail-end of her dream?


No way. She pulled herself out of bed and pulled her robe from the hook by her bedroom door. As she fumbled the garment on and descended the stairs, she peered through her front window and noticed a shape out of place. There was a trail of blood crossing the street to it.

"Well, shit on me," she growled through her teeth. She turned around and nabbed her gun from the wall safe, checked the safety and shoved it under the robe's tie about her midriff.

At the bottom of the stairs, she craned her neck to look outside. Nothing moving. Nothing watching her. Nobody there. She was half tempted to call 911 and not leave her house, but they'd take minutes. What if somebody had been dumped and was bleeding out across the street?

She hurried out the door and down her stoop, hand on the butt of her service pistol. She froze halfway across the twilit side-street. The shape wasn't a bag like she'd thought. It was a gigantic ball of fur, conceivably some creature curled up upon itself. It was nearly as big as a car.

A trail of blood droplets led directly to an ugly red snarl in the creature's stony white fur. Its huge head shifted and a pained growl rumbled from its black nose.

"What the fuck is this?" She didn't move any closer, but looked again at the red snarl. The blood was fresh and it looked like the wound had been bleeding slowly for a while. It didn't look like a cut or a clean puncture. Something was stuck in there...

A lot of things could have caused that wound from what she could see. But, she had a pretty clean hunch. Something huge, mean and fast tears into some drunk rapist, who lets loose a single shot. The next night, a gigantic hellhound shows up outside her stoop with a single bullet wound.

"Yeah," she sighed. "You were the one that offed him." She cautiously stepped out of her house and onto her front step, watching the creature for any sign that it could turn on her. "You saved my life."

What was she going to do, let this thing die out in the snow? "Aw, fuck." She shook her head. She was going to have to save this critter for sure. "Okay... don't move."

The creature sighed loudly through its nose.

Karina took that as some curt sign of acknowledgment and raced back into the house. She tore through a few cupboards, trying to remember where she left her medical kit. After what felt like an eternity of frantic searching, she pulled a drab, white box from underneath a pile of old magazines and raced back outside.

She panted as she cautiously set down the box next to the creature. "Okay, buddy, it's alright." She was probably going to die. Excising a bullet was painful. How would it know that she wasn't just trying to make it worse? The creature's left eye opened and she met its weak gaze. It blinked calmly at her and grumbled into its tail.

"Just stay still and please, for the love of god don't eat me. I'm gonna fix you." She popped open the box and pulled out some tweezers and clamps. She didn't score high on her ASVAB and become a medic for nothing. "Fucking so un-sterile," she mumbled. Out in the dirt and snow like this... "This better work."

She carefully parted the fur from the creature's hind leg. Yep, definitely a bullet wound. Not too deep, the creature's hide beneath its fur looked thick as a rhino's. Maybe it was poisoning that was messing it up?

The creature gave a deep, sad howl as she sterilized the wound with some iodine. "No worries," she crooned. "I'm gonna get it out."

She found the end of the bullet, gouged into the shallow end of the wound and shining in the dim light. Her hands were deft, working the points of a pair of tweezers around the bullet and slowly working it outward. It came out with a soft twist and she threw it to the ground. Dark blood welled up in the wound and she turned to get some sutures and pads. Then the creature's leg twitched against her and she heard a gurgling pop. When she turned back, there was a sealed, puckering lump of skin where the open wound had just moments ago resided.

The creature burbled and sighed, shifting from its position and raising its head off of the ground. It had a massive jaw, sharp canines barely hidden by its thick, black lips behind its gray-white, winter fur. It held itself up with its powerful front legs, arching its back as it stretched and dug its nimble paws into the thin coating of snow beneath it. Sitting up, it was already at least a few feet taller then she was while standing.

"Oh my god," she stepped back onto her feet and backed away. "Hoo boy," she tried to sound calm and positive, but felt the first echoes of fear rippling through her. "You are freaking huge..."

The creature tilted its head towards her and calmly blinked before rising onto its hind legs. Its body was muscular and stocky, with wider shoulders then most four-legged creatures. It had a huge, amorphous mane of pearly fur the same color as its coat and its hind legs were long and folded in on themselves.

"What in the hell are you?" As it sat on its haunches, it almost looked like some gigantic, ambiguously speciated humanoid.

The creature turned and sidled sideways toward her, then bowed its head and bumped her shoulder with its nose.

She yelped and hopped backward. "Hey!" She might have taken a bullet out of this creature's leg, and the creature may have stayed still during her work. But, that didn't mean it wasn't still a wild animal.

The creature grumbled and bumped her again. It turned on its feet and shifted its focus to the nape of her neck, probing her skin with its cold, snuffling nose. She reflexively shivered at the contact.

She whimpered and was about to nudge the creature away when she caught sight of its wide chest and round, muscular belly. She froze as a spear of red flesh emerged from a huge bulge beneath the peak of the creature's stomach. Its sibling just below it wasn't far behind, emerging below the first budding maleness with an audible, slurping pop.

"Uh," she blushed and felt a thrill run through her. She reflexively crossed her legs and arms, but couldn't tear her gaze away. She'd spent her whole life reading about the Remedy outbreak and the melded, parasitic and symbiotic species it had created - and how they'd treated human females, sometimes creating hybrids like her.

The two organs emerged from two bulges of flesh hanging beneath the creature in-line between its legs. Four massive, globous sacks hung beneath the bulges, gently swaying as the creature panted. A clenching tingle twisted through her hips.

It was a blatant display of how this creature... or he or whatever felt about her. Karina hung on her thoughts, trying to figure out what to do. Its tongue lapped outward, curling around the side of her neck and tickling the space between her shoulders with its warm, soft touch. She still wasn't sure just how human this creature was. Should she just shoo it away? It could probably survive on its own just fine with that thick coat of fur.

"I don't," don't what? She'd rather be seen as this then food, right? At least it was slow and gentle so far. It certainly wasn't treating her with disrespect. It was more then she could say about most human males, much less whatever this thing was.

So if she shouldn't fear anything, why was she so hesitant? The creature's chin pressed against her jaw as he rubbed back and forth along the side of her face, pausing to sniff her small, round ear.

She stepped back. "Wait," she was surprised by how firm her voice sounded. People thought her soft looking body made her weak. She tried to steady her heart, somehow pounding in her chest. "You're going to behave," she put her hands on her hips.

If anything was going to happen, she'd decide. "If you want to stick around you'd better do things on my terms. Okay?" The creature gave a low whine as she backpedaled up her stoop. It's narrow, handlike paws crunched in the thin coating of snow on her steps as it approached with its head bowed. She cautiously reached out and gave it a gentle rub above its eyes. It closed them and pressed upward against her hand as she scratched.

It acted harmless. Acted? This creature could have taken her by force a long time ago. Why would it wait? It wasn't going to force her into anything.

She wordlessly stepped back into her house and pulled open the double doors, then stepped aside and watched the creature to see what it would do next.

Her eyes suddenly snapped to movement in the far alley. Another creature outwardly similar to the first emerged from the shadows into the dim light of distant streetlamps. It tilted its head at her quizzically, then walked over to its counterpart. The two nuzzled and sniffed each others' ears, then simultaneously turned to watch her.

She was a bit ashamed of herself for noticing, but she saw that the newcomer lacked its counterpart's unsettling tackle between its legs. Instead, a clean curve led out of sight between the creature's legs.

She supposed that made things a little more bearable. Maybe the creature wasn't after her at all. In fact, the two of them looked oddly adorable together.

She smiled as they followed her into the house, their heads barely clearing the door as they walked on all fours behind her.

It wasn't hard to get square-footage in anchorage. Alaska was remote with an unfavorable climate and not too much around to do. Land values were low and homes, even suburban flats like hers, were large. Her den was a poster child of the idea, square and sprawling with couches along two walls and a coffee table between them. The rest of the floor was occupied by a huge woven rug.

As the creatures cleared the front doors, they looked around in the comparative darkness. The roof sloped upward from just above the front door, eventually meeting the ceiling for her loft at the back of the house. Nestled behind a sold-railed balcony, the light from her bedroom cast the room below in a mix of light and cool shadow.

The two beasts calmly sauntered into the center of the room, their heads and eyes pivoting to take in their alien, artificial surroundings. Karina closed and locked the door behind them. Whatever she expected to happen, it would be very bad if someone walked in uninvited. She blinked and took in the silhouettes of the creatures sitting in the middle of her den. Their fur was haloed in a yellow-white glow and their features were just clearly discernible in the low light.

Their gaze followed her as she fell back onto an overstuffed couch. She returned their stare, then uncrossed her arms as they slowly rose and padded over to her. Their body language was careful but eager. Both leaned in and put their noses right in her face.

"Hey!" hot breath washed over her as they sniffed at her fur. What did they really want with her? They weren't even the same species. Then again... melds were ambiguous creatures. Part human, part animal. She was as much one as they were.

Through it all, she felt a sort of excited curiosity. She pulled her arms back until her shoulders rested on the back of the couch, presenting her generous, robe-clad breasts forward. She was beginning to anticipate the inevitable end of this encounter, even though it was unprecedented and completely unexpected. After all, two nameless, mute monsters were about to have their way with her.

The female, already close at hand, slid her nose down past the nape of Karina's neck, jostling her breasts as she settled beneath them. Karina shivered as the creature's hot breath flooded across the polar bear's robe.

Though her robe did little to hug her curves, her breasts were prominent ahead of her arched back and relaxed shoulders. At her front, two gentle divots began to form in the silky, velveteen fabric. The sudden intrusive contact at the top of her stomach made her uncross her legs, letting them relax into a more open position. She still wasn't sure what they would do with her, but she knew what they wanted and had no intention of stopping them now.

The creature nuzzled and burrowed against her robe, eventually working her way between the gap at the garment's front. Another blast of hot breath ploughed into the space beneath and between her mounds at the base of her sternum, then something warm and wet slithered into the confines of her robe. It probed between her breasts, pressing against her sensitive valley and up her curves before slipping out and back in again. She gasped aloud in surprise as her body shivered, but she held herself still, somehow afraid of startling these creatures away... she was enjoying what they were doing.

The male craned forward, closing his eyes and nuzzling Karina's cheek. She blushed and smiled at the creature's shameless contact, then let out a surprised gap as his tongue slipped behind her and stroked over familiar territory.

His powerful tongue slithered around the nape of her neck and probed just behind her round ear. She gasped as he explored her vulnerable places, constantly lapping and leaving not a single inch of flesh unexplored.

The female gave a sonorous growl as she nuzzled against Karina's muscular, yet full ursine belly, tongue constantly lapping in and out of the robe and molesting her tender, sensitive breasts hidden beneath. Karina squirmed in her seat, doubt giving way to cloudy-headed resolution beneath the warm tongues of her gentle captors.

They seemed to intuitively understand her body, as if their instincts weren't meant for their own kind. A pant escaped her lips, followed by another, less timid exhalation. The male pulled back and nuzzled her face. His breath was hot on her neck. Her nose prickled at the scent of it - somehow devoid of putridness, almost sterile. Yet the animal musk was unmistakeable as it washed over her. Maybe her thoughts were being curbed by the situation. She could have been lying to herself, but she didn't care

The male joined its mate as it planted its nose deep in the exposed cleavage at the deep v of her robe. His tongue shot deep past the garment, groping and curling around a breast and giving a gentle, almost cursory squeeze. His tongue withdrew and shot outward again, cupping over her suddenly hard nipple and pressing it aside as it slid its length along her skin.

Even though she didn't particularly like that sort of contact, she found she could barely control herself as the two massive creatures relentlessly lavished her with their probing tongues. She squirmed, grinding the full curve of her buttocks against the couch beneath her. Heat pooled in the fabric behind her, held in by her garments and the giving fabric of the sofa.

In her state, she sought a direct solution. Shivering hands undid the thick belt knotted at her waist with a strong pull from both sides. She briefly lifted her arms and easily shrugged the garment from her full, womanly form. She quickly settled back into her previous position, pulling her shoulders back and spreading her legs. She presented herself to their exploring tongues, laying herself bare before the massive creatures.

Her naked form was sheathed in pure-snow white fur. It made her look slightly larger then she was, and it was why she never dated finicky smoothskin humans. But, in reality, it did little to fault her form.

Her hips subtly shifted and squirmed above the wadded remains of her robe. They were overlarge, wider then most other human melds, but it came with what she was. Her thighs were thick but toned. She took pride in being fairly solid for an ursine and it showed through. It also did little to hide her secret space between their spread forms. The short fur between her legs was matted with her own fluids. She was surprised to feel the wash of cool air that betrayed how sensitive she'd become. How long had she gone single? She couldn't remember off hand but she supposed it had been too long. Work and hobbies. Moving up in the world.. sometimes you forgot basic things.

A gentle blush peered through the short fur around her petals. They were gently open and pressed down against the couch. She tried to scoot back onto her robe. Even though it was one of the few things she guarded covetously, at least it could be washed.

The single gentle fold in her soft stomach rose and fell, occasionally twitching in time with a slurping pop from one of the tongues molesting her. Her upper body was under constant sensorial assault, subject to the wills of the creatures above her.

The male's tongue pulled away, then dragged its slavering tip up her nipple. She yelped as thousands of tiny suckers kissed her flesh and gripped down. Her breast was briefly, gently pulled upward before being released with a pop. It jiggled as it settled back to its natural place. The female's tongue worked over the polar bear's other breast, worming around its curves. The prehensile organ gave a steady but firm squeeze, forcing her moderately full globe outward and giving a gentle pull.

Karina gritted her teeth, not particularly fond of the contact. But relief was soon followed by a jolt of surprise as the female tongue quested lower and briefly grazed sensitive skin beneath her hips. Everything about this was so alien. She'd never felt what it was like to be the center of so much attention. It was oddly empowering even though she knew she'd left all the aggression to these powerful creatures.

The female's head shifted downward and her strokes across her stomach grew more bold. Her tongue slipped downward into the cleft of her sex, nestling between her folds and giving a gentle, suckered tug at the bunched up, sensitive skin there.

She gave a weak cry, closing her eyes and leaning back. She sighed and shifted impatiently as the contact ceased. She realized the male had abandoned her chest and opened her eyes to try and see if he'd somehow stolen away.

She was surprised to see his heavy silhouette behind the female. Her long rear legs looked uncannily human-like now that they were fully extended beneath her. Her feet were long and digitigrade, but her proportions seemed more like those of a supine human. She was like a gigantic yet oddly fragile deer, her lithe back arched and her rump presented upward toward the creature behind her.

He shifted behind her, putting his agile paws - no, hands between her shoulders and putting his weight forward. His erections bobbed heavily in the air, now in full bloom after he'd thoroughly explored Karina's full and eager body. His quartet of pendulous organs clenched as he pulled back, then gently guided himself forward.

There was a wet squelch as his flat, engorged tip invaded the female meld's inner reaches. The female shuddered above Karina, her gentle exploration of the polar bear's folds suddenly put on hold.

The male's testicles clenched as he gently pressed deeper into his mate. Karina saw a spasm of movement that quickly became a coherent wave of motion. There was a gurgling rumble as it parted the female's folds. The female rocked on her legs, grinding her haunches against the male's intrusion. She whimpered as there was a hiss from within her hips and gray-green liquid trickled from between her legs.

She shuddered, shivering as a second knot of powerful movement followed the first down the length of the male's length. Karina couldn't make sense of this. Why was she being included if they were just going to do something so banal and, honestly, warranting more privacy? She felt a small sliver of embarrassment on their behalf.

But the energies of their encounter spilled over and, in spite of suddenly being left untouched and wanting, Karina felt her own feelings sustained by the events unfolding before her eyes. Another lump traveled through the male's length and wormed into the female, mow shivering beneath the assault. His freed length throbbed beneath them in time with his out-poor, its wide opening flaring and squeezing shut with each of his releases but, thankfully, emitting nothing and sparing her house from what Karina imagined would be a deluge of fluids.

The massive female suddenly shifted, her mate locked inside of her in tow, until she balanced on her rear legs and held herself aloft on the couch's backing. It creaked in protest, but it was a testament to the creature's sense of balance that it held.

Karina gasped, it was the first time she'd seen the creature's chest and she was surprised to see two full breasts between the creature's arms. Karina watched in fascination as they swung in time with the female's subtle movements. Karina could swear that with each out-pour of fluid from male to female, she saw the blush peering through the short hair at the female's bosom deepen. These creatures were like humans that walked on all fours more then actual four-legged melds. She'd mistaken them for beasts but maybe they were more human then she'd originally thought.

Karina's eyes shot open as something shifted on the female's inner thighs. Four black tentacles suddenly wormed their way out of four holes in her lower abdomen. They moved with deliberate purpose for the diminutive polar bear splayed between the massive creature's arms.

One turned it's flat, lamprey-like end on her folds. Its circular end was lined with suckers and smaller feelers that burrowed against her sensitive flesh as the tentacle kissed over her with its ring-shaped tip. A tapered tongue shot into her confines, already prepared for the intruder. She felt herself involuntarily squeeze down on the tongue, milking its smooth surface for whatever contact it would give her.

Another feeler wrapped behind her back and cradled her neck, then wrapped over her shoulder and kissed over her entire breast. Its wet lips sucked her pliable flesh into their grasp with a wet slurp. Karina cried out at the sudden stimulation. She still wasn't sure what to make of all of this, but she felt deeply happy to be so suddenly included again. Simple instincts and drives clouded out higher concerns as endorphins raced through her brain

Her wandering gaze settled back on familiar territory. Slightly ahead and above her, the female's breasts bobbed back and fourth with a heavier weight then Karina remembered. They blushed a deep, lively red and held a fuller, globular shape then before. The female whined as the naked skin hanging beneath her heavy breasts began to puff outward. Four nubbins of flesh slowly budded from the flat surface of her two nipples, emerging out of sync and slowly forming a packed quartet of flesh. As one breast reached prominence, a brief squirt of four greenish lines of liquid erupted from its four nubbins as they split slightly outward.

"What," she gasped. "What are you?" Her voice was tiny and fearful. But, inside, she shivered with anticipation. Everything was so unexpected, so different yet so viscerally real. If this is what it meant to have sex with chimeric melds, then this probably wouldn't be the last time she found herself in this situation.

The female hummed and shifted her body forward. Karina watched wide-eyed as the creature lowered one of its massive breasts, as big as a beach ball, toward her mouth. Her lips thoughtlessly captured the female's quartet of nipples. Karina already tasted alien flavors on her lover's saturated flesh, which was almost painfully hot inside of her mouth.

She gave a gentle suck and four streams of creamy liquid poured down her throat. Their taste was earthy, rich and fulfilling. Karina wasn't sure why she felt it so strongly, but she suddenly hungered to taste that flavor again.

She gave a bolder suck, her lips locking around the creature's nipples. The liquid poured into her. Sensations of warmth spread through her as the liquid swam down into her stomach. She began to suckle hungrily at her partner, who responded by squeezing and groping her harder with the dexterous ends of her two engaged tentacles.

A third tentacle found Karina's other nipple, shimmering with sweat and pointing proudly toward the feeler hovering above it. Its agile tongue probed and jabbed Karina's sensitive peak, making her squirm and nearly choke on her mouthful. As warmth spread over her breasts, the tongue's probing sent startlingly acute and pleasurable sensations ripping through her body. She'd never been this sensitive before.

Whatever had caused it, she was shamelessly thankful. As the tentacle closed over her breast and joined its sibling in groping and milking her, she screwed her eyes shut and fell into the stimulation.

As Karina drank from her breast, the creature's nipples fattened and spread outward from each other in a four point star just beyond her lips, pinning themselves inside of her and rooting Karina to the spot. The polar bear didn't protest. Instead, she redoubled her efforts, happy to be held captive to such a pleasant meal.

She feasted hungrily. Creamy, greenish-white milk leaked from the edges of her mouth as she suckled and slurped at the embattled female above her. Karina could feel the massive creature's every movement through her breast. Every draw Karina made from the creature's bosom made it gently shudder above her. Each brutish gush of fluid from the male above made his mate shudder and gently buck backward. Every advancement conducted through each of them.

It had been a rash leap that brought Karina to this meeting with these two curious beasts. She still knew so little about their actual intent - or what they planned to do with her and why. But she wasn't a timid person. There was a reason she'd studied criminal justice. She'd always felt a high facing danger. Life was hollow without risks. Or, that's how she felt about it, at least.

She snapped out of her reverie as she felt smooth, broad shapes slithering and gently constricting over her body. Two tentacles slipped behind her legs and spiraled around her thighs, pressing past the broad head pumping against her captive folds, sopping in juices. Two others wrapped behind her shoulders and circled around her belly, filling by the second with swallow after swallow of the female's milk.

The powerful feelers coiled their length over her until her body was crisscrossed with their powerful bodies. Then, their inner surfaces rolled open and she felt thousands of tiny fingers burrowing through her fur. They probed and molested her on search of bare skin before each spurted liquid into her and fanned open. They sucked onto her in mass, holding her firmly in her grasp. She realized that, chances are, she wouldn't be able to free herself now, even if she tried.

But did she want to?

The question hung in her mind. In a sort of awkward way, it thrilled her, even though she already knew the answer. The fat tentacles clenched and flexed, delicately lifting her from the couch, leaving only the rumpled heap of her robe and a rather noticeable, dark, damp spot on her couch. The fur covering her buttocks was matted and damp with her fluids, flowing from the tentacle still rooted between her legs.

As she rose, her face pressed into her lover's breast. The pressure forced a wave of outflow into Karina, making her hum and greedily work her throat so none of her impromptu lover's milk would go to waste. After months of uneventful night shifts guarding a factory, she'd felt dull and empty. Now she was deeply involved with two mysterious beings... clearly some link in their pairing - even if just some obsessive curiosity.

Her tongue lapped over and toyed with the quartet of nipples in her mouth, engorged and supple to the touch. She treasured the shiver she felt conduct through her lover as she tenderly tongued and probed the female's vulnerable skin, as much a captive in Karina's mouth as the polar bear was tot he female's milk-swollen breast. No one understood when Karina had said she'd felt unchallenged and uneeded - that there wasn't any mystery in her line of work. And, since her work had become her life, there wasn't any mystery in living. But, even though she couldn't consciously admit it, throwing herself headlong into this made her feel alive. There was magic. A link to the tumultuous history of the end of the age of man. A time of danger and fortune, when the melds came.

As she focused on savoring her sudden bounty, she barely noticed her hips being raised until her front was pressed against the female above her. The feeler at her loins detached with a slobbering hiss as its tongue slid from her tunnel. Under its constant preening, her folds had grown ripe and bloomed like the petals of a flower. The tentacles at her thighs gently nudged her apart, exposing her completely to the open air. As her knees slid around the female's muscular belly, her feet reflexively reached upward, found the creature's flanks and pressed down. She hugged her thighs to the female, white fur dragging in white fur as the polar bear was eased further down her lover's body.

She felt a need to feel contact again, she'd been so close to climaxing. It had been a while since someone else had had the decency to get her that far. She wasn't exactly an easy lay, so it wasn't something she begrudged any of her previous boyfriends. Now it seemed inevitable, and she knew what the tentacle had made way for.

It bobbed beneath her full buttocks, jabbing into the open air and gently throbbing in anticipation. The male wasted no time, even though his movements were almost pained. The member embedded in his mate, twitched and seemed to shudder with the effort of holding back another of what had become one of dozens of consecutive, knotting, orgasmic eruptions of his musky seed. In the lull, he shifted his hips, the claws on his feet skittering on her hardwood floor as he reared backward and brought his second tip in line with his next victim.

Karina shivered with anticipation. She felt an almost dreadful excitement; she was about to be invaded and filled with as much outflow as the creature's mate.

His flat tip gently tapped against her sensitive folds, making her reflexively grind her hips backward against him. The corners of his flat tip splayed backward as his end pressed into her entrance. He was wider around then a baseball, yet his flesh squeezed down into her, spreading her as far as was comfortable but sparing her the physical impossibility of accommodating something harder and of the same size. He filled her as he slowly eased himself forward, spreading her wide as he pressed deeper and deeper.

Suddenly, his member spasmed inside of her and his advance became uneven. He shuddered above his coterie of new mates, then gently pulled back. Karina gave an urgent yelp through her mouthful as the splayed corners of his end pressed slightly outward and pressed their backward-facing tips into her inner walls. They behaved like the backward spurs of a harpoon, holding him inside as they gently pressed against her.

His opening flared inside of her as he shuddered with a primal feeling. His will couldn't hold back the ungodly flow from his loins. He wanted to fill them both, and now...

The male gave a choked, low growl as the bases of his erections swelled. There were twin knots of motion, traveling down his lengths and squeezing past the sets of petals of his two lovers. Karina arched her back as her insides were filled with a torrent of liquid warmth. It filled every nook and seeped deep into her. As the flow from the first out-pour slackened, another muscular knotting spasm pressed past her folds. The next blast of fluid filled her completely and crept higher, past her barrier and into her feminine spaces.

She lost track of how many times the beast rutted her. The fluid filled her tunnel and seeped into her womb, then beat against her walls. Between her full belly and the male's fluids pressing against her deepest inner walls, her belly took on a barely noticeable but distinctly fuller curve.

She was stuffed to what felt like bursting for what could have been minutes or hours. Her only gauge were the rhythmic outpourings of her powerful lover - dozens upon dozens until she thought his massive testicles should have been empty.

As she fell into an exhausted fog some time later, the female's peak fell from her mouth, sopping with green juices and modestly soft once more, its four nubbins small and packed together. The primal assault on her loins ceased and the male slipped from her. She felt surrounded by cozy warmth and fell almost immediately asleep, relieved that what they'd planned for her had been so enjoyable and, so far, harmless.


The cold blue morning light washed over Karina's naked body. Her round breasts were hidden beneath the shimmering surface of two feelers, softly but diligently working away at their captives. She turned her head and nuzzled the male's huge body, smiling at the contact that had kept her company throughout the night. Both the female's milk in her tummy and the male's seed filling her womb showed through in the gentle rounding of her stomach. Her soft, toned core had grown round, bulging gently in a smooth curve.

Her thick thighs were spread wide apart, her toes pointed and idly twiddling in response to the gentle touch of a familiar intruder. A tentacle hovered between her legs. Its tongue gently writhed as its tip slid in and out of her folds. It was slick with greenish white fluid and her own lubrication.

Beneath her preened body, two massive creatures were curled together, supporting her like some overlarge beanbag chair. Their bodies blended together in the mire of their closeness. They slept with a careless ease after fulfilling their shared animalistic hungers. The weight of their willing host above them only placated them further. They were together.

A distant alarm buzzed from upstairs and Karina's round, sensitive ears flicked. She shifted, subconsciously running her hands over her body as she felt the soft contact preening and enveloping her. She became worried that if she opened her eyes, she might find something worrying behind the wonderful touch preening her sensitive breast and loins. But the endless buzzing of the alarm tugged at her. She had some commitments.

She sluggishly brought the world back into focus, surprised to see herself laid out above her new guests, vulnerable and naked. Had she really just passed out like that? Well, that was the rational explanation from what she remembered. What made her feel a bit off were the appendages still gently working over her.

But, as she watched them shift and gently writhe atop her, she decided it felt pretty decent. In fact, it felt amazing... alien, but amazing. Her nipples hardened as she subconsciously obsessed over the sight of the rolling, writhing feelers molesting them. She tried to stretch out the moment in her mind, emitting a quivering sigh before she shifted and tried to stand.

She gave a tiny gasp as the mouths fell from their perch atop her, briefly tugging at her nipples before they reluctantly popped from their firm hold upon her. The cold air tingled on her newly revealed skin, shimmering with the tentacles' natural lubrication. She sluggishly flipped forward and brought herself to her feet past the amalgamated mound of fuzz that was, somehow, composed of her two new companions.

She still felt as if the night's rounds of crazy alien nookie had barely passed. But it was past noon now so it had probably been at least eight hours, minus one for whatever the fuck had happened between her and these two. Whatever it was, she was at least sure it had felt great. It had still been completely batshit by what she recalled, though.

She shook her head as she climbed the stairs. When she got to her phone, she was surprised to see a call notification flashing on her screen, ringing behind the din of the alarm. Of course, that hadn't been her wake-up alarm. Her boss was calling for her weekly check-in to negotiate her shifts for the next seven days.

"Fuck." She fumbled, trying not to turn off the call and open the alarm but rather turn off the alarm and open the call. After struggling with her big, fuzz-covered fingers, she managed to slot everything into place.

She sighed and raised the phone to her ear.

"Howdy, boss."

"Geeze, Kari," the gruff human on the other end of the line sounded, for the first time she'd ever heard, surprised. "You sound like a pile of something awful."

"I do?" She heard the gravely note in her voice. She sounded a bit sick. "I do."

"Sounds like you may be coming down with something. Night shift may be doing you some harm." Via boredom, maybe?

"Yeah boss but this isn't a restaurant. Not like I'm gonna spread it or anything. What am I gonna do? Give the money in the safe a cold?"

"Karina you're banked on sickbays. You've been the healthiest person I know. You've got to catch something sometime. It's probability."

"Yeah," Karina laughed. "You're a master of statistics, Dave." She was pretty sure he needed math all the time, what with handling as much money as the HR manager did. Wads of cash. He was sharp but no calculus expert, that was for sure.

"Just stay home tonight and see how it goes."

"Yeah, sure," she said. "Pretend I put up an awful fight about it, okay?"

"You're a hard worker Karina, you ain't got to prove it to me by coming in sick," she heard him chuckle through the phone. "Now git to bed, I know you should be sleeping now anyway." He hung up before she could make another smart ass remark.

She looked down at the two animals below, still curled together. In spite of their size, they looked almost harmless. It was a feeling she usually took with a grain of salt. Humans, and human-animal melds especially, tended to feel that way even if the animal involved was a killer.

Chances are, one of the massive creatures sleeping silently below had taken a human's life. But, it was in defense, wasn't it? Did that make it okay? What constituted a threat? She already knew the upper extreme, but what about the lower one? Gods knew dogs never took kindly to any sort of intruders, in her experience.

She supposed she'd have to leave it up to fate. She could probably shoo them out of here somehow, but then she'd never know. Well, she'd miss out on a lot of things, wouldn't she? So, what then? Go sleep in her own bed and think things over? Or...

There was a loud slurping sound from her den below. Karina's gaze turned toward the noise and took in a rich and incredibly confusing sight. The male had laid himself on his back, submissive and limp on the ground, hot breath sighing through his nose as the female stood on all fours above him, practically feasting on his rearmost length.

Karina shuddered as her eyes drank in the details of their pairing, laid out openly before her. The male's four swollen testicles shifted and wobbled as his mate worked her powerful lips up and down his blushing red shaft. How much of a load could he carry in those huge organs if he'd already filled the both of his lovers once over and still seemed ready for more?

The female's lips squeezed down around their meal, her throat working and the back of each stroke of her head. His organ throbbed in her embrace, pulsating in time with her greedily swallowing throat, overwhelmed with what could've been gallons of his outflow.

She remembered the soft, itchingly pleasant touch of their feelers on her naked skin and felt a tingle of excitement in her breasts. Her nipples hardened in the cool air. Everything had felt so nice. And they seemed to be ready for her again.

And she had a whole day to spend with them now.

Her eyes shot open as she realized how hard she'd been breathing... and how damp her folds felt in the open air.

"Okay, okay," go back down it was. She wasn't going to say no to her own body. She quickly padded down the stairs, her naked breasts bouncing as she rushed past each step.

The female watched every step of the buxom polar bear's approach, her eyes moving independently of her head and her hungrily swallowing mouth and sucking lips. Her lover's spunk was luxurious on her tongue, flowing in great, pulsating eruptions as his sensitive skin throbbed in her firm embrace. Her belly filled with his outflow and she felt him working in her womb, already beginning to expand with her treasure. And, the more she drank, the more she hungered.

Watching the woman's full, heavy breasts gently bob with each step down toward them made her body tingle. The two-legs' soft, round stomach and wide hips were the epitome of desire. Such full breasts and such a robust frame. Irrational, unexplained thoughts of the woman full of her eggs filled her with hunger and lust. She pulled back as she gave a longer, more powerful suck upon her lover's warm organ.


The humanoid woman stepped cautiously forward and stroked over the female's back. Her caress was a lovely accompaniment to her meal. Soon, that beautiful, godess-like creature would understand how closely they wanted to love her... to fill her. But, for now...

His female gave a low, lustful hum as she sucked hungrily upon him. Yet somehow he also throbbed in the open air. It was a physical paradox no animal was ever meant to experience, But, the quirks of wholly new anatomical invention in his creation by the blessed shapers had pressed the responsibility of controlling that confusion upon him. For a moment, he forgot that separation of having two organs instead of one. One of many dozens of consecutive climaxes rolled through both of his cocks and he was in heaven for a few seconds. A spurt of his own warm, sticky fluid splattered over his toned, canine chest.

He felt more than heard the deep, satisfied moan of his mate as she gorged. He understood her hunger to feel him inside of her - he hungered equally to feel her around him. It was an understanding they shared - something beyond the chattering of the human ape-childs. For years, their only company as they stalked the tundra had been each other. They had unconditionally shared their bodies, connecting in sacrosanct acts of intimacy.

Her mouth upon his throbbing organ was a decades familiar feeling, and she knew just how to please him in order to taste more of his nectarous seed. Her hunger was deeper then ever. Her stomach was heavy with his bounty, soft and gently swollen. She lusted to feel his corruption, to saturate her body in the same soup of infectants and mutagens that already naturally coursed through her veins.

She had lusted to feel him inside of her, for her tunnels to be filled with him and for his seed to throb inside of her womb. He had long ago learned that nothing came of this, that it was more a hollow form of play than an actual act of creation. But when they played, she grew fertile. Even now, as she arched her back, the evidence was written all over her beautiful body. Her bosom hung heavy beneath her, nipples erect and blushing a subtle green. Deep inside of her, he knew that her clutch of eggs were growing, even though they had always come out still, never to hatch.

But there was something different. A beautifully alien creature. A vessel. A host.

He imagined her as she'd been last night. He remembered her full, naked body - as beautiful as her kind could have. She was everything they wanted, and he knew his mate wanted her as much as he did by the way she'd grown so restless now - how she sought to display her fertile body by drinking from her mate right in plain view of their new keeper.

His body went tense as a furred hand stroked from the base of his exposed length to the tip. For a moment, the stimulation fooled his mind. He felt the sensation of being unified and both of his organs shared a short, rolling climax. A writhing knot of fatness rippled down his length. His hole flared and sprayed thick fluids onto his chest.

An inquisitive sigh escaped the lips of their new mate. He felt her warm breath on his sensitive skin and a second set of lips closed around his tip. She sucked at his very end, tongue circling just inside of his fat, puckered opening.

Her lips latched down around his dimpled hole and her powerful tongue gently invaded it as if she were giving his maleness a sensuous kiss. As a sudden fog of ecstasy rippled through his haunches, burning and itching, he thought he'd return the favor.

A narrow, flexible, tongue-like tentacle slipped out of his hole and jousted with Karina's own. He whipped around inside of her, touching every soft place within her mouth as she touched every one within his opening, then he couldn't hold back and his seed flowed in a great eruption.

She groaned through her mouthful, and he felt her suckle his hole, licking him clean and coaxing the next load to pour from his four swollen testicles.

He growled and squirmed, allowing his two lovers to feast upon him for nearly an hour. Climax after climax flowed through him as he came again and again, feeding his mates. The thought of his seed saturating them, infecting them only fueled his animal lust. He obsessed over how his seed would turn the hapless woman sucking at his bottom length into the perfect lover - the perfect breeder.

They'd found each other, and now it was time to make each other whole once and for all.