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Working on a story and I'm posting the tech level for the story. I didn't do everything.

Genetic Engineering: This field of technology has improved a great deal from simply curing genetic diseases. In the early years of colonization in the inner systems Humanity had issues adapting to harsher environments. A few mega corps researched and started producing BES (Biological Engineered senescent. A mix of human and animal genetic coding, making a Sub race of human. In the start the BES was considered property, so used as slave labor for developing colonies and working on space stations and ships. Dogs and wolf BES sub species were the first, Bread for loyalty, how ever they were also the first to rebel in the year 2135. Other races had been developed and hybridized for other skills in hope to exceed human limitations. The project was successful until a colony world heavy populated with BES rebelled, Lead by a wolf They were able to take over the colony. Once word of this a was received by the Sol governing council Their first reaction was to send forces to take the colony back. But word of this had reached not just the council, Massive protests erupted, Some wanting the BES brought to juices but the mass was anti slavery protesters. With tempers already high from this issues, the council fearing for reelection chose to write anti slave laws that included non human organics. With this victory also came a defeat, No longer a profitable endeavor, Mega corps abandoned the BES project. BES Luckily were engineered to be able to reproduce naturally, how ever natural birth rates remain low because of a number of reasons mostly going into flaws. By the time of the story the problem has been fixed for the most part. Genetic Engineering now is mostly done to cloned vat grown organs and curing or improving humans genetics with out being as invasive as BES's. Robotics and AI's : Robotics have advanced a great deal in three hundred years. AI's can easily pass as human at first glance. AI's are govern not by hard rules like the 3 laws but with master sub routines that prevent a Android from doing direct harm to it's masters or others organics unless the organic is threatening another organic with physical harm. Often programed to be submissive and driven to make their masters happy. There are two types of androids, Mechanical and Synthetic. Mechanical are often considered industrial types that only resemble human form. How ever many people enjoy having only a shadow of humanity not wanting a Synthetic as a personal android. Synthetic androids are next to imposable to tell apart from a human or what ever they have been made to look like. They have flesh and blood like humans but their blood isn't red, but a blue color and their issue is far from organic. Androids go rogue time to time. No one has been able to figure out why an android goes rogue. Some believe it's a virus that gives androids senescent Or a flaw in their coding. How ever each time a rogue is recovered their programing doesn't resemble it's original programing at all, but no records of programing had been changed and when the program is changed and identical shell the copy does not function. To an rogue android to be retrieved it means death. A rogue android can go un notice for years by it's master, understanding that if it chose to flee and seeks it's new found freedom that it's death was likely. Other androids flee given the the choice, organic thinking given to them by a unknown cause causes some rogues to explore others to try to fit try to hid the fact. Space travel: Space travel is slow, No getting around how far solar systems are between each other let alone ones that have planets that are colonized. With this Humans had developed Cryogenic Hibernation. It's rough on the body, but it's been refined to a point that one can recover from the process in a few hours and able to be refrozen with in three days with out risk of health issues. Fusion torch Is a type of drive that most ships use to get around in system. That uses it's fusion reactor to turn the propellent(mass ejected) into plasma That is funneled into a small area by magnetic fields in the ejection chamber. The drive can reach speeds of 1/20 light speed in roughly 4 days of acceleration at 4 G (40 m/s). Given this The engine isn't powerful but effective Using little propellent as well as allowing the engine to be fired for up to five days at five G's. This gives a ship the ability for a ship to travel from one side of Sol to the other in roughly 9 days. (it's 1:30 so my math skills are in question here, If I'm wrong, It takes 5 hours (roughly) for light to travel to Pluto So 5x20 = 100 and double that to get from one side of the system to the other That would be 200 hours. 200 hours is roughly 9 days (rounding up)) Luckily a Fusion torch isn't the only way to travel or it would take a hundred years just to get to Proxima Centauri (4.243 light years from Sol and the closest star). Two types of Travel are possible, Gate travel, and Null drive. Null Drive came first, it was discovered by a particle physicist on IO. The development of the first ship that could travel between stars happen twenty years later after much testing of the drive. Letting people reach out and touch the stars for the first time. How ever Null Drive is not safe, Null Space is not empty like the name would suggest. If viewed the from with in the reality would seem like clouds. Lighting flashes from cloud to cloud with a red tint to. Storms in the Null can rip a ship to pieces in seconds. Also Because one can travel must faster than light speed in Null space it's easy to over jump ones goal. In the early years this was all too common going on guess work or mathematical Models that proved to be wrong half the time. In the end they solved this issue much like GPS Locates you on earth, In the Null Beacons float in space half anchored to real space and half in the null Letting people to navigate much better than if going in blind. The second And a more modern type of travel that most ships choose because it's safety and how much cheaper it is to travel. Gate systems, supper highways of the galaxy. Each gate is really two gates, Both holding open a man made wormhole That connects one system to another. The issue with gates, if that if one gate for some reason looses stability one or both gate can explode and rip apart a planet with forces of the collapsing wormhole. For this reason Gates are built far away from inhabited planets and on the edge of solar systems. This means transport ships need to travel in sub light speeds to a planet it's going to or another gate. Gates can not be linked from long distances over 10 light years Making the gate system look like a web of paths, But it's still faster and much safer than Null space travel. Artificial Gravity. In the last 50 years a discovery has been made that allows a artificial gravity field to be generated using electricity. How ever The amount of power needed to make a meaningful amount of gravity is huge. Often times a ship may have a gravity net under the flooring but only turn it on when needed. The gravity is also only normally a fraction of earths gravity as it is exponential in the power needed to generate a higher gravity field. Medical care: Humans and the sub races Can easily live for a hundred years to two, The rich can even afford regeneration that so far has been proven to make humans nearly immortal but the expense to do so is a kings ransom. Between Vat grown organs and cybernetics humanity as a whole quality of living has improved and the retirement has pushed into the 80s with some working past that. This does not mean people do not die from accidents, disease or lack of medical care. Vat growing vat grown is expensive as is a cybernetic replacement, but the later is a cheaper option, Even if they are just as effective as a organic organ, a cybernetic must be maintained unlike a organic that once it's implanted and healed it should work like a natural organ if not better. Cybernetics: Part of medical care but also far past that. The most common type of cybernetic in nearly all human and humanoid skulls Is a Data Comm that is much like a modern day smart phone implanted into the skull. Letting them to receive calls, Bring up an augmented reality display over ones vision. How ever it's limitations to only receive and out put audio and video. This limitation was placed into the device because of the fear of the cybernetic being hacked. The fear is well placed as it can be hacked into like any computer. The User has the ability to turn the DC off with a finger pressed into the right temple in cause of a virus has infected the implant and causing issues. Recharging the device is as simple as putting a magnetic charging pad against the back of the persons skull. Other cybernetics that are not medical based (replacements) But improve on what is organic. How ever obvious implants maybe cheaper than Synthetic but it often makes a person look less than human and often shunned for that. Unless a cyborg is extreme in their implants They are higher on the social food chain than BES's And to purest who do not believe in receiving cybernetics or Vat grown organs shun cyborgs more so than BES.