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Chapter 5

A pounding headache wakes him up. He can hear several voices around him. Trying to open his eyes, he sees a red blur in front of him, and a familiar voice calls out to him. Before he can answer, he slips away into unconsciousness.

An hour later he regains conscious again and sees a blurry, white blob on from of him. His sight slowly sharpens and sees the white dragoness sitting with him. Just as he is about to speak he blacks out again.

Later that day he regains unconscious again. His vision sharpens faster this time and sees a blue-ish blob this time. The blob morph's into the water dragoness from the infirmary. She has a soft smile on her face.

"Hey there, you feeling a lot better? It's only been 4 hours." The black dragon blinks a few times and sits up. "Yeah, I feel..." He looks himself over, amazed at how fast he healed. "I feel fine." The water dragoness walks to the door to the hall.

"Good, that was fast." She opens the door and calls for someone, Tyler can't hear it. She opens the door wide and in comes an ice dragoness, a two fire dragons. Tyler's eyes light up as they come in. "You are alive!" The three dragons make their way next to the bed the black dragon is sitting on.

"Of course we are. Why wouldn't we be?" Icy says, glancing at her mate. Sighing from relieve he lays down again. "What happened anyway? Who created that crater in the ground?" Flare asks, being curious. Tyler stares at the ground. "I don't... I don't know..."

The door opens again and the 3 guardians enter. "Hey Tyler." The soft voice of Aquaila sounds. She had quickly taken a liking to the black dragon. The black dragon nods at the older dragons. His friend shuffle to the side to let them pass.

"Tyler. We've heard you crashed into the ground at an incredible speed. What do you remember?" The room stays quiet after Tremor spoke. "I... I remember flying to the city and blacking out." The black dragon stammers.

The guardians glance at each other. "Well, that explains the crater. Anything else? Do you remember anything between the black out and waking up here?" Asks Magmar. Tyler stays quiet for a moment. His friend glance from him to the guardians. "I... had a dream, of some sorts. A vision maybe."

He looks up to see he dragons around him listen intently. "I woke up with everything on fire." He starts to tear up. "I heard an evil laugh of someone and I followed it." He sniffs a few times and glances to Flare and Icy, who are staring at him. He never cries, especially not in front of people.

"I saw-I saw Flare and Icy, laying on the ground, not moving!" He collapses onto the bed and tries to contain his sobbing. The young couple is now staring wide eyed at the black dragon. Tremor turns to them.

"Can you two and Solar please wait outside?" They nod without saying anything and leave the room. Aquaila sits down next to him, trying to comfort him. "Shhh, tell us everything Tyler." He looks up with a few sniffs. "That's it. There isn't anything else." He lays his head down on his paws again.

Tremor grunts as he thinks about this, then he nods to Magmar. Magmar opens the door again and lets the other dragons in. Aquaila gets up from her position and joins the other 2 guardian's. "I hope you will feel better soon young dragon."

The earth guardian turns to the rest. "And may I remind you, tomorrow is your day off. I suggest you take Tyler here for a day out of the temple so he might recover better." Tyler, completely forgetting what happened a few hours ago, cheers with the rest of his friends. The nurse clears Tyler for leaving the infirmary, he needs to take it easy.

The group of friends say goodbye to the guardians and the nurse and leave the infirmary behind. The company of dragons arrives at the mess hall. "Okay, I'm very hungry." Flare elbows Tyler. "You must be dude." Then Icy suddenly stop. "Oops I forgot something. You guys go on ahead, I won't be long!" And she dashes out of the mess hall. Flare shrugs and they proceed to gather food for dinner.

"Damnit! I forgot about Deleria!" She dashes down the hall to the platform they told her he would come too, hoping she's still there. Arriving there, she doesn't see anyone. But then she hears a heavy sigh. Icy turns to her left and sees, off to the side, the white dragoness curled up. Icy swallows hard and approaches the dragoness.

"I know why he didn't come." She says as she gets up and stretches like a cat. "Yeah." Icy says, a little uncertain. "Is he going to be okay?" Deleria asks as she sits down in front of the ice dragoness. "Yeah, he has to take is easy though." Deleria 'oh's and looks away, content with her answer.

Icy studies the white one and smirks. "You like him, don't you?" Deleria almost falls over. "W-what? No!" She glances at Icy who winks at her. "I mean, he's nice and all. But like him?" Deleria snorts and start walking into the temple.

"You know." She hears Icy say. "Maybe you should listen to your feelings every once and a while." Deleria shakes her head and retreats to her room. Icy sighs again. Shaking her head, she makes her way to the mess hall. She quickly gathers the food she wants to eat and joins her friends at their usual table.

A few minutes later a young electric dragon approaches the table. "Hey Tyler!" The black dragon looks up and sees his younger brother approach the table. "We heard what happened. Glad you are okay bro." He smiles. Tyler nods his thanks.

"Hey, can I join you at this table?" Tyler shakes his head. "I'm sorry, not now Flash." The yellow dragon raises an eye brow. "Why not? Plenty of room." Tyler sighs, feeling the stress rising. "I want to be alone with my friends right now little brother. Please, go back to your table." Flash glares at his older brother. "Fine! Be like that!" He snorts, turns around and trots back to his table.

"He's not being himself." Flare whispers to Icy. "What do you think?" The fire dragon whispers back. "He had a horrible vision of.... Something bad." The ice dragoness nuzzles her mate. "Maybe he's better tomorrow." They don't say anything to Tyler about what happened. The four friends just chat at the table for a while.

They decide to stay up late, they don't have school tomorrow anyway. After an hour or 3, Tyler decides to go to him room. "Okay guys, thanks for the great time. I'll see you tomorrow." He gets up and walks away. "And Solar, do not, I repeat, do not wake me up tomorrow morning." He grins over his shoulder as he disappears out of the mess hall. He feels a tad tired as he enters his room.

Strolling over to his bookcase, he picks out a book called "The Adventures of Spyro and Cynder, part 6". It tells of the great adventures the two dragons went on in their time. They are still considered great heroes, having saved the world a few times over. He light a candle next to his bed to have some form of light. Laying down on his belly, with the book in front of him, he starts reading.

The candle wiggles in the breeze that blows through the room, making the shadows it creates move. As he reads on, he comes to a part with a great fire destroying a city. His breathing shortens and his eyes glaze over as he remembers something...

*** Approximately 5 years ago***

"Dad, will the fire get closer?" A 12 years old black dragon asks his father, a purple dragon with a golden underbelly. "I'm sure it won't Tyler." The young dragon glances at his father, his eyes are fixed on the orange and red sky in the distance.

"Tyler!" A small yellow head appears around the corner of the room. "It's bed time!" Tyler sighs. "Okay, I'm coming in a second Flash." Flash dashes off to his room.

Tyler's father bumps his son with his snout. "Come-on, let's get some rest young one." Together they walk out of the room. The young dragons hugs his dad's leg. "Good night dad, see you tomorrow." He hugs him back softly. "Good night son, sleep well." With that Tyler lets his father go and trots to his room.

In his room, he crawls under the blanket. Soon after his mother comes in. She is a wind dragoness, having dark gray scales and a light scaled underbelly. She silently approaches Tyler. "Good night little one. See you tomorrow." She nuzzles him softly as he nuzzles back. "Bye mom, see you tomorrowwwwwaaah." His mother giggles softly as her son yawns wide and closes his eyes. She keeps watching for a few minutes, then quietly leaves the room, pulling the curtains close behind her.

The mother dragoness sighs and makes her way to the living room of the pavilion. There she lays down beside her mate and nuzzles him. "Are you worried Karlan?" The purple dragons sighs and nuzzles his mate. "I always worry for them dear." He gets up and stretches. "Come-on, we should get to bed too." The two dragons retreat to their room.

Early that the next morning, Tyler wakes up to an unbearable heat. He squirms in his bed, trying to get away from the heat. Then a sharp screech pierces his fading dream. The heat quickly comes unbearable as he black dragon awakens with a yelp. He looks around and sees fire. Fire all around him. He starts panicking and call for his parents. He can hear them shouting over the roaring flames. Then he hears a deafening crack. Tyler looks up and sees a piece of room coming towards him, intending to crush the little dragon.

"Quick Karlan, get Flash and Angel, I'll go get Tyler!" The dragoness dashes to his room, but a loud crack can be heard and a scream. Tyler's scream. The mother dragon is about to dash in before she is stopped by her mate. "Jetta, don't! I'll go, you watch over the kids." Fearing the worse, Jetta starts sobbing as she trots back to her other 2 kids and hugs them.

Karlan, slowly enters Tyler's room. He can see the fire raging beyond the walls and the part of the roof that collapsed. Right on top if his son's bed. He can't hold his tears back as he can't find his son amidst the rubble. Crying openly now, he leaves the room and walks to his mate, without looking at her. She notices he's crying and she starts too.

"Come-on dear." Karlan says between sniffs. "We have to go, we have to get our other kids safe." Jetta only cries harder. "But Tyler is our son. We have to help him!" The purple dragons hug his mate close. "We can't dear. We have to worry about our other kids now." She nods, still sniffing. With a heavy heart, the smaller family leaves the building and town. They move with the rest of the town to New Warfang, hoping to get some protecting from the elements.

Just as the piece of roof start falling, Tyler feels a sudden rush in side of him. A explosion of power as he's being sucked inside the shadows the fires are creating. From the sidelines he sees the roof crash onto the bed. "Phew, glad I'm not there anymore. But where am I?" He looks around. He can see his room clearly from his location, wherever that may be.

Then suddenly his father storms in. As he sees the collapsed room, he starts to cry. He tries to remove the rubble but it's too much and it's too heavy. He keeps calling his name, hoping for a response. "I'm right here dad!" Tyler yells at his father. He doesn't seem to hear it as he continue to shove the rubble away. "Dad! Hello! I'm fine! I'm right here!" He still doesn't react. Tears start to form around the young dragons eyes. "Dad! Listen to me!" Still no answer as the his farther stops his search and slowly walks out of the room, still crying. "No, come back dad!" The tears are streaming down his face now.

He can hear his family talk and cry. Not long after he can hear them leave. He screams in vain for them to come back. His crying calms down to sobs as he curls around himself, unsure what to do. He whimpers and sniffs now and then. "What am I supposed to do?" The house around him is slowly burning away. "I miss my parents... Why didn't they help me? Why didn't dad hear me?" The young dragon sighs.

"I just want to get out of here..." As on command he feels the weird sucking sensation, but now he is being pulled out of the shadow. A few seconds later he's sitting in his burned down room again, slightly dazed. He quickly shakes it off and dashes out of the house.

Outside he catches his breath. Tears start to form in his eyes again. He shivers in the grass, the night is cold, the sky is dotted with stars, not a single cloud to be seen. The young dragon lays down in the grass, glad he's out of the house, but he has no idea what he has to do. Exhaustion takes over from all the stress and he falls in a light sleep.

In this dream he sees how his family leaves him behind, they are talking, but he can only make out: 'New Warfang'. In a flash he's awake. He instantly remembers the dream. New Warfang is his destination. With renewed vigor he starts walking, but then he remembers he doesn't know where it is. He sits on his haunches and thinks.

Then he smells a faint familiar scent. It reminds him of his family. Then it all clicks. He can use the scent to follow them! Excitedly he sniffs the air. He quickly catches the scent in a direction and starts walking that way.

After making sure it is that way, the black dragon runs in a mad dash through the woods, still untouched by the fire. Thirty minutes into the forest, he can still smell the scent, he decides he might as well try to fly. With a few flaps of his wings he's in the air, soaring over the forest. Even though it's dark, his draconic eyes can see everything almost as clear as day.

He spends the rest of the night flying, following the scent. As the sun slowly comes up he starts getting tired. He yawns widely and glides to the ground. He spotted a river running between the woods earlier. He navigates to it and drinks his fill from it. Then he goes hunting for some food. He's had lessons from his Elders, learning him the basic survival skills.

He quickly tracks down a young doe. Sneaking in the underbrush, he moves up wind from the deer so it won't smell him. There is a rustle of leaves and the dear stands to alert, looking around, moving its ears around, trying to located the sound. The young black dragon stops moving. Scared of frightening the deer, he holds his breath. The deer decides it's nothing and continues to graze. Tyler wiggles his rear as he readies to pounce. In one smooth movement he jumps from his hiding place, knocking the deer over.

He quickly clamps his jaw around its neck, cutting right through the flesh. The metallic taste of blood floods his mouth. He grimaces but holds on, knowing it needs to be done. After a few seconds the deer stops struggling, he left it go. It makes him said he has to kill other animals to survive, but that is the circle of life. After eating his fill, he burns the carcass with his shadow breath.

He finds a pile of leaves and curls up in it. His natural dark scale color offers great camouflage against possible threats. He quickly falls asleep, being stressed out from the situation. When he wakes up, the sun is high up in the sky. Yawning loudly he stretches like a cat.

Rolling his shoulders and wings, he takes a look around. It's the same spot he fell asleep at. Flapping his wings a few times, they don't feel sore at all. He takes off again, in the direction of his families scent. After flying for a few hours, he finally sees New Warfang on the distance.

The black dragon sighs happily. He should find his family there, the scent is getting stronger. He sees dragons at gigantic front gate, it appears they aren't being let into the city. Ignoring the situation for now, he circles the group of dragons. Not spotting his family, he lands to search for them. He asks around if anyone has seen them.

A green dragoness hears him asking for help and decides to help the black dragon. "Hey, you are looking for your family?" She asks. The dragoness has green scale colors and a dark green underbelly. Two black horns adorn her head, curling forward. She has small spikes running along her back to her tail, which ends in a very sharp looking scythe.

She smiles down at the younger dragon. "Uhm, yeah." The earth dragoness giggles. "Well? What do they look like." Tyler looks away shyly. "My father is a purple dragon with a golden underbelly and my mother is a wind dragoness with dark gray scales." She raises an eyebrow. "Your dad is the purple dragon? I've seen him." Tyler's lightens up. "Follow me squirt."

She turns around and walks off, with the black dragon in tow. They weave through the many dragons waiting to be let into the city. He can see a purple mass behind a few dragons. "There he is!" Tyler dashes past the dragoness and jumps onto the purple dragon and hugs his leg. "Tyler! You are alive!" He can hear his mother's voice yell. She joins them in de hug, together with Flash and Angel.

*** Present Time ***

Tyler wakes up late in the day. He's free today so no Solar to wake him up. Outside dragons can be heard flying past and outside his room dragons chatting happily to each other. Not being able to sleep anymore, Tyler gets out of bed, stretching and yawning. Shaking himself awake he sluggishly walks to the door, opens it and leaves his room, closing the door with a flick of his tail.

He turns left, towards the mess hall in search of his friends. On the other side of the corridor, a yellow head is peaking from another hall. Flash snorts silently. "So, he's awake. I'll get him back for yesterday." He sneaks away. "That was not how you treat a brother." An evil sneer appears on his face as he disappears into the temple. Tyler quickly finds the mess hall and locates his friends. Since its not lunch time yet, he joins them for a chat.

"Hey guys." Flare glances at him, then looks away. "Hey Ty." Icy smiles at him. "Don't mind him. How are you feeling?" The black dragon huffs and sits next to her. "I'm... Fine." Icy sighs and wraps her tail around Flare's. "It was just a vision Tyler." Tyler looks in her eyes, his eyes lining with tears. "But it looked so real." The ice dragoness bumps his shoulder with her snout. "Don't worry too much about it. Nothing happened yet and we are here to support you." She squeezes her tail tighter around Flare's making him look up at the black dragon. "Yeah, we are here for you." He smiles and Icy pecks his cheek.

Drying his tears, he nods thankfully. "Thanks guys, really appreciate it." The couple nods back. Then the familiar lunch bell rings and the three friends stand in line for their food. They decide to have an extended lunch, taking their time and talk about all sorts of stuff. After the lunch Flare and Tyler decide to go practice their breath attacks.

After saying goodbye to Icy, the two males sprint towards the training grounds, which ends in a race. Flare won the little race, just barely. The two joke about for a moment and then resort to training. After having a short workout together they prepare to spar, a heavy spar. "Okay Tyler, you ready?" The black dragon rolls his shoulders and wing joints. "Yup, I'm ready!"

Flare starts the countdown and at zero he dashes to the black dragon. He fires a stream of fire at Tyler. The black dragon jumps to the side, flaps his wings hard and fires a stream of air at the fire dragon. Anticipating the attack, Flare opens his wings, riding the hot air upwards.

He has the high ground now and starts raining down fireballs at the black dragon. On one of the balconies overlooking the training ground, a yellow dragon is hiding in the shadows, watching the two spar. "You and all you elements. Think you are so tough?" Elements are flying around the room. Yell's and shouts can be heard from the dragon's, as they try to bring each other down. "How can I get you back?" Thinking for a moment, then he smiles evilly. "Oh I know how." He disappears from the balcony. "You'll regret what you did brother."

_ _

Dodging a bolt of electricity, Flare rolls to the side and fires a stream of fire at the black dragon. Both dragons have sustained some damage. For Tyler mostly burn wounds while the fire dragons has some cuts here and there. "Hey Tyler! Are you done yet?" Flare yells, slightly panting. Tyler flies over the fire

blast and lands. "Yeah, I'm done." He walks over to Flare. "Let's call it even, okay?" Tyler grins widely. "Agreed." He stretches. "C'mon, let's get healed." Flare nods and they walk to the side and get a life crystal out of Flare's bags.

Life crystal, when consumed will heal wounds on the body, depending on how much is consumed. Besides life crystals, there are also magic crystals. These crystals will restore the dragon's magic energy, making the dragon able to carry on fighting long before it usually would collapse from exhaustion.

The two dragons swallow the life crystals and almost instantly their wounds start to heal. Burned skin look like normal skin again and cuts get sewn shut. Feeling refreshed, the young dragons leave the training room, Flare is going in search of Icy and Tyler is heading to his room.

Flash has been shadowing the black dragon and notices he's on his way to his room. Wanting to confront him, the electric dragon goes to corridor where he knows his bigger brother will come through. And as he thought, after a few minutes the black dragon comes around the corner. "Hey little brother, what's up?" Tyler walks up to him. "Hey Ty, I got something to tell you." The yellow dragon tells his brother, getting straight to the point. Tyler raises an eyebrow, wondering what's going on. Flash sighs. "Well, I don't know how to tell you this but..." Tyler rolls his eyes. "Come on, tell me Flash." The electric dragon glance sat him. "I saw the white dragoness, Deleria, with another dragon." Tyler's eyes widen for a second. "S-so?" Flash looks at the floor. "They were snuggling and stuff." The black dragon visibly flinches when he hears that. "Wha-What?" A few emotions surge through Tyler's body. Fear. Fear of having lost the dragoness. Then anger. Anger against her for avoiding him, now he knows why. "Wh-why should I believe you?" His voice filled with doubt and fear. "What? You don't believe your own brother? I just don't want you to get hurt." Flash says with a cute voice, hoping his brother will fall for the ploy. Then the black dragon drops his head he silently cheers inside. "Thanks... For telling me Flash."

He turns around and walks away. "I need to be alone now..." With that he turns a corner and disappears from Flash's view. "Hmm, I might have over done it." Flash shrugs. "Oh well." The electric dragon jumps up and walks the other way. "Worked rather well thought." He skips down the hall and turns the corner, on his way to his room.

"How could she!" He curses loudly as he stomps down the hall. "After everything I did for her!" Out of pure anger he releases a blast of his dark energy, creating a hole in the outside wall of the temple. Shaking his horned head, tears starting to form, he bounds down the hallway.

Turning a corner he sees a white dragoness standing in front of him. "Tyler!" She yells and runs up to him. "STAY AWAY!" Tyler releases a shockwave of dark energy, knocking the white dragoness over. She scrambles to her feet and looks at the black dragon in fear. White runes signs have appeared on the black's hide, sliding out from his white belly, all across his body. "WHERE IS THIS DRAGON?!" Tyler roars with a thundering voice. Deleria shudders in fear, unable to answer. "TELL ME!!" The white dragoness squeals in fright as the black dragon dashes to her and stops just in front of her. His normally yellow eyes have been replaced by black and white, showing only 1 emotion. Anger. "I.. I don't know what you are talking about?!" She manages to shout back. Tyler raises and eye ridge. "WHAT? DID FLASH LIE?! I'LL GET HIM!" He whips around, unknowingly whipping his tail around, smacking Deleria in her face, sending her sprawling into a wall.

The air being pressed out of her lungs after hitting the wall, she crumples to the ground, gasping for air. Hearing something, Tyler looks over his shoulder and sees the white dragoness laying in a heap against a wall. His expression instantly softens. "Oh no..." The runes retreat back into his body and his eyes return to their normal yellow color. "Deleria!" Tyler calling her name is the last Deleria hears as she loses consciousness from the shock and the lack of air. After returning to his self and seeing Deleria collapse, fear grips the young dragon's heart. He calls her name as he runs to her body. As he gets close he sees she's still breathing. She nudges her but gets no response. A feeling of helplessness comes over the black dragon, but he dismisses it and runs down the corridor to get help.

After getting help, she's moved to the infirmary for recovery. Tyler stares at the dragoness. She's laying on her side, looking away from Tyler, on an empty cot. A bandage has been put around her muzzle to help the healing process, preventing her from talking.

She's asleep now, breathing slowly, her side going up and down. Tears are lining the black dragon's eyes as he looks at her. He did this, in his rages. It's his fault. He collapses on the floor and starts sobbing. "I'm so sorry Deleria." She wakes up at the mentioning of his name, opening her eyes. "It's all my fault." She hears him say. She's about to roll over to confront him but then he starts talking again. "I... I love you..."

Her eyes grow wide at these words, her mind goes blank, only repeating those 3 words: 'I love you.' Tyler sniffs a few times. "But now, you'll hate me, more than ever. All my fault." One of the nurses, a water dragoness, heard everything and can see Deleria's face. Getting the hint, she quickly rushes Tyler out of the room.

As the dragoness returns she can hear Deleria sigh. Her mind has calmed down a bit. The water dragoness walks up to her cot. "You know, I think he means it." The white dragoness looks at her, then lays her yeah on the pillow again. "Yeah, I... I know." There is a silence between them. "So, do you love him too?" The nurse asks. Does she love him? Sure, she likes him as a friend, but love? How can a low class dragoness like her love a high class drake like Tyler? Seeing she won't get an answer from the young dragon, the nurse leaves her to her thoughts.

"That Flash, I'll teach him!" Tyler growls lowly as he walks away from the infirmary. His anger turns into sadness. "Now I'll never be with her..." He says to himself. "All because I lost control!" He turns a corner with his shoulders slumped, not believing what he did to her. Then he freezes.

At the end of the hall are a dozen guards looking around. One of them spots the black dragon. "Halt! There he is!" The dragons rush to Tyler and pin him down. "Hey! What's this about!" The confused Tyler yells. "You are under arrest for assaulting a fellow dragon, and the destruction of school property!" Tyler hears paws on the stone, coming towards them. "There he is father!" Yells a familiar voice. Tyler looks up and sees Ashe standing, pointing to him.

Then Magmar comes around the corner and his eyes narrow at the sight. Tyler's courage leaves him completely, he's in real trouble now. "Guards! Get him to his room, constant guard, he's not allowed to leave it!" The guardian's voice thunders. Not wanting to make it worse, he goes with them without resisting. As they leave he can see Ashe's evil grin and a figure hidden in the shadow, behind Magmar. "What are you going to do to him, father?" The fire dragons asks as they walk off. "I don't know yet, I have to discuss this with the other guardians." He turns around to face his son. "Now run along, I need a word with him." Ashe's glances behind him and nods. He says goodbye to his father and walks away. Magmar walks the other way, with the other dragon in tow.

A few hours later, Deleria has recovered enough for the nurse to be dismissed from the infirmary. Right at that point, the guardians come in. "Deleria. Tyler has been put under guard in his room. He will be punished for attacking you and destroying school property." She sits up straight. "You don't have to do that. He didn't mean it." Magmar sighs. "That might be true, but attack a fellow student is not allowed and must be punished." "But-." Deleria starts but gets cut off by Magmar. "I won't hear any more of this!" With that, they turn around and leave the infirmary, leaving a distressed Deleria behind.

"I have to stop this, he didn't mean it. He loves me..." She can't get those words out of her mind. Does she love him back? Can she love him back? She has no time to think about it now, she has to safe him. Making up her mind, she runs off in the direction of the black dragon's room.

Arriving there she sees two guards standing outside in front of the closed door. "Can I see him, please?" The two guards look at each other. "I'm sorry, we can't let you enter. No-one is allowed to go in without permission from the guardians." Deleria snorts and runs off to find the guardians, hoping she gets access. Not wasting any time, she races to their room. Arriving there, she knocks on the door. After a few seconds a muffled 'come on in' can be heard. She slowly opens the door. She's never been inside the guardian's quarters. There is a giant table in the center of the room. Dozens of shelves adorn the side of the room, between the doors. The shelves are stacked with books and paper and all kinds of objects, from plates to book weights. She can see Tremor and Magmar talking about something through one of the open doors.

"Hello young dragoness." Aquaila asks as she gets up from her cushion and puts the book she was reading away. Aquaila is only one of the dragon guardians who treats Deleria with the same respect as everyone else. She believes, 'A dragon is a dragon, no matter their color or element.' Deleria shuffles her paws nervously. "Well, I came to ask if I could see Tyler, Master Aquaila." The water dragoness smiles. She glances to the other 2 guardians. They are so caught up in their talking they did not even notice Deleria come in. The water guardian leans close to Deleria, whispering: "Normally no, but I know you've been taking a liking to him. So, yes, show the guards this." She winks and gets a bit of paper from a pile. Deleria blushes deeply and smiles wide.

Then another knock on de door, and before the water guardian can answer the knock, two dragons barge in. "Master Aquaila!" They both yell, then they see Deleria. "Deleria!" Aquaila rolls her eyes. "Students!" The three dragons grow silent. "Please, go visit your friend." She gives Deleria a note. "Show this to the guards and they will let you though." They nod and leave the room. As Deleria leaves, the turns around. "Thanks Aquaila." The water guardian smiles and nods. "Not a problem. Now go, before Tremor or Magmar see you." Deleria giggles and closes the door behind her and dashes to her friends.

They walk to Tyler's room, two guards still standing like statue's in front of the door. The three friends walk up to the guards. "Oh, it's you again." The left one nods at Deleria. "Here, I have a note from Aquaila, saying I can go in." The guard takes the note and reads it. He nods again and looks to his companion. "We can let him in Darius." Both the guards clear the way for the young dragon's. Deleria opens the door and sees Tyler, laying on his bed, eyes closed and whimpering softly.

There are guards in all the four corners of the room. The guards don't move as the three dragons approach the black dragon. Sensing the three coming, he looks up at his friends. Ashamed he turns around. "Tyler.." Deleria tries to approach Tyler but stops when he sighs. "I'm sorry Deleria." He starts to sob softly. "I-I'm so s-sorry!" Deleria glance over her shoulder to Flare and Icy, they nod as they get what she means. The couple leaves the room so Deleria can talk to Tyler. She walks up to his bed and sits next to it. "Tyler, please listen to me." Tyler's sobs have gone down to sniffs now and then. "I don't blame you..." Tyler looks up and at her. He's immediately lost in her purple eyes. "And I forgive you." She smiles at him. Tyler only shakes his head. "Why? I attacked you, and I hurt you." He lays back down. "I will never forgive myself for what I've done." Deleria gets up and walk to the other side of his bed and sits back down. "But it wasn't your fault Tyler. You let rage control you." Tyler looks at her closes his eyes. "Yes and it might happen again. I... I won't let that happen." Deleria places a paw on Tyler's paw. "I can help you, we can help you." Tyler looks in her eyes. Somewhere he wants to believe her, but it might happen again. That's what frightens him.

Suddenly a lot of commotion can be heard from outside the room, together with muffled voiced. Then the door is slammed over. "There he is!" A large fire drake in heavy plate armor yells. "Secure him men!" Deleria squeals and before Tyler can react, six burly dragons pounce on him and hold him down. "Miss, we are taking him away to the prison." Deleria's eyes grow wide. "What?!" Then Magmar, followed by Tremor and Aquaila. "Aquaila! Do something!" Deleria cries. "I'm sorry, nothing I can do will stop this. Magmar talked Tremor into throwing him into prison." She glances apologetic at Tyler, who's dragged out of the room, bound in chains. "Attacking a fellow dragon is a heavy crime in this city." The water guardian whispers to Deleria. The white dragoness is about to cry. Aquaila places her wing over Deleria. "It will be okay, I promise." The young dragoness sniff and sobs. "But you don't u-understand. I think- I think I love him." She can't hold it anymore and collapses to the floor, crying openly. Aquaila's mind is racing. "Something must be done! And I'm going to find out what!" With that she leaves the crying dragoness alone and runs off in search for a way to free the black dragon.

Later that day, Deleria is walking the halls, doing nothing, thinking about everything. She unconsciously walks onto one of not often used platforms. There she sighs deeply and lays down. "Oh Tyler. How could I have been so blind? You tried to be friends with me but I just ignored it." She sobs silently, watching he sun going down with teary eyes. "Atop if that, you love me... And now you are going to jail!" She sits up and wipes her eyes with the back of her paw. "No! I can't let it end like this! He has to know, I owe him that much." Getting to her paws she looks back at the horizon. "I will make this right. For my friends." She turns around and disappears into the temple.

Meanwhile, in one of the furthest reaches of the temple, a certain yellow dragon is pacing back and forth in an empty room. He looks out of the window now and then to the temple itself. Suddenly there is a bright flash. The dragon shields his eyes with a wing. Slowly lowering his wing, he sees a dark orb, floating in the air, radiating dark energy in slow pulses. "You have done well..." A low voice resonates in the chamber. The yellow dragon bows. "Thank you Master." The dragon stay bowed. "Soon, the last stage will be initiated. See to it that it will." "Your wish is my command Master." "And if you manage to fail, you know what I did to that dragon, I will do way worse at you!" There is another bright flash as the orb disappears into thin air.

After making sure he's alone, the yellow dragon gets to his paws and stretches. "He's so demanding." He stretches his neck. "Well, better get to work." He opens the door, leaves and the room, closing the door with a flick of his tail.

Somewhere else in the temple, a certain black dragon is walking through the garden of the dragon temple. He's surrounded by guards in heavy armor who are keeping a close eye on him. He requested a last walk through the garden, he likes to come there for the silence. Here, he can let his mind wander without anyone seeing it. He is released from his bounds, thanks to the guard captain. Somewhere he doesn't believe Tyler did what they say, but he can't disobey the guardian's orders. He did manage to let him be unchained until they leave for the city's prison. "How? How could I? Attacking Deleria in a fit of rage." He kicks a small rock with his paws; it bounces of a soldier's back plate with a loud 'ping'. The soldier looks around but can't seem to trace the sound. "I blew it good this time. Maybe I deserved this, for attacking a friend. For attacking the... the one I love." One tear escapes from his eyes. The thought of never seeing her or his friends again destroys him from the inside. The black dragon sits down and looks over the grassy fields in front of him. "This is it." He looks back at the temple. The sun is behind it, casting rays of light between the towers. "Good bye friends." He sniffs as he sits out his last minutes at the temple.

Suddenly he hears familiar paws on stone. He whirls around and sees Deleria dashing towards him. "Tyler!" Tyler looks nervously at the guards. "Stay away Deleria!" He inches back. The guards block Deleria's way and she skids to a halt. "Tyler, why?" The black dragon sighs and turns around. "Because I don't want to hurt you anymore. It's for the best I'm being taken away." He hangs his head, ashamed of himself. "But Tyler..." "Please, leave Deleria." Tyler's voice betraying his calm state. The guards also hear the difference on tone and usher the white dragoness away. "No, please! I need to speak with him!" Deleria tries to fight the guards as tears start to flow again. "It wasn't your fault Tyler! I forgive you!" At those words Tyler stiffens. "I don't forgive myself. D-Don't make it any harder that it is..." They anger rising in the black dragon as he thinks back to what he did. "But Tyler!" Deleria cries. "You are my friend, I can help you!" Tyler whirls around, anger in his eyes. "No you can't! No-one can!" He closes his eyes. "LEAVE ME ALONE!" He releases a shockwave of dark energy, catching the guards off guard, making then crash to the ground. Tyler launches himself into the air and flies off to the grass fields. Deleria, being shielded by the shockwave by the guards is crying now. "Oh Tyler! Why won't you let me help you. If I could just make you see." She stops crying, determination coming back to her. The guards are trying to get up from the blast. "Sorry..." Deleria whispers and takes off after the black dragon.

Not wanting to hurt her again, Tyler flies over the grassy plains. Thinking no-one is following him, he lands clumsily and calls in the grass, crying. "What have I done to deserve this?" He yells in his mind. After sobbing for a few minutes he heard the flapping sound of wings. Tyler turns around and sees a white speck coming closer. "She-She followed me?" "Tyler wait!" Deleria lands a few meter in front of him. "Tyler wait." She takes a careful step forward. "Deleria, I'm so sorry for everything." He shakes his head. "Maybe--" He gets cut off as Deleria tackles him to the ground. She's standing over him, pinning him down. "Listen to me!" She growls, her face hard. She looks into the black dragons eyes and her face softens again, losing herself in them. "I've really fallen in love with him, haven't I?" A smile creeps over her features "I forgive you Tyler, for everything." Tyler's eyes grow wide. "But why? I attacked you! I could've killed you! I--" Deleria kisses the black dragon, silencing him. After a few seconds, she pulls away. "You talk too much." Tyler has a confused look on his face. "Why? Why did you--" She places a paw on his mouth and steps of him. Tyler gets up and sits down. "I-I love you too, Tyler. I wasn't asleep in the infirmary. I heard you..." She looks away. Tyler's mouth is open in awe. "I forgive you for what you did Ty. It took me several years and a blow to the head to finally realize it, but I do love you." She smiles at him and nuzzles him. He nuzzles her back. "I love you too Deleria, and always will." They look each other in the eye and they both move in for another kiss. But this kiss is all about the new found friendship; it's full of passion and excitement. They don't even hear a few guards land close by. At the sight of the two young dragons their hearts melt. Deciding to leave them alone they fly back to the temple to get the guardians.

After the long kiss both dragons curl up against each other and fall asleep in seconds. Very happy, tired and dreaming about this moment, their first kiss. They are together at last.

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