Feminine Mystique

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A request from Wolffrost on FA.

As a rule of thumb, bartenders never drank on the job. The perception of the job was one of glamour and allure. Bartenders threw back shots with the people they were serving, mixed fancy drinks effortlessly, and got absorbent tips to go with their fat paychecks. The truth was, bartending required stamina, vision, and dexterity. Alcohol inhibited all three. It was hard enough to throw a two liter glass bottle into the air and catch it, while also taking orders from a dozen ornery patrons, let alone doing it while even a little tipsy. Not to mention, as was made clear to every bartender that was hired, drinking on the job equated company theft, something that was not taken lightly by Jake and Marcus, who co-owned the bar together. College buddies, business partners, "heterosexual friends for life" as some people joked, the bar had blossomed as an upscale retreat that catered to the business cliental of the surrounding area.

Jake's shift as floor manager had come to an end, and he was relaxing with a bottle of beer. Off the job, employees were free to drink, though still had to pay for what they had. Jake gave a sigh and yawn as, to his side, Gaia put the moves on her most recent mark.

While Jake was usually head bartender and trained the newcomers, and Marcus was a wiz with the books, Gaia's position in the bar was more unique. They had dubbed her a "mystique," an odd name, sure, but one that they felt suited her. It was her job to make people feel good, to entice them to buy more drinks and linger longer at the bar. She made every room she was in look good, and whoever she was sitting next to feel special. She was part eye candy and part seductress, luring people with kind words, giggles and eye lash bashes. She politely drank what the men bought for her. The bartenders knew what to do: giving her glasses with extra ice, refilling when it was only half full, watering down her beverages so she didn't get too tipsy too early into the night, not to mention it was cheaper.

Gaia was beautiful. A wolf, she had a nice build, not supermodel thin, but her weight was in all the right places. Her breasts were perhaps her best asset, being plump and perky, although the rest of her was quite appealing. She didn't deem it necessary to dress like a complete slut, either, which made her all the more enticing. She wore an emerald green cocktail dress, with a long sash running down the right leg, and high heeled boots. The dress complimented her fur, which was white and green, accenting her femininity without making her look slutty. She wasn't a call girl, after all. She just sat with people, drank with them, listened to their stories. Like a bartender who didn't serve anyone drinks.

Eventually, the bull she was talking to finished his last beer (he had had four), and headed for the door, keys in hand. Once more, it fell to Gaia to use her charms, and a couple gentle words brought him to one of the booths. She took his keys and handed them to Jake, who quickly called the bull a cab home.

"Last of the night," Gaia said.

Jake looked over his shoulder at the bull, who had set his head down and was most likely sleeping. Jake was mostly a typical wolf, with fur of white and various shades of grey. Having been bartender for a while during the afternoon, he was only wearing a pair of jeans and a tight black T-shirt that showed off his narrow, thin form rather nicely. His bushy tail, which remarkably incorporated all three shades of his fur, was wagging as he looked Gaia over.

"Do you ever feel bad about it?" Jake asked. "I mean, seducing the men? Scamming them out of their money?"

"You sell an addictive and harmful substance to depressed nine-to-five cubicle mice; I make those depressed mice feel good about themselves. Which of us should feel bad about our job choice?"

Jake sighed, and looked to his drink. "How do you do it? I mean, you'd think everyone would have caught on by now."

"They like the illusion," the she-wolf said. She leaned over on her stool, and placed a dainty hand onto Jake's muscular thigh. "A small amount of physical contact, that's how you start. Not too much, mind you, and don't ever touch the erogenous zones. Halfway up the thigh, that's as far as you can go. But a bit of physical contact: touching the hand, touching the thigh, it makes people feel more connected to you. Lean into their personal space, slowly but surely. You don't want to spook them, after all. Make sure your breath smells pleasant. I take one of those breath-strips every fifteen minutes. Give their thigh a squeeze, and then, this is most important: pull back and remove yourself from them completely."

She did just that, and Jake leaned forward, as if to catch her. "Give them something, and then take it away. Leave them wanting more. Offer to buy them a drink, they'll always deny and buy you something instead. Smile curtly and giggle as if they told you a joke. Move seamlessly between intimacy and exile, lulling them when you're close, leaving them craving more when you're far."

Jake swallowed nervously. Gaia pulled herself away, smiling at him, and then turned to the bartender. "I'll take a fireball with coke," she said. "Would you like anything?" she asked Jake.

"Blue Kamikaze, but let me buy you something..."


Jake and Marcus leased the entire building. Located on the ground level was J.M.'s Sports Bar, and above that a VIP lounge that could be rented for parties and seminars. Floors three through seven were apartments, some of which were given to the workers at the bar, others that were leased to regular residents. Gaia's apartment, a small one bedroom, was on the third floor. Oddly enough, Jake had never been inside it. It wasn't that he had any problems with Gaia, simply that she never had any need of repairs and never invited him in. She was a wolf who enjoyed her privacy, spending her off time curling up in bed with a good book.

After two fireballs with coke, Gaia had coyly asked if Jake would like to come with her upstairs. She had a great deal of trouble with the key, and had to lean her whole body into the door and then struggle and strain to fit into the lock. The two drinks with Jake must have really put her over the edge, because eventually he simply propped her up against one of the walls and unlocked the door himself. Retrieving Gaia from the wall, he found it prudent to pick her up into his arms and simply carry her through the door way. This delighted her, and she found no end to the fun in nuzzling into his chest. She pulled his T-shirt collar down, exposing the tuft of fur at his collarbone that all boy wolves seemed to have.

For a fair sized girl who lived alone, Gaia had a comically oversized bed. A queen, if not a king, Jake was almost afraid that when he set her down she would somehow get lost in the oversized covers. The bed sheets were pink and the comforter red, both giving a sharp contrast to the green fur that covered Gaia's back. Gaia looked over her shoulder, and then rolled over, showing her front. After tugging at her dress, she began to expose more and more of her plump boobs to the male wolf whose eyes lingered perhaps a bit longer than he should.

"Come into bed with me," Gaia whispered, her voice sultry and sweet.

"I don't know, G. you seem pretty wasted."

Gaia rolled her eyes. "A chivalrous mutt, I thought you guys were all extinct. Jake, I'm not wasted. A bit tipsy, sure, but I was just acting how I thought you would like it. Sorry, sometimes I can't really get out of character." She reached a hand forward, and gently took hold of Jake's paw. She gave him a soft, gentle tug. "Come on."

Jake slowly climbed into the bed, Gaia tugging at his shirt to encourage him. He eased his way closer, soon resting over her, and she wrapped her arms around his neck to kiss him softly. Her mouth tasted minty and clean, perhaps she had managed to slip a breath strip onto her tongue when Jake wasn't looking. She smelled delicious as well, and so he nuzzled at her neck and nibbled at her fur, breathing deep. She smelled earthy, like fresh cut grass on a fresh spring morning.

Jake was not aware of when he had been turned over, but was suddenly aware he was on his back, the well-formed she-wolf above him. She sat down on his pants, smothering the sizable lump at his groin with her shapely rump cheeks, causing a bit of pressure that truly felt delightful. Spreading her legs, grinding her hips back and forth, she took hold of her dress by the lower rim and began to slowly pull it up, exposing more and more of her to his leering eyes.

While her back was covered in that minty green fur, her chest was the purest white he had ever seen, as if it had never been touched by dirt or grime, or anything less than the finest fabrics. Her breasts, god he loved her breasts. They were a pair of C-cups, perhaps even D-cups, and yet did not sag or droop in the slightest. They were just two plump mounds of fur and flesh, both eager for affection, which he was happy to give by reaching up and giving them a squeeze. Her breasts were warm under his pads. Her fur was remarkably silky smooth. She tilted her head up, giggling to herself as he gave them a squeeze, and when he moved his hands away, she gave them a squeeze herself. She pressed them together, the fur and fat squishing between her fingers, or pulled them apart, exposing the crevice of pure white between them.

When she finally released them, and leaned forward, he was confronted by the two great mounds, hanging inches from his muzzle. They had the same scent as the rest of her body: the same natural, earthy smell, but there was also a scent of warm milk that made Jake start to pant and his trousers start to feel much, much tighter. He craned his head up and gave the left tit, then the right, a soft lick, savoring the taste that tickled over his tongue. He was mesmerized by the two ample boobs, so much so that he didn't notice as Gaia lifted his hands, and slipped his wrists into leather loops that were already in place on the frame of the bed.

"Wh-what are you doing?" Jake asked, watching as the she-wolf settled between his legs. She toyed with the button that was keeping his pants closed and his aching erection tightly compressed. When she flicked the button open, and slowly undid the zipper, careful not to hurt him, he gave a long sigh of relief, tilting his head back and groaning. She eased the underwear down his engorged shaft, rolling them up and then setting them under his testicles where the elastic band would be out of the way. This also put a pleasant amount of pressure on his balls, and he was soon fidgeting and groaning and gasping, staring at her, tongue rolled out of his mouth.

Bracing herself on Jake's thighs, Gaia pushed herself up, and managed to balance on the springy surface of the bed. Turning, so her back was facing him, she bent over and lifted her tail, giving him quite a sight of her lavender panties. Hooking her thumbs into the rim, she eased them down, over her muscular thighs, to her knees. The lower they went, the more she had to bend over, lifting her tail higher and parting her legs, which caused her cheeks to move farther and farther apart. Jake learned that, although Gaia's buttocks were the same green as her back, there was a strip of fur down her crack that was the purest of white, broken only by the pink, puckered tail hole that was quivering eagerly.

Gaia took a step back, and then bent over once more, spreading her legs and allowing her puckered hole to flex several times, until she bent down farther, and exposed the quivering genitals. Placing her hands on Jake's legs to aid her balance, she started to back up, slowly, allowing him to take in the details of her increasing large rump. Being a canine, the scents were the first thing that hit him. The earthy scent, it must have been natural for her, because no perfume could so perfectly coat someone's fur as it did to her. Mixing with it was the feminine odor that radiated from her hungry nether lips. He leaned forward as far as the bindings would allow, taking increasingly larger gasps of the sweet smell. After several stretches and strains, and slipping his tongue out of his lips, he was able to lick up one of her buttocks. The great body before him shivered, but soon she was backing up once more. Lowering herself down, she came to sit, her nether lips pressed right up against the wet, lupine snout, her cheeks eclipsing any hint of light.

She assumed a position much like a cat, stretching herself out over Jake's long, slender form. Jake whined as he felt her two boobs come to rest on his belly, and then whimpered into her groin as her wet nose began to sniff at the rock solid erection that jutted from his musky pubic fur. Her tail wagged, allowing brief glimmers of light to flood her crack. She ran her wet tongue up the front of the engorged shaft, slowly, savoring every musky ridge she hit. She then wiggled her hips until Jake stopped howling into her nethers, and she could get back to work.

"Jeez, you're acting like a virgin." She squeezed her thighs gently. "Come on, give me a lick."

Jake sighed, and took another breath. The smell was heavenly. Even without his acute, canine nose, he imagined he would be utterly intoxicated from staying beneath her like this. His sight removed, his ears embraced on either side by her furry thighs, all he had was his sense of smell... and taste...

He opened his mouth slowly, hesitantly, unsure but intrigued at the opportunity that was before him. Gaia was licking his shaft, worshiping his wolfhood like a practiced expert. Her tongue infiltrated every inch of his shaft, slipping under his engorged glans to work the musky cracks, and then up to the head to clean it of the dribbling white that oozed from the slit. She planted tiny doggy kisses over the erection, or turned her head to the side and nibbled gently on its entirety. Hoping to repay her for this kindness, Jake finally brushed his tongue over the quivering vagina that was smothering his face, and was given a shudder as a sign of success. Gaia leaned her weight down a little harder, smothering his senses that much more, and she took to grinding side to side. His muzzle slipped into her warm, wet lips and was clamped upon suddenly. Barely, he was able to open his mouth and continue to lick her, ignoring his strained breath.

He was ashamed to say that he was not nearly as good at returning the pleasure as receiving it. Even through the pleasure that he caused, Gaia was studious in her work, licking and kissing and suckling the shaft like a rod of candy. She scooted forward just a bit, and closed her mouth over his glans, starting to suck. Jake leaned forward, nuzzling and kissing at her flanks, as well as both her puckered hole and the quivering vaginal lips, which were starting to ooze a sweet cream. Gaia worked herself into a rhythm: pushing herself forward and taking in more and more of the shaft into her awaiting mouth, only to ease herself back and off of it. In doing so, her bottom pressed right into Jake's face, the nether lips slipping over his muzzle and his tongue pushing farther into her than before.

Eventually, though, Gaia pulled herself away from the embrace. Jake felt a pain bordering on physical strike him. It felt like he was one lick, one suck, one kiss away from releasing a massive climax that was now stuck in his furry testicles. He bit his lips, whimpering, as Gaia struggled to move away from him. She was shaking as well, her juice washing the fur between her legs, and increasing the delicious smell that radiated from her. She groaned, and rolled onto her side, breasts heaving as she panted.

With great effort, she sat up, and she met Jake's eyes. She crawled onto him, reaching over his body for the leather belts that still bound his wrists. Her ample boobs brushed against his face, his muzzle coming to rest between the two great pillows as she worked. His climax danced on the very edge of release, tantalizingly close and yet painfully far away. As she pulled back, he took hold of her by the arms and yanked her closer, their eyes very inches away.

Gaia lifted her tail, and spread her legs, now straddling Jake's narrow chest. She eased her claws through the fur on his pectorals, stroking him, squeezing his nipples on and off. Lifting her hips off his stomach and her tail into the air, she exposed her womanhood to his throbbing pride, and slowly backed up.

The first touches of his engorged head against her nether lips left both the lupines breathless. Taking hold of her buttocks, Jake dug his claws into her fur and pried the two cheeks apart. She whimpered, lowering to the bed and whining, as she felt the erection's head once more poke against her eager lips, which opened wide, hungry for more. Jake's hands slid along her cheeks and to her thighs. He gripped them tight and pried them wide apart, almost forcing Gaia into a split. Jake braced his feet into the bed, and pushed himself up suddenly, pushing his engorged head up against her lips. Gaia made a noise comparable to a bark, her body still too tight to allow Jake passage. He tried once more, pulling her legs to their limit and humping into her, and was rewarded with a sense of pure bliss.

Gaia pushed off him, sliding herself back slowly. Her fingers once more found his pectoral, and she braced herself in him, digging her claws in to keep a strong hold. So sharp were her claws, and so desperate was she not to lose the embrace, that she drew blood from his chest. Neither of them cared.

Gaia pushed herself, almost vertical compared to the male wolf. His erection, jutting forward and straight up, found a wonderful home in her madly gripping muscles. Bracing herself with one hand, she cupped one breast with her free hand, and began to grope and squeeze herself, kneading the pocket of fat like the finest dough. She moved herself up and down, using her strong legs and hold on the wolf to ease herself on and off the aching erection in some erotic dance. She struggled to hold back the climax she felt brewing, as did Jake, but both knew they could not keep their lust at bay for long. Easing herself down one last time, Gaia continued to lower herself, until at last she felt the bulk of the wolf's knot resting on her fleshy lips. She slammed her hips down once more, and the massive bulk filled her with warmth. A long, drawn out howl escaped her, joined shortly by Jake's piercing howl as a great load of canine seed shot inside her.

Gaia went rigid and still, bracing herself on the wolf's slim chest. She whined and roared, feeling shot after shot of seed burst inside her, filling her with the warmth and love she had so desperately craved. Jake's hips slammed into her, again and again. He bounced up and down on the bed, ramming himself against her again and again. Gaia fell forward suddenly, and felt Jake's arms wrap around her as he rolled over. Pinning her down, he continued to take her, erection spurting madly as he released his load.

Gaia rode climax after climax as he released inside her. At least a dozen orgasms had racked her body, or perhaps it was just one, impossibly long one. One long, heavenly state of bliss...

Gaia could smell blood... and realizing what it was, she carefully unhooked her claws from Jake's chest. Panting loudly, he examined himself, noticing the blood that was quickly spreading through his fur. He sighed lowly, although did not seem bothered by it, as he settled down carefully on top of Gaia.

"That was incredible," he said. His lust sated, for now at least, his eyes almost looked puppy-esque. He dipped his head and kissed her first breast, then the second, and then carefully eased his still swollen member out of her nether lips. He was still fairly hard, and still spurted creamy white, which splashed onto Gaia's perfect belly. At least his knot had gone down enough he could extract himself, though.

He scooted over the king sized bed, and found a dry spot where he could lay. Gaia followed him, soon coming to rest with her back to his chest, his heavy erection pressing against her tail. She giggled at that, curious if he would make any more moves on her tonight, or if he was sated. She did not mind either way. If he was sated, and slept, he would wake up tomorrow with the pleasant tingle of her tongue licking and nibbling his morning wood. If he wanted more though... well, she didn't have to be anywhere tomorrow morning anyway...