From Me To You

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Another little poem to just let myself have some escape from the things that have been going on. This one is my favorite mainly because of the imagery I ended up seeing as I wrote it.

Take this time, and take it down.

Wrap it all up, like a beautiful gown.

And after the storm you musn't touch.

Your lips pressed together, listen and hush.

If it dances and thrives, let it be,

But let it go, she can't breathe.

Where did they fall, all disappeared?

All but one conceeded to fear.

And this time the sky lied to the Earth.

Erased of value, broken of worth.

So who will choose to dance with her now,

Among the embers of broken vows?

And who will choose to lead her away,

Past the nonstalgia and the fray?

Let these impressions settle around.

As she dances neither lost, nor found.

Cast away the dress she once cherished,

And bury the veil, for those who perished.

An ethereal dance, sought for two,

And the final act, from me to you.