A Fox's Family (Part 4)

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4 of A Fox's Family: A Tale of the House Delgado Sorry for the delay, here's part 4. I'm going to make these posts shorter now to try and gain a bit more readers.

"What the hell were you thinking!?" Jamie pleaded to his boyfriend as he stood there in front of him. In the locker room, the boys around them were changing without taking much notice to the pair despite the fox's hushed shouts at the lizard who seemed uninterested in fighting. Vincent simply sat there on the bench putting on deodorant and slipping into his red and white school gym shirt. Jamie had already finished changing.

"It'll be fine. Look, all I wanted to do was simply make people aware of our plight in the school. That way if something happens, our butts are covered," replied Vincent. He seemed to have things well under control by his own estimate at least.

"Plight!? What the hell are you talking about? Well...now I'm really uncomfortable being in here. I mean, now all these guys probably know I'm gay. I don't want them thinking I'm always checking them out or some shi...wait. What do you mean 'if something happens?"

Less than an hour earlier, Vincent had stood up in front of Mr. Lolly's class and insisted that they all know that he and Jamie were serious and that meant they wouldn't hide their emotions for each other. They'd stand up against any bullying and insist that the others do the same. He pleaded with the others in his class to feel free to come out in the open with that which they hid from the rest of the world in fear of being ridiculed. Jamie meanwhile had just kept his head down and felt rather sick to his stomach.

"Well," said Vincent as he stood up and closed his locker, "If someone tries to bully us or something, we are protected by the school. It becomes a hate crime and they are persecuted while we are garnished with apologizes from the school. It happens all the time all over the country. It's pretty cool too. It's like a safety shield."

"But won't people knowing that make them mad at us?" Jamie asked as he began to follow the lizard out of the locker room. "I mean, like, if someone came up to me was like, 'I like vagina and if you don't like that I like that then fuck you,' I'd be pretty annoyed too."

"Hey!" shouted a tall blue jay boy. He gave the boys a stern look as he stood there in the doorway. Jamie quivered nervously at the sight of him as Vincent gave the guy a friendly smile. "You guys come out?" His voice was rather deep and low and his eyes darted back and forth at the pair of them.

"We did!" Vincent replied proudly with a big grin.

"Alright. Cool," replied the jay. Still unsmiling, he patted the lizard on the shoulder. "I'm happy for you guys." With that the jay pushed past them and into the depths of the locker room.

"See, nothing to worry about. People are happy for us and stuff," said Vincent turning back to his favorite fox. "This will be cool."

"Yeah, if you say so."